The Princess and the Plague: 51

The Princess and the Plague
Part 51
By Anistasia Allread

Erika felt a little light headed as she was wheeled on a stretcher through chilly corridors and into what could only be a surgical room.

A group of masked men and women busy in specific activities bustled around her. A few helped to mover her to a hard table and began asking her the same questions that she had answered over fifty times since she had checked in to the hospital.


P&P 51

Erika lay huddled in her warmed fuzzy blanket behind the privacy curtain. Her mom, dad and aunt had all said their goodbyes and waited out somewhere in the void of the hospital.

Changing out of her clothes into the backless hospital gown was degrading enough, but they made her take off her panties exposing the male parts of her. The limp organ dangling between her legs felt horrible after so many months having it contained between her legs. She wondered if they could slip with the scalpel and just be rid of it.

Shopping with Aunt Carrie had been a blast. Aunt Carrie even bought her a pair of shoes. She picked out a pair of red strappy sandals that would be perfect for the Christmas dance coming up. All she would have to do is find a sexy red dress, but that shouldn't be too hard.

When they returned home from their shopping trip, Erika's mother had already baked two pies and was working on a third.

“My Lord it sure smells heavenly in here.” Aunt Carrie exclaimed.

“Did you two have fun?” Erika's mother asked.

“Yes.” Carrie nodded. “Your daughter is a great shopper and had excellent taste.”

“New hair?” Mrs. Martin asked. “It looks very nice.”

“Thank you dear, Erika picked it out for me.”

“What is for dinner tonight?” Erika asked her mother.

“Well, I think your dad wants to take us all out.” Her mother explained. “I am doing so much cooking for tomorrow, that it would be just easier to eat out.”

“Let me get these things to my room and I'll right down to help you.” Carrie grinned.

“That's all right.” Mrs. Martin excused her.

“Nonsense, I'll be back in a flash.” She turned to Erika. “Put your things away, Erika, then come down and start washing dishes.”

Erika looked at her Aunt stunned.

“Go on Dear, You'll catch flies if you stand there with your mouth open.”

Erika closed her mouth and quickly went up stairs.

Erika and her Aunt spent the next hour or so in the kitchen with her mother prepping, and cooking for the next day's feast.
Her father finished with his work smiled as he leaned against the wall and watched his family working and chatting. “Anyone hungry?”

“Yes.” Erika's mother smiled.

“What do you all feel like having?”

“Anything but Turkey.” Aunt Carrie stated. “I'll be getting my fill of that tomorrow.”

The foursome ended up at a Chinese restaurant and had fun eating family style. Aunt Carrie told embarrassing stories about her and her father and gushed over Erika's mother's cooking skills and house decor.

When they had all returned home, Aunt Carrie and her mother went back into the kitchen and worked some more on the food.

Yesterday morning, Erika woke up thinking that her alarm hadn't gone off. She started to jump out of bed in a panic before she realized that it was Thanksgiving. She decided to get up anyway, showered and put on a loose fitting skirt and a comfortable sweater before padding down stairs.

Aunt Carrie was in the kitchen working on something and watching a football game on the T.V.

“Good morning sunshine.” She greeted cheerfully. “Sleep well?”

Erika nodded and poured her self a cup of coffee. “What smells so good?” Erika asked.

“Breakfast.” Carrie smiled. Her aunt wiped her hands on a towel and reached into the oven and pulled out a baking dish full of cinnamon rolls.

“You made those?” Erika asked.

“Wait until you try one.” She grinned. “You like icing on them?”

Erika nodded. Then watched as Aunt Carrie dished out an oozing treat then reached into the fridge and pulled out a bowl of buttery icing which she smeared over the top to melt and mingle with the gooey goodness.

“Oh my God!” Erika exclaimed around a mouthful of hot, sticky sweetness.

“Good aren't they.” Carrie grinned.

“You are watching football?” Erika asked between bites.

“Of course. Football is a Thanksgiving tradition. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't like and enjoy a good game of football.”


“If you'd rather watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, you can change it.” Carrie told her. “I like watching the marching bands.”

“Were you a marching band geek, Aunt Carrie?”

“I was.”

“What did you play?”

“Tuba of course.”

Erika rolled her eyes.

The rest of the morning was spent watching the football games with her dad and aunt while the turkey was cooking.

“Erika, why don't you get dressed for dinner.” her mother suggested looking at the clock.

“Isn't this okay?” Erika asked.

“It's cute, but you should look nice for Thanksgiving dinner.”

“I need to change too.” Aunt Carrie agreed. “Come on Erika.”

Erika followed Aunt Carrie upstairs. “What should I wear?”

“A nice dress would be appropriate.”

“Fine.” Erika rolled her eyes and closed the door to her room.

A few minutes later, she was in her bathroom putting on makeup and doing her hair wearing a nice dress, nylons and her new sandals that Aunt Carrie had bought for her when she heard the doorbell ring. She finished putting mascara on her lashes, then added some gloss to her lips before going down stairs.

“Wow! You look great!”

Erika looked up to see Tricia smiling up at her.

What are you doing here?” Erika asked.

“Your mom called my mom up yesterday and asked us to join you for Thanksgiving.” Tricia grinned. “She thought it would be a nice uprise.”

Erika looked at her girlfriend. Tricia was in a hot pink dress with matching flats and a pink bow clipped into the side of her spiked up hair.

“You look very good yourself.” Erika smiled.

Tricia stepped up then went up on her tip toes to brush her lips against Erika's.

“So this is why I was made to dress for dinner.” Erika snickered. Tricia took Erika's hand and they walked into the great room where Tricia's family were mingling with Erika's. Aunt Carrie and Leeza were smiling at one another as they laughed and chatted.

“Wow, this is kind of weird.” Erika muttered to her girlfriend.

“But in a nice way.” Tricia agreed.

“Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes.” Erika's mother announced.

Erika's dad was filling several glasses with champagne and passing them to the adults.

“My mom made her famous Mac and Cheese.” Tricia told Erika. “Wait until you try it.”

“My Dad asked my aunt to make rutabaga.” Erika made a face.

“My dad made pumpkin pie.” Tricia explained. “It is a secret recipe that has been handed down from my great, great grandmother. I was told that I won't learn the recipe until I get married.”

“Girls?” Erika's dad handed them each a glass of champagne. “We decided that since neither of you is driving tonight that you can have a glass.”

The two girls smiled at each other before toasting, and sipping at the bubbly.

Dinner was a loud and fun affair with lots of talking, passing of food and complimenting one another on the recipes involved. With so much food and all of it tasting so good, the two families decided to put dessert on hold for a while until they didn't feel bloated.

Erika's father took Tricia's dad into the great room and turned on a football game.

“Erika, Tricia, how about you two clear the table.” Erika's mother charged. “Leeza, would you and your mother split up the left overs? While I wash the dishes?”

“The two of you sit down with a glass of wine.” Aunt Carrie ordered Tricia's mom as well as her own. “Leeza and I can wash the dishes.”

“I can do them.” Erika's mother insisted.

“I'm bigger and older and I say you should sit this one out.” Aunt Carrie pointed her mother out of the kitchen with her finger. Erika imagined her aunt stomping her foot to make a point and suppressed a giggle. “Leeza and I can take care the dinner dishes, Erika and Tricia can take care of the dessert dishes.”

“Fine. Fine.” Erika's mother duly admonished picked up her glass of wine. Grabbed a newly opened bottle as well and beckoned Tricia's mother to join her near the fireplace on the other side of the great room for a game of cards.

After Erika and Tricia finished clearing the table and wiping it down they laid the different desserts out to be ready when everyone was finished digesting their turkey.

“I think I need to take a nap.” Erika rubbed at her eyes and yawned. “Mom? I'm going to go up to my room and lay down for a bit. Can Tricia come too?”

“Keep your door open.” Erika's mother stated.

“No covers.” Tricia's mother added.

“You want to join me?” Erika asked Tricia.

“Sure.” Tricia yawned herself.

Erika led the way up stairs taking extra care wearing the high heels that her aunt had purchased for her.

Once in her room, she kicked off the heels and flopped as ladylike as she could onto her bed. Tricia lay down behind her and snuggled close, draping an arm over Erika's side.

“Turkey got to you, huh?” Tricia asked.

“Yes, but I figured this would be a good way for us to have private time.” Erika sighed as she snuggled closer to her girlfriend.

Erika woke up from her snooze, still wrapped in Tricia's arms. The doorbell had rung. It was Thanksgiving, who would be bothering her family on Turkey day? She listened to her mother answering the door.

Erika bolted upright as she heard Samantha and Victoria's voices.

“What is it?” Tricia asked groggily.

“Samantha and Victoria are here.”


Erika got up and stepped to the top of the stairs and looked down on her friends greeting her mother.

“Come on in, girls.” Her father greeted. “Happy Thanksgiving.”

“What are you doing here?” Erika was astonished.

“We came over to give you a last hurrah before you get your lobotomy.” Samantha smiled up at her as Tricia joined her at her perch, wrapping her arm around her waist.

“Surprise.” Tricia grinned. “Samantha and I asked you parents if we could have a sleep over tonight.”

Erika's heart fluttered with delight.

“We're here.” Krystal and Jordon squeezed in, carrying a duffel and sleeping bag.

“Who all is coming?” Erika inquired.

“Taylor and Melinda. Krystal wanted to bring Jorge, but your parents didn't think that would be appropriate.” Tricia snickered.

Erika, followed closely by Tricia quickly joined her friends in the entryway.

“Bring your stuff in here, girls.” her father instructed.

Erika and Tricia quickly introduced Jordon to the two families, and everyone met Aunt Carrie.

Taylor and Melinda showed up about twenty minutes later,

Tricia's family stayed for about an hour longer then departed, their hands full of leftovers. Aunt Carrie and her mother quickly put out a spread of leftovers and snack food before excusing themselves and retreating upstairs.

With her friends all there and having to get up early the next morning for surgery, Erika tried to stay up all night. She remembered glancing at the clock at three-thirty but not much after that.

Her mother woke them up at five-thirty when she started a large pot of coffee.

“Erika, go take a shower and use the antibacterial soap that the surgeon suggested that you use. Remember, you aren't allowed to eat anything this morning. No drinking either.”

“What about water?” Erika asked.

Her mother shook her head. “Nope.”

Erika nodded and trudged warily upstairs to her shower.

Her friends followed her and her family to the hospital in Samantha and Melinda's cars. The group of girls clustered together in a group talking and giggling as Erika went through the admitting process and then followed her to the waiting room.

They all gave her a hug and wished her well with promises of visiting in the next day or two before they all took off, leaving just Tricia with her parents and Aunt Carrie.

“Eric Martin?” a nurse called from a hallway.

Erika stood up along with her parents and Tricia.

“Eric?” the nurse looked confused.

“It's Erika.” Erika corrected.

The nurse opened the file and scanned through it as Erika and her parents approached.

“I'm Transgender.” Erika kept her voice low.

The nurse's face flickered from confusion to understanding. “Sorry. . . Erika.” She pulled a pen out of her pocket and made a notation on the chart. “I'm going to take you to pre-op. You can have one of your parents come with you.”

Erika's mother stepped back. “Go ahead.” She said to her husband.

“You should go.” Erika's father stated.

Erika looked from her dad to her mom. “Mom? Would you come with me?” Erika asked.

“Are you sure?” her mother questioned.

Erika nodded.

Erika hugged Aunt Carrie then threw her arms around her dad and hugged him tight.

“See you on the other side, Princess.” he gave her a squeeze before releasing her.

Erika's heart began to beat a bit harder and faster as the nurse led her and her mother deeper into the bowls of the hospital.


“Eric. . . uh, Erika Martin. Excuse the mistake.” a man in scrubs pulled back the curtain and glanced from her to her chart and back.

“Its alright.” Erika sighed.

“I'm going to go fetch a nurse and then give you an epidural. Be right back.”

Erika felt a little light headed as she was wheeled on a stretcher through chilly corridors and into what could only be a surgical room.

A group of masked men and women busy in specific activities bustled around her. A few helped to mover her to a hard table and began asking her the same questions that she had answered over fifty times since she had checked in to the hospital.

“Okay Erika, You're going to feel like going to sleep. I want you to count backwards for me.” a masked man instructed.

Erika's eyes felt extremely heavy as she struggled to watch the activity going on around her. She blinked hard as the room began to feel fuzzy.

“Go ahead and close your eyes.”

Erika couldn't have kept them open even if she had wanted to. Even the voices and noises around her became more distant as darkness closed in around her. . . . .

To Be Continued? . . .

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