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Gaby Book 10 Chapter *1* Close Call

Chapter *1*

Close Call

The silly old moo had pulled into the middle of the road, which left me a narrow gap kerbside to head for. There was no time to think about it, flick to the right, hold on tight, BANG! That's her mirror gone. I hadn't even finished passing her before an even loader noise rent the air. Instinctively I hopped onto the pavement and anchored to a slightly panicked halt.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *40* Consequences

Chapter *40*


The trip to France had been brilliant, Dave and Josef hit it off and the pair of them ha d spent both evenings in the hotel bar, Drew occupied himself by wheedling his way into the Tour ‘enclosure' a couple of kilometres along the road . The second day of their visit was a mountain time trial back up the Tourmalet so it was a rare 2-night stop for the caravan.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *38* Conspicuous

Chapter *38*


Rooms and luggage sorted out, it was time for some action.

"So, a couple of hours in the city then back to the Messe to register?" I confirmed.

"Sounds good." Steffi agreed.

" Let's do it!" Anna enthused.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *37* Dance, Dance, Dance

Chapter *37*

Dance, Dance, Dance

The end of term dance, not something you can miss but it's a bit weird too as some people won't be back after the summer, moving on to college or different schools, some even starting work. All my friends will be back but there are people I know who won't so this could be the last time our paths cross.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *36* Testing Times

Chapter *36*

Testing Times

“Change of plan for tomorrow.” Dad offered as we slipped onto the autobahn.

“How so?”

“Well I've been asked if you pair would ride the two-up rather than the solo event.”

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *35* Model For A Day

Chapter *35*

Model For A Day

"So what exactly are we doing?" I pretty much huffed as we stood on a windswept platform in Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof.

"Shopping, I did tell you – you didn't have to come."

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *33* Food for Thought

Chapter *33*

Food for Thought

I can't believe I just did that, I actually invited someone to have dinner with us who is a) not in my inner circle and b) is a boy. T hat sounds a bit weird I suppose but whilst Max is a friend, I guess, you don't normally invite random individuals to lunch , at least not in my book.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *32* Nougat

Chapter *32*


All I can say is that thankfully it wasn't some sort of meringue! It was, as tradition dictates, white, with a certain amount of lace. On the other hand it failed to reach my knees, was teamed with white hold-ups and sandals with a stupid 8cm heel!

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *31* The Angel Gabrielle

Chapter *31*

The Angel Gabrielle

As you might imagine, the rest of the week was a real drag — let me rephrase that, it wasn't that the week was any worse than usual, rather the weekend seemed to take forever to arrive. With no race this weekend my training schedule was less intensive so the highlight, if you can call it that was Friday's Gardetanz practice.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *30* Best Of Elf

Chapter *30*

Best Of Elf

Dad and me were invited back for dinner so instead of finding a local restaurant we piled into the bus and Dad headed us via a slightly more scenic route back towards Wuppertal and beyond the extra mile or two to Mettmann.

"Dinner will be about an hour," Angela told us, "take a walk or something."

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *29* Olpe and Away!

Chapter *29*

Olpe and Away!

You would have thought he might have learnt something from our previous encounter, but clearly not hence I'm the champ and he's an also ran. We turned left in the village to start lap two and now my ire was well ire-y. There wasn't really any way of telegraphing my new game plan to Roni but I'm pretty sure she won't be content to just sit back in the bunch with a holding brief.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *27* Plan C

Chapter *27*

Plan C

“So Drew, how are you feeling?” Doctor Fischer enquired.

Me, Mum and Dad were seated opposite him in a sort of lounge attached to the department, a cup of coffee in front of each of us, which I kept sipping to calm my nerves.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *25* Home Alone

Chapter *25*

Home Alone

For once I'm properly organised, not just with the Foresters stuff but a change of non bike stuff for afterwards too. Let's face it, I'm not known for my organisation so I've surprised myself, anyhow I grabbed my kitbag and headed to the changing rooms.

"I wonder who that girl was?" one voice asked.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *24* A Cheering Thought

Chapter *24*

A Cheering Thought

Being a ‘fish and chipper'*, the event uses a smallish circuit of about 26km covered four times with about another ten getting to and from the circuit from Julich. To get to my spot I can ride ten kilometres across the middle of the circuit directly to Titz — no I'm not making it up, that's the name of the village, honest. Maybe twenty minutes if I get my head down, that means I should get there as the race starts which should give me a clear twenty minutes to get organised.

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Gaby Book 9 Chapter *23* Watching Brief

Chapter *23*

Watching Brief

I think I've mentioned going to the cinema in Koblenz before, it's hardly a modern Cineplex like the one at Meadowhell back in Blighty but they do have the latest releases, which for us in Germany this week means Star Wars Episode III and Madagascar.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *22* The Truth

Chapter *22*

The Truth

We took turns pushing Claudia, she's not strong enough to do it herself which clearly frustrates her.

"Let's look in here." Anna suggested, here being a shop selling all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff - well weird anyhow!

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *21* The Trouble With Claudia...

Chapter *21*

The Trouble With Claudia...

"Guh." I managed to croak out when my alarm went off.

Why do we have to get such an early train? I dragged myself out of my nest and into the shower - a sure way to wake myself up. Twenty minutes later I was stood in front of the mirror examining myself - for a boy I make a damned good girl, but that's no longer really the case is it? Whilst there's barely an ounce of fat on me, what there is forms some er very female curves. That's just it, apart from Herbert and his pals I look like a girl already ; tuck them out of the way, we are talking chipolata rather than Cumberland here, and voila, one erm foxy girl - well she would be if she wasn't me. No , that's not right ; she's still foxy even if she is me.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *20* Weekend

Chapter *20*

Given that the soreness was more a nagging ache inside , and by wearing the short liners I use with baggies, the ride to school wasn't too bad. I could feel a bit of a tug getting on and off the Schauff but riding wasn't a problem in itself.

"You okay Gabs?" Steff checked again .

"Uh huh." I winced as I slid off the saddle.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *14* Luck of the Goddess

Chapter *14*

Luck of the Goddess

There wasn't time to dither, the peloton might take a little longer than us to sort out the foodstuffs but our window of opportunity was no more than a couple of minutes.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *13* Kiel'd Over

Chapter *13*

Kiel'd Over

Although the sky was clear, blue as anything, I had to suppress a shiver as we stood waiting for the start, not in Hamburg but in a place called Ahrensburg. Today we've got a big anti clockwise loop, Tali reckons it's undulating without any particularly steep climbs. In their wisdom the organisers have put a couple of primes in, one in Lubeck and the other in Kiel.

Gabrielle Noel


Gabrielle Noel

by Maddy Bell

“I wish Gabs was here,” Juliette sniffled.

“We all do luv.” Jen pulled her eldest closer, Dave in turn gripping his wife’s shoulder in support.

They hadn’t used the car, it wasn’t worth the hassle, and the memorial after all was less than a kilometre from Bond Acres, near the junction with the main valley road. They weren’t the only ones headed there, the events of that night nearly a year ago affected a lot of folk in Dernau and round about, the memorial being unveiled today a physical reminder of that. So it was that they joined the subdued procession of townsfolk heading to the ceremony.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *10* Anna's Party

Chapter *10*

Anna's Party

“I'll ring Dad; he's picking us up anyway.”

We set off through Kripp at a very much reduced pace, a mere thirty kph, Mum had her phone out as soon as we reached a straight stretch of road.

“Dave? …hi luv…great, great, fifteen minutes…we need to do a mercy run…party,” Mum looked over to me, “where?”

“Er Max's.” I should have met the others at Pia's; they'd be walking over to the venue now.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *04* Approaching Con


Chapter *04*

Approaching Con

Drew slept fitfully, thoughts of Helen and of Japan kept him from sleep and it was sheer exhaustion which finally took him into the land of nod.

"You getting up , spud?" Dave called up.


"It's nearly seven."


Gaby Book 9 Chapter *03* Warsop News


Chapter *03*

Warsop News

Given that Drew wasn't actually interested and his mind was elsewhere the fact that Con managed to outfit Bond junior at all was amazing, into a particularly figure hugging and girly dress with more than a little decollotage on view and some stupidly tarty shoes was pretty impressive.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *01* News from Home


Chapter *01*

News from Home

"No reply." Mad sighed.

"We'll try again later love, they're probably at a race or some such."

"Why Mum?" the teen was pulled into a hug by Carol who was more than a little upset herself.

"These things happen love , " she consoled, stroking her distraught daughter's hair.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *40* That's Handy


Chapter *40*

That's Handy

We retraced our outward route for several kilometres before heading more southward along a road of wide sweeping corners and a distinct downward tilt. The five of us worked well together and unlike last week's gentler ride we weren't taking any prisoners.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *39* Hangover


Chapter *8.39*


Ooh my head!

“Are you listening Drew?”


Dave was in no mood to be sympathetic to his offspring's current demeanour, finding both your teenage daughters more than a little the worse for wear in a private drinking party had hardly put him in the best of humours.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *38* Gothic Return


Chapter *8.38*

Gothic Return

“Fancy a change of pace next weekend?” Dad enquired.

“I thought it was the Three Countries.”

We were sat, as we had been for twenty minutes, in a traffic jam at Leverkusen, Dad having elected not to hang about too long after Angela had fed us.

“That's Saturday, how'd you fancy doing a time trial on Sunday?”

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *37* Bern's Visit


Chapter *8.37*

Bern's Visit

“Rose, visitors.”

I'd been expecting the call, looking forward all week to today my first visit by my folks since my incarceration. I followed the warder out of the lounge and down the corridor to the visitors lounge.

“In you go Rose.”

“Er thank you.”

I wasn't the first inmate in the room; several others were already with their visitors.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *36* Westerwald


Chapter *8.36*


The first few kilometres along the Rhein whilst not super fast were quite intense as after the first attack several more riders attempted escapes so we had a bit of a slow go ride. We didn't have a particular game plan today, there's nothing at stake so Dad's giving us a free hand.

“Any ideas?” Roni asked.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *35* Pizza Express!


Chapter *8.35*

Pizza Express!

Over the next twenty minutes it was all go, no simple slip dress on, go and wait, oh no. For a trio travelling light the girls seemed to have a huge amount of stuff with them, not just clean, dry under things, Con and Pia had full outfits and they all had more cosmetics than I own — well okay maybe not that much — but plenty anyhow.

“Sit still.” Pia ordered.

“Is this really necessary? I mean, we're only getting some pizza.” I pointed out.


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