A dance

Masks Chapter 15

Masks Chapter 15


Mom gives me another hug. I like hugs, and Stephanie is getting more of them than Steven does. I sigh into it…hugs are important. Hugs keep you from flying apart sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like I’m flying apart all the time.

She lets me go and gives me this smile that’s sad, sweet…just kind of different. “I’ll see You after school Steph.”

Yes she stressed You…like me…not Steven.


I’m not sure just what to think about that?

I clean my face and brush my teeth and slip into bed. Ohhh…softer sheets, nice thread count and the smell. They just smell nice, like baby powder and dryer sheets. I leave my light on…I want to be able to see all of this whenever I open my eyes tonight…it means that much.

*And Now…

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