Altered Fates: The Husband


Corinne Lassiter promised her husband, Ed, sex like he'd never experienced it before. She kept her promise but not at all in the way Ed expected.


Altered Fates: The Husband
By Ellie Dauber

Most evenings, Edward Lassiter relaxed for about an hour after dinner listening to late 60s rock in the library of his home in the San Gabriel Mountains while he read financial journals. "The ultimate mixed media," he called it.

The Lassiters were "Old California money." Great-great-great grandfather Barton had been part of the Leland Stanford syndicate that first brought the Eastern railroads to the state. Edward had invested his own inheritance in real estate, building upscale developments in and around "Silicon Valley." He'd diversified in the late-90s, going into urban renovation and some urban archeology projects. He'd even built some low-cost housing.

The result was enough money to let him go into semi-retirement at age 35. He still kept his hand in, but the day-to-day work was done by his chief operating officer, a younger cousin. Edward trusted him completely, but he also checked the books twice a year.

Edward was working his way through the latest issue of _Barrons_, when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Corinne, his wife, standing behind the chair he was in. She had an odd look on her face, nerves perhaps. Her bright red hair, which she'd worn up at dinner, hung loose framing her face and pooling around her shoulders.

Edward took of his earphone. "Something bothering you, Corinne?" She'd been very distant lately, and he didn't know why. Perhaps this was the night that she'd explain the tension that had grown between them.

She smiled and leaned over to kiss his forehead. He felt her firm breasts pushed against the back of his head. "I just wanted to see if you were up for a little kinky fun, Edward." She ran her hand sensuously down his chest, continuing on to touch his crouch. "Mmm, you are _up_ -- at least you're getting there."

Edward sprang to his feet. It had been a long time since she'd been this playful. "You blame me? You come in and do that..." He stopped and let his eyes feast on the sight before him. Corinne had let down her hair figuratively as well. Instead of the slightly conservative dress she normally wore, Corinne was in a purple teddy that he'd never seen on her before. It hugged her lush curves, revealing more than it could ever have concealed. A built-in bra pushed up her C-cup breasts, making them look at least one size larger. The teddy and matching high heels and garter, well up on her right thigh, were all she wore.

"If I wasn't _up_ for it, I am now," he said. Edward took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Then, without breaking the kiss, he picked her up. She sighed and happily let him carry her to their bed.

Edward laid Corinne gently on the four-poster, and hurriedly began taking off his own clothes. His tie first, then his shirt, a button ripping loose from the silk as he did. He kicked off his shoes; one flew halfway across the room, barely missing a full-length antique mirror in an ornately carved wooden frame.

"Careful there, lover," Corinne said in a husky voice. She had rolled over on her side and was leaning on her elbow as she watched Edward struggle with his clothes. "We got that mirror last summer in Florence, remember."

"I remember," Edward said, walking over to it, "and I remember _why_ we got it." The mirror's frame was on wooden rollers. He pushed the mirror a few feet, positioning it, so that it reflected Corinne on the bed. "Not quite effective as mounting one on the ceiling, but a lot more classy."

Corinne sat up and began pulling at his belt. "The hell with class. I didn't come in here for a lesson in interior decorating." The belt came loose. She let it fall, dragging his slacks down with it towards the floor. "Better, much, much better." She looked at the lump in his shorts and smiled

Edward stepped out of his pants in one quick movement, kicking them away from the bed. "I'd say the same about you, Corinne. You look good enough to eat in that outfit... And I think I will."

He sat on the bed next to her, and pulled her up to him. Their lips met again. His tongue brushed against her lips, and they parted. His tongue met hers within her mouth, as they kissed.

At the same time, his left hand reached down to her breast. He gently rubbed the silk of the teddy against her rigid nipple. He tweaked it with his fingers, then "spiderwalked" his fingers, their tips gently touching her skin as they moved across her breast. She moaned at the sensation, and arched her back slightly. The motion pushed more of her breast against his fingertips.

He moved his hands to her shoulders and slid the thin straps of her teddy over her shoulders and down her arms. The top of the teddy fell, exposing her breasts. Corinne shivered slightly as her breasts felt the cool air.

Edward broke the kiss.

His hand went back to caress her breast, sliding the tip of his finger across the nipple. At the same time, he kissed her gently on the lips. Then he moved downward, kissing her jaw, her neck, her shoulders. On downward, until his lips closed around her other nipple.

Corinne shivered again as she felt his rough tongue against her nipple. The feelings he was stirring up were sending jolts of pleasure through her body, but especially to her groin. She felt herself grow warm and more than a little wet. The muscles of her vagina alternately loosening and tightening in anticipation.

Her hand reached down to touch his penis. She felt it twitch as she ran a finger along the cloth that covered it. He was more than ready. She raised her arms and pushed against his shoulders as hard as she could, separating them on the bed.

"What... what's the matter?" Edward asked. "Do... do you want to stop?"

Corinne smiled mysteriously. "I don't, but I didn't invite you here for an evening of straight sex..." She touched his penis again through his shorts. "...As much fun as that might be. I said 'kinky', remember?"

He grinned. "I remember. What exactly did you have in mind?"

"This," she said. She reached into the drawer of the bed table and pulled out an odd looking bronze-colored medallion on a narrow chain. As she put the chain around her neck, Edward noticed that it looked rather cheaply made, costume jewelry, no doubt. There was some sort of figure, an angel or a cherub on the front of it.

He waited for her to do -- to get -- something else, but she just sat on the bed as if _she_ were waiting for something. The medallion hung between her breasts. The bronze color looked interesting against her tanned skin, but... "Is that it?" he asked. "I don't see what's so kinky about that cheap... about that thing."

"Oh, believe me, Edward, it will make all the difference. Tonight, we'll experience sex as we never have before." She lurched forward, throwing her arms around him.

Edward felt the cool metal of the medallion pushed against his chest by Corinne's breasts. There had been a sort of static electric shock when it touched him, but he didn't think much about it. Something else was pressed against his chest, Corinne's two firm breasts. He had 120 pounds of very sexy woman in his arms to take his mind off such mundane things as a cheap medallion.

They continued kissing and fondling each other. Edward began to notice an odd sensation spreading through his body. It was sort of like the feeling a person got when his foot had gone to sleep. As he was kissing Corrine, it suddenly seemed as if they were shifting on the bed, that he was sinking down into the mattress, while she was rising somehow.

He broke the kiss. "What the..." Something very strange was happening. Corinne was taller than he was. Her hair barely covered her ears now, and it was growing shorter as he watched. It was changing color, too; the red was darkening to a chestnut brown.

"Something wrong, Edward?" Her voice was deeper -- tenor, almost baritone. Her face was changing, too. Her eyebrows were changing color and growing bushier. Her jaw was squarer, more like a man's.

He looked down. Her body was losing its delightful curves. Her breasts were shrinking away. Her chest was broader, now, and... and there was hair growing on it! Her arms had hair, too, and they looked more and more muscular.

"Corinne, what's happening to you?" He was so startled that he never noticed how much higher in pitch his own voice was.

Corinne stood and began to wriggle out of the teddy. It was getting tight on her larger, more angular body. "Nothing worse than what's happening to you." She smiled and looked down at him.

Edward took the hint and looked down at his own body. It was smaller and much thinner. All his body hair was gone. His chest looked puffy, and his -- Good Lord! -- his penis was shrinking away even as he stared at it. His balls were getting smaller, too. His hips, when he looked at them, seemed to be getting wider, and his now hairless legs seemed to be developing a feminine curve. He shook his head, feeling his hair move against his neck. "I... I don't under--" He stopped. His voice was past tenor, well up in the alto range.

"We're swapping bodies, dear," Corinne said. She held up the medallion. "This thing's magic -- from Africa, so they say. When I put it on, and we both touched it, the magic started."

"Impossible!" But he realized that he was speaking in Corinne's voice. Looking at her was like watching one of those movie morphs. She grew more and more like him by the minute. "We're... we're not going to be stuck like this... are we?"

"Heavens, no," Corinne said with whatever the male equivalent of a giggle was. "After twelve hours, we can use the thing to switch back."

Twelve hours! Edward looked down. The puffiness on his chest had become a pair of breasts. They weren't very large, but they were even now swelling up to Corinne's 36-Cs. The nipples were erect and -- he touched them gently -- _very_ sensitive. He leaned forward to look past them. His balls were... gone, and his penis -- barely an inch long now -- was sinking down into a patch of red curls.

He touched there, too. The anatomy was still in progress, but the opening was forming. He moved a finger inside, wincing as a now longer fingernail touched something. He shivered and said in a soft whisper, "I... I'm a girl."

"You sure are," Corinne said, "and a damned sexy one, feeling yourself up like that." Her voice was his own deep baritone.

Edward looked over and saw himself... _her_self. Corinne was leering as she... as _he_ stood there stroking his aroused penis.

"You... you wouldn't." Edward inched back on the bed.

Corinne put the medallion in a drawer of her... his make-up table and climbed onto the bed beside his transformed husband. "We came in here for some kinky sex, remember. You tell me what could be kinkier than this?"

"Now wait a m... mrmph." The rest of Edward's words were cut shot as Corinne pulled his husband close and kissed her deeply. Edward reacted instinctively, putting her arms around his neck. Corinne continued the kiss, but his hands reached down to lift and massage Edward's butt cheeks.

The sensations seemed to go directly to Edward's new breasts -- her nipples tightened and became erect -- and her new pussy, which grew warmer... and a little wet. Edward moaned and pulled herself closer to Corinne.

Corinne knew exactly what to do to his own former body. He ran a fingernail along the lips the rimmed Edward's vagina. His other hand spiderwalked across her breast, while his thumb roughly stroked the tip of her erect nipple. Edward shuddered, and Corinne could feel the muscles of his husband's new vagina moving in anticipation. He could smell the feminine juices of her arousal.

He slipped a finger into Edward's vagina and began stroking her clitoris. As he did, he began to slide a second finger slowly in and out.

Edward gasped at the sensations running through her body. She leaned back trying to support herself with her arms. At the same time, almost without her being aware of it, she spread her legs farther apart,

"I guess you like that," Corinne teased her newly-female husband.

"Uhh... huhn." Edward was breathing hard. She smiled, a thin sheen of sweat on her cheeks and forehead, her eyes unfocused.

Corinne added a second finger to the in-out motion. Edward's hips began to move, matching the rhythm. She was leaning back further, trembling as if her arms no longer had the strength to hold her body upright.

Corinne leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips. Then she pushed firmly on Edward's shoulder. The transformed male didn't resist and fell backwards onto the bed.

"Now the _real_ fun starts." Corinne leaned forward, positioning his body over Edward's. He reached down and found his new penis -- no, his _cock_. It felt warm and as hard as iron to his touch. He carefully guided it, so the tip was pushing against Edward's vagi -- no, her _pussy_. He teased her, rubbing the head of it along... along her cuntlips. Then Corinne suddenly thrust his hips forward, roughly pushing his cock into her.

Edward screamed in surprise at the penetration.

Corinne was atop her and trapping her body with his own. He pushed his cock forward until his hips pushed against her own. Then he pulled back. He moved slowly, so that the sensations Edward felt were prolonged and intensified.

Edward had started to resist. She tried to raise her arms to push Corinne away. But her vagina was pulsing with sexual energy, shooting out bolts of pleasure to every part of her body. Her resistance melted away, as did the strength in her arms. Instead, they moved of their own accord around Corinne's neck. Her legs rose to encircle his hips. Both movements were intended at pulling Corinne closer, begging him with her own body to continue.

Corinne felt something building inside him, inside his cock. He kept pumping away at Edward overwhelmed by his own sensations. Suddenly it... broke. He felt what seemed like a gallon of liquid shoot from him into Edward.

Edward felt Corinne cumming inside her. The sensation seemed to lift her to new heights of her own. She screamed and arched her back. Her fingers began to claw at Corinne. It suddenly felt as if she were exploding, every nerve of her, as she gave way to her own orgasm.

Corinne kept the in-out motion going for a while, but he felt himself growing soft. He kissed Edward on the forehead and rolled off of her. His cock -- now it just felt like... like a penis again -- slid out of her. He shifted, so that his arm was under her head.

"Oh, Lord, Edward, you were wonderful," he said, as he began gently caressing her. Corinne knew her old body, know how important the snuggling and touching _after_ sex was. "Thank you."

Edward moved closer. She rested her head on his chest. She could feel his heart beat just as she could feel her own breathing. "Thank you," she said with a slight giggle, happy now to take the female role. "The pleasure was all... was half mine."

They lay there silently for a few minutes, lost in their own thoughts and enjoying the gentle pleasures still in their bodies.

Then Corinne suddenly sat up. "I don't know about you, but I could use a drink after that."

"Just like a man," Edward said, smiling at her joke. "Get me something, too, would you please."

Corinne climbed out of bed. He turned back towards Edward and bowed. "As you wish, my lady." He walked over to a small wet bar in a corner of the room, a seldom-used luxury. "Scotch all right?"

"I suppose." Edward sat up on the bed and watched. She noticed that Corinne had a nice, tight, male ass. 'I shouldn't think such things -- should I," she asked herself. 'Well, after what we just did, I suppose a bit of thinking like a woman is to be expected."

She smiled as Corinne came back to the bed and handed her a drink. She looked down and noticed that he was at "half-mast" already.

Edward drank the scotch in one quick gulp. She knew from the way Corinne was smiling that he knew what she had been looking at. Round two wasn't far off.

Or was it. The room suddenly swayed before Edward. She dropped the empty glass onto the bed. "I... I feel... dizzy. What...?"

Corinne blinked a few times, shook her head, and carefully sat down next to Edward. "Must be the magic and... and the scotch." He put an arm around Edward's shoulder. "C-couldn't be the... the sex."

Edward's eyes were half-closed. She shook her head once and collapsed back onto the bed. Corinne sat quietly and watched Edward for a while until her breathing became soft and regular.

Corinne smiled and picked up Edward's glass. There was still a little grit, residue from the drug, in the glass. "Lucky she didn't notice." Corinne put the glass down and moved Edward farther onto the bed. He arranged her body into a spread-eagle position and used stockings to tie her wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

He stood and walked back towards the make-up table where the Medallion was stored. "On to phase two."

* * * * *

'Someone's playing with my breasts,' Edward thought as she slowly regained consciousness.

Breasts? The memory rushed back to Edward: that Medallion, the swap of bodies between him and Corinne, and the sex, the incredible sex she'd had with her own body afterwards.

Whatever had made her pass out was gone, although her body still felt... odd. But now Corinne was heating things up again. She smiled and opened her eyes. She saw Corinne -- Edward now -- sitting on the bed next to her, one hand reaching down to play with her nipple. "Hallo," she said in a half-whisper.

Corinne grinned, or was _leer_ the better word, back at her. "Good morning. Ready for some more fun?"

Edward felt a warmth in her cheeks. She... she was blushing. "Si," she said softly. "That would be _muy_ nice."

Something sounded odd about the way she was talking, but before she had a chance to think about it, Corinne leaned over and kissed her. At the same time, his fingers began to knead at her breast. She was totally distracted as she felt the warmth of her arousal spread down from her breasts to her groin, then out through her entire body.

Corinne lifted his head and kissed the tip of Edward's nose, then moved on to gently kiss her eyelids. All the while, Edward felt his hands on her breasts. Corinne moved down now, kissing Edward's cheek, her jawline. He stopped to suck and lick at a point near the base of her neck.

'He's giving me a hickey,' Edward thought. 'How romá¡ntico.' She giggled almost like a young girl.

Corinne shifted again. He kissed her lightly on the lips, then gently pushed Edward back, so she was lying down on the bed. He sucked her breast for a bit, rubbing his rough tongue across her nipple, before he moved on downward.

Corinne kissed Edward's tummy, then ran his tongue along the rim of her navel. Edward shivered in anticipation, wondering what was next. She felt oddly passive, willing to wait for whatever Corinne wanted to do.

She didn't have to wait long. Corinne's head was inches from her vagina. Corinne pursed his lips and gently blew a stream of air that moved along Edward's vaginal lips.

Edward let out a high-pitched moan and shivered at the sensations. Her body trembled as she felt his tongue slide into her. It moved slowly, lapping at her inner flesh. When it found her new clitoris, Corinne's tongue flicked it back and forth.

Edward's entire body was trembling now. She clenched at the bed coverings. "Si, si, now, madre de dios, now!"

Corinne sat up on the bed. He grabbed Edward's legs and threw them over his shoulders. Then he guided his cock to her throbbing pussy and thrust in. Hard.

Edward screamed at the force of the invasion of her pussy. She did nothing to stop it or break free. Her cries turned to moans of pleasure and Corinne moved quickly in and out.

Edward pounded at the bed with clenched fists. Her head rocked back and forth, and her body was covered with sweat. She felt the sexual energy growing within her. It broke all at once, flooding her body with intense pleasure. She arched her back and screamed. Her fingers unclenched, and she raked the bed coverings with her nails.

Corinne kept pumping. Then his eyes suddenly opened wide and he froze in mid stroke. He lifted his head and let out a howl from the force of his own orgasm.
He began to pump into Edward again, but his movements slowed as he grew flaccid. After a few moments, he leaned back with a tired smile on his face. His soft penis pulled out of Edward, and he let her legs fall from his shoulders.

Edward lay still on the bed, overwhelmed by the feelings that were still running through her body. "Oh, seá±ior..." Something about what she said didn't sound right. She looked down at herself and saw for the first time that things were... different.

Her body seemed a bit plumper than Corinne's had been. Her skin was darker, almost a coppery color, and her hair -- the hair at her groin had somehow gone from red to black.

" ¿Qué...?" She said. Then her eyes grew wide as she realized that she was speaking Spanish, a language she... Edward didn't know.

"Confused?" a familiar voice asked.

Edward turned and saw... "Corinne?  ¿Cá³mo?... How?"

Corinne was back in her own, female body. She worn a yellow, flowered dress, her red hair arranged tastefully so that it framed her face and flowed down to her shoulders. She tossed the male Edward a robe, the old Edward's favorite. He climbed off the bed and quickly put it on. It fit him perfectly.

Corinne walked over to the bed and gently stroked the female Edward's head. "Poor, confused Edward," she said, a wry smile on her lips. "Only _he's_ Edward now." She pointed to the man in Edward's body, a man who was standing beside Corinne now, holding her hand and grinning.

"I got tired of being treated as just another one of your properties, Edward, and I went looking for somebody else to play with. Julio, here, was more than willing to take your place. First in your bed, and now he's going to be taking over your life."

"Julio," Edward said. "But he... he is the gardner."

"Yes, Julio _was_, but now he's Edward Lassiter, the owner of this house and my husband." She held up the Medallion. "I used this on the both of you. It gave him your shape and a much better grasp of English." She giggled. "Thanks to an 'Extra Large' condom it gave him something better for me to grasp, too. And I used it on you to give you that lovely body and Spanish accent."

"You... you change me back now... ramera... bitch!" Edward was furious. She wanted to jump up and beat the hell out of the pair of them, but something seemed to be holding her back. She felt as if it would be wrong... improper.

"Having mixed feelings?" Corinne laughed. "The Medallion can give the behavior patterns of a one person to another, if he -- or she, in your case -- holds it for a while. A cousin of Julio's -- a very timid housemaid of a cousin, I should add -- supplied the clothes that changed you into her double. Thanks to the drug I put in your scotch, you held them for almost five hours after you changed the second time."

"I... I will tell. They will make you change me back."

"Not very likely, my dear," the new Edward said. "Who'll believe you. Edward Lassiter? I'm right here with a loving wife to back up my story. You..." he laughed as he spoke, " are... Inez, our crazy maid, an undocumented alien worker except for the green card we've arranged."

"No," Edward... Inez said. "Es imposible."

"No, Inez," Corinne said. "It is _very_ possible. You do what we say, or you get a one-way trip back to Guatemala."

Inez sat on the bed, tears running down her cheeks as she realized that she didn't seem to have any choice. Not only that, something inside her head was telling her that it was right to obey the rich seá±or and seá±ora. "What is it that you want me to do?"

Corinne handed her a small towel. "I've been thinking for a while that we need some live-in help. You're it." She smiled, the smile of a cat playing with a mouse. "You know where the servants' rooms are over the garage. You'll have the first one on the left. Take a bath once you get there; you smell like a cat in heat. There's clothes, including a maid's uniform, in the room. I'll expect you downstairs in an hour to go over your duties. Understand?"

Inez fought the submissive feelings that were controlling her. She wanted to tell Corinne and Juli... Edward just what they could do with the whole idea. She couldn't. "Si, seá±ora," she said, her head bowed. Then she ran from the room, so they wouldn't see her crying.

Edward watched Inez's bare ass wiggle as she ran down the hall.

Corinne watched him watching her. "She may be pretty, _Edward_, but you just remember who's in charge here."

Edward stepped closer and took her in his arms. "I am only human, Corinne. I can't help but look." He smiled, delighted with his ability to speak such perfect English.

"Just as long as that's _all_ you do."

"It will be. However much I may _look_ at other women, my _wife_ is the only woman I will ever love." He pulled her close and kissed her. "And we have almost an hour before you have to meet her downstairs."

"Mmm, sounds nice. Just don't going trying any of that rough stuff you pulled on Inez." She looked him oddly for a moment. "Why'd you act like that anyway?" She stroked the side of his face with her palm. "You're usually a much more gentle lover."

"You told me that the magic would make her act more submissive if people bossed her around, acted mean and ordered her about. I thought that having sex with her like I did would be the same sort of thing."

"It seems to have worked." Corinne let out a laugh. "Did you see the way she ran out the room in tears?"

"Such treatment is the only way to handle a servant." He kissed her hand. "You... you are a lady."

"As long as that's settled." Corinne smiled and began to unbutton her blouse.

'It is settled,' Edward thought. 'I am Edward Lassiter now, with the money to send for my wife, my love, my Serafina. As soon as she joins me from our home down in Guatamala, _she_ will be Corinne Lassiter, a rich Americano woman, and we will have _two_ Latina maids.'


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