Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach
Elrod W

On a hot summer day, two guys want to go to the beach, but the beaches are full. They get a tip to try a private beach, where there are supposed to be lots of bikini-clad girls. There are — but not quite what the boys expect. (The SRU Wizard has a cameo, but this is not an SRU story…)

Note: This is the ORIGINAL Bikini Beach story. I have done some minor editing, and added a bit to the penultimate scene to clarify and soften things a bit. Since this was the beginning, there are many elements of the story universe which would later be polished, refined, and changed as I wrote more stories and matured as a writer. Please don't judge the nit-picky details that were later altered in the universe. Every universe has to start somewhere.

Warning: the story contains sexual assault, so it is not for the squeamish.

The Bikini Beach story universe and characters therein are copyright by the author, all rights reserved. Use of the characters or story universe without permission of the owner is a violation of copyright law.


Bikini Beach

"Not again!" Matt Langley moaned as he pulled his convertible up near the beach. Around him was a sea of cars, with no parking spaces to be seen.

Jeff Reynolds frowned, then stood up on the passenger seat, lightly holding the windshield frame for support. "Nothing, man."

Matt hit the steering wheel in frustration. "Dammit!" He waited for Jeff to plop back into his seat. "I told you we should have come sooner."

Jeff glared at Matt. "I couldn't help it, man! I had to watch my little sister." Jeff had only his mom at home to care for himself and his ten-year-old sister, and she'd had to run errands this morning. His mom had run late, thus delaying Jeff. And of course, Jeff and his mom had fought about the whole thing, like they did so often. It was far later than they hoped when Matt and Jeff finally left for the beach. So far, of the six beaches they'd tried, all were packed, and the parking areas were overflowing.

Matt looked down, feeling a little sheepish. Of course he knew that it wasn't Jeff's fault. He knew how things were between Jeff and his mom — tense was an understatement. Matt had the idea that Jeff could do no right in his mom's eyes. It was almost as if each blamed the other for his dad's loss. He tried to change the subject quickly. "So where to now? Do we try to park somewhere and walk two miles to the beach?" He sounded only slightly less than totally sarcastic.

Jeff shook his head. "I don't know. We can, if you want." He looked a bit morose. "But I didn't see any babes here, either. Looked like mostly families and stuff."

Matt suppressed a shudder at the thought of older ladies and mothers romping and sunning in bathing suits and bikinis. "So where are all the babes?" he asked as he slammed the car into gear and screeched out onto the road.

Jeff frowned. "I don't know. On a nice day like today, they should be swarming."

Matt drove silently for a few minutes, cursing his luck. First, they were late. Now they couldn't find any babes. This was not the fun Saturday he'd imagined.

"Hey Matt," Jeff's features suddenly lightened, "where do the babes hang out when they're not at the beach?"

Matt glanced at his friend, then his eyes widened and a grin broke on his face. "At the mall." He downshifted, tapped the brakes, glanced in his mirror, and spun the car around with a screech of rubber.


Jeff frowned again. They'd run down another blind alley. No girls at the mall, either. "Where are they?" he asked rhetorically, feeling the frustration of his twenty-year-old hormones.

Matt wasn't any less frustrated. "I don't get it. Either the mall or the beaches should be full of girls. But there aren't any."


Jeff and Matt spun, startled. Then they did a double-take. There was an old man, wearing a dark bathrobe, standing in a weathered storefront — complete with a door! Matt glanced at Jeff, puzzled. "I thought that was…"

Jeff glanced at Matt, then back at the store. He, too, could have sworn that it was a Radio Shack just a minute ago.

"You were wondering where the girls were, right Jeff and Matt?" the old man asked, his eyes twinkling with mirth at the confusion he'd caused these two.

Jeff started to speak, then his brow furrowed. "How do you know our names?"

The man sighed heavily. "Always the same question," he muttered as he rolled his eyes heavenward. He answered by pointing at the sign over his door — 'Spells R Us'. "I'm a magician, of course."

Matt glanced at Jeff and raised his eyebrows. This one was a real character, he decided. "Okay, old man. How about you conjure up a beach full of babes for us?"

The old man smiled. "You're more right than you know, Matt." He stepped through the door into his shop, knowing that Matt and Jeff were too curious not to follow him. He stepped behind the counter.

Jeff glanced at Matt, then followed the old man. He glanced around, wondering how anyone could possibly stay in business with the assorted junk this man had. A couple of racks of costumes here, a display of jewelry there. A few videos in a dusty shelf. Statuettes and figurines. Stuff. Old stuff, Jeff thought.

The man smiled. "I sell lots of this 'stuff', Jeff. It's all very, um, special." He gestured around his shop. "Now what you wanted to know is where are all the girls, right? You did hear about the new private beach club, didn't you?"

Jeff's eyebrows raised; he glanced sideways at Matt. "New beach club?"

The old man smiled. "Well, it's really a water park, but they call it Bikini Beach." He watched Matt's and Jeff's eyes light up.

"That sounds like the place we want to go," Matt said eagerly.

The old man shrugged. "Ninety acres of beach and pools and a water slides. I understand it caters mostly to the younger crowd, such as yourselves."

"Sounds like just the thing. Where is it?" Matt was getting excited about this prospect.

The old man dug behind his counter, then pulled out a couple of fliers and handed them to the boys. "It is a private club, though."

Jeff frowned. "So how can we get in?"

The old man smiled again. "It just so happens that the owner is a friend of mine. She gave me a few guest passes." His hand ducked back behind the counter, and reappeared with two passes.

Matt was grinning again. "Uh, how much?"

The old man shook his head. "Complements of my friend." Had either boy's thoughts been less dominated by hormones, they would have found the old man's puzzling smile perhaps a bit ominous.


Apart from the large parking lot, there was little to see of the park - except for the high privacy fence. Matt and Jeff were lucky to find a parking spot near the entrance, and they clambered from the car and strutted toward the gate.

"Hey, Jeff," Matt hissed to his friend. "Check out the line. I don't see any other guys."

Jeff didn't hear him. He was too distracted looking toward the gate. Indeed, in the entrance line, there were no other guys — just a lot of very attractive and well-endowed young ladies. The line was moving very quickly, as well, so within moments they were at the gate.

"This is a private club," a stern-looking matron said to Matt and Jeff.

"Yeah, well we have guest passes," Matt said smugly to the old bat. He handed their tickets to paradise to the woman.

The old woman glanced at the passes, and then pointed, all without changing her dour expression. "The changing rooms are over there. And shower before you use the facilities."


With a macho strut, Matt walked across the beach. "Man, this place is everything the old man said it was," he muttered to himself. There were bikini-clad girls everywhere. Matt smiled at a trio of young lovelies sitting on lounges, and was surprised when they giggled at him. This wasn't supposed to happen — he was a rather good-looking guy, and this place was full of nothing but girls.

Matt tried to shrug off the girls, but found he couldn't. The giggling was still bothering him as he stretched out on a chaise lounge and waited for Jeff to join him. Girls didn't giggle at him - ever. He'd always been a rather good-looking guy, and had no problems impressing the babes, until today, that is. Maybe that was why the girls laughing at him bothered him so much. Matt leaned back, adjusted his sunglasses, and tried to soak up some rays as he waited for Jeff.

As he waited, Matt thought about his best friend. Jeff was a really great guy, but he really lacked in self-confidence. He was a bit taller and lankier than Matt, and while he didn't look like a geek, he was much more bookish than Matt, and Jeff was incredibly awkward around girls.

Matt caught a glance of Jeff walking across the beach, looking for him. He started to lift his arm to get Jeff's attention, but decided against it — after all, they were the only guys on the beach. Jeff would have no trouble finding him. Strangely, though, Jeff didn't seem to have spotted Matt, but was wandering around as if he were searching. Matt was confused — finding one guy in this sea of girls should be trivial.

Matt did a double take. Something wasn't quite right. Jeff was walking past the three girls who had giggled at him, and, just as they had with Matt, they were giggling. Something about Jeff was . . . different. It seemed impossible, but Matt wondered if Jeff's hair were longer. The longer Matt stared, the more he realized that Jeff's hair was indeed longer. Where it usually only brushed his ears, Jeff's hair was dangling to nearly his shoulders. And he had … bangs? Matt's hand lifted and pulled his sunglasses down his nose, as if the glasses might be distorting what he saw.

But no, it was true. Jeff's hair was longer. There was no mistaking it. Matt blinked hard, to clear the illusion, but it persisted. Then Matt started to see the other changes. Jeff's arms were more slender. While Jeff was less athletic than Matt, he was still reasonably well built. But now? Matt closed his eyes again, wondering what was going on. If he'd had anything to drink, he'd have been sure he was hallucinating. But when his eyes opened again, Matt still saw the changes in Jeff. Longer hair. Slender, less muscular arms and legs. A little less heavy and muscular in his abdomen.

And then Matt practically choked. On Jeff's chest were two very feminine nipples. At least an inch across, they were much darker and larger than a man's nipples. As Matt stared in disbelief, he thought he saw the nipples swelling, pushing outward into tiny cones. Time seemed to stop for Matt as he watched his friend; the tiny cones pushed out more with each step Jeff took, swelling into tiny conical breasts capped with very feminine nipples.

Matt's eyes slowly tore free of Jeff's expanding chest. Jeff's arms and legs were definitely more slender, and either his hips were widening, or his waist was getting more narrow. Matt's mind suddenly comprehended that it was both. In slow motion, Jeff's Speedo seemed to flow, changing shape as it narrowed in the crotch, while at the same time, the sides lifted upward, toward Jeff's waist, into a woman's bikini bottom.

Matt sat up slowly, horrified as he watched his best friend continue the slow but definitive change into a more feminine form. He thought for a moment that he'd felt something funny on his own chest, but he was too distracted watching Jeff. While the face was still recognizably Jeff, it appeared softer and more feminine, like Jeff would have looked had he been a girl. On his chest, Jeff now sported small conical breasts — there was no other word for them — capped by large dark nipples. They were still slowly swelling, now starting to bob as Jeff continued to walk unaware toward him. The swim suit was now definitely a woman's bikini, and even more shockingly, it was much less full than it had been just seconds before. But the changes weren't what startled Matt most. First, Jeff seemed unaware of the changes which were taking place. And second, Jeff was clearly looking for him, but seemed not to notice him in the chair.

"Jeff!" Matt called, and gasped at the sound which had come from his own throat. It wasn't the deep masculine sound he was used to, but rather a much softer, higher-pitched voice.

Jeff gazed over the sea of girls, eventually setting his sight on Matt. For a brief moment, he appeared confused, then his brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed to slits as he stared intently at Matt. After what seemed an eternity, Jeff's eyes widened in shock, as if he'd seen something totally unexpected. "Matt?" he asked, sounding very unsure of himself. At the same time, he flinched as his own voice, soft and melodious, echoed in his ears.

Matt stood as Jeff neared, and felt himself sway. On his chest, he felt weights tugging and swaying, while his center of balance seemed wrong. He glanced down, and a tiny cry of shock and despair escaped his lips as he spied the large and very shapely breasts on his own chest. His hands shot up to the impossibly round boobs, cupping them as if to prove that they were an illusion. But the feeling of his own hands cupping his own flesh was all too real, laying waste to the thought that this might be a dream. He felt their weight, the firmness of female flesh in his hands, the undeniable and oft-experienced feeling of cupping boobs. At the same time, he felt hands against his chest, cupping his own flesh, altering slightly the weight dangling from his chest, squeezing softly against the skin. Matt gasped again as he saw his hands — now tiny and delicate and oh-so-feminine, with long painted fingernails — cupping his breasts. He looked up again at Jeff, and he felt hair brushing against the nape of his neck. His mouth moved as if to say something, but words seemed impossible in this very strange situation.

"What's happened to you?" both boys asked at once, still amazed at the sound of their own voices in their ears.

"You're a …" Jeff tried to say, still incredulous, "a girl!"

Matt's mouth flapped a few more times. "So are you! What the hell is happening to us?"

Jeff shook his head, now painfully aware of the long wavy blond tresses brushing his shoulders. "The shower," he finally said with dread certainty.

"Magic?" Matt asked, still trying to adjust to his new voice. "That was the weirdest shower I've ever taken."

Jeff nodded, suddenly realizing the truth. "That old man said he was a wizard. And the owner of this place was a friend. So the friend uses magic, too?"

Matt nodded, ignoring the bangs dancing around his eyebrows. "And the shower is magic." He glanced down again, and saw that Jeff's bosom was even larger than it had been — now very respectable and full, and his crotch was flat. Matt shuddered as he realized what was in Jeff's bikini bottom. He glanced down — between his own ample boobs, and saw that he, too, was now clad in a bikini bottom. A few seconds ago, he'd thought that Jeff's bottom was daring. Now, he didn't. The bikini gracing his rounded, very feminine hips was but a thong — and Matt suddenly felt very exposed. And, just like Jeff, Matt's crotch was flat and devoid of his manhood.

"Girls!" Matt and Jeff spun at the sound of the harsh voice. They instantly recognized the matronly woman from the entrance. "There is NO topless sunbathing here!"

Jeff started to say something, but he glanced down and saw his large exposed breasts. He glanced back up, his eyes pleading. "But we aren't…"

The woman stared coldly at them, her eyes filled with recognition — and something else. Knowledge. She knew exactly what had happened to these two boys. "Come with me," she ordered.

Helpless, not knowing how or why they'd been transformed, Matt and Jeff followed the woman. They both realized that there was nothing else they could do. And as they passed the three girls, Matt and Jeff both flushed as they heard the girls giggling at them again.


"But we're not really girls," Jeff protested weakly. They were seated in an office — the office of the woman across from them, who was obviously the owner of the park.

"I do NOT allow indecent exposure on my property," the woman rebuked. She waved her hand, and to Matt and Jeff's shock, bikini bras — matching their bottoms — appeared on them. "There. That's better." Jeff and Matt stared in shock at the tops they were suddenly wearing — the bikinis left very little to the imagination, so barely did they conceal the boys' newfound feminine charms.

"But we're boys," Matt complained.

"Boys do _not_ wear bikinis." The older woman had a point.

"Why did you do this to us?" Jeff suddenly demanded, trying in vain to sound brave and strong. In his new body, with the quavering voice, he failed at the attempt.

"You were told that this is a private park, correct?" Jeff glanced at Matt, then they both nodded. "Did you read the disclosure on your pass?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Of course you didn't. You were both too anxious to get to a beach full of beautiful girls, so you could stare at them, lust over them, and try to talk some girl into an evening of 'fun', isn't that right?"

Jeff gulped. "Yes," he answered meekly.

The old woman scowled. "Are you young people all so discourteous of your elders?"

"Yes, maam," Jeff corrected himself.

The older woman sat back heavily in her chair. "That's better." She leaned forward and shoved the guest passes at the former boys.

Jeff and Matt meekly took the passes, then turned the cardstock over and began to read. Matt finished first, and he looked up, a frightened look on his features. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"That you'd be stuck as girls for the rest of the day?" The older woman shook her head sadly. "If you aren't smart enough to read the warnings, you deserve what you get."

"But why?" Jeff asked, feeling like he was going to cry. He figured it was an effect of this female body — he wouldn't cry, would he?

The woman sighed. "Didn't you think why I called this place 'Bikini Beach'? Of course you didn't. You hoped it would be full of scantily-clad girls to stare at. You didn't consider, for even a second, that maybe this is a private club for girls only so they could spend some fun time without feeling like they were on display!" The woman's tone was much sterner, now, and Jeff and Matt shrunk in their chairs. "Well, now you can spend time among the bikini wearers without disrupting my retreat." She leaned forward and began to shuffle through some papers. "Now if you don't mind, I have work to do."

Matt and Jeff stood slowly, still getting used to their new female bodies, and meekly started toward the door. Then Jeff turned. "But we can't leave…"

The older woman looked up. "You can't leave like this? Of course you can. Until midnight, you are girls, and no-one will think otherwise."

"Midnight?" Jeff wailed. "We're stuck like this until midnight?" He felt a sudden dread of having to leave the park and interact with others while he was still a girl.


Matt and Jeff trudged slowly across the sand, crestfallen. "Man," Jeff complained, "look what you got us into."

"Me?" Matt shot back. "I didn't hear any objections from you." He reached up and tugged on his bikini strap, then sighed in frustration. "This thing is digging into my neck."

"Only because your boobs are too big," Jeff tried to joke. He was answered by a truly malevolent glare from his friend.

But it was true — Matt's figure was very well endowed — probably a C-cup, or larger. Coupled with his slender waist and round hips and butt and long sexy legs, Matt was a very shapely girl. And his face was cute! His tough jawline was softened, and his cheeks raised. His lips were fuller and more sensuous. Gone was the rough broken nose — replaced with a smaller, slightly upturned dainty one. His hair was longer, but not so long as Jeff's, with bangs sweeping above his eyebrows and around his ears. While his eyes were the same color, they seemed bigger, rounder, and more innocent than his male features.

Jeff whistled under his breath. Matt was a damned attractive young lady. And even though he now wore the body of a girl, Jeff's mind was still male, and was suddenly thinking of how sexy Matt looked. Jeff felt a warm tingly feeling, and glanced down to see his nipples protruding prominently. He also felt a strange but warm feeling in his crotch, and realized to his horror that he was getting horny thinking about how lovely a girl his best friend was. He couldn't completely suppress the shudder.

As they neared the chairs where they'd left their towels, they passed by the table of girls yet again. "Hi, boys," one of the girls, a sexy auburn-haired girl called out teasingly.

Jeff cringed, and he saw Matt clench his jaw angrily. "I suppose you think this is funny?" Matt demanded of the trio as he stomped over to their table.

The auburn-haired girl blushed, ashamed of what she'd just done. But another of the girls looked up defiantly. "Yes."

"Oh, knock it off, Anne," the third girl said. "We've had our fun."

Anne glared at her companion, but then her features softened. She looked back up at Matt and Jeff. "I'm sorry. It's just, well, kind of funny to watch guys change."

The first girl looked up at the guys. "Pull up a chair." she invited. "I'm Tonya."

Matt glanced at Jeff, then back at the girls. "Come on," they all chimed. "We won't bite."

Matt shrugged and grabbed a chair, then sat down heavily, still uncomfortable with how this body jiggled and swayed. "I'm Matt."

"I'm Jeff," Jeff added as he, too, sat down.

Tonya snickered. "You don't look like any Matt or Jeff I've ever known." Matt frowned instantly, and Tonya saw it. "I'm sorry, but it's kind of hard to resist."

"How about if we call you Molly?" Anne asked quickly. Before Matt could react, Anne nodded her head as if the issue was settled. "Molly it is, then."

The third girl perked up. "And we can call you Jeri," she said to Jeff. She turned to Tonya. "She does sort of look like Jeri Ryan, doesn't she?"

Matt's defiance about his change crumbled. If he were going to be stuck as a girl, he might as well try to enjoy it, especially since there was nothing he could to about it. And these girls seemed very friendly. Maybe they could have some fun after all. "Except Seven of Nine isn't quite as — um — top heavy."

The girls laughed at that, but Jeff blushed, glancing down at the magnificent orbs on his — her — chest.

"By the way," the third girl added, "I'm Jennifer. But I go by Jenn."


As the afternoon wore on, Jeri was starting to admit that she was having fun. And, much to her shock, she realized that she was even starting to think of herself as a 'she'. This was the best water park Jeri — or Jeff — had ever seen. The inner-tube slides were fabulous, and it had some of the steepest water slides she'd ever been on. To the girls' delight, and to her shock, she'd actually screamed like a girl as she went down one of them, and she'd been embarrassed when her top came off, leaving her large breasts flopping around freely.

They'd sunned on the beach for a long time, talking about all kinds of things. The three girls, for their part, were very interested in some of the 'guy' things that Jeri and Molly knew. And they acted just like Jeri and Molly had been girls forever. Then the subject turned to boys — and sex. Molly and Jeri were shocked at some of the things the girls were saying. Anne smiled at their embarrassment. "Come on, now," she chided. "You don't think guys have a monopoly on talking about sex, do you?"

Jeri glanced at Anne. "I really hadn't thought about it," she finally answered.

Tonya leaned closer. "Have you thought about having someone suck on those big nipples of yours?" she asked softly. "Or what it's like to have an orgasm with your new equipment?"

Jeri blushed. She'd been unable to not think about how sexy Molly was — she was still a guy in her mind, after all. And when she took a break to the restroom, she'd been too curious — and too horny — not to experiment. She already did know about having a woman's orgasm. Orgasms, she corrected herself.

Jenn grinned slyly as she saw Jeri blush. "How about having your legs wrapped around someone's waist as he pumps his big thick cock inside your hot, wet, horny pussy?"

Anne laughed as Jeri and Molly recoiled, shocked at their talk. "I tell you what," she said matter-of-factly, "if I got changed, I'd sure be curious about sticking my dick into something hot and wet!"

Jeri had had enough. "It's almost closing time. I think we need to head home."

"But… We're…." Molly protested, suddenly thinking about being in this body outside the park.

"She said no-one would know anything," Jeri reminded Molly.

Molly stared at Jeri, and then sighed. "I guess we can't stay here all night," she finally agreed.

Anne's eyes brightened as she got an idea. "How about if you girls come out with us tonight?" Tonya and Jenn immediately joined in the chorus.


Anne smiled. "Come on. We'll go to the Coconut Club. They've always got a great band there! It'll be lots of fun!"


Tonya smiled. "And we promise to have you home by midnight," she said mischievously. "Or maybe we'll wait to see what you look like as guys."

Finally, Jeri gave in. "I guess we can go." She glanced at Molly, who grudgingly nodded.

Jeri and Molly walked slowly back to the locker room. "This has been one weird day," Molly finally said.

Jeri chuckled. "You said it," she agreed. Inside the locker room, she hesitantly opened her locker, wondering what was inside. "Hey, look!" she said as she pulled out a lacy bra and matching panties. "Our clothes changed, too!" She pulled out more — a short skirt, a low-cut blouse, and a pair of high heels. She held out the heels like they were snakes. "How am I supposed to walk in these things?"

Molly laughed. "Same as me," she answered as she held out her own heels.

Jeri started to undress, and found herself watching as Molly stripped. Freed of their restraining bikini, Molly's boobs swayed freely as Molly bent forward to pull off her bottoms, dangling tantalizingly. Jeri felt herself getting wet again, knowing that she wanted to touch Molly's boobs, to caress them, and to have Molly touch her. As Molly straightened, Jeri slipped up behind her, and slid her hands around Molly's waist, up onto Molly's generous bosom. Molly started as she felt Jeri's hands cupping her boobs, but the surprise was almost instantly replaced with a soft moan of pleasure as she felt an incredibly erotic tingling from Jeri's touch on her nipples. Molly's head tilted to one side as she felt Jeri's lips on her neck, nibbling and kissing with an insistent playfulness. She felt Jeri's boobs pressed firmly against her back, Jeri's body firmly and slowly rubbing against Molly's rounded tush.

Molly felt a peculiar warmth within her groin, a sensation both familiar and alien, and a growing wetness. She knew, even though she wanted to deny it, that she was getting horny, albeit in a womanly way. "We can't…" she protested weakly. "We're guys…"

"No we aren't," Jeri said in a lust-filled and husky voice. She continued her ministrations of Molly's breasts with one hand, and let the other slip down Molly's waist, toward her increasingly moist crotch.

"No," Molly tried to protest, her hand weakly blocking Jeri's hand. But she let it pass, following it down into her crotch, using her own hand to press Jeri's hand more firmly into her womanhood. A tremble coursed through her body, accompanied by a moan of pure pleasure, as Jeri found her sensitive nub, touching her ultra-sensitive clit. Molly's mind was full of conflicting thoughts — overwhelming pleasure in her new equipment, fears that she was really a guy, fears that this was really gay, wonder at what the eventual orgasm would be like, and, to her astonishment, a growing lust for Jeri. Molly's hand slowly crept behind her until it touched Jeri's hips. Her hand slid around Jeri's bottom, pressing its way between her bottom and Jeri's crotch, sliding insistently down toward Jeri's vital spot. She felt Jeri pressing more insistently against her hand, against the fingers probing into her wet womanhood, even as the first orgasm overtook Molly.

Unseen to the two former boys, three pairs of eyes peered through a crack in the door, watching with amusement as the pair lustily explored each other's newfound femininity.


Still feeling the aftereffects of their lesbian lovemaking, Jeri smiled at Molly as she closed the car door. "See you after dinner when the girls pick us up?"

Molly nodded. "About seven." She reached, out of habit, for the gearshift, then frowned. The car was no longer the dark Camaro convertible Matt had driven; instead, it was a red Volkswagen Cabrio convertible, with a different layout of controls. A 'cute' car, Molly had complained, like girls drove. No raw power under the hood. Just a 'cute' little girl's car. Jeri almost laughed out loud as Molly tried to squeal the tires, just like Matt had always done. In this car, however, it didn't work; the results were comical.

Hesitantly, Jeri opened the front door and peered inside. Despite the assurances of the old woman, Jeri didn't know quite what to expect. Everything looked normal in the house, so she slid through the opening. Was she going to get the usual fight from her mom? Jeri felt uneasy.

"Is that you, honey?" Jeri's mom called out from the kitchen. "Did you and Molly have fun today?"

Jeri gasped. The girls had given her the name 'Jeri', so how did her mom know? Was the entire park enchanted? "Sure did, mom," Jeri answered nervously, still half expecting something to go wrong.

"That's nice. It's so nice to have a place where you and Molly can go without having, well, you know…" Her mom peeked out of the kitchen. "You know. I worry about you. I mean, you are a pretty girl, and boys can be so…"

Jeri frowned and stamped her foot. "Mom!" She was flustered and confused. No arguments. Only concern — and comments about her looks. Mother-daughter stuff, Jeri guessed.

Jeri's mom stepped over and kissed Jeri on the forehead. "I know. You hate it when I worry about you." She smiled. "I can't help it, though. I still think of you as my little girl." Then she glanced up and down Jeri's figure. "Even if you aren't such a little girl anymore," she added with a chuckle.

Jeri forced a smile. "I've got to get changed. Molly and I are going out with some girls we met at the park." She started up the stairs, but she paused momentarily. "And I appreciate your concern, mom."

Jeri's mom smiled. "You know, maybe I should get that season pass we were talking about. If it is such a nice park…"

Jeri paled. If a one-day guest pass did this to her, what would a season pass do? She started to bounce up the stairs, but when she felt her boobs flopping, barely restrained by her bra, she decided that the 'Jeff' style of walking wasn't quite appropriate.

At the top of the stairs, Jeri started toward what should be her room — if things were really mostly unchanged. Then she decided to peek in Tracy's room. She saw Tracy sitting on the floor, playing with dolls. Barbie dolls? Jeri frowned. Since when had Tracy had Barbie dolls? They just didn't have much money for those things. Not since…. Jeri didn't want to finish the thought.

Tracy looked up, then her eyes widened. "Hi, Jeri," she said, her voice sounding guilty.

"Hi, squirt," Jeri said automatically, the way Jeff would have. "Have fun today?"

Tracy gulped. "Aren't you mad that I'm playing with your Barbie dolls?"

Jeri reeled. Her Barbie dolls? Just how far did these changes go? Then she smiled. "As long as you're careful…" she said.

Tracy's face flooded with relief. "I know I should have asked, but you went to the park, and I wanted to play, and …"

Jeri stepped fully into Tracy's room. "It's okay," she reassured to stop Tracy's babbling. "Just be careful," she admonished, trying to sound stern, but failing miserably. Jeri had no idea how to get her emotions across with this strange body and strange voice.

Tracy jumped up and gave Jeri a big hug, her eyes brimming with happiness. "You're the best sister," she beamed.

Jeri pried herself free of her little sister. "I've got to get cleaned up. Molly and I are going out tonight. We met some girls at the park, and they invited us to go with them."

Tracy smiled. "Next time, will you take me to the park? Please?"

Jeri shuddered inwardly — again! All these suggestions about going to the park again — as if Jeff would EVER visit that accursed place, after the changes it had already wrought to his life. "We'll see," Jeri said, forcing a smile. She slid out of Tracy's room and walked down the hall to her own room.

Jeri leaned against the door as it closed, sighing heavily with her eyes closed as if she had just entered a private refuge. But when she opened her eyes, she was stunned by the room. It was so — feminine! The windows were adorned with delicate lacy curtains. The bed — neatly made, no less — was covered with a flower-print spread and lots of throw pillows. A girl's bed! The walls, painted a pastel pink, were covered with posters — posters of (Jeri gasped) guys! Leonardo deCaprio seemed to be featured prominently, but there were others Jeri recognized. No Star Wars posters. No 'babe' calendar. That was all gone — just as magically as all this 'girly' stuff had appeared.

Jeri slowly opened her closet, knowing with certainty what she would find, and she wasn't disappointed. Girl's clothes, and such a selection! She knew she had to pick out something for going to the club, but she was overwhelmed! As Jeff, she'd have just pulled on a pair of Dockers and a polo shirt. But as Jeri, and facing all these choices? She felt a brief wave of panic, thinking that she and Molly had gotten in over their heads when the agreed to meet Anne and the girls.

Just as quickly as it had come, Jeri forced the panic away. If she were going out, then she'd make the most of it. She picked out a blouse and grabbed a skirt. That should do. Not too provocative, but not prudish. The kind of thing Jeff would have appreciated seeing a girl wearing. Now for shoes — and another surprise! Jeri was totally shocked by the number of pairs of shoes she had. She thought about wearing heels — to look sexy - but then took another glance. How was she supposed to walk in those things? Her feet were sore from the relatively low heels she'd worn back from the park — and she was going to spend an entire evening in them. She picked up a pair of flats, grateful that her closet had something without heels.

Jeri started to strip to change, but paused to look in the mirror. She'd seen the changes in Molly. But now she saw her own body for the first time. She gasped in wonder. Molly was right — she did sort of look like Jeri Ryan, but with larger breasts. She ran her hand admiringly over her figure, amazed and secretly delighted at the body she now possessed. She gasped with pleasure as her fingers danced over her nipples, thrilled at the tingling sensations as her hands lingered. "If I'm only a girl until midnight, maybe I should make the most of it," Jeri said to herself. Her hand slid down off her boob, toward her crotch. Her breathing deepened as her fingers again explored her new equipment. The warm tingling sensations quickly built, a inwardly-focused sensation that seemed to spread up from her crotch to meet the pleasure emanating from the boob she still caressed. Jeri marveled at the difference between this female body and her old one — Jeff's pleasure centered between his legs. This was different — the sensations seemed to want to engulf her entire body.


Jeri knew that Molly was nervous — it was painfully obvious. Molly was wearing something much sexier than Jeri's outfit — Molly had confided that this was the MOST conservative outfit in her closet. And her heels! Jeri smiled to herself; her choice of shoes was much better. Molly seemed so uncomfortable and unsteady on her four inch heels.

Jeri and Molly had been to the Coconut Club before — as Jeff and Matt. Now, however, they were girls. As a result, they both felt very uncomfortable. They'd tried to find an out-of-the-way table, but Anne and Tonya steered them toward a very prominent table — too prominent, Jeri thought - next to the dance floor, and midway between the door and the bar. The table was in plain view of all the guys who came in. Jeri felt very, very self-conscious, especially as she realized that guys were staring at her.

Anne put a tray onto the table and slid into her chair. Molly took her drink from the tray, and tried a tiny sip. But before Jeri could get hers, a couple of guys came over. "Hi," one guy said. "I couldn't help noticing you haven't been out on the floor. Can I maybe get you to change that?"

Jeri glanced up at the guy, her face frozen in surprise. This guy was trying to hit on her! She glanced at Molly, and saw that she was in the same state with the other guy! She felt a palpable terror at the thought, and gulped hard. "I'm afraid not," she finally said, then turned away from the guy. She knew the action was rude, but she didn't have any other idea what to do.

She felt, rather than saw, the guy leave, and saw the bemused expression on Anne's face. "What?" she asked, puzzled.

Anne's grin broadened. "You two really are something," she said.

Molly frowned. "What do you mean?"

Anne smiled. "We've all been out dancing. We've all been talking with guys - all but two of us, that is."

Jeri felt a bit odd. Something didn't quite seem right, but she couldn't put her finger on it. And Anne's smile — it seemed a bit odd. Phony? Mischievous? Jeri couldn't figure it out. "In case you've forgotten, we're not really…" She stopped suddenly, her head feeling like it was swimming, and her senses reeling. Something was really wrong. She tried to talk, but it was like her body was suddenly refusing to obey her commands.

"You're really what?" Anne's smile turned, until it was truly malicious. "A couple of guys trying to act like girls for the night?" She practically glared at Jeri. "I think you two really need to experience being women, don't you." It wasn't a question.

Jeri tried to say something, to scream or move or something. But her will couldn't overcome whatever Anne had done to her. Suddenly she understood — the drink. Anne had drugged her drink, and probably Molly's, too! Jeri felt the panic gripping her, and knew she had to get out of here. These girls weren't their friends. Jeri suddenly realized that the girls were nasty, vindictive, and evil. Somehow, Jeri had to escape, but her body still refused to obey her.

Tonya leaned close to Jeri's ear, whispering very loudly so Jeri could hear her over the music. "I think you should go find some guy to dance with. You do want to dance with a guy, don't you?"

Jeri felt her will draining. "Yes," she muttered, in direct opposition to what her mind said. "I want to dance with a guy."

Tonya grinned wickedly. "Go find a guy to dance with. And you are going to enjoy yourself, aren't you?"

Jeri felt herself standing and turning toward the bar. Inwardly, she screamed as she watched herself walk up to a guy and ask him to dance. Against her will, she took the guy's hand and practically pulled him to the dance floor. And as she started dancing, she saw Molly doing the same.

After a few dances, the guy led Jeri back to the table, where Anne, Jenn, and Tonya sat, smiling at her predicament. The guy left to get a drink for them both, leaving Jeri alone with the girls.

"Was that fun?" Anne taunted. "Oh, go ahead. Tell us what you're really thinking."

Jeri felt a burst of mental freedom at Anne's words. "Why are you doing this to us?" she practically cried.

"Did you enjoy dancing?" Anne asked again.

Jeri felt a mental compulsion. "It was kind of fun. Different, but fun."

Jennifer smiled. "And are you curious to do more?"

"No!" Jeri cried. "Please, no!" She knew what these girls were going to do to her and Molly.

Tonya leaned closer to Jeri. "You want to do more. You want to go all the way — to experience sex as a woman."

Jeri felt her will crumbling again. One thought, powerful and all-compelling, pushed to the forefront of her mind. She wanted to have sex. "I want to have sex as a woman," she echoed weakly, her mind still struggling against whatever drug she'd been given.

Anne smiled. "A real girl would ask the guy if there's somewhere they can go to be alone." Jeri felt Anne's words twisting her mind, bending her intent until she knew she was going to do exactly as Anne had suggested. "And then she'd do whatever he wanted."

When the guy returned, Jeri accepted the drink graciously, like a perfect woman. After a few moments, she leaned closer, and whispered in his ear. To the amusement of the three girls, the guy stood and took Jeri's hand, and proceeded to walk her out of the club.


The apartment was typical of a college guy's apartment, but Jeri didn't care. The compulsion given her by Anne hadn't worn off — in fact, she found herself getting wetter and hornier as they got closer. Now, as the guy led Jeri into his apartment, Jeri found herself nearly uncontrollable.

The guy — Jeri still didn't know his name — led her to the sofa, and sat down with her. He offered her a drink, but she declined, pulling him into a deep kiss instead. As she kissed him, her mind inwardly screamed, knowing that she was really a guy and that she didn't want to do this. But Anne had controlled her somehow, and Jeri couldn't resist.

As they sat, intertwined and kissing, Jeri felt his hands on her breasts. She tingled with excitement at the sensations, and she knew that her nipples were rock-hard, jutting forth proudly to announce her heat. Between her legs, she felt her moistness, and knew that she had to satiate her growing lust.

The guys' hands unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. With a quick motion, Jeri's bra came off, baring her generous bosom. The guy's warm breath felt tantalizingly good as he leaned closer and began to tease her nipples with his lips and tongue. Jeri's hands clasped around his head, pulling him into her bosom, not wanting to let him stop the exciting foreplay. She felt his hands fumbling with the waistband of her skirt, followed by a sudden looseness around her waist. His large strong hands slipped into her panties, touching her wetness, probing around her womanhood. She moaned softly as his finger touched her clit, and gasped in wonder when it slipped inside her, probing her as-yet-virginal insides. Jeri felt her back arching, pressing her bosom more into the guy's face as her passion mounted.

Jeri wanted to escape, to shut down her mind and let her body run on instinct. But whatever Anne had done to her didn't permit that luxury. She had to watch, horrified, as her primal passions guided her actions — passions enhanced by Anne's insistent compulsion. The guy pulled one of her hands into his own waistband, and Jeri gasped as she felt his dick — large and firm and swollen for action. Her mind screamed that this was wrong, but the compulsions led her to begin stroking the dick, teasing it, fondling it, preparing it for further action.

Jeri felt the encroaching orgasm, and knew that it was a matter of time until she lost her virginity. While part of her mind was curious, mostly she was repulsed, knowing that this wasn't happening on her terms, but that she'd been forced. She felt the scream escape her lips as the orgasm hit — wave after wave of pulsating pleasure, rising within her, spreading outward until she felt it encompassed her entire body. And still it continued.

Finally, her primal compulsion could take no more. She watched herself unfastening the guy's pants, sliding them down to expose his shaft. She felt herself turning on the couch, her legs opening invitingly as she pointed her wet womanhood at the guy and his exposed rod. Jeri wondered, curiously, when her panties had been removed — a slight mental exercise to distract her from the sex she was having.

She felt the dick pressing against her genitals, probing softly but insistently as it sought its goal. And then, suddenly, it slid inside her, shocking her at how large and firm it felt within her, and causing a renewed rippling of her vaginal muscles, perfectly timed with the pulses of a new orgasm. The guy began pumping, in and out, faster and faster, massaging her pussy from within as he stroked deeper and deeper. Jeri lost track of time, not wanting to know what was happening, but forced to observe by whatever drug Anne had given her. Finally, she felt the guy's body stiffen, and with a couple of last thrusts, she felt his dick begin to pulse. Even as his pulsing orgasm tripped another small wave of ripples in her pussy, Jeri knew that the guy was pumping his load into her. She wanted to retch, to rebel at what was happening, but she couldn't. Her mind was driven by its sex-crazed obsession and some strange compulsion.


Jeri knew she looked a bit disheveled as she walked back into the Coconut club. A quick glance at the clock told her that it was nearly eleven. It was still very early, by a guy's standards. Automatically, she walked to the table, where Anne, Tonya, and Jennifer sat.

Anne was a bit startled when Jeri slid into her chair. "Back so early? You must have been eager!" And she got a very knowing, and wicked, grin. "You look thoroughly satisfied, too!"

Jeri knew she wanted to cry, to lash out, to scream — anything, but she couldn't. She just sat, silent, at Anne's taunts.

"Well, was it good?" Tonya added her own barbs.

"It was physically pleasant," Jeri found herself saying, responding in an almost clinical analysis of her sex. "The orgasms I experienced while he was inside me were quite pleasurable."

Anne tilted her head back and laughed. "You sound like you enjoyed it! Tell me — would you do it again, despite really being a guy?"

Jeri felt compelled to answer, no matter how embarrassing. "Yes, I would probably do it again." She winced, wondering whether the girls would make her repeat her performance after her confession.

Tonya smiled. "Did he ask you for a blow job?"

Jeri was terrified inside. At least she'd been spared that humiliation — at the time. Now, when she answered, these girls had the power over her to make her do whatever they wanted — including sucking some man's dick. "No."

"Aw, too bad," Jennifer said, clearly disappointed. "Maybe next time…"

The torture of Jeri was interrupted when Molly sat down, looking far more disheveled than Jeri had. "Oh, look girls!" Anne cried. "Our other little minx. Tell me, Molly, how was it?"

Molly was crying. No matter what drugs they'd used, it couldn't stop Molly from crying. "I was raped," she answered, her voice level despite the tears. "He took me back to his fraternity house. There were four of them."

Tonya's eyebrows raised and she got a gleeful smile. "Oh, good! A gang-bang! Tell us everything!"

"He touched me until I was ready for an orgasm, then he entered me from behind. He was still touching me and made me have an orgasm. One of his frat brothers came in, and decided that I should give him a blow job while I was getting fucked." Tears were streaming down Molly's cheeks. She wanted to stop, but her mind had no choice but to continue her tale.

"Did the cum taste good?" Jennifer taunted.

"It was warm and salty-tasting. I wanted to gag, but I couldn't. I swallowed it all."

"Do continue."

"As soon as the guy came in my mouth, he left and returned with another frat member, who took his place. Then the guy came in my vagina."

Anne was leaning forward. "Did you enjoy that?"

"His orgasm made me cum again. It was physically pleasant." She swallowed, fighting to control herself, but it was impossible. "When he finished, another guy pulled me down on top of him and entered me. And then the second guy entered my rear."

Tonya feigned surprise. "3 holes at once! Oh, you are such a little vixen!"

"When I finished the blow job, the first guy got another erection and demanded that I perform oral sex on him. I complied."

Jeri felt some slight measure of control returning. Was the drug wearing off, or was it because the girls were not paying attention to her. "What did you do to us?" she demanded weakly. "Why are you doing this?"

Anne spun, startled by Jeri's burst of control. Then she laughed. "Every guy deserves this!" she cackled. "Every guy who thinks of girls as nothing but pretty objects needs a lesson in what it's like to be the girl!" Her loathing of guys was evident in her tone and in the fire in her eyes. "So — how is it to experience life on the other side?" She glared at Jeri, then at Molly. "You two will certainly think twice about treating girls as sex objects, won't you?" She suddenly clutched her purse. "Come on, girls. Time to go." Tonya and Jennifer, evil vindictive smiles etched on their faces, stood with Anne. Jeri and Molly tried to rise, but found it difficult. "Not you two. You can find your own way home." She snorted. "You can always try to earn a ride." She spun abruptly, laughing at her own little joke, and stormed out of the club, leaving Jeri and Molly sitting at the table.

Whatever Anne had given the girls, it wore off quickly, leaving Jeri and Molly in control, and without a way home, and with lots of guys interested in 'helping'. The girls called a cab instead, unwilling to take a chance with another guy. Jeri gave the cab driver a decent tip and turned toward her door. "You want to stay with me tonight?" she asked Molly. Molly nodded numbly, and followed Jeri into the house and up to Jeri's room. Jeri knew that Molly was barely keeping her composure after the experience. She wondered when Molly was going to lose it.


A sliver of sunlight crossed the pillow, and fell on Jeff's face, causing his eyelids to try to shut tighter. But his lids couldn't block all of the intense sunlight, and his eyes sent a message to his brain. It's daytime. Wake up. Jeff ignored the message and rolled over. There was still time to sleep.

A banging sound pierced the fog in his brain. "Jeff, mom says you need to get up." Tracy's voice. His little sister, he slowly realized. He ignored the noise. "Mom, he's not getting up." Her voice faded as she turned from his door. Jeff sighed, hoping the disturbances were over. But a new banging sounded mere moments later. "Jeff, get your butt out of bed!" It was his mom. "It's late, and I've got things to do. I need you up to watch Tracy!" She was very loud, and clearly upset, like she usually was. "Do you hear? Get up!" Her voice started to fade — she was going back downstairs. "I swear, I wish you were more like Tracy — she's …." Her voice faded away.

Jeff finally gave up on sleeping more and tried to open his eyes. He immediately winced at the stab of sunlight, and his eyes clamped tightly shut. He turned his head away from the light, and tried again. This time, his eyes stayed open. For several seconds, his eyes were unfocused, wandering, as if his mind were trying to orient itself. Then he sat up.

Jeff stared around his room - his _old_ room. A Star Wars droid fighter hung from the ceiling. Star Wars posters and a swimsuit calendar adorned the walls. Clothes were strung around the room. He shut his eyes and opened them again. It was late, so he'd slept in. That meant it was a weekend. That meant — the entire thing had been a dream? Was it possible?

Jeff glanced around, and saw Matt slowing sitting up from the floor, from Jeff's sleeping bag. Jeff shook his head to clear it. If it had been a dream, then today was Saturday. And he was going to meet Matt for a trip to the beach. Things didn't make sense.

"Man, I had the strangest dream last night," Matt said quietly.

Jeff swallowed hard. "Me, too."

Matt stood, clad only in his underwear, and stretched. Jeff looked, and blinked again. Matt was much more tanned than he remembered. Which meant … Jeff gasped when Matt turned toward him. "Oh, shit!"

Matt's dazed morning expression changed into a concerned frown. "What?"

Jeff pointed. "Your chest," he stammered.

At that moment, Matt got a good look at Jeff. "Holy shit!" he cried, his face reflecting his shock. "You're ...."

Matt and Jeff stared at each other for several seconds, unable to comprehend what they saw. On Jeff's tanned chest were two triangles of lightly colored flesh centered around his nipples, two triangles that matched the outline of a bikini top. It appeared as if he'd spent several hours tanning — wearing a bikini. Matt's chest looked exactly the same.

"It wasn't a dream," Matt finally said softly. "It was real."

Jeff wasn't listening. He slid his underwear down — and saw the tan lines of a woman's bikini bottom on his skin. "Holy shit!" he said, echoing Matt's sentiments. Finally, he looked up at Matt. "It wasn't a dream!" he finally said softly.

"Then we … I … we went out last night," Matt stammered. "And I … got … fucked!" He suddenly looked like he wanted to cry. Jeff knew exactly how he felt.


"Are you sure about this?" Matt asked uncertainly as they entered the mall.

Jeff stopped for a second and stared at Matt. "Do you want to know what happened, and how it happened?" Matt gulped and nodded. "Well, the old man gave us the tickets, so I figure he's probably a good place to start getting answers." Before Matt could stall any further, Jeff marched into the mall, toward the location of the Radio Shack store, where they'd met the old man and obtained the guest passes. But there was no Spells R Us store - justy the Radio Shack they'd always remembered.

Matt shook his head as they crossed the parking lot back to the car. "I don't know about you, but I'm almost glad we didn't find the old guy."

Jeff glanced up from staring at the pavement. "Why?"

Matt frowned at Jeff. "Look — we go to a store, get sent to a beach, get turned into babes, then get screwed." Though the words sounded silly, Matt's tone was deathly serious. "I don't want to know anything more about it."

Jeff shuffled his foot, kicking a small pebble. "Maybe if we go…"

"No!" Matt barely concealed his anger, an anger rising from shame and fear. "I'm not going anywhere else. Drop it!"


The old woman looked up when she saw the young man in her ticket line. A frown crossed her face. "This is a private park, young man."

Jeff glanced nervously over his shoulder, at the line of girls behind him. "Yes, ma'am. I know." He tried to lean closer, to talk more softly, but with the safety glass between him and the old woman, that was impossible. "I was, um, well…"

The old woman narrowed her eyes and stared at him. "Oh yes, I remember. You were here yesterday." She lifted her chin slightly, changing the angle, to stare down her nose at Jeff. "And you have returned."

Jeff felt as though his entire soul were naked and exposed for the world to see. He tried to stand brave, while he wanted to shrink away from this woman. But at the same time, he had to know.

The old woman turned away from Jeff. "Anya," she called, "please take over for me." She shifted out of her chair, allowing a girl to slip into her place. "Let's discuss this in my office." She let herself out of the ticket booth and took Jeff's arm. Jeff was surprised by the strength of her grip, and he allowed himself to be led toward a low building, the same building in which he and Matt had talked with this same woman yesterday.

The woman sat back in her chair, steepling her fingers. "What can I do for you, Jeff?" She watched surprise flicker over Jeff's features. "Yes, I know all about you."

"Magic," Jeff muttered to himself with certainty.

"Perceptive of you," the old woman said with admiration. "Most young people don't believe in such things."

Jeff looked down, embarrassed. "I've had some experience with it lately, you might say."

The old woman nodded. "Including the potion the girls slipped you and your friend last night."

Jeff's head snapped up. "How did you…" He let it drop. Magic. His head dropped again. "So that's what it was."

The old woman smiled again. "And you're back. Despite what happened last night."

"I wanted to know…"

"No, you didn't." The old woman interrupted him. "You already knew." She dropped her hands. "So why are you really here?"

Jeff's mouth opened, and then his mouth settled in a thin smile. "You seem to know everything."

"Touche. But I want to hear it from your own mouth."

Jeff bit his lip. "Despite everything that happened, I want to know if, you know, if I can change again - for good."

"Because you got along with your mother and sister for the first time since you lost your dad? Because in the few hours you were home as a girl, you had more peace and harmony in your life than in the rest of your life?"

Jeff felt a tear trying to sneak out of one eye. "Yes," he answered softly. "I just can't fit in with them. We're always fighting. It's no fun. My family is falling apart."

The old woman looked deep into Jeff's eyes. "You would become a girl, sacrificing everything you knew as a boy, to make your family happier?" She nodded. "Of course you would, since you don't have any happy memories with your family. All you've known is pain." She reached into her desk and pulled out a piece of paper, then thrust it across the desk to Jeff. "Fill this out."

Jeff glanced at the sheet, and then looked back up. "A membership application?" He looked at the figures. "Pretty expensive, isn't it?'

The old woman smiled. "How much is happiness worth? Besides, I'm sure you can wait another year or two to buy a car, don't you?"

Jeff nodded. "Yeah, I guess." He silently stared at the paper again for several moments. "Am I doing the right thing?"

"That's not for me to decide," the old woman answered. She watched as Jeff fidgeted, an internal debate raging within him as he considered what he was about to do. Slowly, though, he began to fill out the application. "And just for your information," she continued, "I do _not_ condone what the girls did to you. Their use of magic was _very_ wrong. I've revoked their memberships as a start to their punishment."

Jeff looked up from the application to the old woman. His eyes were watering. "Thank you," he said simply.


Jeri waited by the park entrance, nervous and excited at the same time. She glanced, for the tenth time, at her watch. Presently, a deep blue Camaro screeched across the parking lot and stopped in front of her.

"Sorry I'm late, babe," Matt called as he reached over to unlatch the door.

Jeri smiled. "I know. You were working on your car - again." She slid into the passenger seat.

Matt grinned. "There's just no fooling you, Jer." He slammed the car into gear and departed with a screech of the tires. "Do you have plans for tonight?"

Jeri smiled. "Mom and I are taking Tracy to a movie."

Matt snorted. "No doubt it'll be a 'chick flick'." His opinion of such movies was very plainly exposed. "Too bad you don't want to repeat last night."

Jeri got a curious smile on her face. Maybe Matt remembered getting laid last night, but he didn't remember that it was as a girl. He didn't remember that they'd spent the day at Bikini Beach, or that he'd been changed into a very voluptuous girl. He had no recollection of going out with three other girls to the Coconut Club, and then being forced into having sex. But Jeri did. She remembered everything. She thought about the membership card in her purse, with its two special clauses: membership in Bikini Beach was permanent; and there were no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations.


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