A Perfect Fit

My dreams are always surreal, but very rarely involve sex of any kind. So, when the image that inspired this story cropped up for a few seconds one night, it stood out in later recollection. I decided that it just might be worth fleshing out... so to speak.

A Doll's Life - 2

A Doll’s Life - 2
By Katherine Day
(A chubby ‘tween’ boy who is fascinated by the magic of dolls is overwhelmed by lovely dreams of living a different, but beautiful new life. This story is told in three parts. Here is Part Two.) (Copyright 2014)

A Doll's Life - 1

A Doll’s Life - 1
By Katherine Day
(A chubby ‘tween’ boy who is fascinated by the magic of dolls is overwhelmed by lovely dreams of living a different, but beautiful new life. This story is told in three parts. Here is Part One.) (Copyright 2014)

Unlikely Quarterback – 8 What’s Important to Elaine?

Bryce Royce was eleven before learning he(?) was androgynous…
Then began the feelings that indicated he’s more Elaine than a boy …That should have been okay, except Mr. Mike Royce is set that Bryce is his boy and a football player! ...Bryce tried to please his Dad and kind of made it come true...Bryce/Elaine became an unlikely Quarterback.

The Binary

“Is this light?”

“Yes… This is light.”

Brian Donovan glanced at the array of telemetry that offered a vast variety of colorfully lit dials and information. The machine sat quietly in its metal chair, arms and legs restrained. It glanced as far around the laboratory as its range of neck motion would allow.

“Am I dreaming?” The machine asked in its slightly higher pitched androgynous voice.

“No machine… You are not dreaming.” Doctor Donovan glanced at the machine and smiled. “You are in real time.”

In Too Deep - II, Ch 1

After the Sharps' Carnaval Party, Sloan and Dana must come to terms with their new reality. Can their marriage survive submission to Matt and Danielle Sharp? How deep is Sloan willing to immerse himself into his role as a Transgender mob hit man? How will Dana deal with her husband's femininity? What new torments and humiliations are in store for the young, submissive couple?

TG Limerick Day 2016

TG Limerick Day

May 12 was National Limerick Day because it is the birthday of Edward Lear, who is credited with popularizing that poetic form in his Book of Nonsense, published in 1846.

So I decided to compose a few TG limericks for today.

1. There once was a boy from Purdue,
Who thought he was really a Sue.
She put on a skirt, turned into a flirt,
And sings in a café near you.

Unlikely Quarterback – 4 Safe Place to Be

Bryce Royce was androgynous though it was eleven before he was told…
Bryce started to see herself as Elaine. …That would have been okay...
if Mr. Royce wasn’t so set on Bryce being his boy and a football player…
Bryce tried to please his is abusive dad to gain his love, hoping his father would reciprocate...
His dad’s dream comes true, kind of… Elaine insists now is her time too.

The Advisor - 1

The Advisor 1
By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2016)

(My name is Pernod, but everyone knows me as Perry. They say I’m really good at giving advice to teenage girls. But I’m a boy, or am I?)

Magic is.. a series of progressively bad headaches. [1.4]

fire.jpg Memories are funny things.
In this instalment Al takes us on a whistle stop tour towards present day.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
A paper Ankh getting roasted
(fire can be awkward like that sometimes)
And Al meets a rather dandy man with excellent hair because.. well that would be telling wouldn't it?

Magic is.. not just child's play. [1.3]

fire.jpg Magic is complicated. Family doesn't help.
In this instalment we take one final giant step backwards.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
An assault on Bad Juju
(with some assistance from a big stick)
And Alistor has an identity crisis because Sarah has awkward teeth.

Magic is.. not always the reason things go wrong. [1.2]

0c5b99f094662fc6faafe68d5e9f0614.jpg Family is complicated. Magic doesn't help.
In this instalment we are a bit closer to our end goal.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
A socially deviant receptionist (a title she would accept with joy)
And Al gets to the hub of things, in more ways than one.

Magic is.. not a word I would use to describe prom night.[1.1]

15herrmann-night.jpg A hero isn't born a heroine and growing up can be a bumpy road.
In this instalment we go back a few years.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
A slightly more awake Sarah
(although the benefits of that are debatable)
And Hannah reluctantly goes to prom for a night he should never forget.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 6: Mascara too?

We left off when Sam was in class being complimented by a few popular girls in class about his hair. The girls were comparing him to the “girl” in his secret Instagram account. What will these girls have him do?

Magic is.. [1.0]

3.jpg TV personality and Tomb Raider Sarah, along with her faithful camera man Tor went off route in search of their next episode.
Things didn't go quite as planned, and these are the consequences..

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 5: Adding a Wardrobe

Sam and Jenna had their heart to heart about why he lets her do his hair, and his opinions on the girly activities they’ve done. Where we left off, Sam was about to test out an outfit for Jenna. What will Jenna have him wear?

Marley for the Win Part 11

The look on his sister’s face was a complex mix of emotions, amusement, anger, surprise, such a wide range of human feeling can be broadcast with a simple glance. Marley froze then quickly tried to cover himself with his hands, which he realized was kind of useless, he wasn’t exactly naked anyway. “You’re supposed to be at scholar bowl,” he spit out.

“Yeah, I wish I was, it was canceled, So, what’s going on?” Ann asked with a wicked smile. Marley was trapped, his sister blocked the door, he made a useless glance at the window and thought about jumping through it.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 4: What to Wear?

Sam, Jenna, Sophie, and Kelly are at the Fashion Expo in Chicago, and the girls convince Sam to let them do his hair. He gets a prom-style flowery updo, but go off to get something for him to wear for pictures on the Instagram account.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 3: The Fashion Expo

Sam has just discovered that his sister has started an Instagram account to anonymously showcase his girlie hairstyles. The next day though, Jenna brings him to a fashion expo with her friends. What will happen there? Will his secret come out?

In Too Deep - Ch 35-39

  • A morning news flurry while Dana and Sloan each contemplate their future.
  • Marco and Dave also make some new plans.
  • Danielle gets a bit more controlling while Thomas Dern and friends visit the hospital.
  • News at Eleven, Dana and Sloan make some choices, and Thomas Dern contemplates the past.
  • Sloan and Dana hit the Spa, then head to the party house to get ready for Sloan's big night.

In Too Deep - Ch 30-34

  • Dana and Sloan have a heart to heart chat.
  • Thomas Dern learns about Sloan's upcoming audition.
  • Taylor Sloane earns a reward from Ms. Sharp.
  • Miss Taylor Sloane has an exciting day of shopping.
  • Thomas calls in his dogs and Danielle gets nervous, while Brandin Sleeps In.

Marley for the Win Part 10

“Geeze, this show is kind of lame, there’s no action, no guns, no giant robots, it’s just people talking,” Mike said. From his position in the reclining chair.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 2: A Bit More Feminine

Sam had just gotten his second hair makeover from Jenna, yet he was left with feelings of uncertainty. Will he continue to help out his sister, even if it involves receiving a girly hairstyle?

In Too Deep - Ch 25-29

Thomas and Brandin come up with a new plan to get the role. Dana is being run ragged in her new job as Matt Sharp's PA. She has a long talk with Gabi about the Sharps' lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sloan is being personally tutored by Danielle Sharp. She is painfully blunt about their sexual proclivities. Sloan struggles to impress Danielle with his femininity. Dana works late and Sloan worries that she is spending time alone with Matt. Dana drags in late, and shares a tearful confession with Sloan.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair...

Just Let Me Do Your Hair...

By: MysteriousStranger

Sam’s sister Jenna is in a fashion class at school and needs some help with a project. When Sam is asked to help out, will he accept or refuse?

In Too Deep - Ch 23-24

Sloan and Dana arrive at the studio. Dana delivers Sloan to Danielle for his interview, then begins learning her new role as Matt Sharp's Personal Assistant. Both of them begin to learn their new role in the production company.

Marley for the Win Part 9

Returning to school is never fun, especially after the weekend that Marley had. At least he got to relax most of Sunday after doing some homework and getting a short ride. His morning classes had flown by and now Marley sat down to lunch with his friends. Bent Fork School was small, the middle school was attached to the High School and shared most of the same facilities, including the cafeteria. The 7th graders were all eating now and there were less than 40 of them. Small classes like these tended to be tighter, everyone knows everyone, but social groups still form.

Marley for the Win Part 8

Marley for the Win Part 8

Paul’s thoughts were suddenly thrust to his past. We never did it, I mean not that I didn’t try, there was that one time we kissed but it ended awkwardly. Everything makes so much more sense now, he thought. “So that’s why we never could get things going,” he said.

“Not that you didn’t try, how many times did I have to slap your hand away from my…” Lisa said.

“That’s not fair you led me on,” Paul laughed.

“When did being friendly and spending time together becoming leading someone on?” Lisa asked.

Marley for the Win Part 7

Marley in his sister's clothes
Marley and his Mom walked across the school parking lot and across the school’s front lawn until they reached a bench, Lisa double checked to make sure no one was around then said, “OK, so Marley, I’m going to ask you something, why do you want to go to dinner with Paul and his family so bad?”

Marley for the Win Part 5

Marley for the Win Part 5

“Yeah Mom, your new boyfriend thinks you have two daughters,”

Marley stopped and just stood there, his sister was laughing, but his Mom looked seriously upset. That guy Mom knows thinks I’m a girl, God this is messed up, Marley thought. Oh and she likes him, and now I’ve screwed that up, Marley’s embarrassment bubbled over and he yelled “Damn it this isn’t funny!”

“Yeah knock it off Ann,” Lisa said. “I’m so sorry Marley, this was such a stupid idea, listen let’s just get you back to normal and go home.”

Marley For the Win Part 4

Marley for the Win Part 4

With numbers pinned and hugs all taken care of the May family entered the starting area right when the announcer called for the junior girls. “OK, you too, best of luck,” Lisa said as she rejoined the other parents around the starting area. Ann and Marley stood silently and tried to hide their nervousness as the other racers all filtered up to the line.

“Hey you guys, Marley and Ann?” an older girl said wearing a BikeTech jersey.

“Yeap, that’s us,” Ann replied.

Marley for the Win Part 3

Marley for the Win Part 3

Marley in his sisters old kit.

Marley paused before turning the corner and entering the busy downstairs bathroom corridor again. He was losing his nerve, he was feeling a bit dizzy and grabbed a railing along the wall. Marley was a shy boy, he didn’t like drawing attention to himself, and he had always harbored a great fear of humiliation. “I can’t do this,” he said and turned around to head back up and get out of this ridiculous costume.

Marley for the Win Part 2

Marley For the Win Part 2

Lisa and Ann both stepped back and looked at Marley then looked at each other. They had never really thought about it but with his longer hair it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for him to look like a girl. He was 13, but his body hadn’t really changed from puberty, even his voice hadn’t changed.

“It’s the clothes,” his sister said, “That black jersey isn’t going to work, we’re going to have to change it.” Lisa nodded and crossed her arms, then looked into the back of the van.

“I guess it’s still in there,” Lisa said.

Debriefings 21

The Rev. Anam Chara

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind us and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…


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