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Oh Girl, It's Halloween Again!

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  Oh Girl, It's Halloween Again!


By Tiffany B. Quinn
October 2013

Every Halloween is special for this youngster. This Halloween is just more special than all the others.

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TopShelf's October 2013
Story Contest Results

by Sephrena Lynn Miller

No Copyright Intended © 2013

Day One

Day One

Charlie has decided to bring out his female side "Charlotte" after posing as her for nearly two years in secret. He chooses the Halloween dance at school to do and is in for a night of his life he'll never forget.

The Lonely Mask

The Lonely Mask

Loneliness has only one cure.

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Masks Chapters 24 and 25 the Finale.

Masks Chapters 24 and 25 the Finale.


But….Then there’s Randy Sweet, the captain of my hockey team and he stands and he beckons me over where the other guys are at.

Where all the team is at for a change.


I head over and look at them and Nick asks.

“It true?”

“Is what true?”

“Are you gay?”

I look at them and I really don’t know what I can say, there’s some pretty fixed faces there.

*And now…

Which one is a Good Fit?

Which one is a good fit?

By Jennifer Sue

Halloween: Fourth Grade: Helpless as a Turtle on It’s Back

It was his first year going out without a chaperone. Jimmy had his doubts about the costume. After all, it had been his father’s from when he’d been Jimmy’s age like 30 some years before! How creepy was that? His dad, Don, simply went on and on about how much fun he and his buddies had when they’d worn the costume trick or treating. Naturally his mom, Jenny, took dozens of pictures. His jock buddies laughed at him when they saw his costume. Jimmy was humiliated. As he went door to door with his classmates, many of the homeowners chuckled and just had to reminisce with the boys about the time they had dressed as the mutant turtles. Jimmy usually got more goodies than the others at those homes which angered his buds. By the fifth time that happened, they jumped him, pushing him into bushes, cracking the turtle shell and stealing his goodies. They ran off leaving him scratched and bleeding in a broken costume.


Just an announcement of my posting an entry to the October contest. This is my first self posting so if it is not as neat as it should be it is all my fault. There is nothing seriously intended by this entry in fact it should be considered as a bit of humorous fluff exploring the most dreadful phrase a person could hear. We Need To Talk.

Bailey,s misbehaving Faerie Huggles

We Need to Talk

Any marriage is an adventure. But I being a non magically talented person I married into a magical talented family. After three blissful full years I was not prepared for our adventure on steroids. This all started on the high Holy Day of October 31.

Masks Chapters 22 and 23

Masks Chapters 22 and 23


It’s tricky to get the white gauzy stuff to sit right and to fight with it on the sewing table but I just get it done around supper or rather when Mom’s watch goes off.

It looks good now…kind of this shiny blue top with a white gauze shirt that trails down to mid thigh and looks like Alice in Wonderland from like Disney and a little like the movie and at the same time sort of like a ballet costume too.

With the stockings and the slippers and the right way to wear my hair.

I’m grinning.

This, this will look awesome.

*And Now…

It Was All a Mistake

It Was All a Mistake

Two long-time friends get tickets to a rather unconventional Halloween costume party, but then mistakes seem to be happening to make their plans for fun seem downright strange and a little unnerving.

This is a very out-of-comfort-zone story, in a sub-genre that I've NEVER written in. I would hope that you remember this fact if/when you decide to write any comments. This is a huge psychological risk for me to venture into this uncharted, unexplored territory, risking biting, discouraging, negative comments. Please bear that in mind. If you don't like the story, please keep it to yourself. Sorry to seem so paranoid, but after the last year of my life, taking this chance is a huge step that I almost didn't take.


Through the years: Halloween 1983

--SEPARATOR--Editing by Djkauf

This is kind of a one shot Tracy story, but will fit in when I reach October 31st of 1983. I have added some new people, and yes, Tracy will meet them in the coming chapters of Through the years. I have done my best to keep spoilers out, but this post focuses on her feelings in October.


Masks Chapter 21

Masks Chapter 21


“Stephanie…..!” She cries and I cry and we glomph on each other and we get that bad we have to stop and go back in the store to use their bathroom and fix our make-up.

Crying in public and not getting shit for it, being this close with my best friend and doing this and not having the sky come falling down on me is.

Well it’s past awesome and when we get back out and ready to go I see Mom looking at me with this look like the kind that Dad gave Steven.

But it’s the that’s my girl look.

It feels so damned good and really so big…I mean this is kind of this first thing that I’ve done that is all me and that made her look at me like that.

I smile and take a breath getting into the car and I feel a little bit stronger inside for it.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 20

Masks Chapter 20


Okay, I feel better now…I feel more grounded and more like myself than I ever had. We do facials and mani-pedi’s and I’m surprising them in just how much I know.

Hey when you’re a girl, you’re a girl and if you’re like me and actually like hair and make-up and the girly stuff the stealth or not odds are you’re going to know it even if it’s your first times. I’ve lived a hundred thousand little girl snippet lifetimes already.

I want the whole thing, I need it.

I’m going to…

M.J. comes in with popcorn and Aunt Els is putting on Season one of Gilmore Girls and we sip all together in this pile on the bed in the bag on the floor and pillows and comforters.

This…so much this…


Elizabeth and Billie

Elizabeth and Billie

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2013)

(It’s all because of Milton’s bright idea that he and his best friend, Adam, must become women for their hometown’s teen Halloween party. They enter the contest with great fear, yet excited by the idea. This story is set in the far-off year of 1969. Note to readers: The story when it was first posted had numerous errors, which, it is to be hoped, have been corrected in what follows in this version. The author is sorry and red-faced.)

Preparing for the Final Exam

Preparing for the Final Exam

by Jennifer Sue

The neighbors tried to ignore the cursing and crashes from the Becker place. They all peeked through their curtains drawn to the unprecedented action like moths to a flame. Needless to say they were stunned when the large bay window exploded outwards in a shower of glass. The projectile doing the damage seemed to be a battered teenage girl! Multiple calls to 911 were made within seconds.

Blackmailing Biscuit - Chapter 4 of 4

Blackmailing Biscuit
Chapter 4 of 4

© 2013 D.L.

Miss Carter, one of the English teachers, was stood blocking entry to the room. The glass window in the door, which usually allowed a view inside, was covered by a sheet of flip-pad paper.

“Ah, Biscuit, you may go in. The rest of you stay outside. Please stand back and don’t try to sneak a look unless you want to join the others in detention.”

Following the teacher’s instructions l cautiously entered the room in trepidation as to what might be inside. Given the nature of Miss Carters reaction, I suspected I wouldn’t like what I am about to find.

Masks Chapter 19

Masks Chapter 19


Jenn’s like. “Can I help? Looks pretty neat to learn.”

Mom’s like. “Sure in exchange you can show up some dance steps and help the girls learn how to dance and it wouldn’t hurt me or Elsbeth to look like we’re not all dated.”

Mary Jane squeaks. “Please! We have a dance this weekend and I’ve only been to a few.”

I blush and admit. “I have no clue how to really dance like a girl.”

Mom’s looking at me a bit, her head tilted. “Stephanie?”

It’s this, all of this and I just…I just can’t hold it in anymore…

“This is me Mom, I’m a girl. I always have been…… I’m Transgendered.”

And everyone just stopped…

*And Now…

The clothes make the man.

So here it is, my submission for the contest. Any similarity to other persons alive or dead is purely coincidental, as is any similarity to other stories. Hopefully I've done my favorite month justice.

Fair warning this is a work of horror, featuring some strong language and mildly suggestive scenes...not your cup of tea, don't read it.

Blackmailing Biscuit - Chapter 3 of 4

Blackmailing Biscuit
Chapter 3 of 4

© 2013 D.L.

I started to wash myself down, beginning at my shoulders and working down. The sound of laughter, gasps and wolf whistling in the background didn’t initially register until I look down at myself and realize I’m stood naked in amongst a group of girls. I froze on the spot, paralysed with fear and embarrassment.

Masks Chapter 18

Masks Chapter 18


Mark’s there setting down tea stuff so we can make our own. “That’s the night that after the cops and Aunt Els got you home, you took the pills right?”


“Oh…oh shit M.J…..” I’m freaked, floored and I’ve never heard any of this….

“It just hurt so much!” She wails. “They…they were supposed to be my friends! But they…they just turned their backs on me and called me slut and witch!”


That gets a sobby wet laugh from Mary Jane and I hug her tight, really tight and stay there. “M.J.?”

(Sobby-sniffle.) “Yeah…?”

“You never, ever fucking do that again you hear me? I can’t make it through this fucking curse with out you.” I sobbed out that last half of it.

She turns and she looks at me.

Yeah more tears are rolling down her face and she swallows a few times and nods. But instead of talking because we just can’t yet we hook pinky fingers again.

*And Now…

Blackmailing Biscuit - Chapter 2 of 4

Blackmailing Biscuit
Chapter 2 of 4

© 2013 D.L.

Having come out of the toilets we headed towards our lockers to drop off our books and pick up our gym kits for the next lesson. I find a letter shoved into my locker. The catch is slightly loose, enough for the paper to be slipped in between the door and the frame. Taking hold of it with my sleeve, I picked it up and after excusing myself from the other girls, headed to the west corridor, where I knew Mr Jones was on patrol. I walked past him and winked. Seeing me holding the paper cautiously, he nodded in my direction as I passed. I continued on to the school office, and took a seat out of sight of anybody who may be watching. A minute later Mr Jones turned up.

ALL IS LOST Part 2 of 2

Oh hell! I’m halfway inside this, this horror — it burns my skin like acid and it’s pulling my legs apart as I continue to be drawn in, and now —



With a horrid sucking sound, the mass pulls my head and arms inside it completely.

Part 2 of 2

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Blackmailing Biscuit - Chapter 1 of 4

Blackmailing Biscuit
Chapter 1 of 4

© 2013 D.L.

I rolled the stockings up my hairless legs, making sure that the seams were straight. I attached them to the black suspenders that I fed through underneath the lacy French knickers so that they could be removed without disturbing the stockings. I was actually wearing two layers of underwear, as I had an extra pair of plain knickers underneath the extremely frilly lacy pair on top.

ALL IS LOST Part 1 of 2

“Wwhatt’ss hhappennedd to uuusss?” gurgled Marjorie. “Iiimmm a mmonnssterrr!”

“You’re lucky, Hayden. At least you’re still completely human,” moaned goatboy Jocko.

“Yeah. A weak, cold, naked, female human. My life just rocks,” I spat.

Halloween 1972

Steve, being small, had never fit in with the rest of the boys.
Upon entering junior high school he began to be bullied.
When the Halloween dance rolled around,

Steve decided to do something about fitting in!

Halloween 1972

by Barbara Allan

Copyright © 2013 Barbara Allan
All Rights Reserved.

Masks Chapter 17

Masks Chapter 17


Actually I’m close to squeeing and girling out and hugging him but just the way he’s acting this…him saying that and calling me his…

Baby sister.

I’m not going to push it. He’s trying.

I let go of her hand and look at him and give him a thank you smile. But I wasn’t ready for the I love you sis look back…it’s shy and he’s likely in really new turf.

But it’s there.

He takes the waters and heads through the kitchen doors. “We’ll be studying in the living room okay?”

“Sure Bro…Love You.”

“Love you too sis…” He leaves quickly and Jenn follows this smile there like she’s surprised and proud of him.

I’m proud of him too.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 16

Masks Chapter 16


She kisses my cheek before heading off at a quick pace with Rachel in tow and I’m like…huh…she kissed my cheek.

No girl’s ever done that outside of Mom.


I’m feeling something, I just don’t know what.

M.J. Hip bumps me and mouths. “Lez?”


I turn beet red.

Ohmigod my face is hot.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 15

Masks Chapter 15


Mom gives me another hug. I like hugs, and Stephanie is getting more of them than Steven does. I sigh into it…hugs are important. Hugs keep you from flying apart sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like I’m flying apart all the time.

She lets me go and gives me this smile that’s sad, sweet…just kind of different. “I’ll see You after school Steph.”

Yes she stressed You…like me…not Steven.


I’m not sure just what to think about that?

I clean my face and brush my teeth and slip into bed. Ohhh…softer sheets, nice thread count and the smell. They just smell nice, like baby powder and dryer sheets. I leave my light on…I want to be able to see all of this whenever I open my eyes tonight…it means that much.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 14

Masks Chapter 14


“Mom…this…this is really cool.”

“Well there were some things that if you were going to do this Steph that a girl just needs.”

I nod kind of still stunned and right on the edge of happy tears but I’m trying to hold it in because I’m only playing at being me right now and stuff.

I want to tell them…but with stuff that happened already tonight with my brothers…but this, this is actually pretty cool.

Mom hugs me anyways. “Hey…there are clothes too, to get you started.”

“What clothes where!”

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 13

Masks Chapter 13


We’re just packing up when my phone rings.

It’s mom.

“Uhm Hi.”

“How’s the makeover session?”

Oh yeah she sort of…well she thinks I’m playing dress up.

“Good it’s all so different than what I’m used to.”

“Well tell your Aunt and cousin to come over with you we’re doing spaghetti.”

“Okay…. it might take me a few to get changed.” Dammit, just dammit …Yick.

“No come as you are we need to have a family meeting about this anyway.”


*And Now…

Masks Chapter 12

Masks Chapter 12


We hug and right after that is our stop and her mom’s home because Aunt Elsbeth’s jeep is in the driveway and we head inside and it smells like laundry inside and there’s rock music playing. *Shoot to Thrill.* By AC/DC and Aunt Elsbeth is setting up stuff in the kitchen like it’s for like a salon or something and she looks at me and grins.

“Hey girls.”

Yay… (Smiles.)

“Hey!” We both carouse.

“M.J. can you lend your cousin some clothes and stuff to wear after she has a shower?”


“Steph?” Aunt Els says/asks as she holds up two weaves…not wigs but weaves…. “Which one do you want to try first?”

*And Now...

Masks Chapter 11

Masks Chapter 11


My inner bitch is bigger than hers?

I’m so biting my tongue to keep from saying that.

“I didn’t cow-tow to her Mom and that’s never happened before so she thinks I’m nuts.”

“Well you get that from me.”

I smile. “That’s actually kind of cool Mom.”

She gives me a funny look when we pull in home and I try to give her a smile and then I head inside and upstairs.

Yick…my shirt is literally stuck to me with sugary coffee and caramel and whipped cream.

I go to the bathroom and I turn the shower on really high and I climb in and that’s about as far as my adrenaline takes me before I sit down in the tub and start to hyperventilate.

* And Now…

Something Disappeared on Flight 919


‘Something disappeared on Flight 919’

By Julie D Cole

Just a yarn for the competition that is about a flight crew heading out of Florida back to Europe who just happened to stay over and celebrate Halloween in USA. After listening to a tale from the Chief Stewardess Sam and his colleagues are interested to know more about a story that had been told by an old lady and the contents of a letter and a small cask left by someone who disappeared with Flight 19. The flight disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle and maybe the old lady was really the guy who had disappeared. Who knows? Strange things can happen at Halloween and also over the Bermuda Triangle.

Masks Chapter 10

Masks Chapter 10


I’ll confess that I want to be that girl that these guys are singing about. I don’t say it out loud but I would love to be the girl getting sung to and just like holding myself in a happy hug while someone is playing something sweet to me.

I hold back on going full on girl with them and yet…yet I’m actually being included now thanks to M.J. and partway through the bus ride we end up lacing our fingers together and squeeze each others hand once in awhile.

It’s the best morning I’ve had in a long time going to school…maybe ever.

She looks at me and smiles and adjusts her hand and we hook pinkies together all the way until we get to the bus stop at school.

I can’t stop smiling.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 9

Masks Chapter 9



No Mum If I was really brave I could tell you all who I really am.

And it feels like Stephanie’s little candle was guttering in the dark right now.

I get dressed without looking at myself and slip into bed and pull one of my pillows down from my head like a reflex.

I hug it tight because It hurts.

I just can’t bring myself to turn off the light at my bedside.

Just can’t.

*And Now…

Magic Carpet Ride

A trip to a costume shop for Halloween
was the catalyst for a change within a young boy...

The girl within would no longer be denied!

Magic Carpet Ride

By Torey
Copyright © 2013 Torey
All Rights Reserved.

Masks Chapter 8

Masks Chapter 8


“You’re welcome honey…You’re my niece I love you.”

I squeeze her really hard and she does back. One of those hugs that gets right there inside of you right where you usually don’t get hugged but need it the most in.

I head home and it does really suck going back to being Steven but this time…this time it’s different.

The real me that girl sealed away in that drum curled up in the dark.

She got hugged, told she was loved.

And inside my dark place that’s like me suddenly having someone give me this emergency candle and I have a little bit of light there in this dark place.

Candles can be amazing right?

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 7

Masks Chapter 7


“Hey you have *Across the Universe*?”

“Uhm…I don’t but mom might?”

Mary Jane pulls me off the bed and drags me to her mom’s room and I’m in awe here too. This…it’s the bedroom of a single grown up adult female and it’s cool beyond words for me.

M.J. Finds the movie and we take it and we head back to her room and…

We run into Aunt Elsbeth in the hall way.

And me fully in girl mode.

Oh shit.

*And Now…


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