Bikini Beach: What's Good For The Gander ...

This posting was inspired by the recent posting of a new to BC Bikini Beach story by Elrod. I've always been a big BB fan, and have written two of them myself, with Elrod's Okay. One is already here, "If I Should Die Before I Wake", but this one apparantly never made it from Fictionmania to here. I posted it there in 2000, so, after twelve years, here is my new to BC BB offering. Thanks, Elrod for the Bikini Beach stories and all of your other fine stories. You're one of the best.

Bikini Beach: What's Good for the Gander...
By Jezzi Belle Stewart (c) 2000

As he neared the ticket booth, Carl Desmond's mind was
filled with evil glee as he thought of what he had done to that little bimbo
office girl temp. She had been eighteen, fresh out of high school with a
virginal beauty oh so rare these days. Carl had played nice boss, drawing her
out over several lunches, finding that she was a genuinely nice girl, a
virgin saving herself for marriage to her college sweetheart. Carl hated

Then had come the "work" dinner. The innocent glass of wine, then a second,
and a third, and so on till Carl took his pleasure with the unresisting girl.

The next day he had made sure to be gone when she arose, ashamed and
humiliated by what she had done. At work, he'd been cold and aloof, ignoring
her. Somehow pictures of their night of passion had found their way to her
fiance; "I wonder how ever that could have happened?" he chuckled inwardly.
Soon it was apparent she was pregnant. Of course he had fired the little

Carl thought back over the many other girls in his past who he had consigned
to a similar fate. Now the thrill of the chase was on him again, a new young
girl from a "nice" family that had recently moved into his apartment complex.
He had learned that she would be at this water park, Bikini Beach, today.

His reverie was broken when he heard, "How may I help you, sir?" He looked up
and saw an attractive young blonde behind the ticket window. As his mind
shifted into present time, a quick feeling of wrongness flickered, but
vanished quickly.

"I'd like a ticket." he said as he leered at her.

Annya had been expecting this man. Special arrangements had been made for
him, so special that they had awaited this face-to-face encounter for
implementation. Annya didn't like what was about to happen, but a quick read
of his mind convinced her that this man deserved it, and she mentally flicked
the switch that activated the special modifications to the Park's magic. She,
too, had felt the momentary flicker of wrongness, but such loathing filled
her for this man over what she had seen in his mind that the wrong feeling
quickly vanished from her consciousness. "This is a private park," she said,
"so we don't sell tickets. We do, however, have some special guest passes
from time to time. All I have right now is a lifetime pass. It's quite

Carl was quite wealthy; price was unimportant when he sensed his quarry in
reach. "I'll take it.," he said, passing!over his platinum Mastercard. Having
completed the transaction, he signed the pass on the back and proceeded
toward the men's locker room. "Be sure to take a shower before entering the
park; it's a city health regulation!" Annya called after him, watching his
retreating back. Carl was thirty years old, six feet tall, chiseled Roman
features, dark curly hair, and a body kept trim and in shape. She wondered
how such a handsome man could be so evil. There was no one else in line, so
she decided to follow Carl, giving him time to enter the shower before she
entered the locker room. She wanted to see this one getting what was coming
to him!

She had taken about three steps into the locker room when she was struck be a
mental tidal wave. Something was terribly, terribly wrong! She rushed toward
the showers....


Carol Gold stood by a large boulder about twenty feet from the exit from the
men's' shower room. Although she tried to hide it with a prim hairstyle, no
makeup, and a conservative one-piece bathing suit, it was impossible for
anyone to see her as anything but drop dead gorgeous - Centerfold material,
she would call herself, bitterly. A grim smile played across her lips as she
thought of the girl about to emerge. And there she was! Carol was a bit
surprised. The girl was cute and young, about fourteen with widening hips, a
narrow waist, budding breasts - almost a "B" cup, she thought - and long
straight blonde hair; Carl had midnight black hair and she had expected the
girl's hair to be that color also. Everything else seemed right, though. The
girl looked thoroughly confused and frightened, staring down at her bare
breasts above a red bikini bottom.

With an evil expression on her face, Carol walked toward the girl. "Why,
hello, Carley, you naughty little girl; don't you know you can't go topless
in the park? she said with mock concern. "People will think you're a slut."
She pulled a skimpy red bikini top from the pocket of her wrap and held it
out to her. When the girl made no move to take it, Carol simply wrapped it
around her chest and fastened the straps behind her back and neck with neat
bows. "There, now you look presentable - so cute and young ... and feminine!"
Now her voice took on a cruel edge. "How do you feel, CARL?!"

At the sound of the male name, the girl seemed to come out of her trance.
"Carol? You know me? What are you doing here? What's happened to me? I'm a...
a... a...

"...girl?" Carol prompted, again with mock concern. "Why yes you are, dear,
and it's permanent, you know. You bought a lifetime pass. yes, you're going
to be a cute little girlie-o for the rest of your life, CARLEY. That's who
you are now, you know ... Carley ... the name's my gift to you, and, oh, yes,
a reminder of who you used to be. No last name, though, you'll have to come
up with that by yourself. Certainly not Desmond, there's no more Carl

"What...? Carol, Why? How...? Carley started to cry and double over in
emotion caused pain.

Carol put her arms around the sobbing girl and led her over to a table and
seated her in a chair. Carley slumped, put her head in her ams on the table
and cried. Carol took a chair on the opposite side so she could look at him -
oops, her; when Carley's crying reached the sniffling stage, she said
sharply, "Sit up! Look at me! Now here's the way it is..."

This is Bikini Beach, a magic place. You've been changed into a girl by
magic. A fairly young, but pretty girl; I planned it that way. You'll find
that you're not as intelligent as you used to be, about average, I'd say.
You'll find that your sex drive is quite a bit higher than Carl's was, but
not uncontrollable. you're finished with puberty and should develop rapidly
from now on; by the end of two years, you should be drop dead Playboy, Barbie
doll gorgeous, every male's wet dream. But mentally, in everything except IQ,
and sex drive, you will still be all Carl!" Now the bitterness in her voice
was full blown. "Prissy, morally upright, holier-than-thou "I can't do that;
it wouldn't be right." Carl - and, of course, straight as an arrow
heterosexual Carl."

"Ordinarily, the Bikini Beach magic places a man in a new reality where he
has always been a she; only a very few know otherwise. Also the magic usually
softens the blow of transition, providing "training wheels" so to speak. The
new girl automatically knows how to put on makeup, for example, and is
unthinkingly female heterosexually oriented; she LIKES men. In your case, I
was able to make it so that these default settings have been overridden.
Carley is in the same reality as Carl; she will be a Jane Doe, and Carl's
disappearance will be a scandal. Her sexual orientation and moral values will
be Carl's, but not his intelligence. You will mourn the loss of your
intelligence, Carl - and this is the last time I'll call you that - but
you're going to HATE your looks and sex drive. With your looks, no man will
ever take you seriously as anything but a sex object," (here the triumph in
her voice was evident), "and you won't have the brains to overcome that!
More, your body will WANT to be a sex object for men, while your Carl-mind
will HATE it. You'll have to fight to earn a living. You'll have to fight to
maintain those high-and-mighty moral standards of yours. And you're starting
out with NOTHING and only fourteen years old!" Here she threw up her hands
and shouted. "I LOVE IT! And I'll be watching you, love." Her voice was now
intense. She was gripping the edges of the table now, head thrust forward
staring straight into the eyes of the horrified Carley. "You won't be able to
detect me, but I'll be watching every moment of your struggle to maintain
your Carl-self, and struggle you will; I know you!" Now she sat back, visibly
relaxing. "Maybe you'll be able to do it; I gave you the ability, just
barely. But I'm betting you won't." Mock sweetness now. "I'm not a total
bitch, honey. There's some girl clothes, although you may find them a tad
confusing without the "training wheels" and just a bit risqu, and a purse
with a twenty dollar bill, a lipstick, and some tampons in it in your locker;
your period should start within a day!" Now all charades were dropped and the
anger and bitterness was full-blown. "Have a miserable life, CARLEY!" And
Carol forcefully pushed back her chair and got up to leave. Carley's voice,
soft, neutral, unexpectedly calm, stopped her.


A little curious about "her" calm control, Carol sat back down. "Maybe I
should tell you. It will be good therapy for me, and give a frustrating edge
to your "life sentence" when you hear how I've duped you, as well as these
nicey-nice powers that be here at Bikini Beach."

"I've been on the receiving end of men's shit for as long as I can remember."
Carol began. "When I was fourteen, I already had this body, the kind of body
you'll have, in a few years, Carley. Mom had died and it was just Dad and me,
and he began to sexually abuse me. Every guy in school tried to get into my
panties. I'm smart, but none of my teachers recognized that. The men teachers
were just as horney as the boys - I had to have sex with the dean to avoid
being expelled on trumped up charges - and the women teachers were envious;
in their minds I became nothing but "that little tramp."

"I should have graduated with honors from high school, but instead just
barely made it. I couldn't get into college. I couldn't get a decent job.
Even the fast food places fired me because the boys hung around too long and
scared away the family trade. I had lots of offers for prostitution and porno
films, but I couldn't bring myself to be an object for the sex that had
abused me. The lesbian porn trade wasn't any better, and when I tried getting
a job at women owned businesses, I found the owners no better than my female
teachers had been. I even thought about plastic surgery to make myself plain
looking, but couldn't bring myself to do it - no money, either." Her control
broke for a moment, and she slammed her fist down on the table. "DAMN! It
just wasn't fair; beauty shouldn't be a curse!"

Seemingly switching gears, Carol asked conversationally, "Do you remember
what Carl was thinking as he entered the Bikini Beach parking lot, Carley? Of
course you do. Thoughts he had right up till he was in the shower and it was
too late. Were those true thoughts, true memories, Carley, dear?" Dripping
sarcasm here "Of course they weren't! Carl was a genuinely nice man. I
remember when I first met him. Remember?

I was thirty years old; years of living hand to mouth, struggling to remain a
"good girl" when I saw an ad for a secretarial job. I was going to do my
usual tricks; mousy brown wig, binding my breasts, thick glasses, but I
decided what the hell and wore my sexiest outfit - If nothing else, Carl was
going to be my first trick! I had sunk that low. But it wasn't like that at
all. Your - Carl's - look on meeting me acknowledged my beauty, and then
ignored it! I had my first normal job interview from a man, and I got the
job! On my ability! At first I thought he was gay, but then I met his wife, a
lovely person in her own right. It was easy to tell they were very much in
love. When your top sales rep, the man who was bringing in the most money for
the company, hit on me, tried to threaten me with losing my job if I didn't
FUCK" - her voice rose - "him right away, you (the switch to second person
was natural. Carol was lost in the moment.) fired him! You promoted me, made
me your personal secretary. I was a guest in your home several times. At
first I couldn't believe my luck after all those years. But gradually I began
to hate you. HATE YOU!" Again the fist on the table. I had carefully built my
whole personality structure around the fact that all men were scum. I don't
mean the silly joking that women normally indulge in. The belief that ALL men
are scum had become the essential core of what made me, me. And now you were
tearing down that core, destroying me just by being you. How dare you be a
good man! There weren't any! I vowed there would not be any. In order for my
belief structure to stay in tact, you HAD to be destroyed, and not just
destroyed, humiliated, degraded, made to experience what your kind had made
of me. You see that don't you?" A note of pleading entered her voice. Carley
just continued to gaze calmly at her, though, which restored her anger.

"I knew about Bikini Beach before I met you." she continued grimly. "A
girlfriend of mine had a pretty little submissive lesbian lover. One girls'
night out, when we were both more than a bit drunk and I was doing my usual
bitching about men, all of a sudden she started giggling and said, 'You need
Bikini Beach!' and she went on to tell me the story of her lazy no-account
husband. In an attempt to revitalize the relationship, Sheila - that's my
friend - suggested they go to this new water park she had seen the ads for,
Bikini Beach, and he agreed. When they arrived and she saw the stream of
gorgeous girls going into the park, she began to reconsider, but her husband,
with a leer on his face, had already gotten in line. The young girl at the
ticket window explained that Bikini Beach was a private park, but they did
have a few guest passes. It just so happened they had two lifetime passes,
specially discounted that day."

Carol momentarily snapped out of her reverie. "Sound familiar, sweetie?", she
snapped at Carley. Then she returned to her story. Well, when Sheila realized
that the cute little thing that had emerged from the men's locker room was
really her husband, she almost rolled on the ground laughing. At that point,
the young lady from the ticket window appeared and handed her husband a
bikini top." She glanced at Carley for a reaction. There was none, just that
calm stare. When Sheila commented that "she" had put it on as if she had been
doing it all her life, The young lady took them aside and explained the
normal - not your case, dear - workings of Bikini Beach. No one would her
would remember her husband. All would remember "her" as always being a girl
and being Sheila's lesbian lover. The submissive traits were programmed in as
part of the "training wheels". Sheila commented that she and "Judy" were now
quite happy. Having met Judy, I just knew there was no way she could ever
have been a man. When I expressed that to Shelia, she asked me to come with
her to Bikini Beach, and I agreed. While this seemed pretty stupid in the
morning when I was sober, I agreed to go anyway. All we did was sit in the
parking lot, but at the end of the day, I believed her. About 20 men had
entered the park; none left. I pushed Bikini Beach into the back of my mind.
I couldn't very well lure every man who had "done me wrong" to The Park,
could I? Bikini Beach became another bit of interesting but useless
information ... till I met you and decided I hated you."

The sun was getting hot, and carol was becoming frustrated over getting no
reaction from Carley, so she decided to cut to the chase. I decided a Bikini
Beach lifetime pass would be your punishment for destroying my sense of self,
but not the normal Bikini Beach treatment. Realizing from Sheila's experience
that there must be some mental filtering process to induce a female change
right for the man involved, and knowing what a nice guy are ...were" - She
flicked a half smile - "I believed you would land on your feet, maybe even
better off than before. I had to find some way around that. Remember, I
wanted you PUNISHED! So I learned hypno therapy. You know that. Remember that
day your back was bothering you and I asked if I could practice on you, maybe
help you out?" Aha! finally there was a flicker of emotion from Carley, as
she began to see where carol was leading. "You were so easy! And your back
felt so much better that you never thought to inquire whether I'd done only
that. Well, CARL-LY, I had Carl sign over to me full power of attorney to run
the company, at a much higher salary, and also write letters to the Board of
directors and his wife saying that he was going to take a long trip to 'find
himself." If he didn't return within a year, I was to assume full power and
the company would belong to me. You don't remember your conference with your
lawyer where he drew everything up nice and legal, all the while trying to
talk you out of it, do you? Oh, I cried with your wife when she came in to
see you and I had to tell her you were already gone! Gone here, to Bikini
beach! I planted those false memories in his brain along with the command to
come here today. I told the Bikini Beach lady I spoke with to set this up all
about the fake you. She was so doubtful that anyone could be so evil as you
that she wanted to meet you before triggering the changes in The Beach's
magic. I believed/hoped that whatever mental filters were in place would pick
up the false memories and not search for the buried real ones. AND IT WORKED!
The memories were triggered when you entered the parking lot, everything has
gone according to plan, AND YOU'RE STUCK!

With absolutely no trace of emotion, Carley reached across the table and
slapped Carol in the face. Hard! And then began to cry. Carol leaped up, her
hand to her throbbing cheek. "Enjoy what little satisfaction that gave you,
you little bitch! There's precious little satisfaction you'll get from your
new life. Why I bet you're multiple fucked and pregnant before the week's
out!" She turned and stormed out, turning back only once briefly to throw
"Goodbye, CARLEY!" at the young girl sitting crying at the table. She didn't
see the faint glow beginning to surround her.

When Carol arrived back at Carl's, now her, office, she found a message about
an emergency at the Seattle plant that required her personal attention. She
estimated she would be gone three days. Any monitoring of that bitch Carley
would have to wait till she returned. "No hurry." she thought, smiling. "All
the time in the world."


When Carol returned from Seattle, she found a message from Bikini Beach on
her answering machine. Could she come to the park ASAP, please? There was a
problem with her niece, Carley.

Carol grabbed her purse and headed out the door. "Niece?" she thought. "Nice
try, Carl, but you'll find out I'll disown you so fast it'll make your head
spin. Maybe I can arrange it so Carley spends some time in juvie lockup." And
smiling and thinking pleasant thoughts like that, she drove to Bikini Beach.

When she reached the ticket booth, the same attractive blond girl as before
was working; she looked vaguely familiar. "Hi, I'm Ms. Gold. I was told
there's a problem here with a young girl claiming to be my niece. I'd like to
get this cleared up; you see, I have no niece."

"Oh, yes, Ms. Gold;" said Annya. "My grandmother, the owner of Bikini Beach,
is expecting you. Just go through that door over there.

As she moved toward the door indicated by Annya, Carol noted that the office
was actually outside the park. Pushing open the door, she observed a rather
sparse office, with a plain wooden desk with three straight-backed chairs
facing it. On the desk was a pitcher with what looked like ice tea in it
along with several glasses. Behind the desk sat an elderly woman who looked
like she had at one time been quite attractive but who had let herself go as
old age approached. carol also noted that the room was extremely warm, even
hot; she was beginning to sweat already.

The old woman indicated a chair. "Ah, Ms. Gold. I'm so glad you could make it
today. I'm sorry, but the air conditioning is on the blink. May I offer you a
cold drink?"

Carol was really sweating by this time and gratefully accepted. "You drink of
your own free will." the old woman stated formally. Little alarm bells began
to go off in Carol's brain, but it was too late; she had already taken a
drink. All her energy seemed to drain out of her and she slumped in the
chair. "What...?" she managed to get out before she lost consciousness.

She opened her eyes to see the old woman, seated in exactly the same spot,
looking over some papers on her desk. At Carol's croaked "What...?", she
looked up.

"Ah, I see you have returned to us." she said. "You have been "out", as they
say, for almost an hour. Carol heard the door opened behind her but didn't
seem to be able to turn her head to look. The blonde girl from the ticket
booth moved into her view and stood beside the old woman. "This is my
granddaughter, Annya." she said conversationally; "You've met before."

"At the ticket...?"

"Yes." continued the old woman. "But I'm not talking about there." Seeing
Carol's puzzled look, she waved a hand at her granddaughter. Annya made a
sign, and a shimmering golden wave seemed to pass across her body. When it
was gone, there stood...

"CARLEY!" gasped Carol, as a flood of panic began to engulf her.

"Don't ry to move, dear; you can't." advised the old woman. Without taking
her eyes off Carol, she addressed her granddaughter. "I believe you can leave
now, dear; you've created the desired effect, and there ARE customers at the
ticket window. On your way out, would you show the final pl ayer in our
little drama in, please." With a little smile and a wave at Carol, the girl
turned to go. Out of the corner of her eye, carol saw the beginning of the
golden shimmer, but when she tried to turn and watch the girl exit, she found
the old woman had been right, she couldn't.

"What...?" asked Carol.

Shaking her head, the old woman smiled at Carol. "Tut tut, my dear; you do
seem to have a limited vocabulary. Ah, here she is now. An extremely
attractive woman with body language that stated unequivocally "professional
lady" moved into Carol's view. She was in her mid twenties and was wearing a
tastefully feminine white silk blouse under a blue pinstripe suit; her skirt
ended at mid knee. She was wearing pumps with a two-inch heel, and her makeup
and jewelry were perfect for the boardroom. Her hair was mid length and
styled in a French role ... and it was jet black!

Recognition and denial warred within carol so her "CARL" came out half
statement and half question.

"No." said the woman, gazing calmly at Carol; "Carley. Carl is around though;
you'll meet him in a moment." She and the old woman exchanged slight smiles.
"You see, you've partially succeeded, Carol. I am a woman, just not the kind
you intended. I'm Carley, and will be for the rest of my life. And I'm OK
with that. Would you care to explain, ma'am?

The old woman fixed her penetrating gaze on Carol. I am extremely
disappointed in you. And I am extremely angry. You set out to ruin a good man
(Privately, she somewhat agreed with carol that there were few of those, but
there were some.) whose only "crime" was to treat you well, with respect and
dignity. And you almost succeeded. My security system has now been modified
to detect non-magical mental interference in the first stage perimeter, the
parking lot. Fortunately for Carley, the first step in the showering process
wipes away all outside mental interference in order to create a blank slate
for whatever mental changes have been magically programmed to take place. As
soon as that took place, my granddaughter received the true mental picture of
Carl Desmond and immediately recognized that a grievous wrong was about to
take place. It's a good thing she had decided to follow Carl, as she was able
to drag him out of the shower before all but the basic changes had been

When she paused, Carley continued. "As you can see, she was not able to stop
everything. I am a woman, and I am younger, and I am what I would have been
had I been born a woman. And "training wheels. But minimum ones so that I can
find out about womanhood mostly on my own; I rather like that, actually.
Also, my reality has been altered; yours too, as you'll see. However, as
Annya explained it, she was able to revert the system to it's defaults for me
in several important respects regarding the, as she put it, "fine tuning" you

"No reduction in intelligence, no extreme age reduction, and no unnatural sex
drive enhancement." continued the old woman. "She's not dumb, she's not a
slut, and she's not too young to live on her own and enjoy life. In this
reality, she still owns the company, and her wife is her lesbian lover." At
that she tried to stifle a guilty look.

"Don't feel bad, ma'am." Carley stepped to the old woman's side and put her
arm around her shoulders. "I figured out that that will gradually fade and
that I will eventually become a fully heterosexual female. The "training
wheels" you know; that had to be the default setting. I'm just glad the
change will be gradual, and I'm sure my wife and I will at least end up as
best girlfriends.

The old woman looked at Carley with approval and just a hint of thanks. "Carl
was one of the better men, and you, Carley, are showing yourself to be one of
the better woman. Certainly as compared to you, Carol." She turned her
attention on Carol. "But then, you're not Carol anymore are you? What's your
name? she snapped out.

"Car..., Car..., Carl! No!" her voice rising in, panic, but a different
voice, only slightly deeper "I'm not a man; I'm a woman, and my name is...
is... Car... Car... Carl!" and HE broke down crying.

"Look at yourself." commanded the old woman. "Look at what you've gained and
what you've lost!"

"And what you haven't lost." added Carley

Carl's hands immediately went to his crotch; a bulge there, Then to his
chest; no bulges there. He noted in passing that his fingernails were no
longer long or painted but that his fingers and hands appeared rather small
and dainty, unchanged from Carol's. Finding he could now move, he jumped up
and whirled to face the mirror. A flat-chested Carol with a bulge below the
waistline stood there. Still five foot five, still one hundred twenty pounds,
still long below the shoulders hair, just enough changes to the face to give
it a slightly male cast; the totality was a very femme looking male. He
turned to face the old woman. "How could you do this." he half asked and half
accused. "By your own rules, Bikini Beach magic only works one way. Sheila
told me. You aren't supposed to be able to turn women into men!"

"And Sheila was right, young man." said the old woman, standing now,
confronting the new man. "Bikini Beach magic can't change women to men. But I
know a wizard who can. It was his "tea" you drank, of your own free will. I
owe him big time now, and, knowing him, he'll collect in spades. It was worth
it, though, to turn the tables on you. You ARE now a man, though, by design,
not much of one. You still work for the company, and Carley is your boss.
Carley, what's the verdict on the new Carl?"

"Well, Carl, I think the way you look, you'll have problems enough without me
adding to them." said Carley, circling him, looking him up and down. "I bear
you no ill will; I did some background checks these past two days into the
pre-change files - don't ask me how." She held up her well manicured hand to
stop the question forming on Carl's lips. "She" He indicated the old woman.
"has ways. And I found what a hard life Carol led that drove her to do this
to me. When I walk out the door, I will forget that you were ever Carol. When
you walk out, you will forget I was ever Carl. Goodby Carol, if it's any
consolation, you were the best secretary I ever had." He turned to leave, and
Carl turned back toward the old woman. Each momentarily froze.

"Carley," she said, "If you like, please come back into my office in ten
minutes." She waved her hand and Carley continued out the door. She turned
her attention on the new Carl and waved her hand in the same manner. he
continued his turn till he faced her. "Carl," she said leaning back and
speaking in a conversational tone, as I said, Carl, the old Carl, was a good
man. Carley will be an even better woman, but she's still too near her
vanished manhood. Both were and are too good. Have you ever read Kipling,
Carl?" He nodded his head no, wondering where this was leading. "A shame." s
he sighed. "Let me quote you a verse from one of his poems:

'When the early Jesuit fathers preached to Hurons and Choctaws,
They prayed to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws.
'Twas the women, not the warriors, turned those stark enthusiasts pale.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.'

Well, you've just been delivered from the vengeance of the male, but not..."
here she leaned across the desk at him and her voice turned mean "...from the
'vengeance of the squaw' - this squaw, you putrid piece of excrement! How
DARE you try to pull a vicious fast one like this on ME! And how DARE you do
what you tried to do to a fine person like Carl Desmond! There are few enough
good men in the world; we can't afford to lose the few we've got. Now we have
one less good one, and one more rotten one; you." Carl was cringing now.
"Well, here's the score, femmy boy. Because that's what you are now, you
know; that's the way I and the wizard designed you - not a woman, not a real
man." Except for the deletion of breasts and the addition of a penis, and a
few other little changes to let every one know your not a real woman, your
body has been left exactly the way it was when you were Carol except that It
gives off special pheromones that attract only homosexual males. Your body
language default will be female. If you want to act like a male, you will
have to work at it very hard, because the minute you let your guard down, the
defaults will take over. Your weak little body will be the plaything of any
big gay male that gets you alone. and you will like it; we added that little
twist to your mental makeup. Not enjoy it, though; you won't be able to
resist, you'll do anything your lover tells you, but you'll feel violated and
humiliated every time he ravishes you, even while your body is loving it."

"Now she returned to the conversational tone, while Carl just sat there with
a horrified deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. And do you know where
the highest concentration of sex-starved males is, Carl, made homosexual
almost to a man by the absence of females, Carl? Prison, Carl. And that's
where you'll be going very soon. When Carley returns to her office later
today, she will be saddened to learn that her long-term employee, Carl gold,
has been bilking the company of employee retirement funds for years. The
police will be called in, such a shame. No magic was necessary, just a few
phone calls to some friends of mine in Chicago. By day after tomorrow, you'll
be a wanted man, Carl. They'll love you in Prison, Carl, all those big sex
starved men and a cute little femmy thing like you. And that's your fate,
carl, unless you start running now, and keep running. 'I'm not a total bitch,
honey' " she mockingly quoted carol from three days earlier. "You have a
two-day head start. There's a ten-year-old Hyundai in the parking lot,
unlocked, with a set of men's clothes, the keys, and a hundred dollar bill on
the seat - if they're still there, of course. Go!" She stood up. Go! The
longer you wait, the closer you'll be to wearing lipstick and pink panties
with a forced smile on your face while some 350 pound convict reams your
backside. Go!

Wait! she held up her hand. "Here's an alternative. Buy a lifetime pass here.
Exactly one hundred dollars. You'll become a female again." A look of hope
appeared on Carl's face. "Of course," she said maliciously, "I'LL be setting
the parameters of your change, determining what kind of girl you'll be. In
the words of one of my favorite screen personages, 'Do you feel lucky?' "

"Carl, formerly Carol, looked up to plead, but the words died on his lips as
he saw the evil grin on the face of the woman he had tried to trick. He could
almost hear the other words of that screen personage, "Make my day!" The
former Carol Gold, looking ridiculous in female clothes now that there were
no female curves to shape them formed her last female thought, "FUCKED!" Head
down, Carl Gold hurriedly left the office of Bikini Beach.


The old woman leaned back in her chair and allowed herself a satisfied smile.
"You've still got it, honey!" She thought. "Not bad acting for an old broad."
Carl Gold would eventually become more masculine and his pheromone production
would return to normal male, although there would always be something
sissyish about him that would attract strong dominant females. after a number
of months, the charges against him would prove to be all a big mistake, and
he would be given a job again in Carley's company - office boy, perhaps. One
thing the old woman knew for sure. he would never be anything but deferential
and subservient to women, and he would never, ever come near bikini beach

There was a knock on the door. "Come in," the old woman called pleasantly.
Carley entered. All she remembered was a pleasant day at a fantastic water

Hello, ma'am." she said, greeting the old woman with a handshake. I just
stopped in to tell you how glad I am that I bought a lifetime pass to Bikini
Beach today. I have seldom enjoyed myself so much. The rides are fantastic
fun, the food is delicious and reasonably priced, the park is super clean,
and all your employees are most pleasant and helpful; one can tell they
really enjoy their jobs. ("OH?" thought the old woman, remembering how some
of her employees came to be her employees.) And, while I like men, well, some
of them, anyway, it's nice to be away from them for a time. I'd like to make
you a proposition. I am the sole owner of The Company. Almost ninety percent
of my employees are women, and I would like to make arrangements for them to
all become members if we could hammer out a discount. I would also be willing
to provide you with the services of The Company at a discount."

The old woman stood and, smiling, came around her desk. "My, I have seldom
received such a glowing testimonial for my park; we certainly must be doing
something right. I know we can work something out" She put her arm around
Carley's shoulders and began to lead her out. "Let's go do lunch and discuss
it further. We might EVEN be able to make arrangements for some of your male

As they exited Annya heard her grandmother say, sounding amazingly like
Humphrey Bogart, "Carley, I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful
friendship." And then, "You can call me...". But then they were around the
corner and Annya couldn't hear what her grandmother was saying.

The End

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