Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 18 Final chapter

August has been enjoying her driving lessons with Rebecca and Lev. Rebecca took her down to DMV to get her learners permit on Tuesday. She had study all night for the test and passed the test with five questions to spare. Before Rebecca would let her drive the Zcar. She had to learn how to drive the small pick-up truck first.

She knew Lev’s birthday was at the end of the week, but he didn’t want to make a big deal of it. So, she called the restaurant for Rebecca and Lev at the restaurant Butch took her. She reserved a table for them and asked if a birthday cake or something could be arranged for Lev.
During the week, her and Rebecca were kept busy. She didn’t even have time to take lunch a few days. Rebecca had to fill in working in the garage and on some of the aircrafts. One of the police choppers needed in field repairs. So, Rebecca had to go out where the chopper had made an emergency landing. She had to find out what she needed and then call back to the garage.

August had to get some of the guys to load the emergency repair truck up with what she needed. Lev drove the truck out to where Rebecca was with the down chopper. Between Lev and Rebecca, they managed to fix the chopper and fly back to her hangar to overhaul the engine.

Lev’s Birthday:
August woke-up late and found a note on the refrigerator informing her that Rebecca and Lev would be gone all day. They inform her that they might not be back till late at night, so don’t wake-up for them. August knew once Rebecca got home, that her and Lev would be rocking the bed. August fixes herself some breakfast and head to work. Her day was quiet which she was thankful for. She balances the books and pay the bills. Their profit margin was better than this time last year. The supervisor of the machine shop had informed her they would need to order a few items for the WWII bomber they were working on.

Two of the fighters were done and ready for a test flight. If they pass the test flight, then the plane will go to the paint shop. August finally takes a breather and grab some lunch. She normally eats at her desk. However today, she decided to eat outside and watch the airfield.

She wonders what her life would had been like if she never ran into Rebecca and had been adopted by her? She got a loving older sister, a job she loves, a boyfriend that accepted her for her. Now things were doing better between her mother and her. She orders a pizza from the propeller club for dinner. She stays up and watches a few movies.

Once the movie was done, she heads to bed

The Adventure continues in The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 7

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