School Girl

Corrective Actions

Alex is a problem student at his school, and he is on a downwards spiral. Faced with his possible
expulsion, Alex's step-mum is given a chance to save him by a friend, a chance that begins his gradual
and unavoidable change for the better.

Corrective Actions by Serena Lawhead

Pirates and Maidens

Tim is chosen to play the part of a maiden in a theatrical dance performance put on by his 6th grade class.
All is not lost since he gets to work alongside Penny as they sew their petticoats and dresses for the production.

Pirates and Maidens

by Pamela

Copyright © 2002,2013 Pamela
All Rights Reserved.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 6

The Girl Most Likely To ...
by Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author's note: I have found the legal citation I was looking for, so I can write this chaper the way I had wanted to. What happens to Roger Watkins in this chapter, is legal, but I am not saying where the legal citation is from because the person involved is a minor. Also the name of the institution is also changed because the residents there are minors. But be aware though that I am using locations in this fictional story from several places, placing them in one location in my story. Barbara)

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