My Safe Place - Chapter 9


My Safe Place

Chapter 9

Ten Year Old Kiara, has a hard life and a hard journey to go through. It's hard to start transitioning, when she has an unsupportive parent. Will Kiara be able to live her life the way she wants, or will she fail?

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Move Over

The link for this tale is in purple at the top of the posting. Will Jess get her itch scratched? Will Andi help with the honors? Will Russ ever be forgiven? Will Russ's reeducation help? For the answer to these and any other questions, click on the purple link at the top of the posting below the word 'attachment'. :)

Becoming Karen - 9

Becoming Karen — 9

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

(In this chapter of the sequel to “To Be Or Not To Be,” Kenny finds exciting new relationships await him as a girl named “Karen.” His confusion grows.)

The Wolf's Howl

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The Wolf's Howl

Randall Sinclair was on his annual hunting and fishing trip, when he had a encounter of the furry and metahuman kind.

Thanks to Stanman and Lynceus for proofreading and editorial suggestions.

Bad Boy

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