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I saw it on the News...

It's been done before

Some fanfiction author is going to sue. The 10th anniversary (has it been that long?) Twilight is going to have a genderswapped version of the story.

(I included NSFW based upon what people are likely to say when they see the story. I couldn't find a Caution for horrible things.)

Odd email subject.


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I know that everyone gets those odd emails, Increase your 'body part' and Buy cheap 'drug' here type ads. But the other day I got one with a very strange subject: Email Exclusive! Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Woman Within! Now I thought that slavery was illegal, but here it is a sale to buy one woman, get one free!

(For those that don't know Woman Within! is a clothing store.)

A question for authors

There is something I've always wondered about. Some authors seem to refuse to real world references. They write a story set in the US, but the characters shop at stores called Q*Mart, drink Fake Cola, eat at Tennessee Fried Chicken, and so on. Other authors seem to have include a TM or Copyright sign after every trademarked or copyrighted name. I don't see this in mass market fiction. Are those authors afraid of being sued? If I'm Coca Cola I'm suing someone with money, not some unknown writer on the internet.

Can someone that does that, or did that explain why?

Muppets Most Wanted (Limited Spoiler)

I went and saw Muppets Most Wanted. Like the other Muppet Movies it uses the shotgun approach to comedy, if you tell enough jokes some of them have to be funny. The more you know of current pop culture personalities, the funnier it will be.

He regrets it

I am watching Fox & Friends Weekends here at work, and they were doing a story about a high school that got rid of white graduation gowns for girls and blue for boys, and after a vote by the students went with maroon for everyone. While discussing this Clayton Morris one of the hosts brought up Facebook and their addition of all the variant genders and orientations they added. Something that at the time he said some disparaging things about.


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