The Professor and the Bimbo

The Professor and the Bimbo
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2001

Gordo and Steve come up with a drastic idea to get Professor Mattachek to improve Gordo's grade. Maybe it's a little too drastic..

* * * * *

"Yo, Gordo, the grades are in," Steve Lambert said, knocking on the open door of the room he shared with his frat brother.

Gordon "Gordo" Barrenstein had his back to the door. He was sitting on a stool doing biceps curls with a set of weights taking his timing from the heavy rock music coming through his stereo headphones. Gordo was 6' 2, with a muscular body that got him the fullback spot on the Tait College football team. His handsome face and curly blonde hair had gotten him into the dreams -- and the panties -- of many of the girls on campus.

Steve walked over and turned off Gordo's CD player. "Gordo, I got your midterm grades. Steve was as tall as Gordo, but slender, his build was more of a runner than a weightlifter.

Gordo set down his weights and took off his headphones. "Yeah, how'd you get them so damned fast?"

"I lifted them and made a copy when Dean Kinney sent them over to the Coach. Use of the office xerox is one of the perks of being assistant team manager." He paused for effect. "You're in trouble, man."

"What? I got Cs in most of my classes; I think I even got a B-minus on my paper for Traynor's poli-sci class."

"Make that a C-plus from Traynor."

"Damn! I paid good money for that term paper. Still, a C average is all I need to keep my eligibility."

"Yeah, but you got a 57 on Mattachek's mid-term. That brings your overall average down to a D."

"Shit, man, there's no way she'll change my grade. She hates me. She hates all guys."

"Well, you're gonna have to do something, or you can't play on Saturday."

"Hell, this sounds like one of those stupid late-show movies you're always watching. 'Gee, wilikers, if I don't play in the big game, then Emma Sue won't go to the homecoming dance with me.' That sort of shit."

"Hey, I like those old movies. There's always the innocent good girl and the sexy bad girl to fight over the big football hero."

"You would. Half the time, the bad girl winds up with the hero's best friend, which would be you, I guess."

"I know, but they're funny, too. All those old cliches, like the pep rally, or the dumb blonde who says, 'Oh, Professor, I'll do anything for a better grade.'" Steve spoke the last bit in a comic falsetto, his hands making comic, effeminate gestures. "Hey, you know, that might work though."

"What might work?"

"If you propositioned Mattachek."

"That ugly old bitch? No way."

"Hey, you know any other way of getting your grade changed? I hear that scout from the Rams is going to be at the game again this week."

"Yeah, but I don't think she even likes guys. I hear she's a dyke."

"Nah, she doesn't dress 'butch' enough to be a dyke."

"But I never saw her with any guy, never heard any campus gossip like that about her either."

"She's just a dumpy little woman in her... forties, I guess. She's got no face, no figure, and no fashion sense. You never saw or heard about her going with any one because no one wanted her."

"Okay, let's say that's true. Then what?"

"Then what? What do you think will happen when my buddy, Gordo -- 'Berrenstein, the Love Machine' -- goes up to her after class, kisses her full on the mouth, rubs her tits, maybe, and says he'll do anything she wants to get a passing grade?"

"'Passing grade,' my ass. For extra credit work like that, I'm figuring an A." He jumped off the bed. "Let's go. I think she's got office hours today. I'd rather do it in her office than out in public where somebody could actually see me with her."

Gordo checked his handouts from Mattachek's course. "She's got office hours today from 3 to 5 PM. He quickly swapped his WWF T-shirt for a relatively clean white shirt and grabbed a tie. "C'mon," he said, "grabbing Steve's arm. Let's get going."

They hurried out the door. Mattachek's office was about 10 minutes away.

* * * * *

"Why do I have to be here?" Steve complained as they walked down the hall. "I'm not the one who's going to be sleeping with her."

"No, man, you're a witness, my insurance in case she tries to back out. That's why I had you bring your camera."

"So, do I get to watch?"

"No, you get to stay in the hallway here and listen. When I call, you come in and take some photos."

"Just so she doesn't break my camera with that ugly bod of hers."

"Hey, you just gotta photograph her. I'm the one who'll be screwing her." He patted his crotch and laughed. "'Little Gordo' will never forgive me for what I'm gonna be doing to him." He looked at the names on the doors as they passed. "Hey, here we are."

Gordo knocked on the office door.

"Come in," came a pleasant alto voice from inside.

Gordo went in. Professor Mattachek was sitting at a desk covered with papers and two large open books. Her grayish black hair was drawn up in a bun, and she didn't seem to be wearing any make-up. "Mr. Berrenstein. This is a surprise. What can I do for you?"

Gordo walked quickly to stand next to her. As he came around the desk, she stood. She was a chunky woman, wearing a shapeless black dress with a high collar. The dress was a bit tight above the waist, accenting her large, somewhat sagging breasts.

Gordo grabbed her and pulled her to him. He kissed her on the lips. When her mouth opened in surprise, he stuck his tongue inside. He felt her arms go up around his neck. She kissed him back. She was a surprisingly good kisser, and he felt himself get hard. Good, that would help.

He broke the kiss, and gave her his best smile. "It's what I can do for you, Professor Mattachek," he said. He took her hand and pushed it against his pants. She could feel his erection. "I'll do anything for a good grade."

Mattachek smiled and ran her tongue against her upper lip. "Anything?" she asked in a voice grown a little husky. She still hadn't taken her hand from his groin. In fact, Gordo could feel her fingers rubbing against "Little Gordo."

"Anything at all, Professor. You name it." He cocked an eyebrow and leered.

"Oh, and I thought this was going to be another boring afternoon." Mattachek made some sort of gesture with her other hand and said a few words in a language that Gordo had never heard before.

There was a flash of light. Gordo felt himself fall for a moment. He looked around. Mattachek's office was gone.

They were standing in the center of a large room. It seemed more like a tent, the walls were a purplish silk that seemed to ripple as if being blown by a gentle wind. There was a rack of odd-looking clothing, mostly sparkling metallic robes, along one wall. Nearby was a dark brown wooden cabinet about as tall as he was, its doors covered with ornate sculpture. Against another wall was a large bed covered with a pale pink bedspread and several matching pillows.

"What the... ." Gordo said. "Where the hell are we?"

"I thought we might want something a little more comfortable than a hard desk top," Mattachek said. "This is my... bedroom."

"Yeah, but how did we get here?"

Mattachek smiled. It was the smile of a large cat looking at a small mouse. "Magic, Mr. Berrenstein. Pure magic."

"There ain't no such thing."

"Oh, Mr. Berrenstein, this is so much magic... . oh, but we should get started." She began to undo the buttons on her dress.

"Yeah, I guess." Gordo tried to psych himself up for what he had to do. 'Pussy is still pussy,' he thought, 'no matter what the broad looks like.'

Mattachek frowned. "You don't like the way I look, so you, Mr. Berrenstein." She reached up and pulled a pin from her hair. "Maybe you'll like me better when I let my hair down."

Her hair tumbled down around her shoulders, changing to jet-black and growing fuller. Her face... her body seemed to deflate as she shed almost thirty pounds. Her cheekbones raised and her lips seemed fuller, too. She looked to be in her 20s. She had lipstick on, now, mascara and eyeshadow as well.

Her dress grew tighter as she grew thinner, hugging her new curves. Her breasts became firm, though -- Gordo was happy to see -- they didn't get any smaller. The woman standing in front of him still looked a bit like Mattachek, but she also looked a lot like one of the "Girls from the Southeast Conference" in the Playboy pictorial he'd been reading the day before.

"Is that better?" she asked, her voice a sultry purr that brought "Little Gordo" even more to attention.

"Much," he said with a broad smile on his face. He wasn't sure how she had changed, but he was hardly going to complain.

Mattachek unbuttoned her dress almost to the waist. Gordo saw that she was wearing a lavender bra that was almost transparent except for some swirling lace that seemed to hide her nipples. She shrugged the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. She wore matching panties, almost transparent except for a small gusset that barely was wide enough to cover her pussy. The straps from the matching garter belt held up a pair of smoky gray stockings. Gordo hadn't seen -- hadn't cared what sort of shoes she had worn before. Now, as she stepped out of the dress, he saw black stilettos with a four-inch heel.

"But you aren't ready," she said. She pouted and walked over to him. He could smell perfume, an odd scent that seemed to suit her. She smiled and loosened his necktie.

"Just watch how fast I can be ready," he said. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it apart, ripping all the buttons, but who cared. He kicked off his shoes. Then he loosened his belt. He grabbed his pants and yanked them down past his hips. They fell to the ground, and he stepped out of them. He stood for just a moment in undershirt, boxers, and socks. Then he pulled her to him and kissed her again. She was as responsive as before.

"Very nice," she said, "but you're still not quite ready." She reached down and grabbed his boxers, pulling them down to his knees. "Why don't you get out of those and go sit on the edge of the bed." She licked her upper lip again. "Then the real fun can start."

Gordo kicked off his boxers and walked over to sit on the bed. Mattachek came over and knelt down in front of him. "Before we start, I think we should get a little less formal," she said. "My first name is Elysse."

"That's a very pretty name," Gordo said truthfully. "My first name is Gordon, but everybody calls me 'Gordo.'"

"'Gordo,' I like that -- for now at least." She gently messaged his testicles. Then she ran a fingernail along the underside of "Little Gordo." Gordon shivered and leaned back a little, bracing himself with his arms.

He felt Elysse run her tongue down the length of his penis, licking the underside, the top, tapping the end of her tongue against his peehole. "Little Gordo" twitched in anticipation, growing as hard as Gordo had ever felt him. He moaned slightly and closed his eyes.

He felt her lips on him, as his penis slid inside her mouth. She pumped her mouth up and down his length, while she continued to lick him.

Then things began to change. It still felt so very good, but somehow her tongue seemed to be getting bigger. He was still erect, but the pressure to cum in her mouth seemed to be fading. Elysse's mouth slid slowly down "Little Gordo," then stopped almost touching his groin.

Elysse's tongue seemed to be moving in a different way. It wasn't messaging him as much as it seemed to be flicking his penis up and down. How had her tongue, her mouth, gotten so large.

He felt sensations building in his groin. They were incredibly pleasant -- he was moaning and trembling -- but they were different from anything he had ever felt before. His arms grew weak, and he fell backwards onto the bed. As he did, the sensations shot through his body.

Gordo felt a warmth, a tingling, in his chest. Not knowing why, almost by instinct, he reached up with both hands and touched his nipples. They felt bigger, somehow, and erect, almost like little penises. He began to run them between his fingers. For some reason, that increased the sensations he felt.

Elysse's tongue was now flicking his penis like a banjo pick. He felt as if it was flat against his groin. The pleasure level was incredible. He rolled his head back and forth wondering, if only for a moment, why something seemed to be pulling at his hair. He could feel the pleasure in "Little Gordo," but he couldn't quite feel his balls any more. His nipples seemed to be rising, as if something was growing on his chest. He spread his fingers. Whatever it was on his chest felt soft but firm, and it felt so good to be rubbing them.

Now "Little Gordo" seemed to sink down into his groin. He felt Elysse's tongue push something apart and follow it; follow it into his body. He was still going crazy with sensations he couldn't understand. His hips began to buck, and his whole body shivered.

Then he felt something, an intense rush of warmth, of pleasure shot out from his groin to his chest then spread out through his entire body. He arched his back off the bed. Somewhere, far away, but at the same time, very close, he heard a woman scream in pleasure.

It was him!

He opened his eyes and looked down. His hands were cupping a pair of women's breasts that had grown out of his chest. 'C-, maybe even a D-cup,' he thought. He lifted his head and looked down. He looked past the breasts, past a narrow waist and wide hips, to see Elysse still lapping at his new pussy.

She was good. He felt the pressure, the pleasure, build in his body. It broke, shooting to every nerve. Gordo screamed again in the joy of what he realized was his second female orgasm. He collapsed back onto the bed panting.

"What did you do to me," he gasped, trying to catch his breath.

"That should be obvious even to you, Gordo," Elysse said. "Or should we call you something more feminine now? How about 'Geri'; that's about as close as I can come to your old name."

"But why? What did I ever do to you?"

"You insulted the intelligence of myself and every other female on this campus; propositioning me to change a grade."

"But it was Steve Lambert's idea. Why didn't you change him?"

"Because you were so willing, so eager to carry it out, and so sure that it would work. I've been watching you in my class and around campus. You're a crude, sexist pig. You're not stupid, but you only seem to be able to think with your pecker. Well, you'll have to find something else to think with, 'Geri.' It's gone now. For good."

"For good!" You... you don't mean you're going to leave me like this. You'll never get away with it. I'll tell. I'll tell everybody."

"And they'll think that you're crazy. As far as anyone else is concerned -- the school, your parents, even your slimy friend who was waiting in the hall with a camera -- you have always been the woman that you now appear to be."

"No! Please, please change me back. I don't want to be a girl."

"You don't? Why you seemed to be enjoying it so much." She smiled and stood up. "Maybe you just didn't enjoy your partner." She made a gesture and said a few other words in that same strange language. Geri saw a small lump appear under Elysse's panties. As she watched, it grew bigger until a penis at least 10 inches long strained against the delicate material.

A hand -- a large male hand -- reached down and pulled the panty away. "That's better," said a deep baritone voice. Geri looked up and saw that Elysse had changed into a man. She had a build very much like the one Gordo had. Her make-up was gone, and her face looked much more rugged.

"I call myself 'Elliot', now. Do you like the look?"

"No, Geri said quickly. But she felt a tingling in her nipples and a warm in her groin. She felt something else there, too, an... emptiness. She felt compelled to look at Elliot's groin, to watch his penis stiffen. It... it was what she needed.

"Yes," she sighed. Her voice was husky with lust. "I... like... I need... need you in me. Please... fuck me."

Elliot picked her up. He carried her around and tossed her fully onto the bed. She lay flat on her back and spread her legs far apart. Elliot climbed on top of her, resting most of his weight on his own arms and legs. He kissed her passionately, and then left a trail of kisses down her chin, her neck, to her breast. He sucked on the nipple for a moment, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. She moaned. "Please, do it now."

Geri felt something press against her groin. She shifted slightly and felt him slide into her, parting her nether lips. There was a quick, sharp pain as her hymen ruptured, but the pleasure, the pleasure flowed after it. She felt him push in deep, then slide almost out of her before pushing in again.

The sensations were unbelievable. He was splitting her, and she wanted, she prayed for it to happen. Her hands, small and delicate now, clawed at Elliot's back. Her shapely legs closed around his hips, trapping him inside her. She felt the flood of pleasure as an orgasm flowed through her. Was it over? No, he kept pumping inside her. The pleasure grew again, and a second orgasm shot through her body. She moaned, she screamed. She wasn't sure what she was saying. She wasn't sure if she was still ableto talk.

Then she felt him stiffen. He froze. Geri felt a flood of liquid shoot out of him as he screamed his own orgasm. The sensations set her off a third time and they came together.

Afterwards, she felt his penis shrink, become flaccid, and slide out of her. Still he hugged her close, caressing her breasts. It was almost as good as sex itself. No, it was a different part of sex, just as important and -- she decided -- just as pleasurable in its own way.

'Mattachek certainly fucked me over,' she thought. She giggled at the thought. It felt good, and she giggled again. Her voice was higher now, almost childlike. She found that she liked the way it sounded.

She heard Elliot snore, and she gently untangled herself from him. There was a pitcher of water, a bowl, and a towel, on a small table near the bed. Odd that she hadn't noticed them before. She used them to cleanse herself. The water was scented, a pretty floral scent that lingered on her body.

She was curious now. On a hunch, she opened one of the doors to the closet. It was mirrored on the back, the mirror actually being built into the door.

She was smaller, no more than 5' 2" or so. Her body was slender with just enough curves. Her hips were wide and her waist very narrow. Her breasts were only a C-cup, but they looked much bigger on her small, new body.

Her face looked like her mother's, with high cheekbones and a pert little nose. She had large blue eyes. Her hair was a mass of pale blonde curls that reached down to her shoulders. The effect was one of childish innocence. Combined with the curves of her body, she looked incredibly sexy. Geri liked the look and giggled again. "I seem to be doing that a lot," she said, though the thought didn't disturb her." She touched her breast. It tingled, still sensitive from her sexual activity of a few minutes before.

"And you will." Elliot was awake now, sitting up on the bed. "You were acting like the typical bimbo when you propositioned me, so you get to keep acting like one in your new life."

"New life? You mean that you were serious about not changing me back?"

"The only transformation will be mine." Elliot made a complicated gesture. In a moment, Professor Mattachek, as female and as unattractive as she had been when Gordo walked into her office, was standing across from Geri.

A moment later, they were back in the office. Geri panicked. She was naked. She instinctively covered her breasts with one hand, her groin with the other.

And felt cloth.

She looked down. She was wearing a pink Tait T-shirt and a pair of cut-off blue jeans. She could feel a bra supporting her breasts. Her feet were in a pair of pink running shoes. It was a nice outfit, and she knew that she looked good in it. Steve always... where had that thought come from? It didn't matter. She knew that she'd been changed, but she didn't really care anymore. She liked who she was now. Steve did, too. She giggled at the thought.

"You should know that the grade on your midterm is a 78. In this reality, you actually studied."

"Thank you, Professor," Geri said as she left.

Steve was still waiting outside. "What happened?"

"I got a 78 on her exam. I can still be part of the game on Saturday."

"Of course you can," Steve said hugging her. "The cheerleader squad wouldn't be the same without its captain. Let's go out and have dinner to celebrate."

Geri kissed him. "I thought we could go back to your room. I'm sure that we can celebrate there."

The End.

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