The Voice Within

I managed to find some of my poetry pieces, I wrote this one while reflecting on how depression, etc., can affect people.


The Voice Within

I walked alone in a garden,
When my life seemed so drear and dark;
I could not see the flowers there
Or hear the sweet song of the lark.

I wandered here, then wandered there,
Looking for a way to the light;
I knew not where I went nor why,
Just that life seemed eternal night.

Now and then, people passing by
Would call my name, then disappear;
In lonely circles I did turn,
Till I knew naught but pain and fear.

The fog grew deep and wrapped me 'round
Until I could not see at all;
Then strange sounds did befall my ears
And none were there to hear my call.

I glimpsed a light deep in the fog
And then it slipped once more away;
I walked and paced for hours on end,
Hoping to see the light of day.

Then next to me I heard a voice,
Soft and sweet and gently calling;
It seemed to part the mist somewhat
In which I seemed to be falling.

The voice grew stronger, sweet and kind,
As sparkling lights drifted on by;
I gathered strength from voice and lights,
Looking still for a glimpse of sky.

And stronger yet and brighter still
Came voice and light, thus intertwined;
The fog began to dissipate
From heart and soul, body and mind.

Still I wandered, seeking the way
To what, I knew, must be quite close;
As light and voice grew stronger yet,
My fears became wildly verbose.

Then suddenly, all became clear,
Subtle wisdom it did impart;
That voice I hear and always will,
For it abides within my heart.

Tiffani Pontchartrain
© January 22, 2006

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