The Chorister Part 3 - Conclusion

Jenny (Jeff) and Amy explore consequences and look for compromies.
The final part in the Chorister story (unless you want more, and I can figure out how to make it flow.

The Chorister Part 2

Jeff, as Jenny, auditions, and has to buy a gown for the performance. It needs to be altered, and Jenny and Amy asks Jenny's mother for help.

Author’s note. I enjoyed writing The Chorister, and because of the favorable comments, I decided to write a sequel. You may want to read The Chorister, but it is not absolutely necessary

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan -- Part 2

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan — Part 2

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

(Orphaned at age 12, Terry goes to live with his Aunt Adele, where his girlish nature and lovely soprano voice takes him on stage — as a girl. “You could be Miss America,” a boy tells Terry, but it is in the midst of World War II and that complicates Terry’s future as a girl. What will Aunt Adele do?)

Charlotte's Tale part 14.

Charlotte’s Tale,
by Angharad.
part 14.

Nothing much happened for the next few days and I did my practices and occasionally saw Simon, but not Jane. I wasn’t deliberately avoiding her, but neither was I seeking her out, so our paths didn’t cross.

Charlotte's Tale Part 3

As Charlotte becomes more comfortable in her new life she faces returning to her old school as guest soloist. Her desire to become something more than a nobody requires her to deal with two doctors, one caring and one not. What lengths will she go to in order to attain her goals?

Charlotte’s Tale

Part 3

by Angharad

Charlotte's Tale Part 2

Charlotte gains a friend who helps her accept herself. But time moves on, and Charlotte has to prepare for the future. Where will she go to school? Poor girl, there is being at a loss, and then there is being Lost!

Charlotte’s Tale

Part 2

by Angharad

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