Tales Of Heirloom Gems 1 - Casanova Remix

Casanova Remix

Jean was bored. Not that this was something new. It was another private lecture. Her family was prestigious and merchants for a few generations. As the oldest child, it was her duty one day to carry on the family tradition and their trade.

Hence the endless string of private teachers and tutors throughout her childhood. At first, she thought this lecture might be different but it was a rehash of something everyone knew.

The first time an "Heirloom Gems" - as they are commonly known - were created it was by a mage under duress. Later more were created because of their usefulness.
The gems could bond to a person. They then would gain knowledge and skill alongside their wearers. Once handed over to a new wearer they would gradually share their stored knowledge with the new bonded one.

Handed down from generation to generation these could acquire knowledge and power rivaling those of the biggest libraries and pass it on in just a few years or even month. Wielders of gems could become powerful fast. Maybe humankind was lucky that heirloom gems were still quite rare.

“Are you listening to me, young lady?” Huffed the old sorcerer the family hired for her today's lecture.

“Yes, Mister. Of course. I was only thinking of the implications. Please move on.”

The teacher looked as if he might not believe her completely. “Okay. Well. Where was I? Okay, now listen to me, young lady. There are some properties not everyone is aware. Did you know that Heirloom Gems can not only store knowledge but also behavior? No? Thought so."

The old man gave Jean a short smug grin before continuing. "Well, they mainly store knowledge and skill but the older a gem gets the stronger it is. Learning and sharing faster. For about two hundred years we noticed that old gems could store and share behaviors. Just now some academics claim that they see some of the oldest gems learn to store and alter body features. If true that could alter how we use these gems forever.”

The old guy droned on and on. Jean was in thoughts, though. About the implications of what she learned but also why would her parents hire someone to tell her about heirloom gems. As far as she knew her family didn’t own one. Her mind was racing. She couldn’t wait for the lecture to end.


Jean waited patiently while the butler pulled back the chair for her. It was afternoon and she had joined her parents for tea. Taking a seat she endured all the procedures and normal fussing. When they finally were alone she couldn’t hold back anymore. “So what Heirloom Gem did we get?”

Her mother gave a smug look to her father. “Told you she would figure it out.”

Her father held back a chuckle and looked at Jean. “We don’t know princess. It is one of the lost gems. Sadly they don’t come with a manual. Could have belonged to an adventurer or to a sorcerer. But here is where you come in. As you learned today gems bind best to young people. We think we could build up the gem to support our family in the future generations. But it has to start somewhere. This it’s up to you. You learned today of the risks and we don’t know even know what gem we have. So think carefully.”

Jean nodded and the afternoon tea continued. Again Jean was deep in thought. The Gem could be a great advantage for her family. Not only could they transfer knowledge much faster from one generation to the next. Saving Jean's offspring the tedious hours of studies Jean herself loathed. It might also contain knowledge of past eras. But there lied also the danger. Unwanted knowledge and maybe even dangerous behavior. Jean decided that she shouldn't choose her path lightly.


A few days later Jean joined her parents in the main office. Her father opened a small wooden box. In there a small teal gem gleamed. Without much preamble, Jean took it, unbuttoned her shirt and pressed the gem onto her chest. Slowly it sank half into her skin. Now it was time to wait and see what knowledge the gem would offer her. Hoping she hadn't made a mistake.


Chloe was, as always, talking about boys. Jean listened only halfway. She tapped on the gem through her blouse like so often in the past days. A strange habit she developed. Every time she wondered if the gem would even work she slightly pushed it as if she wanna say come on hurry up and do something.

“How do you like guys who wear their hair in a ponytail Jean? I find them hot. Ya know like shoulder length and bound with a little string or bow. Like the Coldwater lad wears.”

That brought Jean back. Something picked her interest. She gathered her hair and tied it back into a ponytail. “Like this?” She asked.

“Ah, Jean stop teasing. And your hair's too long anyways” Jean was a bit miffed but kept the ponytail anyway.


Later in the evening, Jean was before her mirror. She was fussing around with her clothing and her hair. Something isn’t right, but what?

Again she gathered her hair in a ponytail like Chloe had described. Idly she wondered how much Chloe really liked it on her. Shorter hair she had said. Jean didn’t really notice that she picked up a pair of scissor till she was holding its blades against her hair.

"I shouldn’t," she thought. Women wear their hair long and open in today's age. Going short would make her certainly stand out. And she wouldn’t like that right? The short sound of her scissors slicing through her hair brought her back.

"Oh my gosh, I really did it! What will my parents say? But I must admit it kinda looks better," she thought to herself.

She decided to just tell her parents something happened to her hair overnight and she had to cut it out. Again she started to fuss over her clothing.

She didn’t have big breasts, maybe B-cup, but suddenly she was worried that they might still grow. After all, she was only 16. She fussed around some more till she had an idea. She removed her blouse and pulled some white scarfs out of her dresser. Binding them tightly over her breasts flattened them good.

It was a bit tight but she could endure. She wondered if wearing the scarfs would hinder her breast growth. She again returned to the mirror and looked at herself.

"Better. Hmm, I wonder if Chloe would like me more now. Wait where did that thought come from?"

Shaking her head she got herself ready for bed. When she did fall asleep her hair was still bound, as were the scarves around her chest.


It was a few days later that Jean was seeing Chloe again. Jean was really excited. In the past few days, she was busy, but also a bit naughty. Her wardrobe expanded by a few pieces stolen from her brother. She was caught by their young maid. Jean still couldn’t believe that a quick kiss on her lips and a “You won’t tell don’t cha?” worked.

So far the maid kept quiet. Though now and then Jean spotted the maid stealing glances at her and quickly the blushes that followed. Somehow Jean got excited by that.

Bringing her thoughts back to today she looked in her mirror. She wore her brothers pants and his shirt. Her tightly bound breasts were only barely to make out. Her hair was roughed out a bit and bound back. It surprised her still a bit but she had to admit she was resembling a handsome young man. "Maybe a bit on the androgynous side, but that makes me a bit more attractive too," she thought.

She exited her room and walked over to the nearby maid. Slowly she encased the maid's waist from behind and pulled her close. From behind she whispered into her ear. “When my family comes back tomorrow they won’t hear a thing from today right?”

The maid blushed deep red and gave a slight nod. Jean loved it. She didn’t know how, but she just knew how to press the buttons on the women around her. She rather liked the feeling.

“Be a dear and bring miss Chloe into the garden when she arrives.” Jean didn’t wait for the reply. Somehow she knew the maid would nod and blush more. If that was even possible. She walked onward to the garden and to prepare herself. It wasn’t long before the maid did lead Chloe out.

Chloe looked confused before recognition set in. “Jean? Wow, I barely ..” She stood speechless before Jean.

“Do you like it? Can I pass as one of your lads you lust after?”

Cloe still couldn’t talk, but gave a small nod. Her eyes widened and she blushed when she noticed that she had just admitted in a way to be attracted to Jean. She was about to clarify, but Jean quickly hushed her. Moving closer, she gently moved Chloe’s chin up just as she wanted to look away embarrassed.

"Now or never," Jean thought and moved in. Her lips meet Chloe’s. First tenderly but soon with passion. Chloe melted in her arms. She looked up at Jean with frightened eyes, but also a hungry need in it. Jean complied. With expert hands, she undressed her. She didn’t know how she was doing it so expertly but caught in the moment she didn’t care.

Her hands roamed Chloe’s body. Undressing her and caressing the smooth skin she exposed. Soon her hands found Cloe’s inner sanctum. She hadn’t much experience pleasuring herself, but with Chloe, she just knew what to do. Stifling her moans by pressing her lips onto Cloe just as she was climaxing.

Both caught their breath. Though every time Chloe started to talk Jean would cut her off with deep passionate kisses which lead to another round of steamy lovemaking. After the fourth time, they started to dress.

At last, Jean pulled her close and whispered. “Our little secret right?”

Chloe gave a shy nod and headed out. The blush never left her face. Jean grinned. She just had her way with her best friend of 2 years and it felt so good. Despite being the instigator she didn’t cum. Somehow the ‘conquest’ in itself fulfilled her more.

Whistling she headed towards her room but didn’t come very far. She spotted the maid hidden behind one of the big decorative pots. Jean smelt something that reminded her of the thrust with Chloe just now: arousal.

She moved close and neither of them said anything. She beckoned the maid even closer with a wink of her finger. Then she gave the maid a kiss while her hand snaked down quickly under the maid's skirt. Sure enough, the maid was soaking wet.

“Did you watch us?”

The maid gave a shy nod.

“Did you cum yet?”

The maid gave a slight shake of her head. Jean looked deep into the maid's eyes. “I can’t believe I failed for so long to ask but dear what’s your lovely name?”

The maid needed a moment to gather herself, till there came a hesitant “A-anna Miss.”

Jean grinned. Slowly her hand moved upward from the maid's lap. Tracing her silhouette up her stomach, then chest, handling her arm till she was holding Anna's hand.

“Well, Anna I think we should get to know each other a little better right?” Gently she did lead the maid to her chambers. "After all, you can never have enough conquests right?" Jean thought to herself.


Down at the docks, a young man was getting drunk. He had lost it. The one and only heirloom gem named “Casanova”. Passed down from one player and womanizer to the next.

Not only was the Gem full of knowledge about how to seduce women. The person who handed him the Gem thought that the Gem had somehow developed a magical aura. Influencing women around it.

He had hesitated just long enough to fuse with the Gem to lose it.

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