It Can Change the Universe

A Blue Lantern It Can Change the Universe
By Maid Joy
We have been reading about the Green Lanterns and the Star Sapphire Corps. But what about the rest of the Emotional spectrum? And just what did happen to the Guardians who were killed on Oa?

Detective Comics owns the copyright to Green Lantern and the Blue Lantern Corps. This is a retroactive contunity..

Author's Note: This is not a TG story, just a retcon of the Blue Lanterns. As such it explores their story, but that is it. Just keep that in mind that this is a one-off story and no TG elements.

The beam of Yellow energy came in, and the Oan Guardian blocked it with his Power Ring. It was more difficult to fight since there was a flaw in the Main Power Battery. It weakened the Corps when it fought Yellow energy bearers, but he knew that the discipline and Will of the GL Corps would succeed and win the day.

Soon, there were more of his Lanterns about fighting and killing. It served no purpose to let the Sinestro Corps keep living when all they did caused pain in the universe. The ultimate decision among the Guardians authorized lethal force. No mercy, no second chances, no humane restraint, and the same force they used against everyone else.

Power Levels currently 21%.

He had to get to the main Power Battery and recharge soon. A long fight like this could drain all the Corps dry. He dispatched his opponent and flew as fast as possible to the Main Power Battery. He found many other Green Lanterns and a few other Guardians there already recharging. Soon only, he and the love of his life remained.

He touched his ring to the power battery.

     "In the Brightest Day, in the Darkest Night
     No Evil shall escape my sight.
     Let those who wor..."

He felt the power fluctuations before consciously registering something was wrong. The Green Energy started moving out of control, almost alive. This could not be happening.

Suddenly the Main Power Battery in front of him vaporized. Next he felt the concussion of the explosion, and a section of the battery was blown into his face. The Emerald Energy was running wild, and laced through it all was Yellow Energy. The only thing that saved him was centuries of discipline and self-control. He could feel fear, but he would never give into it.

His hand shot out and took his Lady’s in his own. No matter what happened, they would be together.

He felt her bubble of energy encompass them both, he reinforced her shields and teleported them to safety.

When he opened his eyes, the entire environment had changed around him. It looked like a vast desert. Gone were the soaring buildings, missing was the massive Power Battery that overshadowed everything, and there were no streaks of green light moving around in the sky.

"Stay here, I will go see if I can discover where we are."

She nodded up at him and he zipped up in the air, using his ring. He went higher and saw orange sand going for miles. He kept traveling upward, passing fifty kilometers and saw dark trenches cutting across the landscape. His brow furrowed in confusion.

"Ring, identify this planet."


"This is not Oa. There are no buildings, there are no Lanterns. Where are we?"


"Explain how that is possible."

This is Oa. The planetary age is only twenty thousand years old. There is an indication of Guardian Krona’s time travel experiment, showing quite a bit of entropy, which makes this planet seem to be much older than it is. The star patterns indicate that this is Oa ten thousand years before Guardian’s landing here.

"We went back in time."


He thought furiously as he went back down to his wife. He explained the situation to her and they tried to put their heads together and figure out what happened.

"We cannot stay here. The Guardians will move here from Maltus in only a few years. You will wind up meeting yourself, and that must not be," she said.

"Correct. Where could we go?" he asked.

"Earth is the center of the multiverse, the axis upon which all the other multiverses turn. I think that it would be a good thing for us to be there to help influence the direction of the humans who are so pivotal to all creation."

"Do you think we could remain hidden there?"

"We could move to the Earth’s satellite, I believe it is called Luna. If we are discovered on Earth, we could live there for some time."

"Yes, I have observed Earth for a very long time; it will be good to see things from a closer perspective."

"Our rings will be drained," she added.

"Then you transport us to Earth, I will use mine to find a suitable place to live and take care of our needs", he said.

The emerald light sprang out of her ring, surrounding them and transporting them to the entrance of the wormhole. When she tried to open it, they discovered the wormhole didn’t exist. She shook her head as they combined their efforts to create the wormhole they needed. It appeared quickly, and sadly, their rings were almost depleted by the effort.

When they arrived at Earth, they found it a volcanic hellhole, not the green and blue orb they had expected. His shoulders slumped and they both descended to the highest peak they could find. It took the rest of their energies to create a small habitable area for themselves.

He had time to reflect on the irony of their situation in the decades of survival. Time didn’t pass for the Guardians as it did for mortals, their lives were measured in centuries. He was a being that had lived for millions of years, and she was a younger female Guardian that he had fallen in love with. Emotions are frowned on among the Guardians, so they had kept themselves away from the rest of the Guardians making sure that they were not discovered. Like all secret lovers, they were eventually found out.

She had read forbidden passages in the Book of Oa, and had been on trial for disciplinary action when the Sinestro Corps attacked. The trial was put on hold while all available forces martialed their might to fight off the Yellow Corps.

Only now, in the past, did they have the freedom to explore their feelings for each other, to explore their feelings in general. Learning to cope and deal with Anger, Love, Greed, Compassion, Fear, Hope and all the possible shades of those emotions was like discovering a new science for them, and they approched as scientists.

They made mistakes, they hurt each other, but as the planet Earth cooled and finally became habitable for humanoid life forms, they were comfortable with their own psyches.

They had to remain hidden from their own people. It was about the time when the migration happened and the Guardians took up residence on Oa, creating the robots they thought could police the universe and keep it safe. Gathnet wanted to warn the Oans of this time he found himself in about the mistakes to come, but could not think of a way to do so that would not compromise the time/space continuum.

So they sat, they waited. They explored the planet and tried to recharge their Rings off the "The Glow", commonly known as the energies of the Universe. This included radiation energies, but mostly was made up of emotions. Gathnet came to understand the nature of the emotional eminations and how an emotion can cause changes to the fundamental fabric of the physical universe.

The recharging of their rings never was efficient. They existed on minimal power, just enough to keep an environment around them that was able to support their life. Extra power they gained through time was used to try to disguise themselves from the proto-humans, the sub species of humanity that would become known as Australopithecus afarensis. Gathnet was obsessed with observing these ancient ancestors to humanity, documenting their lives and discovering the truth about the origins of the species.

He did conduct a few minor experiments on them. Things like disection of disceased members, physical examinations of delusional or sick members (so they would have no memory of the exam), and invisibly observing their lives. He was always very careful with his experiments, making sure he had the least impact possible on their lives.

"Gathnet, we have a problem," Sayd said one day. "I discovered that there are some of your proto-humans who are climbing our mountain. They apparently have the standard ‘flaw’ of their species, the urge of discovery. They wish to see what is up here."

"We must take measures to prevent them from achieving our locale. They must not see us or things could be permanently changed. I will continue to observe, but that is all."

"Very well. I shall endevor to make it much harder to achieve the summit of the mountain. I hope that is sufficient."

Evolution was slow. He watched the changes and the process with the excitement of the true scientists that he was. Each change in the species was documented and cataloged, even if it was an unsuccessful mutation. He was never bored.

Sayd focused her efforts on the manipulation of the emotional energies. She was always very careful with those experiments, placing failures into a containment jar she created. It was made of a metal that would not be found here for many many millenia. She had some problems finding it in proximity to Earth, but finally found trace amounts in a planet that was between the fourth planet and the first gas giant. It took her time to draw the vibrinium to Earth, but she knew that when she had refined it and crafted it, that there would be no force on Earth that could break that jar.

It took her a century given the power levels she did not have access to, but she had finally created it. The body of the jar was only a centimeter thick, but it could hold massive amounts of emotional energies. She was also able to create an extra pocket of space contained within, making the jar hold much more that it appeance indicated possible. Her difficulty lay in physically putting things into the jar as the dimensions of the mouth was relatively small.

Anything that she considered a failure in her experiments to understand the Glow and the Emotional Spectrum Energies, she placed in the jar to contain it. Before the proto-humans had developed the wheel, she had a number of successes and failures that she placed within.

Dissaster struck one day when she was observed by one of the humans living in a valley. She had been working on recharging her ring, and the weather was pleasant in the valley. She had no notion that there was anyone nearby. She had checked and there was no intelligent being within 1000 killometers. So she had basked in the local star’s rays, absorbing the life energy as she always did.

She was cognizant of the passage of time, however it being of no interest to her, she didn’t pay attention. Suddenly she felt a wave of surprise from just a few dozen meters away. She opened her eyes to see one of the humans, identified by her ring as homo erectus. She did what she could do, turning invisible as fast as possible, but the damage was already done.

Gathnet was understanding. He had been spotted several times by them and others. They sat and talked about the possible reprecussions. They both determined that while it was bad to be seen, logically, the probability of the encounter remaining with in the species were vanishingly small. It should fade, disappear into the mists of time.

They continued with their lives, each conducting their observations and experiments. Time passed and too soon they realized that Modern Mankind was starting to rise. Gathnet was excited because he got to watch many wars between groups of mankind, learning about the evolution of their societies.

Sayd abandoned her experiments on the Emotional Spectrum, instead focusing on the impacts that she and Gathnet were having on the humans. She knew that neither could observe the humans without affecting them in some way, and the close calls that both had in the past were definitely having an impact.

Thre were new religious myths that hadn’t existed before and the religious iconigraphy had blue people as deities in it now. She made a point of learning more about their religion, and trying to misdirect the stories. She spread other stories about those gods dancing on each other, having multiple arms and more outlandish tales. She was surprised when they took those stories and simply incorporated them into their worship and moved on.

It seemed the more outlandish the tale, the more they believed it. She disguised herself and interacted with them in their native state, trying to purge the references to herself and Gathnet, but when the information she mentioned was only added to the myths, she gave up. She just hoped that there wasn’t a real deity out there with an elephant head who would be upset at what she did.

When tribes split off from the original groups, she followed to discover if the myths had followed. Invariably they changed over time but the kernel of the story remained. It seemed that the less evidence of something concrete the humans had, the more they believed it. In a way she could understand, the weather was uncertain, there was chaos coming from different sources, and she could see the things that these humans feared. All of those combined could be seen to be enough to help these humans believe in something they couldn’t see or touch. It was simply superstition of the primative, but it was a very real force.

Soon enough, there was a new empire of mankind rising on a peninsula in a sea between two of the continents. The region was temperate and very fertile, and the warlike humans had apparently decided that there was better to be had elsewhere. So they started their wars again, and they continued them without pause or let for years.

Gathnet had long since started some active experiments on the humans, really trying to understand how they interacted with the world around them. It was important to understand their perceptions.

One of the things that Gathnet was trying with a human woman was to see how much she could be improved. He made minor physical changes, giving her a higher percentage of body fat and modifying the "starvation setting" in her genetic hard coding. He added in an increased capacity for intelligence, he reset her instinctive protection for her offspring, and tried to help this woman and her descendants prosper.

They called her "Ali", short for All-Gifted, to indicate her status as the being they gave many gifts to.

She was kept in a state of suspended animation most of the time. In order to work on Ali they brought her to their home to work on her. It was easier than catching her each time and making a change. This had been a work that was taking decades to finish. The suspended animation made the time irrelevant to Ali.

They worked hard to reduce some of the problems that the humans faced. They concentrated on reducing floods or or other weather related problems, giving the humans more than a fair chance to overcome their environment. As much as possible, they tried to take away fear and give hope to the people.

Gathnet was working on a section of the eastern continental mass, mitigating the terrible storms that swept out of the tropical belt near the equator. They had caused much damage already among the people living there, and Gathnet was determined to make sure that they did not all die as a result of those storms.

Sayd was busy observing the people as they warred in the tropical waters between those two continents. Currently there seemed to be a war going allegedly due a dispute over a man’s wife. She didn’t care who won, it was obviously a blind for the real issue, but it was an interesting study of the current state of primitive warfare. Why one group of humans insisted on dominating other groups of humans was a fascinating area of study.

They had not put Ali back into the suspended animation that she had been in for some time. It was important for her to grow by actually having some life experiences. Gathnet wasn’t that concerned with what could happen since she had no abilities nor did she pose any significant threat to them, no matter what she found.

It was then that Sayd felt the container of her experiments opened. She stopped what she was doing and flew back to their home as fast as she could, but she could already see the damage was done. The eye she made, the left arm, constructed with such care, and many more items made and stored, flying all over the globe. Even more seriously, items and energies that were the living embodiment of Hate, Rage, Fear and more were escaping from her control. Then there were the plagues and diseases that she had captured and contained to allow the humans to grow without fear of disease were escaping their prison. There was no way that she could capture them again. Her ring just wasn’t powerful enough.

She landed next to Ali, who was staring into the jar. When she saw Sayd, she panicked and closed the jar, and then she ran as fast as she could. Soon Gathnet was back with Sayd.

"What happened?"

"Ali was left loose and she opened the containment jar. Everything inside escaped. All my work, and I can only imagine the damage those things are doing now."

Gathnet bowed his head. "I’m sorry I left Ali animate. I’ll go contain her." He started to leave when Sayd stopped him.

"No, the damage, such as it is, has been done. There’s no putting this back into the jar. I guess we will have to work to try to soften the damage we caused."

Gathnet went over to the jar and opened it up. He looked inside and then reached in. Soon there was a ring floating in front of them both. As they watched, it divided into two rings.

"You have great Hope in you, both of you. Will you accept this ring and use that Hope to protect the universe?"

Sayd and Gathnet looked at each other. They both turned to the rings and said "Yes" nearly together. The rings inserted themselves on their fingers, replacing their green rings.

It took them both some time to recover, but finally Sayd said "And Hope was left in the jar, while all the things I wanted to contain escaped." She shook her head. "I guess we will have to share this Hope with the universe."

Gathnet nodded.

They discovered that if given time, they didn’t have to recharge their rings. All they had to do was spend some time not using their Ring, and it would recharge on its own.

Because Ali escaped, they decided to remove themselves to the Moon. It was safer for everyone involved. People had been climbing up their mountain to have a look at them for centuries. It had become harder and harder to keep them from doing so. Bad weather, directed lightning, fog banks, extremes of temperature, none of them had any effect on the humans who decided that they wanted to see what was there. They even had names for the mythical lands to be found, Shangri-la, Olympus, The Hall of the Mountain King, all those had become synonyms for the quest to see these beings that the humans considered Gods.

Relocating to a part of the Moon would simply remove them from the equation completely. They didn’t realize that the myths would simply grow stronger as people longed for an ideal place.

They flew to Luna, found a section in one of the "eyes" of a seeming face on the moon. Consulting the ring, they were told it would be called the Sea of Serenity much later. They found a small, 9 kilometer wide, crater that had been created with a habitable environment. They had been aware of the Skrull creating an area to run experiments on the Kree and Cotati it failed. They had ignored it since it did not threaten to spill over on to the humans and their development.

Now, they could use the area as a base. They could still watch the Earth, see what was happening, and subtly influence them with the Hope of their rings. They could also send out copies of their Blue rings to find others who had the capacity to Hope, The few strong enough to endure could be brought to this location to be interviewed and inducted into the Corps.

They started gathering people to be in their new Corps, and they tried to make it unique. They had the ring clone itself and sent it off with instructions on who to find. Once that first ring brought back Bro’Dee Walker of Sector 0001, they discovered his great capacity for hoping. They knew that their corps would be unique. Once the eventual "Saint" Walker, a tall thin alien with head "tails" was inducted, they instructed a copy of his ring to find the next Lantern, and it was sent out seeking on its own.

When the second ring brought back Brother Warth, who actually looked like the elephant headed god that the Hindus called "Ganesh", all Sayd could do was shake her head at the randomness of the universe.

Sayd continued her experiments on the emotional spectrum. She wanted to understand why these rings didn’t require a charging battery.

Life continued and Gathnet decided it was time to start looking at the possible Earths. He found multiple nexuses on Earth, connected by an energy web that kept moving around the planet, somewhat like the magnetic poles did occasionally. Those nexus points acted as windows to see into another possibility for Earth, a choice not made. Gathnet began to understand how and why the multiverse pivoted on this one planet.

There was no true center of the universe. Oa was considered the center of the universe since the Guardians had decided that it was. The reality was that since space warped back upon itself, the true center was everyplace and no place. It was a totally subjective belief, the center was exactly where and exactly not where a being believed it to be.

However, the multiverse was like layers of metal, all pinned through at one end. You could move the metal leaves into a fan or any kind you could think of, but they were all connected at one point, the pin. The rest could interact with each other at the points where they physically touched each other, or where they were directly above or below each other, but only there. ALL of the universes could touch each other through the pivot point.

That is what Earth was, the pivot point. Each time that Gathnet thought he had found the last of the universes, he discovered more. Each choice made by any being in the universe, any of the universes, created more and more universes where those choices did not exist, or where different choices made. He understood fractals and the range of possibilities as a result. He chose to record some of the many possibilities that existed. How those choices made and not made would change the outcomes of each choice.

It was because of this study that he saw how effective magic actually was.

There were too many realities where there were magicians that actually could do the magic they claimed to. Sorcery and mathematical spells controlled many of the planes of Earth and the subsequent realities those Earths were in. In one reality, he even discovered that the Guardians of Oa were not using the Green Energy of Will, but using the Green spectrum of magic to help their reality grow and heal itself. It was nearly maddening to see the diversions.

What really shook him was finding the dwelling places of those that the Humans would call Gods. Just looking through one portal showed him the dwelling place of the Norse Gods, another showed him Olympus, and still another showed him levels of Hell. It was far too much for him and he decided to stop looking lest he lose himself in the possibilities and other worlds.

He and Sayd combined their abilities and worked hard to make sure Hope stayed on Earth no matter how bad things got. They often visited Earth, enhancing the hope of humans, especially in dark places and times. Where they could not affect things directly, they brought the hope of a better future. To the poor people dying of the waves of plagues that swept through the world, to those killed in the various religious pogroms, the whispers offered the idea that their torment was offered for the hope of the world.

The temptation to intervene was immense. They watched for the signs that the other wanted to bring surcease to someone who was suffering, to undo the harm that had been done by their meddling and to put an end to those who were feeding off the hate and anger of others. The only thing stopping them was seeing a flash of Indigo occasionally, and even more rarely, their Green energies.

They both knew that things were taking the path they needed to for a greater outcome, but it still hurt to see the pain on Earth.

When it got terrible, they would go to another sector of space, and they would find another Blue Lantern, recruit them and train them. They always left Hope blossoming in their wake. Hope was so necessary to the universe, for it did actually bring an end to suffering.

Whenever they ran low of their Blue Energy, they would still their minds, fall into a meditation, and reach for Hope somewhere in the universe. Sayd had discovered that their energies recharged directly off the hope of all the beings in the Universe.

Gathnet was the first to utter the Oath:

     In fearful day, in emptiest night,
        with strong hearts full, our souls ignite!
     When all seems lost in the raging fight,
        look to the stars, for Hope burns bright!

He shared this oath with Sayd, their souls did expand for a brief time, and they reinforced their own hope in the future.

When the Violet Lantern decided to seed the area they were hiding in with her crystals, Sayd and Gathnet had to take action. They sent a call out to those who looked to the Moon with a heart full of hope and had them see the field of violet crystals on their moon. Some were of the kind to complain to someone, which eventually got back to those who were in power on Earth. Those people talked to the Green Lanterns, and that caused the Green Lanterns to petition the Star Sapphires to remove the crystals and take them to Mars.

"We will have to reveal ourselves soon. We can no longer be hidden. The event that thrust us back into the past has occurred, and we will not cause a paradox."

Gathnet pulled himself away from his observations into other levels of the Multiverse. "Yes, we will have to. I fear we can no longer be either silent watchers, or sit out the crisis and war with the Sinestro Corps. I believe that it is time to go home."

Sayd looked around the Blue Area. "But this is our home. It has been for hundreds of thousands of years. I will be sad to leave here."

"We will leave all as we found it; perhaps the humans can use it as a base for themselves and build a peaceful existence with each other. At the very least, we can let the Green Lanterns or the Blue Lantern use it as a base to operate from while here in this sector."

They had made preparations to leave and return to Oa, when they felt the Yellow of Fear near at hand. Gathnet and Sayd both turned to the observation screen they had used for centuries, and found that the Star Sapphires on Earth were being attacked by a group of Sinestro Corp members. For them being based in Love, the Violet energies were taking care of the Yellows rather well. But some of their enemies escaped.

Sayd didn’t even think things through. She knew what could happen if they allowed the Fear to run rampant in the Universe. She took off from the Moon like a rocket, not even bothering to hide herself from observation. Soon she was in the escape path of the Yellow Lantern.

"You have attacked without provocation, and you are dedicated to taking away ALL that people love and all they hope for. You will not escape me."

The Yellow Lantern spat an obscenity at Sayd, and attacked. Sayd didn’t think, she didn’t need to, reflexes and training protected her, blasting and parrying, shifting and teleporting, pulling the Yellow with her. Constructs and light lances danced over space.

Gathnet watched from another position and let his love take care of their opponent. That’s when he noticed that the Yellow energy was completely countered by the Blue, leaving the Sinestro Corps member defenseless when Sayd attacked, yet Sayd was easily able to counter anything the Yellow Lantern threw at her.

Soon her opponent was locked up in blue energy and its ring was hovering several meters away from it. Gathnet swooped close.

"Why did you attack here?"

The thing looked at the two with contempt. "We were dispatched to kill the leader of the Star Sapphires. I was to observe and report to Sinestro the outcome of the battle."

"Ring, report on the status of the leader of the Star Sapphires."

"Star Sapphire Queen Jaden Cross has been injured in the battle with the Yellow Lanterns and has recently regained consciousness. She is in the process of converting Sinestro Corp member Fatality to a Star Sapphire."

"So it appears your plan has failed. She has not only lived, but she has captured one of your comrades and is Changing her."

The Sinestro Corps member sneered. "Well, if you think that, you obviously don’t have any clue what Sinestro can do."

"We will take you back to Oa and let the Guardians decide what to do with you."

The blue containment bubble was solid and the prisoner had no way to break free, but even though that was true, their prisoner started laughing. "No, we are not defeated. The Sapphires may have won this battle, but Sinestro will win the War!" It laughed hysterically, then its life force was snuffed out.

Gathnet looked at the corpse and then at the yellow ring. He propelled both into the Sun as fast as he could. It was the only way to make sure that the ring and the body were completely destroyed.

The two former Guardians looked at each other. "Do you still want to go to Oa?"

Sayd said, "We will have to eventually. Best to get it done now."

Gathnet nodded. "Yes, we have some things to answer for and we both should talk to our brothers."

The trip to Oa took virtually no time as always, but they paused outside of the heliosphere and took readings of the planet, and what had happened once they’d been thrown back in time. It took some time for them to catch up on events.

"The Guardians have made an alliance with the Star Sapphires. They are the force of Love in the universe. So now there are six ring colors, Love, Hope, Compassion, Will and Fear. Avarice was contained a long time ago, and I hope that Rage never achieves prominence."

Gathnet nodded. "I have felt Red in recent years. It seems the War of Light is starting. Let us do what we can to help. Ring, find Appa Ali Apsa."

Guardian Apsa is currently in conference with Sapphire Queen Jaden Cross.

Gathnet considered this for a moment. "Let us not disturb the conference. We will wait for them. This is going to cause many problems."

"Not the least of which is that we both outrank him as Elders."

"Yes," Gathnet said, "but we are not here to take our position as leaders of the Council. We are here as the leaders of the Blue Lantern Corps. That should keep his personal power intact. All we need do is to make ourselves known to him, and introduce him to the new corps."

Sayd sighed in relief. "Good. I was hoping we were not going to take over. I suppose we should work our way through the defenses on Oa so that we are there when Guardian Apsa is done."

With that, they headed toward Oa. They had the current passwords and identifications, even if they were millions of years old, and so they proceeded to the world of Oa expeditiously. Gathnet and Sayd saw the Great Battery with relief, now the Green Lanterns were no longer vulnerable. As they approached the central city, they saw some of the Sapphire Corps training in combat, learning how to use their rings. It didn’t take long before they saw several streaks of violet leaving the central tower.

They easily passed all of the defenses of the Planetary Citadel. Every level they penetrated drew stares from many. As the defenders had no reason to deny their presence, they were permitted to go onward.

Finally, they stood before Appa Ali Apsa’s private office. They knocked and received an invitation to enter.

Gathnet had never seen Appa so thoroughly stunned in his life. After attempting to speak several times, Appa all but screamed, "But we thought you were dead!"

"And so we were my friend. We had been catapulted back in time and have spent the last several million years on Earth and Earth’s Moon, observing. During which time, we founded a new Corp, one based on Hope. And we have returned now to bring that Hope to you, my friend."

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