Love & Supernova 17 - First Warning


There is no way to argue with Mother Nature (an ecologist).

Everyone knows that Betelgeuse will soon go supernova. Less and less immigrants go to the planet Betelgeuse VII, the economy remains on the line of stability and the newly elected dictator, Caligula XV, guarantees to the people that, before the star will die, everyone will have time to relocate to the newly terraformed planet Betelgeuse S, which is safe.

Visitors Beware

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I'm an aficionado of getting out into the great outdoors. Walking in the back country goes by many different names, depending on where you live. Hiking, rambling or bushwalking are some common terms, but in New Zealand we call it tramping, and people who do it are known as trampers.

Tolerance Town

Tolerance Town

Barb watched the bus full of tourists pull in to the parking lot of the library and took a moment to check her outfit. Blue jacket, white blouse, blue skirt, cute blue-and-white hat. It had been suggested as a joke, but now she decided to just to go for it, why not?

Altered Fates - Chess Prodigy

This story is dedicated to the memory of my parents. My father taught me the game of the chess at age six, and I still enjoy the game today. As always, a big thank you to my editor, Steve Zink. Steve's help is invaluable.

Altered Fates: Chess Prodigy
by Danielle J

Warning- There is one scene of intense violence. While not gory, it may shake up sensitive readers.

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