The Center: Meet The Enhancer-9

The Center: Meet the Enchancer -9

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Synopsis: A Center Fan Fiction where a new student's dream comes true and the Center gains a most valuable ally.

"Kris, take her to wardrobe to outfit her for combat," ordered the Colonel.

"Follow me,, Sunny."

"Am I getting combat fatigues like the Army wears?"

"No, we have a different combat uniform now, thanks to you. The rest of the Center has theirs, time to kit you out."

"How did I help?"

"Before, we wore fatigues like the Marines and Army wear. Now we wear an upgraded formfitting coverall that incorporates kevlar in the suit and re-breather filter system with com gear in the helmet."

As we entered the warehouse known as Women's Wardrobe, I saw an endless array of racks of clothing.

"You guys have the Mall Of America beat clothing wise."

"Actually, we have a few seamstresses who make the majority of the clothing,, but shoes, lingerie and special clothing are purchased in bulk from the manufacturer. Come, we need to get your fatigues."

We went to a circular brightly lit alcove with a bench and shelves, "Step into the alcove and it will measure you for your fatigues."

I stepped in an soon found a slot opening up with a black package, batman style cowl minus the ears and trim no-heel boots, "Strip completely, then put on the helmet, then fatigues, then boots."

Ding as she ordered, I soon found myself looking like one of Saban's Power Rangers except that the helmet was a baseball cap with flip-down hyper-polarized lenses and a leather neck guard and flip-down earplugs.

Staring at myself in the door's mirror, I thought that I looked like a Ninja minus the paraphernalia associated with them.

I stepped out, "I look like a Ninja. Does somebody have a sense of humor?"

Kris stepped over to me wearing her Ninja outfit, but hers sported her rank insignia on her upper arms and on her shoulder pips, "You can thank Colonel Harris for the NinjaSUV's of every make and model as well as black HUMMER ambulances. The rest of the team had assembled, waiting for us when an older woman wearing a black business suit stepped up to Kris.

"You will need to take the team on board the Globemaster to get to the site. The jet is loaded and ready for liftoff."

"Thank you Miss Price."

Miss Price headed past us.

"Okay everybody on board. Luce, Brian and I are team leaders and Liz is in charge of the Medi-vac Hummer. Sunny, stay with me."

We trooped out to the awaiting Globemaster and I was amazed at its size. I thought that a 747 was big,, cut this monster far surpassed it. We went up the ramp bypassing the Hummer as Kris led me up to the third where she got in the driver's seat and I rode shotgun with Max and James in the back seat.

We heard a voice come over the SUV radio, "PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF. FASTEN SEATBELTS."

We took off and shortly landed and disembarked in the SUV's and Hummer with Kris leading the way. The computer map displayed the route to our target, Mac Noland Private School.

The school was a red brick building with accompanying gymnasium and football and two baseball fields built after World War 2 in a cul-de-sac fenced in from the surrounding farmlands with mansions on either side of the four-lane ending at the school's gate.

"We're lucky. the terrorist have sequestered the hostages in the gymnasium and only have one spotter on the roof. Heather, can you hide us?"

"Will do, Ma'am."

Next thing I knew, all color left,, leaving us in shades of gray.

Kris led the convoy to the front entrance awning where we disembarked. There were no guards in the lobby.

"Heather, drop the field."

Color returned as we entered the gymnasium where the hostages were huddled in mid court, then the entire team except for me dropped as if pole-axed.

"So, you are the Enhancer.

"What did you do to them?!"

"Their sleep centers were hit with a command. They will awaken once we have them in our custody. laughed the voice.

"You've made a grave mistake in not being able to do that to me."

"I am toying with you.

"Wrong! I know that you are the mole responsible for releasing the zombies.
You have used a Trojan to infiltrate the Center's computers to cause a design flaw that let you attack the team, but couldn't do so to me because of my links to them."

"Be that as it may, I am toying with you until I grow tired of the game.

"You mean until you have your team steal our convoy. Too bad for you that their anti-theft systems are controlled by those in the Hummer."

The sound of people crying out as they were gassed came from behind me.

"Sir, the extraction team has been killed by some sort of gas that's causing viral rotting!"


"Just a taste of the Center's arsenal," I laughed.


"They will find the doors sealed and those in the Hummer more than ready."


I felt a dark presence try to enter my mind, but was kept fluttering like a moth against a light.

"You can keep knocking,, but you can't come in."


I was hit by four more dominators, a pyrokinetic, and a hydrokinetic whose combined blast created a spectacular explosion between us as it bounced off of me, sending me flying into the team who began to stir from my contact.

They ran for me, believing that I was out cold, and I should have been, but for landing on the team. I jumped up, angry as I'd never been before, eyes blazing with a red fire.

"Let's try that again! This time, I attack!"

I unleashed an electrical arc that killed the terrorists except for the voice who simply smiled as his team died in agony.


"For your information, I channeled one of my teams ability."


I felt a combination of extreme heat and cold augmented by a telepathic and telekinetic tidal wave of power that evaporated the gymnasium,,, leaving only us and my team.

"Can't get rid of me,, can you?"



I unleashed a blast of fire and water augmented by an electrical arc that cooked him from the inside out the backlash sent me back into the team. Then I heard Danni scream, "SUNNY!"

Next thing I knew, she was silently crying as she cradled my head in her lap, "Is it over?" I slurred.

"Yes,, it's over and the team is safe, thanks to you."

I smiled, "Good, because I am so tired," I replied as I slipped into the Land Of Nod.
I woke up in the Medical Center feeling tired, but refreshed. As I stretched, I felt a kiss on my cheek from a hairy lip, "Princess, don't you ever scare me like this again!" cried Daddy.

I returned his kiss, "Daddy, did I nearly die?"

"No," he sighed, "But you've been asleep for a month."

"DAMN! That battle took more out of me than I thought, but this time, I don't feel empty like I did when I overloaded like I did the last time."

"Okay, Pumpkin, just rest. I'll let them know that you're back with us."

"Thanks, Daddy," then I went back to sleep.
I woke up, feeling ravenous, so I devoured the five trays of food left for me, then went to the toilet to relieve myself and shower. Then I found a pink track suit and sneakers on the bed and Danni smiling at me, "Still hungry?"

"Not unless there's a root beer float made with butter pecan ice cream."

"I'll let Colonel Harris know since he wants to meet you."

"Lead on, MacDuff," I giggled.
Soon we were in his office and I was chowing down on my float with Colonel Harris smiling at me, "Sunny, Thanks to you, only the Syndicate suffered casualties and we now have three new recruits, triplets."


"A rival organization that uses people like you and the team to kidnap recruits."

"Like an anti- Center."

"Exactly. You've proven yourself under pressure, unfortunately, you have a tendency to overload in battle and that could cause complications."

"Sir, this time, I feel fine. Want to test me?"


"Kris is about to call you about the triplets: April, May, and June."

A light on his desk glowed green, "Yes, Kris?"

Colonel, the triplets want for the Center to organize a field trip to see Sarah Carerra in concert."

"We can't afford to do that, at this time, but when the Syndicate is destroyed, we can think about it."

"That's what I told them, but did secure the Pay Per View of her concert."

"Good thinking, anything else?"

"No Sir, Bye."

Then I saw the light go dark.

"Well, Sunny. How do you like the Center?"

"I love it. I have made many friends here."

"Then the Center welcomes you aboard."
End Of Center: Meet The Enhancer-9

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