Workday Woes

Dot made an idle comment while chatting tonight, and this silly little bit of verse was the result.

"SPLAT!" goes the body clock.
It's time to roll and rock.
I'd rather stay in bed
And calm my aching head
But life won't let me go,
Such misery I know!

Woe betide the slimeball
Pinning me to this wall.
When I regain my feet,
I'll drive a rocking beat
On the son of a bitch,
Dump him in a deep ditch,
Smother with dirty oil,
Then cover him with soil,
Leave him in the dark ground
Where bugs and worms abound.

Oh! What a crazy dream!
Things are not what they seem.
Office work is a bore,
I need to close that door!
Another Christmas song,
Can something else go wrong?
Oh, dear, I jinxed myself,
Cup falling from a shelf
Hits the floor with a smash.
The colours here all clash,
Grey, pink, green, blue, yellow;
Everyone is mellow
Except for poor old me.
Ah, I need to be free.

The day at last winds down,
I leave there with a frown.
I need a better job,
At home, I'm just a slob.
No cares or worries there,
Time to let down my hair.

That dress in the closet,
I got it from Wozzit,
It's sleek, pretty and pink,
Another missing link
In this sad, lonely life
Filled with worries and strife.
It slides on nice and soft,
Sending my hopes aloft
That one day I may be
A woman, and truly free.

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