Breathing...Chapter 7

We stop at Aunt Chris’s place again and drop things off and go and change again and we all take off to have supper heading out to King of Donair.

Yeah it’s something we all like and again one of those things that you have to travel to get when it’s really good like they do it. Home is okay but it’s not going here and after we really stuff ourselves there we head to the mall to go and see another movie that we wanted to see while we’re here.

Mom and Dad go see something by themselves and yeah they look like they’re going to do more than just watch a movie and Terri and Aunt Chris and myself we go and get our snacks and we settle in.

Tomorrow...likely it’ll be time to put being Robin away tomorrow.

*And Now…

Breathing...Chapter 5


I sit back further into the couch and pull my legs under me. It’s more comfortable that you think only it’s just one of those really coded gender deals that guys or non-femme guys aren’t socially allowed to do.

“I’m actually still thinking of all the stuff ahead Dad. What is home going to be like or feel like and I kind of like being Robin but I have no idea how going back to Rob’s going to feel and then there’s school and town and the grandparents and just me trying to walk back into my old life and there’s just so much that’s changed about me.”

“Like being Robin?” He asks.

I nod and pull a small couch cushion in front on me and I hug it. “And the fact I like me, her, I like being Robin and that when I’ve been Robin I’ve met a guy and talked and danced and stuff and it was so much not the end of the world.”

*And Now…

Alonely...Part three


I blink…it is morning.
“Oh…okay….that’d be nice will your folks be okay with it?”
“Thrilled.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m anti-social to the point of they’ll likely be fawning over you.”
I nod. “I can deal with that it’s better than the my kid’s an alien thing that mine treat me with.”
We get up and we head inside his house and he’s folding the blanket as best he can with what happened to his fingers. “Bad?”
“Bad enough my dad was kind of a homophobe and now he’d be grateful if I had a boyfriend I think…I’ve heard him call me the neuter when he didn’t think I was around.”
He looks at me. “Wow…what an asshole.”
I shrug…try not to get too upset again over it. “People have a hard time with asexual people…we don’t compute as much as trans people do.”
Trey gives me a nod and another smile like he’s trying to reassure me… “How about I just don’t try to compute you at all?”
I sigh… “Thank you…so…much…”
*And Now…

Alonely...Part two

Alonely… Part two


I feel Trey’s head on my shoulder and look to see them asleep on my shoulder and the sunshine is touching their face and they are sleeping like me when I hit that wall of sheer exhaustion.

He has really bad burns on his face too and yet he looks like he’s crying a little in his sleep.
I don’t know what I’m doing really but I reach under the comforter and feel out for him and find his arm and then his hand.

Even feeling the scars doesn’t gross or freak my out.

Actually I have no idea what I’m feeling….but when I gently squeeze his hand and whisper. “It’s okay….I’m here.” The pained tenseness, that sad in his sleep seems to fade a little and right now.

Right now we’re not alone for the moment at least.

*And now…

Alonely...Part one?

Alonely…Part one?

It’s my own little made up word for this, for the way that I feel so much of the time. I can be around people and I’m still alone.

And it hurts.

And it’s lonely.


Alonely sucks.

I mean there’s stuff that people always tell me that is just…

Get out there, go places if you don’t go places how are you going to meet anyone?

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