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Bridesmaid for a Friend Illustration

Hello Big Closet,

Noticed this site for a while now. While I am more of a fan of the forced fem stuff, I do a have soft spot for regular crossdressing and tg stories. A while a go I did this illustration to Thomas Roberts forgotten "Bridesmaid for a Friend" story about a boy who is asked to be a bridesmaid for his lady friend's wedding. In the story he learns about himself and finds love. Her story is on Fictionmania.


It's a famous diorama of resistance in a Nazi-occupied town.

Hogancamp probably isn't trans, but created Marwencol after being bashed for cross-dressing and losing 16 years.

Maybe The World Is Catching Up

Would you believe, in The Australian Financial Review of all places, there is a full-page article about a manga comic called Wandering Son, which tells the story of two teenage kids....Shuichi, "a boy who wants to be a girl" and Yoshino, "a girl who wants to be a boy".

The article says that the story was originally published in a magazine called Comic Beam, ran from 2002 to 2013 and was adapted into a TV series in 2011, which was apparently very popular. They claim over a million readers and viewers.

Whateley Academy Gen 2: Looking for artistic help

The Whateley Generation 2 team needs an artist who can help with character sketches for the new main Generation 2 characters. What's in it for the artist? Recognition, bragging rights, some early preview of Gen 2, and we are trying to get at funds together for at least SOME financial compensation. Note - this won't be at commercial rates. We're not that rich - we're all volunteer authors.

Gaby All Grown up?

Found this really cool piece of art and immediately thought "This is what Gaby will look like when she's all grown up.

Gaby - Hell On Wheels

If you do go look at it be sure and say something nice to Wernope, the artist. She deserves it!

Money making idea for TG RPG

Ideas and Opportunity.
Money Making Idea ... "TG Fantasy / (Person) Maker"
Tell the Tales of the Closet in the form of a Game!
I am open to the thoughts and ideas of our community.
Who is up for an adventure in non-code, coding?
Hope the people take this idea, and run with it for a Golden Award.
Character closet.jpeg

Death of a Lady

People who know me are aware that I am rather fond of anime and manga. Last season I enjoyed watching an anime series called Kantai Collection based off a browser game of the same name.

Essentially the series features an enemy called the Abyssal Fleet which has taken over the seas. Fighting them are girls who wear weaponized outfits and possess the spirit of historical naval vessels known as kanmusu.

My most sincere apologies. Re: Artwork

to everyone who requested artwork or info regarding it. The principal, who was going to give it a try, decided to scrap the whole project.

My intentions were good, but then we all know what the road to hell is paved with, yes?

Again, my abject apologies. I'm sorry if I got anyones hopes up, only to dash them. Please forgive me.

Catherine Linda Michel

Looking for some artwork for your book or online publishing?

My housemate does some really nice work... if you have an image you want copied or several that she could combine to make an original so it wouldn't run afoul of copyright rules.

Naturally she would LIKE to be paid for what she does, if you like and use her work, but it wouldn't be more than a few dollars, again only if you use it as cover art.

New tg anime

Hey all have you seen the new anime that started recently called ' gonna be the twin-tails! ! Or " ore, twin-tail ni narimasu". It's about a schoolboy who saves girls with pigtails from aliens by turning into a pigtail girl himself with power armour. Too kewl and hilarious

A few pieces of entertainment for those on BC.

The return of the Beautiful Sailor Scouts.
As of 3 am (PDT)today, Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The reboot of Sailor Moon, has already started.

Free Manga Drawing book on kindle

I know we have some artists and aspiring artists here, so I wanted to afford you the opportunity to get this free book on drawing manga style stuff. I figured a few of you would really be into it and we can get stories with pictures. It's free today and tomorrow and if you could, leave the poor chap a review. He has given me some pretty good input on my covers and stuff and it's nice to help people outside the community too.

The scariest story of your life!

Recently I came across the scariest webtoon of my life while looking for information of ghosts that inhabit the internet. I don't mean the movie. I came across this, which didn't look scary at first, but watch out, read the disclaimer. It almost made me, who cannot be scared off by ghost stories scream in fear. Well, to tell the truth, I did scream like a little girl.

I present to you Bongcheon-Dong Ghost Don't worry, it's in English.

movies, fashon, and family

So today I spent the day with my 7Y/O cousin. She was a blast to be around. We started the day by making cookies and burning them, she thought that was hilarious, I felt really bad. She then treated me like a life size barbie doll and this is what resulted,

What do you think?

Hello everone! I'm of need of some opinions here. My book Heroes of Justice has lingered in the backroom for ages. There're many reasons why, but mostly because of the lack of a cover. Yes, I do know that many has come forward with solutions, but for me it turned into a mountain of frustrations.

Finally, money problems has forced my hand, so ready or not.

This is a cover I've put together that I think looks half-way decent. My question is what do you my three fans think? What might improve it?

On The Subject OF Christmas Songs

This is one that you will definitely not hear in shopping malls. Take note of my warnings.

Otherwise, have a very Merry Christmas,



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