OddPOV is gone.

The name Wendy is taken, so I added my middle name on my user ID also. OddPOV is now Wendy Jean. I'm still a very odd person, but I have found I was not as different as I once thought I was. It was lonely thinking you were a pervert that had to hide for over 40 years. I now know I am neither a pervert or alone. I am me, and I am how I was made by God.

The only thing I can see that I am a little different is patience. I waited eight months before truly starting HRT, as I wanted to loose my weight before I started in earnest. In this I have basically succeeded, though I would like to loose a bit more.

I have lots of people whom I consider friends here on this site. I have not given up on those friends and family whom have rejected me, maybe they will come around. If not, I will be here. I think I have changed for the better, this calmer attitude being one of them. I still have a temper, but it does not rule like it used to. Removing testosterone has helped in that regard, and estrogen has its own built in attitudes (which I am enjoying enormously).

Now it is a matter of waiting for the surgery. I'm looking forward to being complete.

I went and got my third set of fingerprints, this time it was done electronically. Texas being who/what they are, I still had to have them printed out. And yes, the machine didn't like these prints either, but it is the best I can do. Now if I can convince the bureaucrats of that. Once they figure out they will never be really happy with my fingerprints I can get on with my name and gender marker change. I have to wonder how the heck they will identify my prints at a crime scene if they can't read prints made under ideal circumstances. I hate bureaucracies, no brains, let alone common sense.

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