Mother's Day Surprise

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Mother’s Day Surprise
By Princess Pantyboy

(Author note: I know this is a little late for mother's day but I wanted to get it out before any more time passed. I am still working on my other stories such as my newest story about baseball hehehe. I hope you enjoy this story, and thanks for all your loving emails and special thoughts. Hugs Princess)

Today was just like most days I came home from daycare, and I was sitting in my room playing with my toys and stuff. I go to daycare because my mommy works full time, and I am only 6-years old.

Usually boys and girls my age would already be in daycare but I have a small issue with potty training. You could say I have accidents once in a while. Okay to be honest I have a lot of accidents and I don't even realize I have to go potty until I am ready to bust.

My family is just me and my mommy. I love her very much but we have had a tough time of it since my daddy ran off with his secretary and left us behind. Mommy is very pretty and I would hear mommy saying to herself when she is looking in the mirror how could that useless man of a husband run off with another lady instead of me his pretty wife.

I guess my dad is some super macho guy and he used to make fun of me being so small and petite as mommy would call me. I can't help it I am so small I was born this way.

Mother’s Day is coming up tomorrow and I wish I could do something for mommy to make her day more special but I am just a small child so what can I do? Maybe I will draw her a picture of something and make her a card to show I love her so much.

“Come on little Kelly we have to go to the church and pick up some new clothes for you.” We don't have much money so mommy gets all our clothes from the church I guess they donate clothes and when there is enough mommy picks them up. “Do you have to go potty before we leave sweetie?”

I feel mommy check my shorts to see if they are wet again. “No mommy I don't have to go I am a big boy ya know?” I play with my long hair that is almost half way down my back because we never have money for me to get many haircuts.

“Your hair is getting so long sweetie I love how pretty your hair is now. I know your father would have a fit seeing how long and pretty your hair is now.” I feel mommy running her fingers through my hair as she talks. “Turn around sweetie I will put your hair in a ponytail like mommy’s okay?”

I look at mommy smiling and all I want to do is make her happy and I see lots of boys and men with long hair and ponytails. “Okay mommy if that is what you want to do.”

I seat down on the kitchen chair and I can feel mommy brushing my hair out. “Oh I love it when you brush my hair mommy it makes me feel so relaxed.”

“Yes when I was a little girl I used to say the same thing to my mommy.” I smile hearing mommy likes her hair brushed when she was little too. “Do you like your hair long like this sweetie? I know you enjoy me brushing it and all that. Or do you want all your hair cut off like the other boys?”

I look up at mommy smiling and she sure seems like she is enjoying brushing my long hair too. “Umm I don't care mommy I like it when you brush my hair and you seem to like brushing my long hair too. I guess my hair gets me really hot in the summer time like now.”

“You asked me how daycare went mommy and I just remembered that one of the girl's in daycare called me a tomboy when she was getting her hair done from the daycare lady. What is a tomboy mommy?”

I feel mommy still brushing my long hair. “Well sweetie a tomboy is a girl that tries to look like a boy.” I look at mommy kind of weird.

“So those girl's think I am a girl mommy? I mean I am a boy I know I am really small for my age but I am still a boy even though those girls are taller than me.”

Mommy kneels down in front of me looking in my eyes. “Sweetie little girls have long hair and little boys usually have short hair. I can cut all your hair off sweetie like the other boys if you want, or I can style your hair differently if you don't want your long pretty hair all cut off. Do you want me to do your hair so no one will think you’re a tomboy sweetie?”

“I like my hair long mommy; I don't want my long hair all cut off I really like it when you brush my hair and mommy you always look so happy when your brushing my hair, if I didn’t have long hair that would be sad.”

Mommy smiles at me then I will style it so no one can call you a tomboy okay sweetie?” I look into mommy's smiling eyes and I start to smile like her.

“Okay mommy that makes sense.” I feel mommy brushing my hair then she puts my hair in a ponytail.

Mommy stands back and smiles at me. “Okay sweetie go look in the mirror see if you like your hair like this.”

“Okay mommy.” I walk over to the hallway mirror that mommy always looks at herself before we go to daycare and she goes to work. I see myself and my hair is all one length parted in the mirror but now my hair is in a ponytail. I see boys and men with long hair and ponytails but their hair was at the bottom of their neck and their hair hangs on their back.

My ponytail is much different it is closer to the top of my head, and my ponytail bounces as I move around looking at it. Mommy sees me turn to the left than to the right seeing my new ponytail from different angles.

“Do you like your hair like that sweetie with the new hair tie? I think it makes your hair much prettier that way?” I lift my arm up and feel my long ponytail. “Plus keeping your hair off your neck will help you stay cooler in the summer heat like you were complaining about before.”

I look up at mommy staring at me through the mirror as she stands behind me. “I guess it is okay I just never seen boys with ponytails like this mommy. What color is my hair tie you put in my hair mommy is it light red or it looks almost pink? Pink is a girl's color mommy you know, that, right?”

“Yes sweetie I know that and that color looks very pretty on you and is perfect for you little Kelly okay?” Thinking to myself mommy didn’t answer if the hair tie color was really the bright pink I thought it looked like, or just an off red.

Mommy stands back up in her short skirt looking down at me. “Ya know sweetie it is really hot outside and those thick jean shorts are going to make you feel much hotter outside. Let's change them into those thinner shorts we got from the church last month okay sweetie?”

“I though you said they were a little too short for little boy’s mommy?” I feel mommy pulling my shorts all the way down and off my legs so I am standing in my Spiderman underwear and matching Spiderman tee shirt.

Mommy takes my hand and we start walking back to my room. I notice in the mirror I even look younger walking with mommy holding my hand as we walk past the mirror. “Okay sweetie let me see if I can find them do you remember sweetie what color they were the thin one’s sweetie?”

“Yes mommy they are white and they are much thinner and shorter than any of my other shorts.” I play with my long hair nervously.

Mommy starts going through my dresser and pulls out a white pair of shorts that are really thin and supper short. “Oh these will be perfect sweetie, try these on.” Mommy hands me the super thin white short shorts and I look at them trying to figure what is the front and back because they don't have a zipper, there are no pockets just an elastic waist band.

“Here sweetie let mommy help you.” My mommy takes the little shorts and she lifts my leg than the other pulling them up my legs pulling them over my underwear. “Oh sweetie look at the shorts they are so thin we can see your Spiderman design through the shorts we will have to change your underwear sweetie.”

Looking down you can clearly see the Spiderman design through the shorts. I feel mommy pulling the shorts back down and off. “Let's see what underwear you have that don't have a design on them. While I am looking, sweetie take your Spiderman underwear off.”

“Okay mommy I guess. “I slide my underwear off and am standing naked from the waist down looking at mommy going through my underwear dresser draw.

I feel so small and I put my little hands in front of my tiny penis hiding it. “Let's try these white one looks like they are the only white underwear you have sweetie all the others have superman and the hulk and other cartoon characters all over them.”

“Those white one are the ones I was wearing when I was being potty trained you said they are training underwear with it thick between the legs mommy.”

Mommy puts her hands on her hips looking down at me. “You are right sweetie they are training underwear and you should still be wearing them to be honest with all the accidents you have been having at daycare and at home sweetie. These are the only underwear that don't have a design so you are wearing them okay sweetie? Now push your little boy parts back between your legs so they don't stretch the front of your training panties, I mean your training underwear sweetie.”

“Umm I guess mommy.” I slide the white underwear up my legs and push my little penis back between my legs like mommy said.

Mommy smiles. “Luckily your little boy parts have never grown since you were a newborn so you can fit into that underwear still sweetie.” I look down seeing the front of my underwear flat with no buldge showing at all. “Let’s get these little shorts up your legs sweetie and see how they fit.” Mommy slides them up my legs and over my underwear and they fit perfect except them being so short not like my other shorts.

“Oh yes they fit you perfectly sweetie.” Mommy smiles at me, making me smile back. “Your Spiderman tee short doesn’t match your new pretty shorts let's see if you have a tee shirt with no design on it.”

Mommy pulls my tee shirt off and I stand only in the little white shorts. “Oh here is a light blue tee shirt sweetie it will match perfectly. Lift your arms up.” Mommy pulls the little shirt over my head and it barely comes down to the top of my shorts.

“Mommy this shirt isn’t the color blue like my jean shorts or my regular blue shirts how come you call it blue?”

Mommy pulls the little shirt down and she buttons it up in the back. “Well sweetie your jean shorts and pants are like dark blue this top is a light blue or a baby blue but you’re not a baby are you so we call it light blue honey okay?”

“Umm I guess but yea I'm not a baby so this isn’t baby blue color it's umm light blue okay mommy?”

Mommy smiles at me. “Okay you can't wear your sneakers because they don't match just put your flip flops on then we will leave to the church to get your new clothes they called and said they had a whole bag of new clothes for you sweetie okay?”

“Yes mommy I will get them on, but some of the hair is coming out of my new ponytail and getting in my eyes.”

I watch as mommy puts her purse over her shoulder and sees me walking towards her. “Oh yes sweetie you look so pretty in your new outfit.” I look down at myself hearing her calling me pretty again and I'm not sure but I thought little boys are called handsome and only little girls are called pretty. I guess when you’re a mommy you can call your kids whatever she wants since she is my mommy.

“Umm thank you mommy, I think. Are we going to the church now mommy?” I had a lot of fun there when we would go to church. During church, all the kids my age or I should say all the kids my size would go to Sunday school and we would play on their playground. The reason I said kids my size and not the kids my age is because all the kids my age are much bigger than me and of course they are potty trained.

Mommy looks down at me taking my hand. “Yes sweetie we are. Did I ever tell you honey that before your dad moved away from us and he abandoned his family I always wanted a little girl? I mean I am very happy that you are my son but I always wanted a little girl instead of a boy so I could dress her up so pretty and we could do mother daughter stuff.”

“No mommy you never said that but I will be very good for you mommy even though I'm not your daughter like you wanted.” I play with my long hair nervously mommy shuts the front door and we walk out to mommy’s car.

I feel mommy buckle me up in my booster seat. “You know I may have been mistaken putting you in a booster seat so fast because you are still so small you need a baby car seat for better safety. I know you're not a baby sweetie even though you do have accidents a lot.” I look sad thinking I will have to go back to a baby car seat.

“Maybe they will have a new one at the church for you sweetie and we can trade the big boy booster seat in on a safer car seat sweetie.”

Thinking to myself I hope they don't have any car seats. Maybe if I change the subject maybe mommy will forget about me getting a baby car seat. “Umm mommy can I play on the playground when we get to the church?”

“We will see sweetie I know they said they had a whole bag of clothes for your size.” Oh, good mommy didn’t say no at least so that is a positive sign. “Okay here we are sweetie don't ya just love this church and the school is top of the line but we can't afford to send you here unfortunately. I couldn’t afford to put you in school for even half a year but I would love for you to go to a private school wouldn’t you sweetie?”

I look around how everything is so clean and with a big playground. “Yes mommy I would love to go to this school, but don't they wear uniforms here too mommy?”

“Yes sweetie all the little boys and girls have to wear uniforms but it would be a dream come true if you were able to go to this school but we can definitely not afford this school or any private school sweetie I am sorry to say.”

Mommy has a sad look on her face when she says she can't afford to put me in this school. “Umm mommy didn’t you have to go to this school when you were a little girl?”

“Yes sweetie I had to wear a short skirt and pretty top my whole school career. I met a lot of great boys and girls and we are still friends today. I was talking to some of them the other day and their children all go to this school or are starting after summer break. It was always a dream of mine when I was a young girl that when I grew up my daughter would wear the same pretty uniform and go to this school.”

The car stops and I see my mommy look sad like she is going to cry. “I am sorry mommy you don't have a daughter but I will try to be a big boy for you mommy. Please don't cry that makes me sad too mommy.”

“Oh look sweetie sister Alice is coming over.” I feel mommy un-buckle me and sister Alice smiles looking at me in the booster seat as she hugs mommy. “How are you sister Alice?”

Sister Alice smiles at me and comes over to the car and picks me up out of my booster like I was a toddler. “Oh I am fine and looks like you're little one is a little small for this booster seat Tina.”

“Little Kelly and I were just talking about that I shouldn’t have traded in the baby car seat for this booster. Kelly is still so small.”

Sister Alice pushes the hair out of my eyes that has come out of the ponytail mommy put in earlier. “Looks like little Kelly has some long bangs. I bet if they were trimmed up no more hair would get in Kelly’s eyes. Would you like me to trim your hair up sweetie? You will still have you're long pretty hair but with bangs?” I hate it when everyone calls my hair pretty but she is a nun so I guess it would be disrespectful to say I don't want my hair to be called pretty.

“Umm I guess as long as my hair is still long sister Alice.” I look over at my mommy smiling at me. “Would that be okay mommy?”

Mommy looks at me odd for some reason. I turn seeing another nun come up to us but I don't recognize her she must be new. “Oh this is sister Karen she is here from another parish working with us on special needs. We were talking the other day and your name came up Tina and well we will talk about that in a bit.”

“It is great to meet you Ms. Tina and this must be you're little one. And, how are you little one, you are a cute one?” I watch the other nun bends down and makes eye contact with me.

I smile when I see her smile. “Umm I am fine sister Karen, I am Kelly, and, how are you?” I push my hair out of my eyes while we are talking.

“Such a sweet child. Looks like someone's bangs are getting a little out of control, but I overheard sister Alice is going to trim them up and make your hair look much prettier with cute bangs sweetie. Why don't you take little Kellie and fix her hair while I take her mother to look at the bags of clothes we have for little Kellie okay?”

Did sister Karen just call me a she? I'm sure I heard her wrong. Another nun walks up to us. “Excuse me sister Karen father Justin would like to see you and sister Alice when you bring in Ms. Tina inside.”

“Oh great father Justin is back that is great. We were just talking about sister Alice trimming up little Kellies bangs and making little Kellies hair look prettier would you take care of that for us sister Christine? Oh by the way this is sister Christine excuse me for being rude and not introducing her she is my assistant and a big help while we go around to all the churches helping with special need projects like this.”

Sister Christine leans over and whispers something into her boss sister Karen’s ear and then sister Karen nods yes smiling at me and mommy. “Okay sweetie come with me we will get you fixed up than bring you back to your mommy okay?”

“Umm yes sister Christine.” I say feeling a little nervous and I play with my long hair.

Mommy smiles at me then leans down to make eye contact with me. “Now you be good Kelly and do as sister Christine says and I will see you in a little bit sweetie okay?”

“Yes mommy I will be good.” Mommy leans in and hugs me good bye like I am going away to war for some reason. I hold the sisters hand as we walk away slowly. Turning around I see my mommy walking with the nuns going inside the room that has all the clothes.

I look up at sister Christine and she is smiling at me when she holds the door for me and there is a long hallway and looks like it is part of the catholic school. Are we in the school now sister?”

“Yes sweetie we are in one of the wings that the students really don’t go to much here is the room we are going into. This room is our grooming room the sisters come in here and fix each other’s hair and if a student comes to school with not the proper style we fix it up for him or her usually it is a boy.”

I look around and see a hairstylist chair in the middle of the room with a sink and hair stuff on cabinets in front of it and a super large mirror. “Okay sweetie hop up into the chair and I will fix your hair up really quick and get you back to your mommy okay?”

“Umm yes sister that would be great to see my mommy.” I am sounding kind of nervous being in a new place with a stranger. “Just relax sweetie and we will take you back to her but if you are good I can tell you about a surprise for your mommy would you like that?”

I smile hearing about a surprise for my mommy. “Oh I would really like to hear of a surprise for my mommy especially since Mother’s Day is tomorrow sister. I really love my mommy and I was going to draw her a picture for Mother’s Day so I can give her something.”

“Oh aren’t you the cutest thing sweetie wanting to get your mommy something for Mother’s Day. How old are you sweetie almost four I am thinking?” I look up at the sister hearing she thinks I am almost four years old. How do I tell her I am six-years old not three going on four?

The cape goes around me and I feel her tie it in the back. The sister starts taking my hair out of the ponytail and starts brushing my long hair while she is talking to me. “I can see you are being so big for your age Kellie I bet you're not four-years old yet but you will be some day, don't worry I will trim your hair sweetie and you will look so pretty and make you look your age for your mommy.”

“Since you are being so good Kellie let me ask you a question before I tell the surprise your mommy is going to get okay?” I smile feeling the sister spraying more water or something on my hair a she combs and brushes my long hair.

I smile looking up while she is combing my hair over my face. “Yes sister.”

“Okay sweetie you know your mommy came to this school when she was a little girl. Your mommy always said when she grows up she would love for her daughter to come to this school just like her.”

I smile knowing that already. “Yes sister my mommy actually told me that today on our drive over here.” I smile seeing the sister smiling at me also.

“Here let me turn you away from the mirror I have noticed after doing this for many years’ little children watching their hair get trimmed can't keep still while looking in the mirror.” I feel the chair turn with my back now to the mirror. “Kellie what do you think of this school would you like to go to pre-school here than regular school here when you are older sweetie? Now hold still and close your eyes.”

I hear the sister and I start to think about this school closing my eyes. “Yes sister I would love to go to this school because my mommy told me the same thing and she said it was a dream of hers for her daughter or children to come to this school like she did and wear the pretty school uniforms and all that.”

“Snip, Snip, Snip.” I hear and I open my eyes seeing all the long hair that was in front of my eyes cut away. “Your bangs were almost down to your little tummy sweetie but I am fixing that now close your eyes so I can make you're bangs even.” All I hear is a few more small snips with tiny chucks of hair falling on the long pieces of hair over a foot long in my lap now.

The long hair in my lap starts to get me scared because none of the other boys at this school have long hair all of them have crew cuts. I hope she isn’t going to cut all my hair off, I start to feel very nervous.

“Okay you were very good that’s it for cutting hair see I put the scissors down so you can relax sweetie. So, you would really like to go to school here that is great sweetie what if I said that father Justin and the sisters are talking to your mommy about you going to school here would you like that?”

I smile but start to feel sad. “Umm mommy would like that which means if mommy likes it I would like it but mommy said she can't afford to send me to this great school sister.” I feel her start brushing my hair on the right side and then the left side while I am talking.

“Well sweetie that is the good thing sister Karen and I do special programs and we look at special needs of others and we do in this case your mommy would not have to pay anything for school is that great?”

I smile at the sister not paying attention to her finishing my hair. “Yes that would be great my mommy would be so happy it would be like a Mother’s Day surprise to her making her dream come true.”

“That is what the other sisters and I were also thinking your mommy wouldn’t even have to pay for your new school uniforms or anything.”

I smile thinking how great my mommy is going to be feeling when she finds out her dream will come true. “Sweetie if you want to go to this school we can surprise your mommy and put you in your new school uniform than we could walk out there and that would be your Mother’s Day surprise for your mommy okay?”

“That would be great to surprise mommy and see me in the school’s uniform.” I just remember something very sad and I stop being happy. “I was told that umm you had to be completely potty trained to go to school sister and I'm umm not.” Looking sadly at my feet feeling ashamed at me not being potty trained yet.

The sister pulls the cape off of me and sweeps up all the long hair and tosses it in the trash while she is looking how sad I am. “Don't worry sweetie that is in public school here in catholic school or private school we have much different rules. Since you are not potty trained yet you will just have to wear a pull-up but don't worry no one will see it under your school uniform sweetie. When you have to go potty you can just pull them down and go potty if you have an accident no one will know because you will be wearing a pull-up sweetie.”

“I don't want to wear a diaper I am not a baby but I guess if no one will see it will be okay I guess. Are you sure no one will see I am wearing a pull-up sister?”

Sister takes my hand and we walk back into the hallway into another room. “Well like I said we will put you in your new school uniform and you will see no one will be able to see your pull-up sweetie okay?”

“Now you walk into the bathroom and take all your clothes off and put them in this bag while I get you a small pull-up, and then when you hand that out I will hand the pull-up okay sweetie?”

I walk into the bathroom which it reminds me of a doctor’s office bathroom. “Okay I guess.” I walk in closing the door and I take all my clothes off putting them in the bag and I take them off. I am standing totally naked when I hear sister knocking on the bathroom door.

“I have your pull-up sweetie are you undressed or do you need any help?” The sister must think I am a baby for some reason I know I am small for my age but I am not a baby.

I un-lock the door and I hand out the bag with all my clothes in it. “Yes sister here is the bag with all my clothes in it do you have my new uniform to put on?”

“Well you are the fast one that is great sweetie. No I want you to put the pull-up on first and then you can come out and I will help you with your uniform they are a little tricky to put on the first-time sweetie. Plus, I am not sure what size you are while wearing a pull-up sweetie.”

I feel sister take the bag and hand me a small pull-up. I shut the door and then I see there are also plastic pants that go over the pull-up and wow they are pink or light red. I guess no one will see them under my uniform. I slide the pull-up up my legs and then pull the plastic pants up and over the pull-up. Wow I feel like a baby I wish I could see what they look like.

“Okay sweetie I have your new uniform come on out you should be ready now sweetie.” How did she know I was ready already I open the bathroom door and look out to make sure no one else is there seeing me in a pull-up and plastic pants?

I walk over to the sister. “Oh that diaper and plastic panties just fit you perfect sweetie now lift your arms up and I will put your camisole on, and we can get you dressed.” I feel the tiny tee shirt pulled over my head and it has no sleeves just two straps that my arms go through. Did she say diaper and plastic panties that is so messed up, I have to correct her but I wonder if that would be disrespectful and she said she had a Mother’s Day surprise for my mommy so I guess I will ignore her comments.

“Okay sweetie now lift your arms up over your head again.” I do as I am told the sister turns me around and pulls the shirt over my head pulling it down barely covering my plastic panties. “Okay sweetie sit back in the chair and no I'm not going to cut your pretty hair anymore. It is just easier to put your socks and shoes on little one.”

Oh, that is a relief she won't be cutting my hair so I relax. I look down wondering why she is treating me like a baby, and dressing me. “Umm sister I can dress myself I'm big ya know?”

“Yes sweetie I know you are so big but I can do it faster and now you know how your new school uniform goes on and you will be able to do it without your mommy helping you okay sweetie?”

I smile hearing she knows I'm not a baby and that I'm big. I guess it makes sense with showing me how to wear the school uniform the way everyone else will be wearing there’s so I don't get in trouble.

I feel the sister pulling on my long shirt as she finishes putting my new shoes and socks on. “Okay sweetie give me your hand and we will walk over to your mommy and make her wish or dreams come true about you being able to follow in your mommy’s footsteps going to the same school.”

“Yea that is great let’s go.” We leave that room and we walk into a nice office and my mommy gets up smiling at me up and down and takes both my hands. “Mommy did they tell you the great news that you're wish is coming true or dreams can come true?”

Mommy kneels down in-front of me staring at me up and down smiling from ear to ear. “So you are good with this little Kelly you want to wear your new school uniform and go to this great school sweetie?” Mommy and I are looking into each other's eyes. I can see she how happy she looks.

“Yes mommy I want to go to this school here just like you did mommy when you were little.”

I watch as mommy stands up and puts her hands on both my shoulders looking down at me. “Well sweetie the sisters have given you a complete scholarship and you will be going here for your whole school carrier starting from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade when you will graduate. I love how pretty you look in your new school uniform you. You make mommy so proud to do this for me.”

“Here sweetie turn around so you can see how pretty you look in your new school uniform. This is the best Mother’s Day surprise a mommy could ever ask for sweetie.” I feel mommy spin me around but she leaves both her hands on my shoulders but I am no longer facing mommy. I now have my back to mommy.

I look straight ahead and I see a little girl wearing her school girl uniform with a short skirt and my mommy standing behind her.

“Oh my god that is me mommy in the mirror.” I don't know how to respond seeing myself dressed in the little girl school uniform.

Mommy is still smiling from ear to ear. “Yes sweetie you have made mommy so happy and this surprise makes my dream come true and look at all the pretty dresses and skirts the sister have given you. You have enough new clothes to have a whole new wardrobe. The sister even found a new car seat so you will be safer than that booster we have.” I turn and see the pink Barbie baby car-seat next to the bags of little girl's clothes.

“Yes mommy I am glad your dream came true and you are enjoying your Mother’s Day surprise.” I turn and hug mommy but thinking to myself I am the one that has been surprised I am now dressed as a little girl and no one knows I am a boy except mommy and I admitted to wanting to go to this school wearing this uniform. I am stuck, and I am the one that has had the Mother’s Day surprise. I feel my diaper getting soaked an I smile at mommy.

The End
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