Heir to a Title - Chapter 26

Sorry about the long delay.

I've been busy moving house, renovating bedrooms, installing bathrooms and I'm still not finished. The rest of this years I'm building an extension to my new home in Bristol so that I have a ground level 'granny annexe' ready for when I'm old and slow.


Ellie. (Eleanor) The prime Character.

Bill (William) her father, (obviously).

Callie short for Callisto) Ellie’s only daughter. Initially she was called Callum - a transgendered son.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 20

Heir to a Title, Chapter 20

Within three days the conservationists concluded that the marten family seemed undisturbed by the presence of the hide. The decision was made to try and install more cameras around and in the tree with a tentative attempt to try and install one inside the den.

The first phase went well and by the mid-afternoon, there were six cameras installed at strategic locations around the glade, the final objective now confronted the observers, how to get an inside view of the den.

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