M.Y.T.H.-Adventures: Wolf & Witch Chapter 1

Elisabeth and I watched as Melody and Bonnie were called by one of the teachers. We tried to be patient about having to wait, honest.

I guess another twenty minutes or so had passed when Elisabeth and I finally heard our names being called and responded. It happened to be the same teacher as had called Bonnie and Melody earlier, and we listened as she explained the way classes were organized.

It didn't take too long for us to figure out that the classes oriented to our abilities all took place after lunch, from 1:30 PM until about 4 PM. The first after lunch class would focus on learning to use our powers and abilities, the second would be an elective (optional) course.

Elisabeth giggled and informed the teacher, a Mrs. D'arcy, that we would likely be in the first after lunch class together, as Elisabeth is a witch and I happen to be her guardian and a repository for an unknown amount of magical energy that Elisabeth can access as needed.

I informed Mrs. D'arcy that I would take physical combat training as my elective, Elisabeth chose "Interaction of Science and Magic" as hers.

Morning classes were what Mrs. D'arcy herself described as "mundane" courses, social studies, math and english, all compulsory here.

We chatted with her for a few more minutes, then spent about ten minutes wandering around the whole orientation area looking at things.


The information at the various tables had been okay to look at, I guess, but nothing sparked interest for either Elisabeth or myself.

We were walking out the door to have a wander around the grounds when we heard someone yelling Elisabeth's name.

We turned around and waited for the young woman to reach us, which took a few moments as she wasn't in good shape at all.

Meh, so I'm a bit of a bitch about being healthy and fit. If one cares enough, one will find ways to be healthy, hmmm?

When she reached us, she stood there panting for a moment before she sputtered, "Hi, I'm Lilian, junior secretary to the headmistress here, Ms. Drakae, who wishes to see both of you in her office as soon as possible. If you would both please follow me, I will take you there."

I shrugged, I didn't have anything to do just now. Elisabeth agreed and we were on our way to meet the headmistress.


It only took a few minutes for the girl to lead us to the headmistress' office. We saw Melody and Bonnie leaving as we approached.

The two girls were shaking their heads, apparently upset somewhat by whatever they had seen or learned in there.

I don't think they noticed us at all, even with Biggun pulling hard against his leash, wanting to go and comfort lick one or both of the girls.

I knocked on the door, which was opened and revealed a big naga standing in front of a young girl about our age. The headmistress was sitting in her seat behind her desk, also shaking her head. Whatever they were discussing in her must have been pretty serious.

We were introduced to Mr Ozezs, the male naga and Sabrina, the girl, then told about Sabrina being paroled to the school's custody.

That wasn't the end of it, though, the big surprise was yet to come. We learned that Sabrina had been under the control of a young male wizard, subtle control actually as it hadn't been detected until after she was caught regarding the attempted kidnapping of the were-cat triplets.

Even that wasn't the biggest surprise, Sabrina had another bombshell to drop on us, and she did just a moment later.

"I know the secret that Klarion, the guy who was mentally controlling or influencing me, found out," she stated quite firmly. "“You know how magic has been fading for the last couple of thousand years? Well, that’s not going to be a problem much longer. Magic is making a comeback.”

I know my jaw dropped in shock when she said that, Elisabeth gasped. What surprised me was Biggun's reaction, he looked right at Sabrina with an expression that, if he could have talked, could be described as "WTF?" I reached down and hugged the poor, adorable mutt.

So... magic is returning to the world. Maybe that is why I am a repository of magical energy with an unknown limit that Elisabeth can use? Not just that, either, I can't disregard the fact that I can turn into a rather large female wolf whenever I wish or need to do so.

I'm going to learn everything I can here, especially anything that might help me to help and/or protect Elisabeth. Hell, yeah!

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