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Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *11* Play Time

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*Chapter 11*

Play Time

‘What are that pair up to?’ Dave mused as his riders slipped across the line to the bell announcing the lap five prime.

Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *8* Back to Normal

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*Chapter 8*

Back to Normal

“Where’re the blumen?” Steff enquired at morning break.

“School office,” I offered around a chunk of Streusel.

Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *6* Reflections

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*Chapter 6*


“With us?” I exclaimed.

“You don’t have to shout Gab,” Mand admonished.


“Probably around half term I guess.”


Back Home - worst luck!

Well I'm back in England - for a few weeks at least, so I present to you the next part of Culture Clash.

My trip to the Spreewald Marathon was quite successful - a total ride time of 6:35 for the 203km was a new personal best for the event despite the damp on the day. My actual ride time gave an average of almost 32kph/21mph which I'm quite proud of, I doubt i'll come close to that next week in the Tour de Yorkshire event!

Christmas Calamity Part 3

christmas calamity cover.jpg  
*Part 3*

Gab looked out of the Dormer, no snow but the sky looked pretty full of something, oh well, no escaping the training schedule. Sports bra, thermal bibs, merino socks, jersey, phone – everything else is downstairs. Mum was already in the kitchen similarly attired when she got there, coffee already dripping into the jug.
“I thought you were going out later?”

Christmas Calamity Part 2

christmas calamity cover.jpg  
*Part 2*

“Herr Sebenschuh?”
“Ja, call me Helmut please, Nena yes?”
“Yes, you really are a lifesaver, Helmut, thank you so much for this.”
“Pleased to help, let’s get the food inside.”
Nena followed out to the van where a trio of teenage girls were unstacking boxes in the back of the elderly minibus.
“Girls, this is Nena the Reisemeisterin.”

Christmas Calamity Part 1

christmas calamity cover.jpg  
*Part 1*

“What do you mean you can’t get anyone out for three days?”
“Its Christmas and the weekend, what can I say,” Bill sighed.
“Grrr, so we’re stuck here in back of beyond until Saturday?”
“I’ve already spoken with the hotel, they’re alright you staying but their chef has already left for the holidays so you’ll need to sort out feeding everyone.”

a quick update

RL has delayed my writing a bit this last few days - that and a vagrant muse, so the expected third arc of the new book may be delayed by a few days.

The good news is that I have plenty of writing time scheduled over the holiday period so with a bit of luck part 4 shouldn't! Be delayed by any significant amount!


back to the grindstone

Well i'm back three weeks after leaving, almost to the hour as I write this.

So, i'm back from Friesland (different areas spell it differently) with a bunch of photos, tired legs and a couple of kilos less me! The sun didn't always shine but we both enjoyed the 1400km plus trip.
We visited 8 islands, used 13 ferry services, enjoyed blistering heat and thunderstorms and took @ 3000 photographs!

Now i'm back home normal service should resume this week and i'll crack on with more writing - 39 more chapters to write of book 14!


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