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Emily's Strange Life

Emily's Strange Life

“Good morning everyone; my name is Emily and I'm an amnesiac.”

“Good morning Emily,” the guys and gals of my therapy group chorused.

The Answer To A Maiden's (?) Prayer Chapter 1

I just had time to think “Oh dear God please save me!” as the shark erupted from under my bodyboard, sending me flying. Even as I fell back towards the water, limbs flailing, that dreadful maw was gaping below me at the exact spot where I would land. My death scream was echoing in my ears when suddenly the noise of everything else stopped. So did I in fact, suspended in mid air, water droplets all around me frozen in flight. Below me the sea was unmoving and the monster that an instant ago had been poised to devour me was halted in mid lunge, it's head just emerged from the water.

A Faery Tale Wedding? Chapter 3: Rude Awakenings

“Uffl! Wurghh! Kiwi fruit” Belinda thrashed in panic, not knowing where she was for a moment as she awoke.

“Morning sleeping beauty”


More than expected

The scene: a nightclub somewhere in America. Enter Donald Trump accompanied by a number of aides and secret service agents
Trump: Alright! We won! Line up on the left ladies, this is your Commander in Chief speaking. Suiting the action to the words
Grab 'em by the pussy! Grab 'em by the pussy! Grab 'em by the puss- Goddammit! This is a drag bar, isn't it?

A Faery Tale Wedding? Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Thanks for the memories

Belinda clutched at her head as dizziness struck her. The world about her was fading, fading into a mass of blurred colours. Dimly through the haze she felt her knees strike soft turf as her legs gave way under her.

“Stefan, help!”

“It’s all right, I promise; this will be a memory coming back.”

No, this isn’t a memory, I can feel myself fading, going to another time, another place.

Belinda shut her eyes. Brian opened them.

April Schooled Chapter Four: Where Are You Going, Said Meet-On-The-Road ?

Chapter Four: Where Are You Going, Said Meet-on-the-Road

A few hours later I was walking out of the school gates reflecting that life could definitely be worse. Maddy and I were becoming firm friends and I seemed to get on well enough with her immediate circle. I know I wasn’t at school to make friends but it was better than the alternative. Also it meant I didn’t have the added hurdle of trying to persuade Vincent to date a complete social outcast.

A Faery Tale Princess: A Stefan and Belinda Vignette

A brief seasonal snapshot of Belinda's new life as Stefan's girlfriend. This story takes place after the main part of "Away With The Faeries" but before the beginning of " A Faery Tale Wedding."

April Punctuated!

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