Heir to a Title - Chapter 26

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Ellie. (Eleanor) The prime Character.

Bill (William) her father, (obviously).

Callie short for Callisto) Ellie’s only daughter. Initially she was called Callum - a transgendered son.

Charlotte. (Nana) Ellie’s Paternal Grandmother (Callie's great-grand-mother)

Sandie (Sandra) Ellie’s Older Aunt

Rosie (Rose) Ellie’s Younger Aunt

Henry Ellie’s boyfriend and husband. (Second son of the Duke of Denton)

Molly Duchess of Denton. Henry’s mother.

Bev (Beverly) Ellie’s aunt (Previously Uncle Bernard and brother to her dad.)

Jennifer. (Jennie) Beverly's older adopted daughter.

Beatrice (Bea) Beverly's younger adopted daughter.

Lucy, Henry’s oldest niece, Callum’s cousin.

Eleanor, Henry’s middle niece Callum’s cousin. Same name as Ellie.

Virginia Henry’s youngest niece, Callum’s cousin

Julie Ellie’s sister-in-law.

Angela(Angie) Beverly’s wife (kidnapped by pirates and rescued.)

Megan Beverly’s only blood daughter by Angela.

Margaret Arnold.(Maggie) Callie's best female friend. (Later fiance)

Jane Arnold, Maggie's mother.

Peter Arnold, Maggie's dad.

James Denton (The Ferrety Denton) Callie's ambitious, uncle.

Heir to a Title 26

As the strains of 'Happy birthday Dear Callie' faded away, a round of applause thundered around the ballroom of Denton hall. The roll continued until Callie held up her hands to signal for silence again.

Finally the guests fell silent and she spoke.

“Firstly of course, I want to thank everybody here for making my eighteenth birthday such a happy occasion. As you all know, since the new legislation, I come into my title today and finally get to inherit the estates. However, I firstly have to thank my mum Duchess Eleanor and my grandmother Dowager Duchess Matilda whom you all know as Ellie and Molly and who have done so-o much to keep my inheritance intact.

Mum, Grandma, I cannot ever thank you enough except to say I will do everything in my powers to see that inheritance continue to thrive and serve our family for the future.

Now, as you all know, I will at sometime in the coming years, finally elect to become a woman. I know' I can hear you saying I look like a woman already, well that's thanks to my incredible family though I hardly have to tell any of you about the personal sacrifices I have made on that issue in trying to accommodate the title and inheritance issues. I'm sure you will all know my feelings for I have made no secret of my needs.
Consequently there's little more me to say except to state here and now that my marriage to Margaret will be one based on mutuality and equality, and to that end, I hand you over to Maggie so she can add a few words.”

The room fell expectantly silent as Maggie stood and took the microphone off her fiancé.

“Thank you everybody, now I've got a few words to say on both our behalves.
Firstly, we wont be getting married until after both of us have finished at university so don't start making any preparations just yet.

Secondly, and most importantly, we don't expect to be having children until after that date. Everybody here knows that for the first born child to inherit the dukedom after Callie, he or indeed she will have to be legitimate. Neither I nor Callie have any intentions of endangering our child's claim to his or her title after we have gone. This may sound somewhat premature to those here today, but Callie has had enough hassle already concerning potential conflicts between her transgenderism and ducal inheritance rights. Neither of us want any more.

I think it's common knowledge by now, that Callie has taken alternative cryogenic steps to ensure our having children. So that's all I've got to add except to thank you all for coming to the party and being so supportive.”

As Maggie stood aside, her father stepped forward. She glanced questioningly towards her fiancé Callie who smiled and nodded. Peter Arnold took the microphone and paused as he gathered his thoughts. His decision to add a few words had been spontaneous and he frowned thoughtfully before speaking.

“As the man who I hope will be giving my only daughter away, I have to add that I give my full blessing to this union though I have been asked by Maggie's mum for one big favour.”
He paused for effect then boldly made the request.

“I know that neither of you are religious but as a favour to your mother and I; Maggie can you possibly get wed in a church because your mum wants the pleasure of a new outfit on the day and I would like the pleasure of accompanying you down the aisle. It's not much to ask.

Then with a fatherly smile he put his arm around Maggie and added; “I also look forward to the day I am a grandfather. That's all I have to say.”

To her parents delight, both Maggie and Callie nodded and smiled.

Denton hall rang to another round of applause followed by a buzz of chatter as guests settled down to the birthday cum engagement meal. Callie and Maggie ate sparsely before setting off around the tables to chat briefly with the guests. Finally the DJ started the music and conversationalists were forced to retreat to the library, drawing room and morning room if they wanted to continue chatting while other friends strutted their stuff on the ballroom floor.

By the end of the evening both Callie and Maggie were exhausted from circulating between talkers and dancers. Bed proved to be a welcome relief and both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Dawn found Maggie snuggled up to Callie only to be surprised by a very rare and unexpected development. She reached down and stroked the invader through Callie's panties.

“Mmmm,” she sighed into Callie's sleepy ear, “are you able to use that?”

“Wha-?” Callie mumbled still not fully awake.

Maggie squeezed the welcome arrival and whispered again.

”When was the last time he came to breakfast?”

Callie jerked with surprise as she felt Maggie's busy hands.

“Ah! Oooh! Watch'oo doin' babes?”

Maggie stroked it and Callie squirmed with delight as she finally woke fully and realised what was happening. Her hand joined Maggie's and confirmed what she could hardly believe.

“Oh my God! I've got a stiffy! I'm so sorry girl!”

Maggie giggled.

“Bloody hell girl! Don't apologise. That's the best dildo I could have ever shared with you. I hope you're not going to waste it.”

So saying she slid her leg over Callie's thigh and deftly slipped her panties off while simultaneously whispering.

“I'm game if you are.”

Callie gasped as she quickly realised Maggie's intent.

“Are you sure love? You mustn't get pregnant.”

“Don't be silly lover girl, I'm on the pill.”

Callie's smile turned to a grin as she slipped her own panties off to lie invitingly naked for Maggie to slide onto her. Gently, she inveigled her legs between Maggie's and as they came together, their bare breasts mashed sensitively. Both girls croaked with delight as their stiffening nipples brushed together.

“Are you okay with this?” Callie asked one more time.

For an answer, Maggie reached down and fingered her vagina then pressed her fingers to Callie's lips. Callie licked her lips and grinned.

“Stupid question,” she answered her own query as she craned her head to lock lips with Maggie.

With all doubts removed, the pair took pains that the union was entered into slowly and gently as each endeavoured to please the other. Their efforts proved successful and it was a very surprised Ellie who found them still locked in a somnolent, nuptial embrace when she brought them breakfast.

“Well,” she smiled softly, “congratulations! This is a surprise. Will you not be wanting this then?”

The pair woke then blushed and pulled belatedly at the bed covers to cover their lower nudity. Once they were decent, Ellie placed the tray on the bedside table and blew them a kiss as she retreated. Through her blushes Maggie smirked at Callie.

“That's what I like about your mum, she's got style and panache!”

Callie grinned back.

“Well you know what we nobility say about not scaring the horses.”

Maggie reached out with both hands and gently tweaked Callie's nipples. Callie squeaked and a tickling match ensued to the accompaniment of squeaks and mutual, muffled appeals for mercy. Finally calm returned to the bed and hunger helped them demolish the breakfast. As Maggie padded softly to the bathroom she stared out of the windows to see their horses galloping across the field.

“I think we might have disturbed the horses darling, Sandie is obviously awake.”

Callie noted her stallion Sandie's excited condition and gave a snort of laughter before joining her fiancée in the shower. As her hands gently slid around Maggie's waist, Maggie pressed the cleft of her derrière against Callie's body and savoured the two engorged nipples pressing into her back. Callie's other indicator had however failed to respond a second time and Maggie felt the slightest twinge of regret. She sighed softly and, what she thought was non-committally but Callie's feminine radar proved too sensitive.
She whispered uncertainly.

“Are you certain you're happy with me having 'the op'?

The fractional delay in Maggie's answer served only to deepen Callie's uncertainty. She released her embrace and stepped around Maggie to face her. Maggie read the nervousness in Callie's eyes and frowned before replying. Honesty was the best policy.

“I love you deeply as a woman Callie, but this morning was a delicious surprise. I must confess it felt good.”

Callie's eyes hooded as she glanced down to indicate her male appendage and asked.

“D'you want me to keep it?”

“Do you want to keep it?” Maggie countered.

It was Callie's turn to pause. Her feelings towards her penis were fairly ambivalent because her sense of identity had mostly been in her head. The truth was that physically she could 'take-it-or-leave-it' as far as her genitalia went. She had experienced (as best as she knew) both forms of orgasm and truly felt that the female orgasm was by far the best. The long slow pulsing waves of body twisting delight followed by the intense climax and the long languorous descent had seemed to her the best way to approach sleep and it belied the conventional belief about men always falling asleep after sex. Callie invariably drifted into a deep and utterly satisfying sleep after enjoying a female climax. This despite still possessing a functioning and sensitive male organ.

Having finished their mutual shower they were reluctant to get up and both returned to the bed after blow-drying their hair. Even when silence returned and they were able to chat again, Callie remained unexpectedly silent.

Her thoughtful silence wrought a nervous response from Maggie.

“Are you sure you're a girl – a woman Cal'?”

The question brought Callie out of her reflection.

“In my head, yes! Yes, definitely but, but this morning was nice. I just wondered – that's all.”

“Wondered what? Explain.please Maggie beseeched. ”

Callie hesitated as she gathered her thoughts.

“Well;” she hesitated again,” I'm definitely a girl – in my head; my brain that is; and my brain you understand, is what makes me human. To be a girl, I have first to be a human being so if my brain makes me human and that brain is female, then that makes me a female. Who was that philosopher who said 'I think, therefore I am'?”

“That was Descartes, Rene Descartes the Frenchman,” Maggie answered, “go on, this is interesting.”

“Well that's just about it,” Callie continued haltingly. “For me, sentience is all. I see myself as primarily just a brain. I suppose that's partly the maths thing – like my mother, but the rest of the stuff going on between my ears is definitely female. I'm happy with that. Brain gender is everything to me, the body stuff is immaterial inasmuch as my legs are just scaffolding, my arms are just utility while my trunk is just bricks and mortar and that's it really. My body is just a logistical system that supports my head and brain. Body gender doesn't seem to matter to me except that it makes it easier to make my way amongst others. In other words, I find female company much more pleasant and I prefer their company because it's much more accommodating, more supportive, more sympathetic, more interesting and, put simply, more fun.”

“Are you saying that I'm just fun?” Maggie gasped. “That's not a good basis for a marriage! Is it?”

Callie stopped in her tracks and gaped stupidly.

“No! That's not what I'm saying at all! I was explaining why my body parts are not important to me. I can use my penis just the same as I use my eyes or my ears or my hands, there's little emotional inter-reaction with my using them. Relationships however, are a completely different business, for me that's cerebral stuff. Everybody can have different relationships with different people or different things. I was explaining why I want to feminise my body to facilitate an easier relationship with the rest of the society that I find so much more pleasurable.

I don't want to have to go living my life fighting a constant battle with the rest of humanity. That's one relationship I certainly want to enjoy so presenting as a female makes it much easier for others and therefore easier for me.”

Maggie nodded slowly before pointing out. “You haven't answered my question.”

Callie frowned as she wagged her head irritably.

“Please let me finish. My relationship with you is much more cerebral as well as emotional; call it love if you will but it's in here I love you,”

Callie tapped her skull before continuing.

“That cerebral love is an emotional love and that is a far stronger foundation to build a marriage on than just sex. I'll still be loving you when physicality or any type of sex is long grown old and only cuddles are left. As the Beatles wrote - 'I'll still love you when I'm sixty-five'."

Maggie's expression softened as her frown faded and a smile started to spread across her face. She rolled across the bed and pursed her lips expectantly. Callie wrapped her arms around her and their lips locked for almost a minute before Maggie gasped for air. Her heart was beating furiously as she recovered. Callie released her embrace and gently stroked Maggie's naked body. She shuddered as goose-pimples erupted and Callie pulled the duvet across the bed again to cover them both. As Maggie recovered her breath, Callie snuggled up again and the pair spooned together again.

It was fully another hour before a knowing knock disturbed their pillow chat.

“Are you two getting up today,” Molly asked through the door.

Callie recognised her grandmother's voice and reluctantly answered.

“Come in Nan, we're just pillow chatting.”

The old lady entered with a tray of coffee and set it down before stepping across to collect the dressing gowns and offer them to the bed-bound pair.

“I thought you had showered, Ellie told me you had.”

“We have,” Maggie replied, “we just needed to chat.”

“D' you want me to leave?”

“No, we're not shy if your not,” Callie chuckled as Maggie slapped her on the arm.

“Speak for yourself!”

Molly turned her head diplomatically to stare out of the window as the pair quickly donned their gowns. And got up.”

“Okay, we're decent now Nan.” Callie confirmed as she took the coffee pot and noted three cups. She filled them as Molly joined them at the little bedroom breakfast table.

“I'm back into Leeds this afternoon to sort out the last of your grandfather's affairs. D' you fancy going in?”

“We could do, we've got nothing else planned.”

“I'll also be ferrying your Great-grand-mother and your grand-dad to the station. It would be nice to have somebody to help share the driving and luggage carrying.”

Callie felt a small twinge of remorse for she had studiously avoided all but the most fleeting contact with her maternal grandmother. If there was anything to be said, it would best said in the car with her grand-father and future wife as witnesses not to mention the dowager duchess. Molly left after finishing the coffee and the pair prepared to drive to Leeds.

“Will you have much to say to her?” Maggie asked.

“If she asks, yes. I know she's reputedly said sorry to great Aunt Beverly but how can words ever repay the damage?”

“Words are all she's got,” Maggie pointed out. “She hasn't got much time if you and her are going to find reconciliation. Your mum Ellie seems to have managed it fairly well and she's really close to Beverly. What's more, even your auntie Bev seemed to be considering reconciliation. Perhaps death does that to people- you know, you're grand-father Harry's death and stuff. He was good to Auntie Beverly. She told me she wished they had chatted a lot more.”

“I suppose so, but I'd prefer to speak to auntie Bev first.”

Maggie produced her mobile phone.

“Here. Now is as good a time as ever, before we travel to Leeds.”

Callie took the ringing phone and spoke to her aunt.

“Yes darling we did have a brief chat.”

“And where you reconciled.”

“Pretty much. Charlotte doesn't talk much now so I don't have to struggle to maintain a conversation, just a few courteous words and that's that. She's pretty much going 'ga-ga' now anyway.”

“Should I forgive her?”

“What for. Ellie and Bill pretty much kept her out of your life. You shouldn't have much of a gripe with her. Yes, go ahead, by all means talk to her. It doesn't upset me at all.”

Callie felt some small relief and decided to chat with the old lady whilst Grandma Molly drove. After a light lunch they loaded the car and left Denton Hall. Callie stuck with her resolve and eventually her great-grand-mother responded albeit a bit vaguely. She was after all, one hundred and four.

Eventually, as the tensions in the car eased, they fell to discussing Callie and Maggie's future and eventual marriage.

In part, the conversation followed of from the couple's earlier pillow chat and Charlotte fell into a confused silence as she struggled to follow the gist of the conversation that had drifted around to parenthood and future heirs to the dukedom.

“Are you serious darling?” Auntie Molly asked after the subject of transitioning and fatherhood had cropped up.

“Callie seems okay with it.” Maggie observed.

“So it's not that urgent then, for the both of you I mean.”

“If Maggie's happy with me keeping my bits a little bit longer, then I am. It really isn't important to me Grandma. It's all about Maggie marrying her girlfriend with male bits, at least until the heirs are born.”

“My God!” William chuckled. “You make it sound like a stud farm.”

“Well you've enlightened me!” Molly giggled. “I thought lesbians hated cocks.”

“No Grand-ma – may I call you that now that Callie and I are engaged-? I don't like men. To my eyes, Callie is a girl, you only have to look at her.”

“Well that's the truth,” Charlotte unexpectedly added in a lucid moment. “If she must be a girl, she can at least be a pretty one.”

Callie looked at Maggie and they both burst out laughing.

“So what's the joke?” Grand-pa William pressed.

“That's exactly what we were chatting about this morning in bed.” Maggie explained.

“Go on,” William wondered.

“I'm only considering surgery so that I can mix more comfortably in female company. After Maggie and I chatted this morning, we decided it's not that urgent. Maggie likes girls, I am a girl so the little extra bit is immaterial.”

Maggie let out an unladylike guffaw and snorted.

“What's so funny?” Molly asked almost anticipating the reply.

“Well that little extra bit is a bit better than a dildo! At least until I get older and need more assistance with the vibrations!”

For a moment there was a deafening silence then Molly had to pull over before she lost control of the car. Fortunately they were not on the motor way and a convenient 'lay-by' appeared. Once off the road, Molly's heaving shoulders betrayed her silent mirth until finally she erupted into hysterical uncontrolled laughter.

“It's not that funny,” Callie tried to say before she too collapsed into helpless fits.”

Finally calm returned to the car and Molly probed a bit deeper.

“And what about children. Are you considering the normal route instead of the artificial way?”

“If it works, use it.” That's my philosophy,” Maggie chuckled.

“And you Callie?” Bill added.

“Well it would be much more convenient and simpler I suppose,” Callie observed

“And nicer,” Maggie supplied.

“And less contentious.” Callie added.

“Is that Callie speaking or salic law?” Molly asked.

“Can't say as I'm certain,” Callie confessed.

“Well there's plenty of time to find out darling. We've got three years of Uni before anything advances on the family front.”

Having more-or-less concluded discussions about the gender related family issues the conversation fell to future plans both matrimonial and academic. It gave them time to discuss their college options. Both girls had excelled in their examinations and they now knew that Callie was going to Cambridge to study maths for she had inherited her mother's gift while Maggie was Oxford bound to study zoology.

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