Tales Of Heirloom Gems 2 - Smooth Like Stone - Part 2

Smooth Like Stone - Part 2


Jace was annoyed. He was an up and coming magician. And as it was custom, those who sought favors with the higher ups, took over projects no one else wanted. Like his current side posting in the project to cure Gorgon Gazes. Not that it would go anywhere. Everyone knew it was impossible to cure.

And now this one helper, a lad from a nearby village, swore one of the statues moved. What an absurd notion. But just to be sure he followed the agitated boy. Jace was taken by surprise. The statue in question was beautiful.

She clearly stood out. Around her, the other statues were in movement. Taken as scenes cut out of battles. But the beauty before him posed sensually. As if she hadn’t a care in the world. Jace knew at once he had to have her. Moving or not this pearl had to be rescued out of this dreadful warehouse.

“Lad you did well. I see no movement but potential I see. I will take her to my workshop and see what I can do.” Jace grinned. Maybe the day hadn’t been so bad after all.


The workers placed the statue gently in Jace’s workshop. Between the beauty of the statue and that of his maid, he might have been invisible. He grinned as the worker was lead out. He knew too well what the worker would tell. That womanizer of Jace got a fitting statue to his ‘hobby’.

Jace didn’t mind as he carefully had cultivated this image. Though it wasn’t that far off. He really liked women, but a mage was always busy and sometimes his ‘hobby’ had to draw the short straw. So everything that might further his reputation was a plus.

Caitlin, his maid, returned. “Pretty. But how much did your eccentricity cost us this time?”

Jace grinned. She only talked like this when they were alone. To everyone else, Caitlin was just a beauty that Jace had conquered. Nothing could be further away. Caitlin was smart and had Jace respect. The only skirt he didn’t dare to chase. If she would have just a little more talent he would make her his apprentice. But still, in private he valued her and her sharp wit. And after all, he knew too well that men might lose their cool close to a pretty girl like her.

“I paid nothing, my dear. You see this damsel in distress is waiting to be rescued. She is an unfortunate victim of a Gorgon Gaze.”

Raising an eyebrow Caitlin got nearer and looked upon the statue up close. “She doesn't look like she is in distress to me. Where was she caught by the medusa? At a moonlight bathing?”

She patted Jace on the shoulder. “Well good luck curing her Gorgon Gaze affliction. We both know no one has done that before. Meanwhile, you can count on me to keep her dust free.”

Chuckling she headed off. Jace didn’t mind. He was used to her ribbing. In fact, it was one of the things about her he rather liked.

Turning back he studied the statue in detail. He traced every detail. One stood out rather quick. A slight bump on her chest. Carefully looking it over until he muttered to himself. “Could it be an heirloom gem? One of the lost ones?” His curiosity was caught. Quickly he headed to his library.


Nia was furious. With whom she couldn’t tell. She was caught. Well more or less. And just when she was posing a bit more lewdly. What was she thinking?

Then there was this magician. Young he looked. And quite arrogant to boot. Her ‘knight in shining armor’. HA! That he had a sexpot of a maid didn’t help his image in her mind of him.

Well, she got out of the warehouse in a way. At least that was something. Not that she had been truly trapped there. However, once she was in his workshop she had to review her opinion.

The magician wasn’t as stupid as she first thought. And from the equipment around she gathered he was quite advanced. On top of it, the ‘sexpot’ of a maid didn’t act like one. Quite the opposite. She mused that in the past time she made quite a lot of mistakes and overlooked a lot. Recent was a good term. Nia couldn’t even say how old she was.

How many years or decades did she spend as a statue? Or had it been even centuries? And last, but not least, the magician needed one good look and saw her heirloom gem. She had all but forgotten about it as it was a part of her for so long. But now her mind raced.

It would explain so much. The time as statue had overridden much of the original gem. Imprinted was now the knowledge and behavior of a statue. How to be unmoving. How to feel to be admired. The need to be posed and to be left in stasis.

After all these years something awoke in her nearly forgotten since her days as an apprentice: curiosity. Was it really the gem? She had to find out. A quick spell later and once again she was made out of flesh. The undoing of the fusing of the gem from her took longer than she had thought. For a moment it felt strange to be without it. Then she stared at the Heirloom Gem in her hand. Had it really been the gem that had doomed her? Or was it what saved her?

Her musing was broken by faint steps coming up the stairs. Quickly Nia posed herself. She straightened up and took a pose showing her proud. One arm raised and offering the gem. Just as the door open the last of her skin turned to gray smooth stone.

The maid didn’t step very far into the room. Nia had to once again to revise her opinion of the maid. She had quickly noticed Nia’s changed posture. But her reaction was curious. She wasn’t scared or the like. Nia felt how she was studied carefully from afar. The maid slipped out of the room as quietly as she had entered.


“Jace the statue has moved.”

Jace chuckled when his Maid came into his library and opened with this one sentence. "You know the lad that found her told the same joke.”

“Jace,” Caitlin repeated slowly and seriously. “She has moved.”

Jace looked up as he heard the seriousness of her voice. In her pretty face was not a hint of humor. A split-second later Jace was up and running. Sprinting to his workshop. He burst through the door and immediately saw that Caitlin was right.

There she stood proudly and if she was offering something. As he stepped closer, he saw the milky gem that decorated her chest earlier in her hand. Curiously he tried to address her, but she neither reacted or talked back. Not even as he hesitantly took the gem she was offering.

When it got later he retired to his chamber. The gem still in his hand. He could feel the magic and power. Without a doubt, he knew he was holding an Heirloom Gem. With thoughts about its power, he drifted off to sleep.


Nia knew she had to be patient. The mage and his maid did take their sweet time. He didn’t fuse to the gem right away as Nia had hoped. No, he rather studied the archives in hope to identify the gem first. After all, there were some gems who could be quite harmful.

Meanwhile, Nia had her fun. Each night, when no one was around, she changed poses. Sometimes playful ones, other times naughty one. But most often she had a teasing stand as if to say “Dude are you really fearing the gem?”

The magician was often not amused, but she caught him time and time again admiring her beauty. The maid, on the other hand, became Nia’s favorite of sorts. Her silky feathery duster was pure pleasure. Surely Nia didn’t have to be dusted off every day, not that she minded. Quite often she thought she could see a slight smirk on the maid's face. Betraying her and hinting that she was knowing well what she did to Nia.


Jace was staring at the gem in his hand. Weeks of research but no trace of a milky white gem. Lost gem or not this gem surely would reveal itself only by being worn. Again he glanced over to the statue and yet another mocking pose. New determination filled him.

He shouted for Caitlin and when she arrived he said. “So yeah I'm gonna do it. I have to try this gem. We both know gems can be dangerous. If you see any behavior that might fit a harmful behavior tell me immediately. You should know as well as I that wearers of gems sometimes don’t even notice it until it is too late.”

Caitlin gave a silent and serious nod. Now it was the time of truth. Jace opened his shirt and fused the gem to his chest. Both looked as if anything would happen but only silence followed.

“Well ..” Jace finally said. “Gems are working slowly. We are probably expecting a bit too much right away.”

They both resumed their respective work, but Jace couldn’t help to sneak now and then a peak of the gem and his reflection in the mirror.


Caitlin noticed a few changes pretty fast. For example that he spends so much time in front of the mirror. Sure he had always been vain, but now it was a bit more. Often she found him admiring his own reflection while barely moving. Was he striking poses? It was hard to tell.

Other quirks were even harder to notice. Was he shaving less often? Did he shake his hips a little more while moving? He also got quieter and more patient. Something that never had been his strongest side, to begin with.

And he looked younger. While no one could usually tell his age of thirty-five, now everyone would guess he was in his early twenties. But something was off. He looked softer than Caitlin remembered. His face maybe a bit rounder? His cheekbones a bit higher?

One day she noticed something was strange. Jace was standing yet again in front of the mirror. Unmoving. Caitlin could barely tell that Jace was still breathing. He had his shirt unbuttoned and was posed as if he found something confusing on his chest. As Caitlin looked as well she spotted 2 slightly butting breasts and nipples she was sure never were so puffy.

Something was wrong. She tried to speak but no words left her mouth. A curse of silence her mind noted. She tried to shake Jace awake but soft hands pulled her back. There behind her was the statue. But she wasn’t of stone anymore. A young beautiful girl pulled her back and patted on the bench behind them. Caitlin sat down beside the girl. The girl leaned over and whispered in her ear.
“It won’t be long now. She is so very close now. Can you tell? Watch.”


Jace stared at his reflection. For how long now he couldn’t tell. It was strange. A puzzle in itself. He had noticed some changes about himself. But this was something new. Breasts. Without a doubt. Small still but growing. Was he becoming a woman? Why? Then his thoughts turned to the statue. How long had she worn the gem? How much had she imprinted it? Jace wanted answers. But he was afraid of them at the same time.

I should remove the gem now he thought. But his body didn’t move. Why was it so hard? Then a new thought made his guts run cold.
Did she imprint the Gorgon Gaze curse onto the Heirloom Gem too?

His mind raced. He needed a way out before the curse hit him. But without removing the gem he would turn to stone one way or another.

"That's it!" he thought. "If I am already stone the curse can’t affect me. And a flesh to stone spell can be dispelled. At least this will buy me time."

Jace gathered his magic and soon enough stone spread over his body. The crisis averted, for now, his mind finally found peace. His gaze was still on his bodies reflection. He didn’t know why but seeing himself as smooth stone turned him on.

"It’s okay to admire myself for a bit, right? After all, I have now quite some time."


Caitlin gasped. “Why did you turn him into stone?”

Nia couldn’t help but smirk. “I didn’t. She did cast the spell herself.”

Caitlin was taken aback. Did he really? But another question escaped her mouth first. “Why do you call him a ‘her’?”

Nia didn’t answer at first. She stood up and gently pulled Caitlin to the statue. She then traced the budding breasts on Jace with her fingers. Chuckling she asked. “How many men do you know that grew breasts?”

Caitlin had more questions but she was gently shushed by Nia.
“Don’t worry. She will return when she is ready. For now, the best way you can serve her is how you cared for me. And believe me that duster of yours. She will love it. But for now, it’s time to wait.”

Nia quickly walked over to the place she spends so much time as a statue. She gave a last wink at Caitlin and once more turned to smooth stone.


Jace was furious. That girl was alive. Well, he knew that before. But he saw her in the flesh. What nonsense she was spouting. But all throughout he was helpless. He sighed. Mentally that is. Days started to go by and Jace still wasn’t finding a solution.

Worse, while he stopped the Gorgon Gaze, his body still continued to change. Maybe even faster than before. He could see all the details as Caitlin had cut away all the clothing pieces. How his breasts filled out and his hips too. His waist that melted away and became smaller and smaller. His arms and legs as they became small and dainty.

But worst of all was his proud member. Slowly sinking away till it merged with him. Not long after his vagina formed. Reluctantly he had to admit he was a she now.

Now and then Caitlin did come by and disrupted her thoughts. She didn’t know if she should praise or curse that duster. It was oh so pleasant. Jace had to admit if Caitlin did hit her just right she got the most amazing orgasm. Though she luckily could only admit it to herself.

One day was different. Jace saw the girl and Caitlin before her. “Well, I don’t think we still can call her Jace. Thoughts?” she asked Caitlin.

“Hmm, how about Joyce? It’s still close to the original, but I kinda like it.”

“Joyce it is.”

"Great. They renamed me without my input. Hmm, Joyce. Yeah, I kinda like it," she thought to herself.

But this was only the first of many embarrassments. Her sweet torture started now in earnest. The girl quickly developed the habit to tease her every day. She would caress Joyce or would pose alongside her. Sometimes she turned to stone while she still played with Joyce. How delicious it was as the last feeling of her caress would linger. Joyce would surely be wet as the girl froze herself while kissing her nipple, hadn’t she been petrified herself.


Day after day did go by, just as pleasure and frustration did too.
One day Joyce had enough. The girl was teasing her again.

"Soon she will turn herself to stone again. I know her antics well enough by now. Well, today it is my turn," Joyce thought.

She did strike while the girl was shifting positions. The flesh to stone spell caught her by surprise. Joyce was mentally patting herself. But not for long. Soon she was flesh again, smiling wickedly.

How could it be? It hadn’t been the Gorgon Gaze but the flesh to stone spell. Yes, she somehow had broken the gaze but why would it work on the spell too? Unless…

Joyce dispelled her own petrification. “It was never the Gorgon Gaze was it?”

Now the girl laughed. “No honey. It never was.”

Joyce couldn’t believe it. All this time lost. All the changes to her body. She let it be because of a flawed thinking. She facepalmed herself hard, only to be frozen as her hand hit her face.

“Ha! Caught ya back. Time to meet each other officially. I am Nia.”

Joyce unfroze herself again and rubbed her head. Then she shook the offered hand. “Joyce.”

“Duh silly. I named you. Remember? Well, Caitlin did.”

Both chuckled. “So what now?” Joyce asked.

Nia pulled her in close. “Now we enjoy ourselves."


Caitlin blushed as she entered the workshop. In front of the mirror, two statues were caught in the heights of passion. Now and then one would turn back to flesh and to slightly shift a bit. Only to turn back to stone again a moment later.

Caitlin shook her head. "Well, at least mistress is moving again," she thought.

Over the next days, she witnessed the slowest love making two humans ever had. Often she had to excuse herself and vanished into her room to fulfill her own needs.


Joyce was breathing hard, as was Nia. Both looked at each other.

“That was amazing," Joyce remarked.

“Yeah. So much better when you have a partner.”

“Hmm, why didn’t you tell me what was happening at the start?”

Nia didn’t think long to gather her answer. “Well, I had to figure it out myself too. So why should you have it easier than I had? And to be honest it kinda turned me on. You slowly changing. It was hot.”

That gave Joyce to think. How would it be to watch someone else to be ensnared by the gem. Her fingers moved up where the gem was still sunken in her skin. She slowly released it from herself. Staring at the gem in her delicate fingers she started to grin.

“Caitlin?” Nia softly asked. Joyce shook her head.

“I know her well enough. She wouldn’t. But I think she will help us. Come here and mirror what I do.”

Joyce kneeled down and spread her legs slightly. Nia followed. Then Joyce slid beneath Nia so both would scissor each other. With her right hand, she pulled Nia at her waist close and felt Nia’s left hand do the same. Then she moved her left arm up as if she was offering the gem to someone. As Nia mirrored it Jayce moved her left arm closer and the gem was now resting on both palms of the girls together.

“Not yet," Joyce whispered.

She started to slightly grind her pussy on Nia’s leg. Nia didn’t hesitate long and started as well. Both soon moaned in delight. Nia was the first who came. Quickly Joyce petrified her. She too was close and ground herself more against the cold smooth stone between her legs. Just as the orgasm took her over she too turned to stone. Nia had found just the right moment as well.


Caitlin couldn’t believe her eyes. In the workshop, both her mistress were petrified in throws of passion. They were kneeling and yet grinding at each other. Or had, as they didn’t move anymore.

What scared, but also excited Caitlin was the offering. On the palms of both girls was the heirloom gem. As if it was waiting to be picked up. Caitlin knew though she wasn’t ready yet to join her mistresses.
Yet every time she entered the workshop they were still there. They hadn’t moved at all. They were waiting after all. Caitlin knew she needed a plan or soon the urge might get too strong. Luckily Caitlin was a smart girl and a plan formed.


“So I get it all that for free?” the young male mage asked.

“Of course” Caitlin replied.

“It was written in my late master's will that I was to pass this abode and my service on to a young mage that showed promise.”

Smiling she leads him on to the workshop. The young mage's eyes nearly popped out as he saw the lewd statues entwined.

“My late master had a bit of a ‘wicked’ taste,” Caitlin explained.

Then the young mage noticed the gem and picked it up. “Is this an Heirloom Gem?”

“It sure is. It contains all his knowledge. Are you ready to follow his footsteps?”

As the young mage fused them gem onto him both smiled. Although for quite the different reasons.

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