Ignorance Is No Excuse

When it comes to Wizards Ignorance Is No ExcuseIgnorance Is No Excuse
NC Geode

Brent is a self-centered, lazy, well built, whore hound, bully that makes it through life taking advantage of those smaller and weaker than him. When he made it to college off other peoples work he thought he had gotten his Holy Grail of a dorm roommate but he will soon learn, "Ignorance Is No Excuse."
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As I was walking from the gym carrying my trunk to the dorm I was thinking about what that asshole the wrestling coach said. First, he told me I was a day late and missed try-outs and that I had to wait to next year. Then after told that sob story of a sick granny he let me try out.

When I beat the guy he matched me to he had the nerve to say that I used illegal moves to win and I know he couldn't have seen what did and he was guessing. The son of a bitch kicked me out telling he didn't want my kind of person on his team. No wonder his team hadn't won a championship in ten years.

Well a dork like him would have cut me from the team anyhow when my records came and he found out I lied to him. My rich bitch granny died when I was a real small kid and I didn't find that out till I was sixteen. When my dear old mom got knocked up by a major stoner and granny bought me an Education Trust Policy.

My stoner dad had a wreck taking mom to the hospital to have me. The wreck killed my dad instantly and mom died after having me. Dear old granny didn't want anything to do with me I don't think she ever saw me. I was raised in the foster system. I lived in twelve homes in for all of my eighteen years. When I was sixteen a social worker told me the story of my birth and about the trust. Granny left everything else to her two sons but the trust is a sweet deal.

For as long as I stay in college for up to seven years it will pay for dorm housing, meals at the commissary, all school expenses, and a $400.00 a week allowance. I took a major in Physical Education because how hard would a degree in P. E. be. Now all I need is some dumb bitch or little punk to trick of intimidating into doing my work like high school.

I got to my assigned dorm and found my room and went in. In the room, I saw who I figured was my roommate talking on his phone. The short skinny wimp held up a finger and went into the bathroom to talk privately. I put down my trunk and listened with my ear to the door.

I heard, "Yes I broke my promise. Yes, I lied to you. Yes I know I took unfair advantage but father it was just once and the book was stupid. Father, it was the book 1984 and it was ridiculous a book. About silly future that took place seventeen years before I was born. I think being grounded for a year is too harsh. Yes, sir I know inducing a mortal to do the book report for me was wrong.

Father, please hold on my new roommate is eavesdropping."

I then I heard him open the shower door and slam it shut. I thought, "Damn this is perfect! I got the perfect roommate. A rich spoiled little brat that is being punished by daddy to live like the peasants for a year. This is going to be a great year I will party my ass off and have my own personal slave to do my work and do whatever jobs I want.

Then when he came out he said irritated, "I'm Alex Wizen and I know from the dorm chart your Brent Holmes For this to work for us we need to set some ground rules. First of all, we need to treat each other with respect and listening in on calls is very rude. Secondly, we will keep to our own side of the room and not touch the possessions of the other. Since you arrived late I took the side next to the window.

Finally, no loud music, or noise, guests, eating, drinking, or drugs in the room. If we follow these rules I'm sure there will be no friction between us."

I looked at him amazed at first then I started laughing uncontrollably. When I could stop laughing I punched him in the gut and he folded like a Kleenex. Grabbing him I put him in a choke hold and applied just enough pressure to make him have to fight to breathe.

While I was holding the struggling little guy off the ground I said, "No I make the rules. First of all, you're my bitch and you will take care of my homework and wash my clothes and clean up after me. If bringing home a date you will leave and stay gone as long as the door is locked. I know there will other things I will add to the list but for now, move your stuff.

I put him down and he looked at me like a frightened bunny and started moving his shit. then I had him put my stuff up. Once he was done I sent him out to get me a pizza. For the next two days it was perfect he washed my clothes and stayed out all night somewhere the night I had a girl here. I thought life was going to be great.

On the third day, I came home and my clothes were folded but not put away and he told me he would get to it once he sent in a report he was finishing. I go red in the face and I was going to make him pay for not jumping when I spoke.

I went to the girl I was with the night before and she loaned me some things. Then at the commissary, I bought a disposable camera. I knew if I took pictures of what I was going to do on my phone and posted I would get expelled. I got back to the room with the stuff I needed. Alex was working on his paper and I picked him up out of his chair and shove one of my dirty socks in his mouth.

I threw him on his bed and held him down and tied him spread eagle on his back the stripped him down to his shorts. I really didn't want to see his junk and puke. Then I put a bra on him filled with toilet paper, a high school cheerleader's outfit, and a Halloween blonde wig. He looked surprisingly like a girl I took the disposable camera and took the roll of pictures of him to get processed under a false name.

Just then he worked the sock out of his mouth and yelled, "FATHER PLEASE HELP ME!"

I laughed and shoved the sock back in his mouth and said, " Praying won't help you I'm not going to do any more to you. I'm not perverted but if ever you forget you're my bitch I will sneak one of the pictures on the dorm's bulletin board."

Then I heard a voice from behind me say "Alex wasn't praying, you lout."

I turned around and I saw an older version of Alex standing behind me and I challenged him. "What are you going to do about it old man?"

He just said, "Silence you moron and stand in front of your bed being still and silent."

I lost control of my body and did exactly what he said. Then the older man turned to Alex and waved his hand and he was free and dressed normally. Then Alex's father asked,

"Why didn't call me sooner I see he has physically hurt you three times in two days and forced you to be his servant."

Alex answered, "Father I didn't want you more displeased in me for not being able to take care of myself without Magic."

His father in a caring loving manner said, "I wanted you to learn not to take unfair advantage not to be intimidated and abused by mortals. I need to go I left the High Council Meeting when you summoned me but you're still grounded and most your Magic is locked off for the rest of the time you're grounded but with one exception concerning this waste of space that is your roommate. You have all your power when it comes to him.

I know our sense of justice can be a little cruel at times and he caused you great suffering but I ask not to physically hurt him or turn him into some not inhuman. Will you please do that for me?"

Alex answered, "As much as I would love turning him into a mouse in a snake's cage I will do as you say, father."

Then I saw his father disappear and Alex turned to me smiling tapping his lips and said "Now Brent what to do with you. I have missed my magic and my family's wealth since I have been grounded. You may not believe it but I had a very good social life and I had several girl friends, I indulged in sex regularly. The time I have been grounded has been a long time without it for me.

I know I will not last much longer and defiantly not till I'm no longer grounded without it. The lack of it is on my mind more and more maybe I will have you set me up and let you sleep in the lobby. No, wait a minute I have a great idea. You said I was your bitch and you a mortal just humiliated me more than I have been in my whole life.

I think if you should be my bitch and it will be true justice. A plan just formed in my mind that will be perfect. It obeys my father's wishes there will be no physical pain and actually the exact opposite. You will enjoy it more than anything you have in your whole life but part of your day you will feel humiliated yet insanely drawn by it but I will give you a pressure valve to keep you from exploding. The valve will be a good for your education and actually a punishment because it's totally out of your normal behavior pattern. You may now speak."

I looked wide eyed at Alex knowing that he can do terrible things to me. I begged him to forgive me, " Please Alex I didn't know you were a Witch or something. I promise I will never touch you again and obey your rules. Just please don't do anything to me."

Alex smiled and said, " Ignorance is no excuse and I'm not a Witch I'm a Wizard. Enough, silence. Now you see you're like a piece of raw stone and I am a sculptor and I first need to cut the stone down to proportions. I want you a small work of art easy to carry. So shrink to five foot tall and 100Lbs. With proportionate size feet and hands to match the smaller size."

I saw room grow and I could not plead or scream for help as the room stopped growing.

Alex started commanding me, "Shut your eyes, freeze like a statue and you will go completely numb. From this point on I want what I'm doing to be a surprise but the changes I'll make will be on the genetic level. What you will look like will not be a fake reproduction but real down to your DNA. After this time you will change back and forth to your old self in an instant on my command.

Now turn around so I can see the back and work on that. I think long down to almost the middle of your back and dark brown to go with the skin and eyes. Yes, but in a tightly braided ponytail being held tightly with an elastic band so it won't get in our way later. I think not completely naked an under garment yes perfect. You're now free to move and feel but not speak."

After standing there frozen and numb what felt like hours I was free to move and feel. My center of gravity was way off and I fell to my knees. When I pulled myself up holding on to my bed I saw I had huge tits and light olive skin I thought, "This has to be a nightmare it is impossible. I look like I am in a woman's body." I would have screamed if I could but I was still muted.

Alex then said "You can't leave the room or try to run from me but you can look feel yourself. In the mirror on the bath room door for three minutes."

I went then to the mirror and what I saw made me panic in shock but I could not do anything but look and feel my new body. I was very small I guessed like he said five foot and 100Lbs.

I had no hair except my eyebrows and long dark brown long braided pony tail. My face was very pretty with a small slightly upturned nose, and full lips. I built up enough nerve to look down at my breasts and they were not as huge as I thought. They were a perfect size for my body and I touched one of my dark red nipples and it was very sensitive. My stomach was flat well toned, arms were firm but not muscular, and my hands were small and tapered with medium length nails.

I finally came to the moment of truth and pulled down my sexy panties and saw what I was afraid yet certain was there. A perfect pussy with a with a small V of thin dark brown hair. Then I touched it and I felt it and it felt good. I had to stop then my time was up and pulled the panties up. To my horror, I saw a naked Alex standing by my cleared bed that was turned back.

Looking me smiling asked, "Who's The Bitch Now?"

Alex's dick was a lot bigger than I thought a small guy should have, it was hard and bigger than my mine was. His was lean but toned like a runner and much taller and I bet stronger than me now. A shiver of fear ran through my new body knowing what his plans for me were. Alex then started giving me a string of new commands,

"When I give your voice back it will be pitched on the high side of normal but with a sweet melodious tone. Now for some very interesting adaptations to your mind. When you're in this form you will be out of your personal control. You will speak, move, and behave as you woman you are. You will have all the skills and use them without thinking. You will answer only to the name Bree Holmes.

When you're in this form you're 100% Heterosexual female but you're only sexually attracted to me. You're submissively devoted to pleasing me. When in this form and we're alone in this room with the door locked. You will act like a real slut and burn with desire for me. Wanting me to take you any way that pleases me.

Your pleasure centers are three times stronger than a normal young woman and your sex with me is so pleasurable it is like a very addictive drug. I promised my father that I would not cause you any physical pain so you not a virgin and you can't get pregnant or have periods. Even though you have all the proper organs.

Now the twist that gives me pay back a million fold, for how you treated me. Brent will be in your mind to trying impotently to make you stop but all he can do is suffer the humiliation feel everything you do. After tonight's activities, Brent will be helplessly addicted to being Bree and he'll eat up with shame over how bad he needs to be Bree.

The only way he will get relief is to throw himself totally into his classes and school work. Dreading any time he can't because the later in the day it is the greater the need gets. By the end of classes, he will run to me to get his fix and be changed to Bree. Until I locked the door Bree will study and do Brent's assignments and I have given you the skills you lacked due to your poor education so Brent and Bree can do the work. Bree, you may speak and act freely.

I was free then I started thinking, speaking, and acting like Bree But Brent was there too in the back of my mind like some terribly frightened mental hitch hiker that felt everything I did. I saw Alex there naked and I wanted him like crazy I Knew I loved him with all heart, body, and soul and I felt myself start getting soaking wet and hot.

As I smiled and walked toward him Brent was screaming at me to "Please don't do this". I ignored Brent very easily and crossed the floor jumped into Alex's strong arms. Wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his stomach I whispered begging in his ear "Take me hard and now please Alex."

He threw me on the bed and rolled me on my stomach and rammed his huge penis deep in my wet canal and started me moaning with world shattering waves of pleasure. I thought I was wet before but I became sloppy wet as I felt his balls slapping me as I met each of his downward thrust.

I knew what to as well as a $1,000.00 an hour whore and he loved it which made me even more swallowed up in my tornado of pleasure. Brent's somewhere off in a distant corner at first was screaming


Just like Brent said I had a super spasm of pleasure followed by another and another. The fourth one was so big I almost fainted from it as I felt Alex's penis jerking and pumping me full of his hot cum. Cumming hard in he grew soft and laid me in bed and tenderly. laying down beside me and Brent was silent as I was lying in his arms in the after glow.

Alex in a few minutes said, "Now sleep dreamlessly till my phone goes off."

We did. When his phone alarm sounded at 5 am I woke and so did Brent. He was silent for a little while then when Alex got up unlocked the door but didn't open it. and looked at me naked for a seconded and Brent said to flirt with him and maybe he will give us a morning fuck but that was not Alex's intentions.

Alex said, Stand up please Bree."

His whole mood and temperament toward me changed he smile and looked at me and waved his hand. I was instantly wearing a sexy black and pink girls spandex running outfit and pink cross trainers. He had to normally put on his own running clothes. I guess his father's release of his Magic only worked on me.

We went on a one hour run and like a caring boyfriend he was he slowed down so I could keep up because of my shorter stride. Brent who was silent for a long time said "Shit we run like a girl. "I Giggled in my head and told him, "stupid man I am a girl."

The whole way Alex treated me softened and he treated like a real lady and I acted like one. When we got back to the dorm I waited and he opened the door for me. He let me let me walk in front of him so he could check my butt out and I swayed it slightly more. I was liking him watching me.

We passed a guy who was cute but there was no contest between him and Alex. Brent remained silent I didn't know what he was thinking. We got to the room Alex unlocked the door undressed and I loved seeing his naked body and he went into the bathroom without shutting the door and peed. He brushed his teeth and got in the shower. Through the fogged shower door I saw him wave his hand and I was naked.

Alex from the shower loudly said, "Lock the door and join me."

I locked the door and instantly I was burning with lust and getting more dripping wet with every step I took to Alex. I heard Brent excitedly say "HE IS GOING TO FUCK US IN THE SHOWER!"

I got in the steamy shower and Alex picked me up like a paper doll and pressed my back against the wall and fucked me hard and he climaxed the same time as I did with another world record orgasm. we both finished very quickly this morning which was a good thing because it was Friday and we both had morning classes.

We finished washing each other lovingly in that shower from heaven and we got out. Alex was dried first and left the bathroom shutting the door saying, "Stay in here till I tell you to come out. I spent the time alone in the bathroom peeing and flossing and brushing my teeth. I knew he must have unlocked the door as soon as he left the bathroom and Brent was still silent.

Then through the door, I heard Alex say as he was leaving the room and closing the door behind him, "Change back to Brent and leave the bathroom. Immediately everything went dark.

It was just me Brent t looking at myself in the mirror "The bastard really changed me into a woman and fucked me like a whore and I enjoyed it. Fuck what can I do I'm wanting to be Bree real bad again right now? He said if I did school work I would not want it as bad. I need to get to class.

I got dressed really fast and gathered my stuff and ran to the building and room my first class was Health 101. I was an hour and twenty minutes early and I was wanting to be Bree even worse. Damn I'm so fucked up I hate myself for wanting to be a woman so Alex can fuck me that is so gross he pumped his wade in me twice. I can't stand this for over an hour till class starts."

So I pulled out my Health book and work book and did today's assignment and I got it done just as class started. I listened and took notes and took part in the class participation. I found that I could read, and spell much better than before and I could type so fast that I could take my class notes on my lap top. I started to enjoy it and it quenched the burning need to be Bree.

I purposely took a light class load to make my time here last as long as possible but that was before Alex's curse. My first class ended and it would be three hours before my next class which was also was my last of the day. The professor took it easy on us with home work since it was the weekend and the first class of our first semester. I finished it in twenty minutes and the need returned making me burn intensely with the desire to change back to Bree.

So I went to the administrative offices and see how I could fill my school day full. The only related class that had not started with space and in tightly fitting time slots was Physical Therapy. I signed up for them and got the pre-class assignments and the list of books and supplies I needed.

I found doing that and going to the campus bookstore held back the all consuming burning desire to be Bree. I sat in the library and did my pre-class work getting most of it done and all my homework for the next class done before the class started. It was World History of Sports and Games as I really got pleasure seeing I was prepared better than anyone else in the class.

When it was over I ran back to the dorm room but Alex was not there. I felt on fire with sheer madness having to be Bree again. I tore into doing the rest of my pre-assignments for my new classes and got started on my assigned reading for World History. My phone rang I saw it was Alex and I answered it before the second ring. I didn't have time say anything before Alex said, "Change."

He immediately hung up and my feet were no longer able reach the floor as high as I had my desk chair set. I was wearing a pair of low cut jeans, a tight thin pink scoped necked sweater, matching pink Crocs. Alex came in and looked at me and didn't lock the door. instead, he just came to me sitting there and tenderly kissed me hello.

He asked, "How was your day?"

He didn't ask me spitefully or as a cruel joke but truly sincerely wanting to know how it was. In my mind, Brent said in an amazed tone, "I think he really wants to know. Damn! I didn't see that coming."

Then Brent went silent I knew he was trying to figure Alex out. Bree asked me how to answer the question I answered with Bree just repeating it, "It was really bad at first till I stopped being lazy and started trying to learn something. I was amazed that I actually like learning and thank you for all skills and knowledge you gave me that I should have acquired over the years but didn't because I was so stupid.

Alex looked at me curiously different like he was trying to understand something. His look continued and said, "You're not stupid you're actually very smart I think your IQ is as high as mine 152 which puts you in the gifted category."

I told Alex, "I signed up for several new classes to fill up my day till your out of class and I will have to do a lot more homework to do. If that is not alright with you I will drop them Monday. Is it alright that I will have a few hours of homework after I get out of class?"

Alex smiled and answered, "It couldn't please me more I have homework too you know. We can be study partners just not the same courses and I think I will really enjoy that."

I smiled brightly at Alex and told him "Thank you again for making it possible for me to actually do something worthwhile with my life."

While Alex continued to look at me confused and silently. I mentally said to Bree, "Ok this getting too unreal for someone to be that kind and considerate but I can see he is not faking it. Alex is truly a very special person and I have never met anyone like him.

Bree you know it's like Karma considering how bad I treated people since I got big enough to be a bully. Really I deserve something a lot worse. For the horrible way, I've been treating defenseless innocent people not just Alex.

Bree this is how I see it while I'm sharing this body with you I think we should act like what we are. A young woman that is just into men and we're living with a man that we're extremely attracted to. A man that is the most considerate, caring, and loving tender man we have ever met. I'm all for it and no more screaming at you but I will give suggestions since I know what men like."

Alex got a troubled look on his face and said, "I have been thinking that part of my spell on you that makes you act like a slut whore when the door is locked. It's just mean and spiteful. Like an addiction, the transformation is all the punishment you deserve but I was just very angry when I did the other and it's taken off now."

Alex then went and locked the door and I didn't feel anything. Brent was noticeably silent and I didn't hear a word from him that whole weekend. We spent that Friday afternoon studying till about 7 pm. We went to the commissary for dinner and Alex paid for mine and pulled my chair out for me and slid me up to the table.

We ate and talked mainly I asked him about Wizards, Magic, and his family. I did not do it out of politeness but out of curiosity and what he told me held my interest completely. For a long time every question he answered brought up more questions and I would ask them. I finally stop asking I had a fair understanding. There were much more I wanted to ask but they could wait.

What I learned Wizards were always male there were other female Magic beings like Enchantresses but there were that were both genders like Fairies, Elves, Witches and Warlocks but stopped there and said,

"The list is very long and I give you a book on the subject."

I found out his mother was mortal but his father gave her a special talisman so she could do some Magic herself. I learned Wizards don't live any longer than mortals and they mainly deal in business and calling someone a " Wizard of Wall Street" could have a double meaning.

He said, I have some questions about your history and Brent was still silent but some how I knew what he did. I let him know that he could ask anything. He mainly asked about Brent's raising and the foster families.

I told him every boring detail about his parent's death, his grandmother, and the abuses he faced till he got big enough to fight back and take what he wanted. Only worrying about himself and not worrying or caring about anyone else.

Alex looking very sad said, "No wonder Brent turned out to be the man I met on our first day together. Let's change the subject. What are his new classes."

I told him and he nodded his head approvingly, it was funny but I was as excited about them as Brent. The commissary was closing then so we went back to our room and we laid on his bed and watched movies on his lap top. It was really late when I turned it off and put it on the bed table and rolled over and kissed him.

That was all it took for him to take charge and make sweet and tender love to me. We woke up late Saturday morning and he kissed me good morning. We showered together but just a lot of tender touching but no sex. We dried each other off and he asked if I was caught up on my school work and I was.

He was too and informed me, we were going on an overnight road trip. It was late September in North Carolina the days were still a little warm but we were going to the mountains. So he dressed in a pair of khakis and a green long sleeve cotton loose fitting top and he wore jeans and a red oxford shirt.

He drove us in his silver BMW M4 and he packed a bag and made me two pieces of luggage just for show. Before we started driving he said, "We need to make some stops for cash since dad has me grounded from my bank account."

I let him know I had over $500.00 cash back in the room and I could go back for it but he wouldn't hear of it. I asked, "What is your plans then bank robbery?" He broke out in a huge roaring laugh and I giggled at myself.

Drying his eyes he said, "Well it's not that illegal but it is a crime in the strictest sense of the word but it is victimless. You see my Magic only works on you so I'm going to give for today the magical ability to know what stores that a winning scratch off lottery ticket of over 100.00 but under 500.00 is next on a roll and which one it is.

We pulled off and got less than two miles I found one and we stopped then he put an illusion spell on me. So I would appear as someone different and my license would look that way too. Even the security cameras would see me that way. He parked out of the security camera's view and I went in and paid for a Five Dollar ticket and I won 350.00. They asked for my ID and after filling out the back of the card they paid me.

I looked like a different woman each of six more times we did it. When we had over $2,000.00 and Alex thought that was enough. So we went straight into Blowing Rock, NC, and Alex and I picked a very nice for the Bed and Breakfast for the night and went out to a nice restaurant.

That night was the first time we ever had a queen size bed together and we made good use of it. Alex was more tender and passionate than ever before. I woke up before he did and went to the bathroom and peed and cleaned up a little. I thought he had came harder than he ever did before.

I went back to bed and Alex must have gotten too warm because he still was in a dead sleep but he had kicked out of the covers. I thought, "Alex makes me so happy I wish there was a way I could show him how much I care for him."

Then a thought came to me and I was really wondering why Brent was not screaming for me not to do it but he was still silent. I crawled back in the bed but from the foot. I saw Alex's soft penis and start kissing it. He was instantly awake and whispered, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

I didn't say anything but started licking his helmet of his quickly hardening member. When it was very hard I took him in my lips and started bobbing my head slowly taking in more and more of him in my mouth. I was able to take more than I thought I could and start bobbing my head faster dragging on the bottom of his shaft with my tongue.

For the first time I was the one in control and making Alex moan but not for long he soon shot off in my mouth and I drank his cum without even thinking about it. His penis continued to jerk as the cum stopped and was getting soft. I crawled up beside him and he held me and kissed my neck tenderly.

We got up a half hour later and showered and Alex dressed then dressed me still very casual and we went down to breakfast. I was still feeling playful I said, "I'm not very hungry this morning I had a big snack earlier you know." He gave a playful spank on the butt and said, "Bad girl". I looked at him wickedly and answered: "Yes I'm a very wicked girl and I love it."

We both laughed and had breakfast then we went sight seeing till it was time to go back to our dorm room. On Monday morning I woke up at the regular time with my phone ringing but Alex was already gone. It was Alex on the phone and I answered it.

Alex said, "Good morning my wicked girl it's time for class and I hope you enjoy all your new classes as much as you think you will. It's time for you to get going so change. I'll call you when you get to the dorm room after class and I can hardly wait. Bye."

I changed back to Brent like normal I did not have a chance to say anything. I got ready and went to my first class arriving a few minutes early. I have I missed Alex but it was different than before it wasn't than crazed addiction desire it was just like something was missing from my life.

Except for being Bree with Alex, I enjoyed my classes more than anything I ever did before in my life. Since I enjoyed them so much the day flew by. It was quickly time for me to rush home to be Bree again and be with Alex. I got to the dorm room and in less than five minutes I got the "change" call. When Alex arrived we kissed each other and talked briefly about our days and then quickly started our home work.

We did our written assignments first at our separate desks. When we the written things finished we did our reading work on Alex's bed. I usually had my head on Alex's chest with my highlighter in my mouth to mark important parts.

With our work, all finished we would go a different to places to eat dinner and talk for hours about everything from current events to trivia. When we were back at the room we normally passionately made out and had great sex. After making love we would hold each other and talk till we went to sleep.

After our work was done on the weekend we would most of the times take an over night trip to different places. We got the funds by our normal way and we always stayed at some upscale B&B. This was our routine for over ten weeks. Till Thanks Giving break which started after classes on Tuesday because most students and faculty's family were from out of town.

Alex was leaving Tuesday right after classes for a three-hour drive to his home. I dreaded that he would be gone for four days and not come back till Sunday afternoon. On the Tuesday morning before Thanks Giving, I got my "change" call and went to classes. My last class was canceled due to the professor had to catch and eight-hour flight to her home in Nevada.

So I rushed to the Dorm room hoping to see Alex but when I got there he was already gone and a note was on my desk saying, "Brent, My last three classes were canceled and I left sooner than I first planned to beat the traffic. I will be back on Sunday around 2 pm and we need to talk."

I read the note and my heart dropped I really wanted to tell him goodbye as Bree. I stayed in the room all day Wednesday doing school work trying to keep my mind off Alex. I had no apatite and I didn't leave to eat. Thanks Giving morning I was a little hungry so I walked to the fast food place right off of campus that was open and ordered my favorite steak biscuit and threw away most of it away and just drank my juice.

I spent the rest of the day laying on my bed with my back to Alex's side of the room and read all of my whole anatomy book, not just the next three assigned chapters. I fell asleep around Midnight. I was awakened at 7 am Friday when Alex came in the door. I shouted excitedly, "ALEX YOU'RE BACK EARLY!"

If I was Bree I would have jumped in his arms and kissed him all over his face but as Brent I could just stand there smiling from ear to ear. He looked at me sadly and didn't say anything but went to the bathroom and shut the door. After he had relieved himself he came out and looked like he was crying in there.

I asked very concerned "What is wrong?"

He started talking with his voice cracking at times from sadness, "As my note said we need to talk. I have not been truly open with you and I need to make it right. When my father unlocked my Magic just for you I was able from that point on to read your mind when I wanted. Being able to do that I discovered something that Friday before our first road trip. That you were not what the person I thought you were.

That that self-centered, stupid, cruel, bully persona was just a protective wall that you built because of years of mistreatment and abuse. I learned that the true Brent was a very smart, kind, just, and probably the most adaptive person I ever met. You impressed me in how fast you pulled down that protective wall so quickly responding to some simple kindness and common courtesy.

I was completely blown away by the speed you objectively appraised your new situation and was able to be totally adjusted to your female heterosexuality when you were Bree. I think your unbiased fairness was almost as amazing. When you came to the conclusion that what I did to you was deserved for the way you treated people weaker than yourself. When I saw all that you learned I should have turned you back to Brent then but I was not as fair.

I was still mad at you for the humiliation and really and very selfish. I found I really liked being with you as Bree so I just altered the spell. I lied telling you I just altered the part about the locked door but that wasn't what I did. You see Bree was just a plastic constructed persona like the one you made for protection, not a real person. So the reason you thought Brent went silent was because I erase the constructed Bree but made your sexuality match the body you were in at the moment.

You thought since you liked men when you were Bree that you were still the Bree persona but you were just Brent. I wanted to see also if you still like me of your free will without that constructed personality. You don't know how happy you made me on that first road trip.

Still being so attracted to me and enjoying our time together so much. Not just acting like it but proving it with your actions. By doing things that were very special for me because you yourself truly wanted to.

I have to admit our time together with you being Bree will always have a special place in my heart and will always miss Bree. I left Tuesday heavy with guilt and very mad at myself for being so selfish. My father saw it right off and questioned me on it and I told him everything. I told him I would be leaving early the day after Thanks Giving to make it right because I couldn't wait till Sunday.

He was very proud of me learning the great lesson he had tried to teach me my whole life. That lesson being that I needed to learn to examine individuals before judging them and feeling superior just because I was a Wizard. Although he was shocked in how just three months with you taught me something he tried to do for my whole life and he ended my punishment early and unlocked my magic and bank accounts.

So I'm not going to ever change you back to Bree again and I'm sure you and I will become best friends."

I was in shock for a second then I said pleadingly, Please let us go back to things like they were and I forgive you for not telling me the full truth."

Alex stood there shaking his head sadly and said, I can't do that Brent because I have fallen in love with Bree and it's taking all my strength being here alone with you and not changing you. Although I know if I ever make you Bree again I will never have the strength, will, or desire to ever change you back."

I answered him for the first time verbalizing my true feelings, "I love you too but as Brent, because of my sexuality it is only emotional, not physical that's only half a love. That makes me only a half a person. Please, Alex, change me to Bree forever."

Alex looked me very seriously and explained the reality of what I was asking for, "If I do this it means that everyone's memory of Brent will disappear and be replaced with appropriate memories of Bree instead. All your records will change to match Bree Holmes too. So except for you, my parents, and me Brent will have never been.

Then one day soon you'll be my wife. I want children but not till I graduate and without exception, Wizards marry for life. That means we will always be man and wife. With you getting pregnant and having our children. Although before we marry you will have to come home with me in less than four weeks for Christmas break. To tell my father you did this of your own free will and we want to get married before school starts back.

Don't answer immediately but think about what all this truly means for you."

That was almost five years ago now I'm sitting in the auditorium waiting for them to call my name. I liked Psychical Therapy so much I changed my major. The Dean called out, Mrs. Bree Wizen Master of Psychical Therapy Magna Cum Laude. I got up and walked across the stage and took the deans the hand and my diploma.

I took my place on the riser beside Alex who just got just got his MBA Magna Cum Laude. Alex parents were on their feet clapping. I love them both like the parents I never had and Mom, as I call her now being mortal like me, became my mentor. She taught how to deal with Wizards and use the special amulet like hers that Alex gave me. The last Magna Cum Laude took their place and the dean said this is this year's Magna Cum Laude Graduates.

The End

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