Becoming Traditional

"Becoming Traditional"



Jack's life could never be described as "traditional". He was raised by a strong mother and three harsh older sisters. Being Married to a woman that was an electrician that owned a very large and successful contracting company. Even his work was untraditional, being a man in the predominantly female Social Work profession. Although all that changed on his Silver Wedding Anniversary second honeymoon.

I was born nine days after my father's death in Viet-Nam and I was named for him Jack Long II. He was a doctor and a major in the Army and he left behind my mother, my three older sisters, and me but we had no other close relatives. My mother never remarried and I don't think she even dated. She was probably too strong willed a woman to be found appealing in that culture and time.

My sisters took after her and were equally strong willed but they were also cruel. I, on the other hand, could never be described as strong in either will or physically. I was tall but very thin, small framed and not good looking I had my father's large nose and my maternal grandfather's big ears. My personality was gentle, very non-competitive, and I hated confrontation.

I had only one friend in school Alexia or Al Bolin she was always large framed not fat just as they called it at the time "big boned" and always a force to be reckoned with. We met in the first grade when she beat up the class bully that was picking on me. That incident set the tone for our whole relationship.

She would walk me home from school every day and when lost my virginity at sixteen she was the aggressor. Her parents were gone and she pulled me next to her on the couch and started kissing me hard. Before long she led me by the hand to her room and she pushed me on the bed. She soon had my pants down riding me and we had our first orgasm at the same time.

She would always pick me up in her old Ford F150 pick up. I would slide over beside her on the seat and she would drive with one hand on my leg. Al would always pay on our dates because she worked as an Electrician Helper for her father. I didn't have a real job but I did volunteer at the YMCA's Children's Program.

At first, my mom, my sisters, and I just lived off of my father's VA Death Benefits. My sisters hated caring for me when I was young. So they took pleasure in forcing me to do the housework at a very early age. Although I spoiled their fun when I started enjoying it and when I was old enough I did everything. Mom didn't care for housekeeping any more than my sisters and she didn't care who did it as long it was not her.

My mom was an ex-army nurse so she took a job in a doctor's office relieved and any housekeeping duties and by then I was a very good housekeeper and cook. On the other hand, Al couldn't boil water. After high school, I went to college and Al went to work full time for his father.

By the time we were twenty-three I had a Masters in Social Work and got a job for DSS in Child Protection and Al was a Master Licensed Electrician running a crew for his dad and a partner in his business. Six months after I went to work for DSS she asked to marry me and I said yes. I was going to buy her a ring and she stopped me saying, "All I want is a simple wide gold ban for both of us." We were married by a justice of the peace and went on a beach honeymoon. That was almost twenty-five years ago and our whole life was very non-traditional.

Our routine was like this I would get home around 5 pm and start dinner and Al would get home around 6:30 pm. while she took a shower and put on her lounge clothes normally shorts or sweats I would get dinner on the table. After dinner, I would clean up the kitchen and she would go watch TV. When I finished cleaning up the kitchen I would join her till bed. She worked on Saturday doing jobs fixing things around the house and I cleaned and washed clothes.

We now own "Bolin Electric Contractors". She got the business when her father retired and Al is a very hard working and smart business person. She was even very successful after the bubble burst in 2007 and we were actually millionaires.

Al told me I could quit my job we didn't need the money but I refused because I enjoyed the work and the kids needed me. We both wanted children but Al had a birth defect that we didn't talk about. She didn't even have periods due to it but her hormonal balance was near normal. She was normal sexually but infertile and this bothered her a lot knowing I wanted a child of our own.

After twenty-five years of marriage, we were still very deeply in love. I was usually the romantic one but Al surprised me and told me we were going on a second honeymoon and while on it was going to restate our vows. I was shocked but delighted and she just about raped me there on the sofa but you can't rape a willing person.

We arrived at our honeymoon destination which was a private island off the Florida coast and we had a private bungalow. It must have been very expensive because Al told me she had to tap into our rather large 401k but she didn't touch our bank accounts. The manager met us at the dock and led us to the bungalow but we left our luggage.

The manager said without telling us his name, "Mrs. Long all the arrangements are emplaced and your water is on the table. The wedding chapel is booked for you in three days and the special spa is set up for the day before as we agreed. I hope you two will enjoy your experience here."

He handed Al the key card and left I went in after Al and looked at our bungalow where we would be for the next four days. Al went into the bed room and I followed her and she went to a bed side table picking up two bottles of water. She strangely said, "Come here and let's drink our water, it is supposed to be very special."

Looking at her hold her bottle and handing me mine, I'm sure I had a very puzzled look on my face. I took the water and we both downed it because it was wonderful but I felt very sleepy. Al was already laying on the bed asleep so I joined her.

I woke up and it was dark outside and inside but I heard something like a man peeing in the adjoining bathroom. In the darkness, I reached over to wake Al but she was gone. I saw the light under the bathroom door go out and it opened revealing the silhouette of a tall man.

Shouted "AL ARE YOU ALRIGHT!" and the man answered, "Yes."

Then I realized my voice sounded very different and I started to get out of bed but the man stopped me by, "Just sit still Jackie and I will explain." I obeyed worried that he may hurt Al if I didn't do as he said.

In a soft voice, "Please let me finish what I have to say before you speak or move. This will all sound very unbelievable but I understand one of the properties of the water we dank helps us tremendously accepting to our new a... situation.

You see Jackie, the legends about Atlantis and the Fountain Of Youth are true. This small island is all that is left of the Sub Continent Of Atlantis and the Fountain Of Youth is here. I don't know much and understand less but the few inhabitants here are over 6,000 years old and they don't talk much but I know that in Atlantis, Magic was like our technology.

For some reason when the Cayman Trough swallowed Atlantis, the survivors that escaped to Africa and Europe lost most their Magic. Only on this island is it still strong. I guess it is like if something happened that caused us to lose power worldwide.
The only way any one can come to this island is to be invited and the method they use to choose their guests I'm clueless about.

This honor was very expensive, $1,500,000.00 for the two of us but they set up our old identities deaths and they set up our new one's paper work. We are now Allan Bolin and Jacquelyn or Jackie Long. We are twenty-three years old and we are going to be married in less than three days. Yes, Jackie, I'm a man now and you're women but everything else is basically the same.

The only way I could accept their invitation was to agree to our transformation with matching heterosexual orientations. The only reason I accepted their conditions were because they told me an angry drug dealing parent would kill you a week from now if I refused their invitation and somehow I knew they were right."

I then remembered what happened yesterday and thought, "That meth dealing, skin head, and violently abusive father did threaten me yesterday. When I took his son out of that rat infested single wide trailer. Maybe he would have carried that threat out, he was crazy enough."

Al continued explaining, "Then thought struck about a fact both knew, even though we never said it, I acted like the male and you the female in our relationship all our lives. We had a very good traditional marriage in everything except gender. They just corrected that but Jackie the change didn't affect our love for each other or our roles. Just the clothes we wear and who gets penetrated when we make love.

You're still a Social Worker and I will soon inherit the company. They have already set up our death. Two more victims of the Devil's Triangle. They will find our luggage and some body parts. A corner that they have on their pay role will positively identify remains as ours and issued us both Dade County Death Certificates.

They changed our wills and life insurance leaving everything to my non-existent third cousin of mine, and ordered closed coffins and direct interment Since your mother died, your sister hasn't seen you for years and I have no relatives. With both my parent dead, I'm sure only some of my employees will come to the grave side services tomorrow.

Like I said you're a young woman now and I have no idea how you look. Shall I turn on the light and we both can see the new you and you can see the new me?"

I somehow I believed him and I hesitantly said, "Yes."

I saw Al move to the wall switch and then the light came on and I saw a naked man standing there. He was tall, well built, with dark hair and dark green eyes. He had the perfect V with a penis that made mine laughable. I was transfixed looking at him and then I felt my core grow warm and my nipples press against my shirt.

The new feeling shocked me into wanting to see what I have become. Getting out of bed I stumbled and Al had to catch me. He carried me like I weighed nothing and set me in front of a full length three side mirror. My pants fell off when I stumble and I saw a pretty young woman. She had short but classy blonde hair and light blue eyes.

She was wearing my linen blue shirt with the buttons pulling at her breasts and my boxers hanging loosely off her hips. Al was standing behind the women holding her shoulders but I felt it. Then it hit me the women was me, I should have screamed my head off but like Al said I accepted it slowly.

The I put my hand on my face and knew it was me, noticing how Al now towered over me. I realized that I must be very short and I felt how tight my shirt was and knew that I had breasts. I knew then my loose shorts were no longer covering a penis but my female sex.

The thought that I had a vagina now was strangely erotic to me. It was like Al could read my mind because he leaned down and started kissing my neck. Al always loved starting off by kissing my neck. This must really be Al and I'm Jackie now and that realization was even more erotic to me. I looked in the mirror and saw Al's hands leave my shoulders and he started to massage my new breast.

In a hushed voice that couldn't hide the passion, I said, "No, Al please don't."

He asked, "Why?"

In a breathy voice, I answered, "Because I'm really a man."

Al laughed but not in a mean way but in a playful manner and said, " OK, let's see if you're a man."

He ripped off my shirt freeing my trapped breasts the bounced from being released so quickly. He took my bare breasts gently rubbing them and said, "They feel like real breasts to me."

I tried to speak but he went to my hard nipples and softly rolled them but I only moaned in pleasure.

He then teasingly said, "They seem to effect you like your a woman but we won't know for sure until we see if you have a dick."

He pulled down my boxers and said: "Nope no dick but maybe you got it strapped down."

He slowly ran his finger along my vagina lips and I went weak in the knees and had to lean back on him to keep from falling. He didn't stop he softly loving traced my quickly warming vagina till I felt myself become hot and wet.

The experiences didn't stop there as he kissed my neck, working my breasts with one hand and rubbing my vagina lips with his other, I started to feel empty in my core. The emptiness was demanding more and more to be filled. Once again he obliged and slowly inserted a finger in me. He knew exactly where to stop to drive me over the edge.

He found my clit and started rubbing it I was moaning loudly then. It felt very good at first But then I started to need something bigger and longer to replace the finger I found that I had spread my legs to give him better access at some time.

Playfully he asked me, "Are you a man or a woman?"

I loudly squealed, "I'M A WOMAN!"

He continues to play with me, "Whose woman are you?"

I Screamed, "I'M YOUR WOMAN!"

With that, he picked me up and laid me on my on my stomach the back of the nearby sofa with my feet far from the floor. There he took me, rocketing me into a world sheer pleasure. I didn't know anything but his magic wand driving into me change turning me into a screaming banshee of pleasure. Somewhere in time and space, I felt him jerk deep inside me filling me full of his cum. He laid me on the bed kissing and petting me till we both dropped off to sleep.

We slept late the next morning I woke up to him kissing me and we had great morning sex. We showered together but no sex and had fruit for breakfast.
We talked about our first time back when we were fifteen and how our new sex buries any sex we had before but most of all we still loved each other completely but in different packaging. I was small just over 5'4" we had a scale in the bathroom with I height bar and I weighed 101Lbs. Al was 6'2" and 190Lbs with a gorgeous body and face.

We stopped talking when someone knocked on the door. We were clean but still naked so I ran and hid in the bathroom. Al wrapped a towel around himself and opened the door but no one was there only a large gift box. Al opened it and we found two short sets one for each of us with flip flops.

Al said, "This stuff must be for us to wear to our spa appointment it must be soon."

I got my set which was a pink string bikini top, white shorts, white cotton panties, and matching pink flip flops. Al had denim cut offs, a light yellow tee, navy briefs, and yellow flip flop. We looked like a normal young couple at the beach and Al kept checking out my butt.

He started to play with one of my tops strings and said, "This would be like opening a present."

He his play was interrupted by another knock at the door but this time there was a limo out front and it tooted its horn. we got in it and rode just a few minutes but the dark glass prevented us from seeing outside, the driver, or where we were going.

We arrived and the doors popped open and we got out and we saw a door that had a sign that said, "Spa Entrance". We went in and there were two halls with one marked Women's and the other Men's. We kissed and we both were a little unsure but we took our hallway.

I came to a door that said "Remove All Clothing", naked again the door opened to a small room with a was a massage table. There was a sign on the wall that said "Lay On The Table". I complied thinking, "They're not much into the personal touch here." A steamy mist immediately filled the room and I went to sleep.

When I woke up I knew things and I replayed my new knowledge laying there "I knew that they changed my gender and sexual orientation was because it was the only way for Al and I could still love each other. They changed me physically into the type of woman Al had wished to be. Just as Al had changed into the man I always wished I was.

I remembered Al's favorite old romance movie was "You Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. She always thought Meg Ryan had perfect looks and was all she wasn't. She was petite and not large like her. Thinking about it the new me did look a lot like Meg Ryan in "You Got Mail". Except I was younger, a rounder chin, and fuller lips.

Our first change when we drank the water was physical and subconscious but the "Spa" changes our mannerisms and gave new skills and some new likes and dislikes but I knew if I would go through just the Spa Mist again it would just make me younger. I would still like now like fashion and decorating and act like what Al thought was the perfect woman. In the same way, Al became what I thought was the perfect Man.

So we were even more perfect for each other but the only downside to all this was the Fountain's waters made us both infertile. Well, we couldn't have children before and I'll still have my kids I have at work. I should be able to get my old job back because my Masters comes from UCLA. My diplomas and Al's contractor and electrical licenses are real, not fake "

I sat up and a door on the back wall opened and I went in and it was a room filled with a sort of women's clothes, accessories, makeup, perfumes, and a table. On the table were, four large suitcases, five garments, and two makeup cases, with a note "Make your selections and fill these."

After a long time, I had them filled with what I liked the best ranging from sleep wear to a wedding dress. The voice that sounded like manager said: "Miss Long pick an outfit, shoes, makeup, nail polish, and perfume that you wish to meet Mr. Bolin in."

I did as he said and another door opened to a room with a dressing table and mirrors. After I had done my nails and dried them in the dryer I applied perfume something light and flowery. I put on a pair of sheer lace panties and matching bra and a white and red floral print sun dress suitable to the situation and climate.

Like a pro, I put towels around my neck and did my makeup and hair. I noticed the way I held myself and moved dripped femininity. I put on the red and white one-inch heel sandals I picked out.

My ears were pierced and put on I red dome earrings and a matching red necklace. I completed my look with a big red wicker shoulder bag, matching hat with sunglasses on it. All finished I inspected myself and approved and the door opened.

Al was waiting for me in the lobby when he saw me his mouth fell open and said "Damn! You're beautiful."

He looked very sexy too in his fitting teal polo and khaki shorts and I told him. When I walked I almost glided with just a slight sway of my hips. Without thinking I waited for Al to open all doors for me and I entered the waiting limo like a real lady.

The sun was low in the sky so we were a long time at the spa and we both were very hungry. When we got back to the bungalow there was a was a small table set up on the deck overlooking the ocean. Al held my chair and we had a wonderful dinner. As we were finishing our wine and watching the sunset Al reached in his pocket.

He went down on one knee holding up a magnificent engagement ring and said, "Jackie will you marry me."

I screamed "YES!"

That was a year ago and we are settled into our normal routine still mainly the same as before but some good differences. Bolin Electrical is doing much better even than before. Due Al's ability to fit in with the "Guy Club" and his pretty little woman can entertain her ass off.

So Allan can get contacts that Alexia could only wish for. I'm back in my old job and actually doing more good than before. Jack was a man doing what is traditionally the role of women and some parents at first, suspected me of having other motives for being interested in their kids.

Our life is very good in a traditional sort of way and we got a "First Anniversary" card from Magic Waters Resort saying,

" First Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bolin. We at Magic Waters Resort would like to extend an invention to visit us again on your Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. As returning guess you will have the privilege of taking our full package or any combinations of services down to just our Mist Spa. We will contact you again closer to the time you would need to book.

Thank You For Letting Us Serving You,

The Management"

Never The End Maybe

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