Bikini Beach: Family Outing

Bikini Beach: Family Outing
Elrod W

Synopsis: A family goes to Bikini Beach for a quiet day of fun and sun. Imagine the surprise of the father and little boy when they get to spend the day seeing the world from other side.

The Bikini Beach story universe and characters contained therein are copyright 1999 by ElrodW, all rights reserved.


Bikini Beach: Family Outing

“This one doesn’t look good, either.” Mike Harwin slid his key into the ignition as he slammed the car door. He glanced over the seat. “Sorry kids, but this doesn’t look like a very nice beach.”

There was an immediate cry of protest from little Jimmy and his sister Nichole, seated in the back of the sedan. From their commotion, one could easily guess that they’d been promised a day playing on the beach, but the promise was about to be broken.

Cindy Harwin glanced at the kids, seeing the disappointment on their faces. “Are you sure?” she asked, trying to find something hopeful.

Mike shook his head. “Lots of drinking. And it looks like a biker gang out there too. I’m sorry, but I don’t want the kids around that.”

Cindy nodded slowly. “I know. But we promised…”

Mike sighed. “Well, there’s not a lot we can do.”

Cindy glanced back at the children. She so wanted them to have their fun. Then she remembered something. “Hey, what about that new water park that just opened? Something Beach?”

Mike looked at her, thinking. “Bikini Beach? Is that the name? That sounds familiar. I thought I saw a commercial the other night.” He raised his eyebrow at his wife. “Bikini Beach? Are you sure that’s the kind of place you want me at?”

Cindy snorted derisively. “You’re a married man, you old lech. And I’ll be right beside you, making sure you keep your eyeballs where they belong.” She glanced quickly at the kids, who were still crying. "Let’s give it a try.”


Mike was trying to keep his eyeballs front and center as he waited in line at the ticket window. This place was appropriately named, he decided. Bikinis were everywhere, and many were attached to young attractive ladies - shapely young ladies.

“May I help you?”

Mike turned, startled. “Um, yeah. Do you have family passes? You know, kids?”

The old woman in the booth looked at Mike and smiled pleasantly. “This is a private, members-only park, but we have some guest passes. And of course we entertain children. Would you like a one-day pass, or longer?”

Mike glanced over at Cindy and gave her a thumbs-up. He turned back to the window. “Two adults. My wife and I. And two children. Six and nine years.”

The woman rang up the total. “I do hope you enjoy the park. We have special areas for children who swim, and for toddlers.”

Mike smiled as he handed the woman his credit card. “We tried the public beaches, but…”

The woman nodded knowingly. “Don’t I know it! They’re just no place for young ladies — or children — to go!”

Mike signed the receipt and took his tickets. Cindy had already gotten the children from the car, and with their beach bags in hand, was waiting by the entrance.

Mike took Jimmy with him into the men’s locker room, while Cindy took his older sister to the ladies’ room. Mike was surprised at how small the men’s room seemed to be. He began to undress, but had to pause to catch his young son. A quick struggle and he had the boy corralled and changed into bathing trunks. Then he turned on the shower, pushed Jimmy in, and finished changing himself. After he closed the locker and pocketed the key, Mike stepped into a shower stall himself.


Mike turned the corner to the exit. He frowned; walking seemed somehow different. And the door was heavier, harder to push open. It didn't make sense. He was busy trying to keep little Jimmy from scampering off. Once he had the boy's hand, they sat down on a bench. Something was wrong, he thought as he squirmed uncomfortably. The bench felt … funny! Odd. It was as if something wasn’t quite right. He pulled Jimmy up on the bench beside him.

“Where’s mommy?” Jimmy asked.

Mike smiled. “It always takes ladies longer to get dressed. That’s just a fact of life, son.” He smiled appreciatively at the pair of scantily-clad bathing beauties who sauntered past, and was puzzled by their giggling. He shrugged it off and straightened up.

Something didn’t feel quite right. Again. Like his legs were too short? He shifted on the bench, and got his feet back on the ground. And as he did so, he felt a peculiar heaviness in his chest.

“Daddy?” Mike glanced down at Jimmy. “Why do you have pitty-pats?” Jimmy was staring at Mike’s chest.

Mike glanced down, and his mouth dropped open. On his chest were … boobs! Modest sized, firm, bouncy boobs, with big nipples! Women’s breasts, on his chest! Mike clasped his arm over the breasts, feeling them pressing into his arm even as he felt his arm pressing against the new objects. He glanced back at his son, embarrassed.

Mike’s jaw opened further, if such were possible. Jimmy’s hair was long. Long and curly and girlish. Not only that, but his face was softer, too, like his sister. Mike felt a surge of panic. What the hell was going on here? This was impossible.

Cindy came out of the locker room with Nichole in tow. She glanced around, looking for her husband, convinced that he would be waiting. But she glanced right past him. Then her head snapped back. She focused on Mike and Jimmy, sitting embarrassed on the bench. “Mike?”

Mike nodded slowly. “Something happened to us,” he said, knowing how ridiculous it sounded. He flinched at the sound of his voice echoing in his ears. It was unmistakably feminine. Sure — Cindy was going to believe him - go into a locker room as men, come out as women. Happens every day.

“What…?” Cindy’s mouth still hung open.

“Ladies, topless sunbathing is really a bad example for your little girls.” The old woman’s voice interrupted their staring fest.

“What…” Mike tried to say, flinching again at the softer and more mellifluous sound that came out of his mouth.

The old woman smiled at Mike and Cindy. She held out a pair of bikini tops — one matching the bikini bottom that Mike’s trunks had changed into, and the other one for Jimmy. Mike stared at her, dumbfounded, until Cindy took the bikini top and began fastening it on him. Then she expertly finished Jimmy’s swim suit.

“What’s going on here?” Mike demanded again.

The old woman held out a couple of tokens to the children. “I bet you girls would love a soda, wouldn’t you?” She gave a reassuring smile to Mike and Cindy, and sent the children across the way to a soda concession. She straightened and smiled at Mike. “I run this park for young ladies.”

Mike shook his head. “But … somehow you changed me…?”

The old woman nodded. “Into a young woman. So you’d fit in. There are no men in my park to disturb the privacy of the girls. As I told you, this is a private, members-only park — for women” She watched the unbelieving stares of Mike and Cindy. “You’re here. You’ve changed. So you might as well enjoy the park. After the changes wear off, your children won’t remember anything except a fun day at a water park.”

Mike glanced at Cindy. “So this wears off when we leave?”

The old woman shook her head. “Sometime after midnight, the magic wears off." She smiled. “I’ve found that it save possible ... situations that way.” She looked a bit embarrassed. "I can't tell you exactly when, though. It varies from customer to customer."


“Mom! Janey won’t let me have a turn.” Nichole’s voice called from the top of the water slide.

Cindy glanced up at her daughter. One of her daughters, she reminded herself as she saw Jimmy — Janey — in her cute little swimsuit and long braided hair. “Janey, let your sister have a turn.”

Cindy glanced beside her at Mike. Aunt Michelle, the kids were calling him. Her. She shook her head. This was so confusing. “The kids are having fun.”

Mike snorted. “Yeah, they are.”

Cindy gave him a disgusted look. “Would you at least try to enjoy yourself? You’re being such a pain.”

Mike lifted himself to stare at her, and was reminded of the change by the swaying on his chest. “Enjoy what? Being changed into a girl?”

Cindy looked cross. “Mike Harwin, you are being such a baby! We came here for a day of family fun, and we’re going to have a day of family fun! And you are part of the family!” She turned to the pool at the base of the slide. “Janey, Nichole, we’re going to go to the family slide!”

Cries of joy rang out from the pool as the two girls splashed their way to the side and climbed out. They eagerly took Mike’s hands and tugged him, leading him away from the pool to the big water slides.


Mike found a scream coming from his throat as the big tube dashed way up the side of the water slide, then with a splash slid down and up the other side, all the while careening faster and faster down the incline. Water splashed them constantly, and the little girls were both giggling and screaming with delight. Mike glanced at Cindy, and saw a look of joy on her face. She was having fun. As they reached the bottom, the raft slowed and splashed into the catch pool. For a few seconds, they floated away from the slide, before Mike slid over the side and tugged the raft toward the unloading area. He heard the girls giggling as they clambered out.

“Want to go again?” he finally said as he shoved the raft to the waiting staff member. As he stepped out of the pool, Cindy looked at him cautiously, and then grinned. The two girls screamed their assent, and the foursome began the climb back to the top.


“Are you sure about this?” Mike was surprised that he was the one voicing doubts. Cindy and the girls were ready and eager to go on the slide, but as he contemplated the ride, he felt butterflies. The seemingly vertical channel of the slide, the long runout, the pool at the bottom. Mike felt nervous.

Cindy grinned. “It’s a blast!” She seated herself in the starting pool, then when the lifeguard raised the bar, she heaved herself down. Mike watched nervously as she slid out of sight, then reappeared sliding toward the pool, entering with a great splash. She glanced toward the top, waving and grinning excitedly.

It was Janey’s turn. She put on a brave face, then slid down, screaming all the way. Next was Nichole. Same thing. Finally, it was Mike’s turn.

The lifeguard looked at him with amusement. “Cross your legs,” she admonished. “And cross your arms over your chest.” She lifted the bar.

Mike nodded to himself. Piece of cake. He lurched forward, then heard a girlish scream coming from his mouth as he dropped down the chute. Faster and faster his body hurtled, while he tried to keep his legs crossed. He felt his arms flailing, and tried to get them over his chest. Then he felt the small g-force as he turned onto the runout, and finally, with a splash that hit him like a ton of bricks, he splashed into the pool.

Mike sputtered out of the water, and glanced at Cindy. She was doubled over laughing, holding her hand over her mouth, pointing at him with one hand as she tried to control her mirth. Mike frowned. It wasn’t so funny to him.

Then he finally looked down to where she was pointing, only to see that his bikini top was hanging around his neck, exposing his bare boobs to the world. With an embarrassed frown, Mike tugged the tiny triangles of cloth, stuffing his breasts back into their concealment. He looked back up at Cindy, and saw tears in her eyes, so amused was she. Mike’s anger and frustration slowly melted. If the roles had been reversed, he’d have been the one laughing as Cindy tried to stuff herself back into her top.


The solo rafts were fun. The mat slides were fun. The wave pool was fun, even if it did tear Mike’s top off again and again. Cindy laughed, but Mike silenced her when he complained that it wasn’t his fault if he were too well endowed for a bikini. They soaked up the sun on the beach, the girls building a sand castle while the adults lounged and rested.

The rope swing interested the girls for a long time. Once again, however, Mike found his boobs just wouldn’t stay in his bikini. They tried everything, including the little paddleboats in the pond. Finally, the sun began to set and it was time to go.

Mike led Janey into the one locker room, while Cindy took Nichole to the other. Mike opened the locker, not really knowing what to expect. Since the day had been magical, he wasn't too surprised when he found that their clothes had been changed as well. Janey took off her swim suit and then pulled on her pink panties and her sundress, while Mike slipped into his short shorts and halter top. What surprised Mike, though, was that he'd put on the clothes as if he'd been doing it all his life. They gathered their belongings and met Cindy and Nichole at the entrance.

It was late enough that they were hungry. Cindy suggested they stop at a drive-in for hamburgers, to which the kids agreed enthusiastically. Mike found himself stuffed even before half the burger was eaten, a fact which Cindy took great delight in. On the way home, the girls fell asleep in the back seat.

In the dim twilight, Mike pulled the car into the garage. He hoisted Janey from her seat, gasping at how heavy the little girl was. Then he chided himself. He, too, was changed. He didn't have the muscles he used to. This delicate feminine body was struggling to carry his little boy - er, girl. Mike found himself amazed at how easily - or seemingly easily - Cindy carried Nichole.

Up the stairs they trudged, with Mike being careful not to trip. As Cindy headed for Nichole's room, Mike turned for Janey's. Jimmy's. Damn, but this was confusing!

Mike gasped when he walked into Janey's room. It was so ... girlish! No Star Wars curtains. No Green Bay Packers bedspread. The messy stack of action figures was gone; in its place were dolls - Barbie dolls, and more dolls of all varieties. Yeesh, Mike thought. How many kinds of dolls are there? He caught himself; he knew that Nichole had a huge assortment of such toys in her room. It just seemed so odd to him that a similar pile was in _this_ room.

Even the bed was changed, to a white canopy bed, with lacy canopy and bedspread. Lacy pink curtains. Pink and red flowers on the wallpaper. And - this got the biggest gasp from Mike - no mess on the floor! He could understand the bed and the dolls. But the clean floor?

He tucked little Janey into the bed, then stared down at the angelic little face. It was his son, and not his son. He recognized the girl Jimmy would have been if a different sperm had won the race.

Tenderly, Mike leaned forward and kissed the little girl on the forehead. Then he trudged to Nichole's room, passing Cindy in the hall. Finally, having done the goodnight ritual, they both headed downstairs.

Mike slumped into a chair in the kitchen. "I'm beat," he finally said, still flinching at the sexy sound of his voice.

Cindy laughed. "When you decide to have fun, you really outdo yourself, don't you."

Mike smiled, a faint smile that seemed to take most of his energy. "Bedtime?"

Cindy looked at him and laughed. "In your condition, I don't think we have too many other options."

As Mike pulled up the blanket to tuck himself in bed, Cindy looked at him. "Well, how was it?"

Mike paused and glanced at her. "It was fun. I think we really enjoyed that park."

Cindy laughed. "That's not what I meant, and you know it."

Mike blushed. "I don't know what you mean."

This caused Cindy to howl. "Oh yeah? Mister Macho Studly won't admit that being a woman for a day was interesting, now, will he?"

Mike answered by flipping off the light. "See you in the morning."


Mike - in his normal male body, sat at the table, reading the paper as he spooned in his Grape Nuts, part of his normal morning ritual. Cindy stared, then heard the commotion as two kids ran down the stairs. "Jimmy, Nichole," she yelled. "Breakfast first, then cartoons."

"Aw, mom!" Jimmy whined as he trudged into the kitchen. "I'm gonna miss Pokemon!"

The two grudgingly sat down and poured themselves some cereal while their mother got them juice.

As he dug into his bowl of cereal, Jimmy's face lit up. "That park was a blast! Can we go back today? Can we? Please?"

Nichole glanced at Jimmy, and then enthusiastically joined in. "Yeah, can we go back?"

Mike nearly choked on his Grape Nuts. Cindy watched him, and then started to laugh. "We'll see," she finally sputtered.

After the kids had eaten and were watching cartoons, Cindy started to laugh again. Mike looked up from the paper. "What's so funny?"

"They really don't remember! And they want to go back!" She started to giggle. "Funny, but I can't picture you in a bikini. Not right now, anyway."

Mike started to say something, but his mouth closed. For several seconds, he contemplated what had happened. Finally, he spoke. "I think you're insulting me because you're jealous." He watched his wife's expression change from amusement to surprise. "Yeah, that's right! You're jealous because I looked better in a bikini than you did."

It took a bit for Cindy to get over the shock so that mouth would work again. "Oh yeah? Well maybe we should just go back so I can prove just how wrong you are!"

Mike stood his ground. "Well, maybe we should! Because I know I'd win!"

Cindy stared defiantly at him. How dare he think he'd look better in a bikini! Then the absurdity hit her, and she couldn't keep a straight face. She had to sit down, she was laughing so hard. When she could talk again, she looked up at Mike. "You're serious, aren't you," she finally said.

Mike grinned. "Well," he shrugged, "It kind of gives me a better perspective. And I can think of worse ways to spend a family outing."

Cindy hugged him and gave him a peck on his cheek. "That's an interesting way to think of it. I suppose we can go back, as long as you don't get to like it too much." She kissed him again.


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