OddPOV is gone.

The name Wendy is taken, so I added my middle name on my user ID also. OddPOV is now Wendy Jean. I'm still a very odd person, but I have found I was not as different as I once thought I was. It was lonely thinking you were a pervert that had to hide for over 40 years. I now know I am neither a pervert or alone. I am me, and I am how I was made by God.

My last post on Big Closet

This will be my last post as OddPOV. I am updating my user name to match my new self, it will be some variation of Wendy. We tell our loved ones we don't change to comfort them with our new selves. The core remains, the soul if you will, but the fact is we do change, a lot. I have.


About a year ago, I posted my first story in the Comics Retcon Universe titled Magnetic Personality. Now, after a year or so of writing, I proudly present the next chapter in the Adventures of Lorna Dane. Have fun Everyone!
Moongoddess at Large

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