Black Panties Part 1

Black Panties
Part 1

By Princess Panty Boy

It all started a while ago with my girl friend and me messing around. I was wearing her Black lace bikini panties. I have a pair of black cotton bikini briefs for men that look sort of the same in the dark. Well anyways, I was wearing them and we were getting hot and heavy in our bedroom in a small cottage in upstate New York.

I started to undress Cindy and, took her pants off than her top, and was playing with her breasts as I took her bra off. I than slide her warm panties off while she was pulling my Spiderman tee shirt off and sliding my jeans down around my ankles. Cindy started to slide my underwear off and I said.

“No” leave them on.I started to kiss her deeply as I felt Cindy slide her hand inside my underwear and pull my raging hard cock out. She started to stroke it with one hand and aimed it between her legs as I felt the tip of my hard cock slide inside her as I started to pump I felt her hands go around my pantied butt and pushing than she started to rub her hands around my bottom feeling the lace panties.

All of a sudden she sled her hand in front of the panties and felt the little pink lace bow in the front and yelled at me.

“Hey you’re wearing my panties Rob.” I opened my eyes and told her I don’t know what you are talking about they look just like my black underwear but they do feel good. As I felt my hard cock grow inside of Cindy as we talked about me being caught wearing in her black silk panties.

“Do you want me to pull out and stop?” I looked into her eyes as I heard her say no as she felt my bottom up. I started to pump harder than faster than faster until I heard Cindy start to moan as I stared at her eyes as they started to squint as I pounded deeper inside her. I felt both her hands holding onto my pantied bottom holding me tightly not letting me pump out of her as I exploded cum deep inside of her as I felt her have a orgasms at the same time as we laid there in each other’s arms.

“Wow Rob you sure enjoy wearing my panties you haven’t made love to me like that ever. Maybe you should wear them more often.” as I see a grin on her face smiling at me as I hear her giggle. I look at her and smile as Cindy cuddles with me as we fall asleep together in each other’s arms.

We wake up in the morning and I don’t bring up me wearing her panties as I walk to the bathroom and take a pee. Cindy walks in and slaps my pantied butt as I am peeing. I squeak, as a lil girl would making a noise as she gives me a funny look.

“You know Rob when us girls have to pee you need to pull your panties down and seat to pee if you’re going to wear my panties or I guess there your panties now”

I look over at Cindy, and see a smile on her face meaning for me to seat and go pee. I close the top and seat on the toilet and start to pee. “Wow Cindy this feels weird to seat to pee” I look down and see the lace panties around my ankles as I pee, as a girl would seat down and then looking up at Cindy smiling at me.

“You look so cute there peeing like a girl with your panties around your ankles. Make sure you wipe when you’re done sweetie”
Cindy is smiling majorly as I wipe and then stand up as she watches me. “Make sure you push your little friend back between your legs so he doesn’t stretch the front of the panties out lil Robbie.”

“I will Cindy honey and why are you calling me lil Robbie? My mom has not called me that since I was a toddler.” I play with my long hair that hangs on my shoulders, but I put it in a ponytail when I have to work. I continue to twist hair around my finger as we talk.

Cindy shakes her head watching me playing with my long hair. “Here sweetie let me fix your ponytail looks like it’s getting away from you a bit. You know bangs would look cute with your hair it would keep it out of your eyes too”. I feel Cindy taking the rubber band out of my hair and putting it on the dresser next to me. I feel her brushing my long hair out. I see Cindy fixing my ponytail in the mirror on her dresser. I still notice the rubber band on the dresser.

“Hey how did you fix my hair the rubber band is still on the dresser Cindy?” I see Cindy smiling at me as she pushes me out the bedroom as I try to look in the mirror again.

Cindy is smiling as we walk out of the bedroom. “Oh don’t get your pretty little black panties in a twist I just used one of my hair ties it should hold your hair better. I feel that the ponytail isn’t in the same place at the bottom of my neck resting on my back it is hanging in the hair higher up. I turn and look at Cindy as I hold my ponytail looking at him.

“Oh sweetie I put your ponytail higher on your head more towards the top of your head it will keep your neck from getting hot and it will hold your ponytail in better.

The door closes in our bedroom. “Cindy have you seen my underwear I need to get ready for work?” I hear her looking threw stuff with the door still closed.

“Honey I looked everywhere I can’t find any of your boy underwear they must all be in the dirty laundry. I guess you will have to wear some panties again.” The bedroom door opens as Cindy is holding a black pair of lace panties in her hand smiling at me. These black panties scream girly as I watch Cindy smiling at me.

I take the little lace panties and slide off the panties I’m wearing as Cindy watches me and smiles while I get dressed. I push my lil bulge to the back as she hands me some jeans and I slide them up fast over the panties and notice the jeans feel tight on me.

“Wow honey these jeans feel tight on me. Can you tell I’m wearing panties under these jeans?” I see Cindy smiling as she looks at the tight jeans I am wearing as I feel her finger trace the outline of the panties with her finger.

I see Cindy smiling as she stares at my jeans. “No sweetie I can’t see the panties you’re wearing.” I continue to feel her fingers tracing the edges of the panties threw my jeans.

“How can you tell where the edges of the panties are if you can’t see the panties I'm wearing?” Cindy continues to smile at me as I am walking out the door for work.

“Well sweetie I can’t see the panties but I can see the panty line through your jeans clear as day?” I stop what I am doing and hear her saying she can see a panty line threw my jeans clear as day. I hear the bus coming as she pushes me out the door as I run to the bus stop barely making the bus. I pull my shirt down so no one can see I am wearing panties as I sat in the first seat of the bus.

The workday goes by super slow because all day long I’m worried about everyone being able to see I am wearing panties. Finally, the day is over, and I head home.

“Hi sweetie what happen to your jeans?” I look at Cindy as if she is crazy as she gives me a welcome home kiss.

“What are you talking about baby?” I wait for a response as she takes my hand and brings me in front of the wall mirror and points to my jeans. I see a big rip clear as day and you can see the black panties. “Wow I have no idea how that happen I hope no one at work seen your panties I'm wearing as I see Cindy giggling and smiling at me.

“Here sweetie have a beer and relax while I make dinner.” I have a couple beers and I start to feel relaxed. We have a quite dinner together as I don’t think about Cindy keeps getting me more and more beer to drink as if she is getting me drunk for some reason. Oh well I think to myself its Friday night and I am just chilling feeling a nice buzz.

I am seating on the couch just watching TV as Cindy seats down next to me and is smiling. “Umm sweetie your mustache is getting way too bushy you should trim it up a bit. Here why don’t I help you as she grabs my arm pulling me up and starts dragging me into the bathroom?

“Baby I’m not buzzed enough to let you trim my mustache” I look into Cindy’s eyes as I take another hit off my beer.

“Sure you are sweetie. Now have a seat on the toilet and this won’t take too long” I start to stare at her little butt as I see her get the hair scissors out of the bathroom cabinet.

I am staring at her breasts almost hanging out of her top, as I do not pay attention to her as she is trimming my mustache hearing the scissors opening and closing, more and more. “Oh it’s not even your mustache I can fix that. Close your eyes honey I don’t want to get any in your eyes”. I listen to her as she takes the razor and shaves the rest of my mustache off and my sideburns.

“There ya go sweetie that looks way better stand up and look in the mirror” I stand up and stretch my arms as I see Cindy smiling as I look in the mirror and I see my clean cut face with no facial hair. “What did you do that for my mustache is gone and my sideburns are too?” I rub my face not realizing it feels so smooth like a babies butt.

I wait for Cindy to respond as I feel her taking my shirt off. “Well sweetie the mustache and sideburns made you look ummmmm. How do I say this? It made you look to manly so now you look much better my lil panty boy” I look shocked hearing her as she puts my beer down and continues to undress me.

“I’m feeling really buzzed honey. Why are you taking my clothes off you want to mess around for giving me this little baby face”. as I laugh aloud.
“Sure sweetie we need to get all that hairs off you so let’s get in the tub and I'll clean you up.”

Seating back on the toilet seat I see Cindy bending over and I stare at her lil smooth butt as she starts the water in the tub. “You have such a nice smooth butt baby”. I reach over and grab her.

“Oh really do you like it Rob? I bet you would like to have a smooth butt too?” I smile and kiss her softly on the lips as I close my eyes she tells me to lay down in the tub.

“Just close your eyes sweetie and I'll clean all that ugly hair off your little body okay?” I smile and get relaxed thinking she is going to wash all that mustache and sideburn hairs off me. I fall asleep with only my head above the water in the tub.

I do not feel her lifting my leg slowly out of the water as she sprays shaving cream all over my legs. I feel a rubbing sensation as she pulls the razor up and down both my legs until they are smoothly shaven and soft and shiny. I giggle in my dream as Cindy lifts my arms out of the tub and shaves all the hair off both my arms, and armpits and then finishes shaving my chest.

I have no body hair below my eyebrows except a small triangle patch of hair she left above my lil penis. I then itch my forehead as Cindy starts to pluck my eyebrows until I have a small little arch above each eye that looks very feminine now.

“Come on baby let’s get your pajamas on you so we can go to bed.” I smile hearing her saying that as I wake up and follow her to the bedroom. “Here sweetie step into your pajamas as I feel her lift one of my legs as I feel lacy panties slide up my smooth legs as I’m half asleep as I smile.

“Now lift both your pretty arms up Princess”, I giggle hearing her call me Princess, and pretty as she drops a pink baby dolly nightie over my head and it matches the panties. I open my eyes seeing her in a black baby doll nightie as she kisses me deeply pushing me back on the bed and turning off the lights.

I feel her silky nightie rubbing up against mine as I look into her eyes. I feel her hand slide into my panties and start to stroke my limp little penis. “What did you dress me in Cindy these don’t feel like my flannel pajamas?” I see her smiling at me as I feel her stroking me threw the panties. “These are your new pajamas sweetie that matches the rest of your pretty smooth body, and soft and shiny.

“Looks like you won’t get hard lil Robbie while I’m stroking you, so I’m going to treat you like the lil panty boy you are. First, take a couple more of your vitamins. I’m sure they will help sooner of or later”. I hear her giggling as I take the four pills, which seem like a lot for vitamins. Not knowing that the pills are estrogen a strong female hormones.

“Roll over and get on all fours Princess Panty boy”. As I listen with my butt in the air. I feel her hand slide across my smooth bottom and slide her fingers inside my panties as she slides them over. I feel her finger start to slide inside my butt as I spread my legs a little to give her more access. “That’s a good girl spread your legs pretty little Princess panty boy Robbie.” I hear her giggling as she tells me what to do.

I listen to Cindy as I feel her finger go inside me deeper and deeper. Then she slides another finger inside of me as I feel her hand start to pump back and forth on me as she is fucking me with her fingers. Pumping my bottom faster and faster as I start to moan. I moan louder and louder. I start to push back into her hand as her fingers go deeper inside my butt.

“Do you like that my little Princess Robbie you like me fucking your butt with my fingers?” I moan louder and louder. “Well do you like it my little Princess, say it?

I moan louder and louder saying “Yes baby I love it, don’t stop”. I see her smiling at me as she looks in my eyes as she continues to pump me with her hand.

“You know what you need my little Princess is a dick fucking you”. I moan louder, “I bet you wish it were a dick inside you”. Thinking to myself as I moan louder. “Would you like that I bet you would?” Hearing her asking me while I am moaning. As I spread my legs apart more in response to her question as I feel myself explode as if I was Cumming in my butt.

The next morning we wake up and Cindy is smiling at me lying in bed me wearing the little pink nightie, and pink panties, with my long smooth legs.
Here lil Robbie take your vitamins. “Wow I haven’t taken vitamins in a long time”. As I take both kinds.

“That is true honey I was thinking since you couldn’t get hard last night when we were messing around maybe you should take vitamins from now on”. I look at her and remember that I could not get hard when she was stroking me but when she put her fingers up my butt I got hard like a rock.

“Yea I think your right Cindy I should take some vitamins”.
I see her smiling at me. “Maybe you should take a double dose till they kick in than sweetie?” Cindy gives me two more of both pills and I take them. “Opps I gave you one dose already today only take one sweetie and then start taking two of each tomorrow”. I look at her in the other room.

“Opps hun I already took them but I guess I get three doses today hopefully they will start to make changes to me and I will change into a better person in bed Cindy”.

I see Cindy smiling when she hears I took the extra pills. “I’m sure these pills will change you into a better person”. I hear her giggling aloud as I see her looking deep in thought. (Thinking to myself lil Robbie will change into a different person once those pills take effect. One pill is extra strength estrogen and the second pill is a testosterone blocker that will block any testosterone from being produced and turn the rest into estrogen.)

We get back into our regular schedule except I continue to take double doses of estrogen and the testosterone blocker. Cindy said I have to keep shaving my legs and the rest of my body because it turns her on. It is good to have her being turned on but it’s weird shaving my legs and arms, and shaving everywhere.

However, it has been getting more difficult to get a hard on. So her getting turned on means I pretty much just lick her out between her legs and now come to think of it I can’t remember the last time we had sex like man and woman. Cindy has not said anything to me but my lil friend and his, two friends between my legs seem to be getting a lot smaller and thinner too, and never getting hard anymore. I also noticed my chest is getting way sore and puffy especially around my nipples, which seems to be getting bigger too.

I should talk to Cindy about taking me to see a doctor. It has been six months now that I started the new vitamins and that same day I started to have to shave my legs. I wish she never caught me wearing her black panties, which are my panties now as she keeps reminding me all the time.

All my male under was destroyed by accident last month so I started to use Cindy panties only with her instructions to make sure I push my lil bulge back between my legs so I don’t stretch the front of the panties out. we’re going to the thrift store to buy new underwear and some other things Cindy said I needed since I've been losing so much weight, plus we will get better deals at the thrift shop since there are no clothing stores anywhere near us.

“Hey lil Robbie get dressed so we can walk to the store and go shopping”. I hear Cindy yelling from the bathroom while I am looking throw my cloths trying to find some jeans that fit me.

“I can’t find any jeans that fit me Cindy have you see any?” I see Cindy toss me a pair of her old jeans her saying there unisex to just try them on. “There white jeans Cindy but okay I guess”. I start to slide the jeans up, and I do not notice that the white Levis do not have any pockets in the back. There too snug in the front area between my legs so I push my lil bulge to the back so they fit better. My lil balls still hang out in the front with my lil penis pushed back between my legs.

I zip the front of the jeans up, which now they have a flat appearance between my legs, even though the zipper seems tiny compared to my old jeans. I turn, and look at Cindy smiling at me. “Wow those jeans fit you better than they fit me sweetie.

I think there yours now. I see her staring between my legs seeing the flat crotch with a lil puffy spot between my legs from each of my lil balls on each side with a lil empty spot in the middle. Looking between my legs, you see no bulge just two small puff spots that the only thing for a stranger would think to be a camel toe between my legs.

I see Cindy just totally staring between my legs smiling. “What is so funny Cindy?” I see her look up into my eyes than back between my legs.

“Ummmmm nothing lil Robbie those jeans just fit you like a glove there perfect they look so pretty on you. I stare at Cindy when she said the white jeans she gave me to wear look pretty on me. “How do they feel in the back sweetie?” I reach around with both hands feeling the back of the jeans and I feel no pockets just my two butt cheeks that the jeans just form perfectly around each lil butt cheek giving me a very feminine looking butt.

I try to look in Cindy’s full mirror as I feel her hand taking my arm and walking us to the front door. I see how happy Cindy is smiling as I see her grab her purse and we walk through the front door as I realize I'm still holding on to my wallet. I do not have any pockets for my wallet, as I must have looked disoriented as Cindy smiles at me again. I notice that she is glowing with happiness today, which makes me feel warm inside. “Here sweetie I'll take your wallet and put it in my purse we can share the purse okay lil Robbie?” I smile at her giggling at her own comment.

Walking down our driveway, I look down and notice I am wearing Cindy’s white flip-flops. “Hey Cindy why am I wearing your flip flops?” I look over at her walking next to me smiling and then looking down at her white flip-flops I am wearing.

“Well little Robbie they do match my white jeans you’re wearing. and when I wore those jeans I always wore those flip flops or my white saddles with it. I seen you sliding them on before we walked out the door and I did not say anything because they match and look pretty on you to sweetie”.

I hear her say the flip-flops look PRETTY on me as I give her a odd look and she sure has been calling me sweetie a lot like she calls her girl friends. Cindy is also always calling me little Robbie, like I was some little kid or something as I push my hair out of my eyes that keeps falling in my face as we walk.

Cindy stares at me while I push my long hair out of my eyes as we walk. “Sweetie is your hair in your eyes again. I really think you need a new hairstyle. You know sweetie you would look so pretty I mean cute if you had bangs. Your hair would never fall in your eyes and it would show off your pretty smile too.”

“My hair is always in my eyes but I don’t want my hair to look pretty only girls hair looks pretty but your right my hair is getting longer and I need it cut or trimmed. My hair goes everywhere especially like days like today when it’s windy like now”. As I push hair out of my eyes.

I feel Cindy grab my arm as we stop walking. “Here let me brush your hair for you and put it back in a ponytail sweetie. I feel Cindy bush my hair and than put it back in a high ponytail like she did a while ago. “Now that feel better or do you want it in two ponytails maybe one on each side so its not hot on your next with all that thick pretty hair of yours?”.

I look at her after she puts my long hair into one high on my head ponytail. Which seems kind of a little girly but now she wants to put a ponytail on each side of my head like a little girl has. “Umm no this is fine honey two ponytails is too much I'm good now thanks Cindy”.

“Well if your hair doesn’t fly everywhere in this wind but maybe it well be okay till we can get you some pretty bangs and two ponytails, I mean get your hair cut”. I look at her when she says pretty bangs and ponytails as we continue to walk.

“That does feel better does it look okay on me Cindy, it feels a little weird?” I notice Cindy taking a brush from her purse and start brushing my hair.

“Hold my purse while I fix your hair sweetie”. I feel Cindy put her purse over my shoulder so she can brush my ponytail. “I bet that feels better as she stands back looking at my hair than staring at my whole body up and down as she smiles. “Start walking sweetie see if the wind blows it out”.

We walk like two feet and the wind comes by and wipes my hair out again as Cindy stops me again brushing my hair and smiling as she puts something in my hair. “What is that you put in my hair it feels weird but it’s keeping my hair in place?” I feel Cindy start walking pulling my arm as we walk I see her smiling almost giggling as she stares at me up and down.

“Well that did the trick. Oh, I put one of my hair bands in your hair everyone that has long hair wears them it looks really pretty on you and it matches your jeans and flip-flops too”. I turn and look at Cindy, as she sees a look on my face when she said it looks pretty on me. “I don’t mean like it looks pretty —pretty on you the hair band just fits your whole outfit sweetie so you’re okay.

I look at her and shake my head as we continue to walk another ten minutes as we walk through the doors to the thrift store with some new and mostly used cloths but everything is always on sale. Cindy opens the door and holds it for me as we both walk thru the doors and everything is so bright.

A store employee greets us at the door. “Hello Ladies welcome let me know if I can help with anything”. I look at Cindy, stop about ten feet past the store greeter, and look into Cindy’s eyes.

“What did the store greeter just say when we walked in”. I look at Cindy smiling but continue to walk without me hearing her giggling a little bit.
“She said welcome and if we need any help with anything let her know”. I walk a little faster to catch up thinking I heard Cindy giggling before and after she spoke.

Standing next to Cindy I see her smiling looking around. “Oh I thought she said something else, I must have heard her wrong”. I start to look around standing next o Cindy as I scratch my heading thinking to myself what the women said.

“Oh look sweetie here don’t these look cute?” I see Cindy holding up a pair of white shorts, and putting them up to my waist for sizing. I see the whole table packed with different colors and styles of shorts and Cindy just smiling picking a couple.

I stare at her, as I am confused. “Umm Cindy this is the women’s department and those are women’s shorts your putting up to me”. I hold up another white pair not seeing the pink threading, or the lack of pockets or zipper just checking if you can see threw them because they are so thin.

“No sweetie this is the unisex department and that means guys and girls can wear the different cloths in this department. These shorts are sort of like the jeans you are wearing now of mine there unisex. Oh honey take a look at these cute shorts there called skorts there like a unisex shorts. Do you like them?” I stare at them and their white but it looks like a skirt, as she must be kidding with me as I stare at her as if Cindy has lost her mind.

“Umm Cindy those look like a skirt from here”. I see a weird look on her face as she grabs another white pair pushing them up too my waist for sizing. I feel Cindy take my hand pulling me a little too forcefully to the dressing room. “Hey Cindy chill you don’t need to be dragging me over here like I’m a little toddler.”

I see a mean stare, as she looks pissed. “Take a look inside these shorts silly”. I look down inside the white shorts she has spread open in front of me as we stand in front of the dressing room as we both walk into the dressing room together. “See this is a Skort it has places for your legs to go. I'll show you hun just pull your pants off”. I pull the white skintight jeans off as I stand only in panties as Cindy giggles at me. “Now step into these…hurry up I’m not going to hold them out for you forever”.

“Ok ok hope no one sees me trying them on Cindy” I feel her slide the one Skorts up my legs as I don’t realize I didn’t slide my feet in any legs holes as Cindy stares at me. “Well does these skorts look too girly or are they okay for me Cindy?” I see Cindy staring at me smiling as she looks at me up and down. I turn in a little circle so she can see the new outfit better. “Well Cindy what do you think?”.

I bend over to pick the white jeans I was wearing as I hear Cindy giggle as I bend over as I turn and see her smiling at me. “Oh that skirt I mean Skort looks perfect for you little Robbie”. I see Cindy smiling at me like she is deep in thought I wish I knew what she was thinking. (Oh I’m not going to tell Robbie that I gave him the white mini skirt by accident and I could see his black panties when he just bent over as I giggle too myself.)

We walk back out in the store leaving the dressing room as I feel her handing me some panties asking me if I like them. I hold them in my hands and before I can respond, I feel her give me three or four other satin bikini panties. I am wondering if she thinks I am going to be wearing them as we continue to walk around. I do not notice I am wearing a thin white mini skirt and anyone that looks closely will be able to see the black panties with pink hearts threw the thin skirt. I feel Cindy put a couple more skorts in my hands as I drop everything into the basket not realizing the skorts are really skirts like the one I am wearing.

“Are we almost done Cindy?” I see her stare at me and then she smiles at me looking at me up and down as we walk towards the cashier to check out. I see Cindy start empting the cart and I only see panties and a couple training bras and a bunch of short skirts. I see Cindy pointing at the Skort I am wearing, and I think I hear Cindy say we also need to pay for the skirt she is wearing also. I turn around to hear her better but only see Cindy paying for everything as she hands me one of the bags to carry.

We start walking back to our place as we walk along the street I watch the cars going by and people smiling at us as we walk. We walk past a large store and I notice our reflection in the glass window and stop. I see my mouth drop wide open as I stare in the window as Cindy stops walking as I see two girls one wearing jeans which is Cindy and the other one wearing a white mini skirt. “Oh my god I’m wearing a mini skirt Cindy why didn’t you tell me?” I see Cindy smiling in the reflection, as I turn to face her eye to eye.

“You looked so pretty wearing it and your legs are way hot looking and I figured you would look pretty walking home in the little sissy mini skirt. That is what you are Robbie a sissy. What kind of sissy is the question? You are either a sissy boy, which would mean you are a boy who likes to wear girl’s cloths and you should have really short hair so you look more like a sissy boy.

On the other hand, you are a sissy baby girl who likes wearing girl’s cloths but should be wearing a diaper, or you are a sissy panty boy who likes to wear girl’s cloths and should get her hair styled more like a girls.

Well which one are you? Do you want your haircut short like a sissy boy, or do you want to wear diaper under your skirt. Or do you want to keep your hair long and get it styled more like a girl?” I turn and follow Cindy start to walk as I look scared not knowing what to say.

“I don’t want all my hair cut off and I don’t want to wear a diaper either”. We stop in front of the hair salon. I feel Cindy take my hand and we walk into the hair salon. I look around and only see women and little girls getting their hair done.

“I'll be right with you girls hold one a minute as I see Cindy stare at me smiling as we sat down in the waiting room. I look into Cindy's eyes and I see her smiling but I feel like I am going to cry, as I feel so scared.

Okay little Princess I’m going to tell the hairstylist how to-do your hair and if you complain once I’m going to call your parents and tell them I caught you wearing my cloths.” I look shocked at Cindy as my jaw drops as I feel her play with my hair as she stands up. “Now seat right here Princess Panty boy and I'll be right back. I hear my girlfriend call me Princess again but this time she calls me Princess Panty boy, as I am speechless as I sat watching her talking to the hairstylist.

“Hi I am Cindy and this is my little sister she has been a tom boy her whole life now she wants to be a girly girl. Can you give her the girlies hairstyle you know for her? Plus make it more of a surprise so turn her away from the mirror till your done okay?” I see Cindy talking to the hairstylist smiling back at me waving at me to come up there. I stand up straighten my skirt and walk to Cindy.

“I’m Stephanie I will do her hair for ya no problem.” I stand by Cindy and the hairstylist smiling at each other. “Here honey have a seat and I'll fix you right up sweetheart.” I seat in the chair as I feel the pink smock with little yellow ducks put over my shoulders and tied at my neck covering me completely except my feet seeing my smooth legs showing as I seat back.

“Ok I’m good I trust you as I smile at Stephanie and turning and seeing Cindy smiling as I don’t notice Stephanie and another hairstyle come over. So now, there is one hairstylist on each side of me as they move the hair away from my ears. All of a sudden, I hear two loud snaps and I jump up looking up at Stephanie. I see her smile than two more snaps at I seat up. There ya go Princess now we can do your hair.

I look at Cindy smiling. “What just happen?” I rub both my ears feeling something sticking on both of my ears.

I feel the hairstylist taking my hair out of the one ponytail that is high up on my head. She starts wetting my hair and combing it all straight around me as I look at myself in the mirror. “I'm not cutting any length just evening it out for you sweetie”. I look over at Cindy smiling as I look back in the mirror seeing my bangs go down over my face and past my chin and down the front of my chest and the rest of my hair goes down my back. “Close your eyes sweetie I don’t want to get any in your pretty eyes as I feel her combing my bangs down over my face again.

“Ok Stephanie as I close my eyes than I hear the scissors open and close, and open and close as she goes across just above my eye brows giving me short girly bangs. I open my eyes seeing how short the bangs are now. “Hey I thought you weren’t cutting any length”. I feel the hairstylist turn my seat away from the mirror as my back is now to the mirror. I feel her evening out my backs trimming them again till there straight.

I turn and see Cindy smiling next to me. Its okay sweetie just wanted to keep your hair out of your eyes. Your hair looks much healthier now as I feel her scissors opening and closing on the side of me and then her combing it out and moving to the back. I continue to hear the scissors open and close a bunch as she is behind me as I look at Cindy smiling while she is doing my hair. Finally she moves to my other side from the back and starts combing that hair and hearing the scissors opening and closing a bunch as I strain to see myself in the mirror but I can’t as I relax.

“Ok sweetie I’m going to dry your bangs really fast and you’ll be done honey.” I hear the blow drier start up as I close my eyes feeling the hair dryer flying my hair everywhere as I rub my bush eyebrows. “Oh those wonts do let me trim them up for you ok?” I don’t respond as I hear the razor start up as she buzzes my eye brows back and forth than a little on the back of my neck up and down as I feel the buzzing as the sound goes off finally. I see Stephanie the hairstylist in front again of me combing my hair out as I see her and Cindy smiling.

I feel the hairstylist combing out my hair on the right side of me as I feel her pulling and turning working on the side of my head. Happily not hearing anymore scissors opening and closing. I feel her go around to the other side of my head and do the same thing as I feel her pulling my hair. I see Stephanie come around front and look at smile and me.

I feel the smock being pulled off me as she turns me around seeing myself for the first time since she was cutting my hair. “Oh my god”. I see myself with short, short little girl bangs with them curled down about an inch above my eyebrows. I see my eyebrows that look very different now. Now they are only two thin tiny little arched lines and look extremely feminine now.

I see the rest of my hair put into two ponytails one on each side of my head high up on my head giving me pigtails like a little girl would have in elementary school with little pink ribbons one on each side. I notice two sets of pierced earrings. Two sets on each ear one set bright pink and the other a hanging flower also pink. I touch the four pierced earrings on both my ears. I stare into the little girl in the mirror that is me now.

“Oh Princess you look perfect now”. I hear Cindy saying as I cannot speak as I see her take my hand as we walk towards the cashier. Cindy is smiling from ear to ear as we walk out of the salon. “Oh you look so pretty now with your new hairstyle Princess Panty boy. You will look like a pretty little girl no matter what your wearing now Princess.”

I look shocked at her as she calls me Princess again and panty boy. “But Cindy I look like a little girl totally now what am I going to do?” I see Cindy smiling as hard as we start walking down the street. Me wearing the tiny white mini skirt and top and Cindy just in shorts and a top. “What am I supposed to do if someone see’s me Cindy?”

“Well Princess you look like a sweet little girl you will just have to act like a girl or they will find out you’re a sissy boy dressed in girls cloths and they’ll probably kick your ass. I see Cindy giggling as we walk. “Oh Princess there is a cute guy across the street over there smiling at us. We walk closer to him we notice him checking my legs out.

Cindy smiling at me as she holds my hand. “Okay now listen my little Princess”. I feel Cindy tug on one of my pigtails”. I will call your parents when we get home and tell them they have a little sissy boy for a son now unless you do as I tell you.

I look scared at Cindy. “No Cindy you can’t call them I'll do anything please.” I see Cindy smiling at me. I feel Cindy sliding her hand up and down my arm feeling how smooth and soft my arm is and smiling at me staring into my eyes.

“Have you ever seen a real mans penis sissy boy its way different than yours. We will ask this guy to show you and then I won’t tell your parents they have a sissy boy for a son okay Princess?” I look shocked but node my head yes as we walk closer to this guy.

We stop at the corner as the guy still stares at my legs going up to the white mini skirt as I look down as Cindy starts to talk. “Hey dude I’m Cindy and this is my little sister ummmmm Carrie. Carrie has never seen a real mans penis and we were wondering if you would show us yours.” I look shocked at Cindy as she says that to this total stranger he is a big black guy about six foot six and smiling at us.

“Sure girls I can do that my name is Tyron, but I’m not going to do that up here on the street. There is a little bench down there on the trail that goes through the woods that is more private if you girls want to follow me. I look scared at Cindy as she smiles at me.

We start to follow the big black guy threw the woods as I whisper to Cindy, “you can’t be serious.” I see her smiling as I almost wet my panties as we stop in the middle of the trail. The woods surrounding you and us can barely hear the cars driving by on the street.

“Okay girls this is good. Come over here Carrie if you want to see a man’s cock.” I feel Cindy push me a little bit, as I take two steps closer to Tyron. Much better Carrie okay un zips my pants and pull it out.” I look shocked at him than turn to Cindy smiling.

My jaw drops hearing Cindy. “Hurry up Carrie and I can’t see so scoot down so I can see better.” I feel Tyron put pressure on my shoulders as I kneel down in front of him. “Okay Carrie feel threw his pants and see if is he hard?” I hear Cindy giggle… “Do it now” I turn and see Cindy bending down and whispering in my ear..”You do exactly as I say or I will be on the phone to all your family and friends and tell them you are a sissy girl. Now do as I say exactly and I won’t say anything.” I see Cindy stand behind me as I am on my knees in front of Tyron.

“Ok now reach out and feel threw his pants and see if he is hard, because there isn’t nothing better than a hard cock for you to see Carrie.” I look back at the bulge in Tyron’s pants. “NOW” I hear Cindy yell. I reach out and feel the bulge on his pants.

I look up into Tyron's eyes seeing him smiling. “Now slide your hand inside his pants and get a hold of it.” I turn and see Cindy smiling. “NOW”. I slide my hand in his pants and feel his massive penis but my hand does not go all the way around it as I feel how hard it is. “Good girl Carrie now hold on to it and use your other hand to pull his basketball shorts down to his ankles.

Cindy is smiling big time as I slide his shorts down and then I see his massive penis come to view for the first time with my little white hand almost around it. I let go of the shorts, as he was not wearing any underwear. He steps out of his shorts and spreads his legs apart smiling at me between his legs holding on to his massive hard penis with Cindy smiling. “Now give the tip of his penis a little kiss it won’t bite you and don’t bite him he won’t like that”. I hear Cindy giggle as I bend over and kiss the tip of his penis. “Good girl lick under it and around but don’t let go of it.”

I turn and look at Cindy looking up my skirt not knowing she can see my black panties as I am bent over on my knees for Tyron. I start to lick under his penis as I feel him push a little as the tip slides into my mouth. “Good girl close your lips around it.” I listen as I close my lips around his massive penis as I feel it going a little deeper in my mouth than feel it coming out some as I feel him pulling my pigtails back and forth having my head bob up and down on his massive penis.

I do not realize that his hand is off my head but I am bobbing up and down on his penis by myself. Not knowing Cindy is smiling at me staring between the black guys legs as I continue to bounce my head up and down on his hard penis. I open my eyes seeing Cindy kissing Tyron but her looking down at me with her one hand on my head. I see her other hand rubbing Tyron's balls as she pushes my head deeper into his cock. I feel more of his penis filling my mouth as she smiles than hears Tyron start to grunt as he explodes in my mouth as I start to swallow it all.

Cindy see’s me sucking on his cock as it explodes cum in my mouth as I start to feel it leaking out of my lips as my tongue slides back and forth against my lips not letting any of his cum drip off. I continue to drain his cock as he empties cum into my mouth.

I look up and watch Cindy stop kissing him as she see’s that he is Cumming in my mouth. “Go ahead girl swallow it all down like a big girl.” I continue to swallow as he empties his entire warm wet cum into my mouth. I look up as his eyes are closed as I feel him pulling his limp penis from my mouth as I see Cindy notice how limp he is also. “Good job sweetie you completely pleased him seeing his limp penis being put back in his shorts as Tyron slides his shorts back up.

“That was the best blowjob I have ever had Carrie you really know how to please a man. You are the best cocksucker I have ever met. You are so young how long before you start High School a couple years I bet?”

I look over at Cindy when he says the word ‘blowjob’ I see Cindy turn and smile at me as we watch Tyron turn around and start walking away. “Oh girls if you want to hang out I'll be at the ‘spot’ shooting pool if you both want to come and hang out. Especially you Carrie bring those big beautiful blowjob lips with you.” I see Cindy smile, as I do not respond watching Tyron walk back up through the trail.

“Well what did you think of your first blowjob Princess? It sure looked like you really were enjoying having his cock in your mouth”. I turn around and start walking with Cindy hearing her giggling.

I turn and see Cindy still smiling at me. “I didn’t know I just kissed the tip like you said to do, while I was holding it in my hand.” I hear her continue to giggle. He thinks I’m a little girl in elementary school too Cindy you can’t tell.
Cindy smiles at me.

“Your right sweetie he thinks you’re just a little elementary school girl so you can’t be wearing short miniskirts around him, so he still thinks you’re a little girl”. HEHEHEHE as I see Cindy giggling and laughing as we walk.

“You sucked his dick dry sweetie, you started like I said by kissing the tip of his penis than licking a little bit. Then you slid it in your mouth and then you started to bob up and down sucking on his cock until he cummed in your mouth sweetie."

"So yes, you did suck on his cock and yes, you did give him a blowjob. Tyron said you gave him the best Blowjob of his life. So yes panty boy you are a very good cocksucker. I turn and see Cindy laughing and smiling at me as we walk down the street towards out house.

I look down at the ground than see the dirt on my knees from sucking on him as I stop and rub the dirt off as Cindy turns around watching me cleaning my knees off. Cindy you can’t tell anyone what we did okay you have to promise me okay?” I look back up as I catch up to Cindy.

“We? We did not do anything. You are the one that sucked his dick sweetie. You are the one who gave him a blowjob right there in the middle of the woods not me.” I look back at Cindy smiling and staring at me up and down.

I shake my head. “You know what I mean, I mean you can’t tell anyone what I did okay?” I smooth out my little white mini skirt as I walk back up to Cindy who is smiling at me watching me acting more girly.

“I'll tell you what little Robbie. You continue to wear only skirts and dresses and I will not tell anyone. We will just tell the neighbors you were bad and this is a punishment for you. However, we both know how much you enjoyed sucking on his hard cock don’t we? What did you enjoy more sucking on his cock, licking the tip or did you enjoy just licking his balls the most?”

I turn and look at Cindy. “I don’t know which one was the best. Now leave me alone Cindy.” I hear Cindy burst out laughing as I hear her almost falling down laughing at me. “What's so funny Cindy?”

“Well sweetie when I asked you what you enjoyed the most was it sucking him or licking his cock or licking his balls, you said you didn’t know which you liked the best. Well sweetie that means you liked it all just like a good little cock-sucking sissy that you look and act like... Hehehehehe…”

I close my eyes and shake my head as we turn the corner finally seeing our little two-bedroom cottage. I look next door and see both our neighbors out staring at us walking up the street towards them. “Oh Cindy look Rick and Sandy see us walking towards them. Please don’t tell them about Tyron I'll do whatever you want.”

“Okay Panty boy I won’t tell them as long as you continue to listen like a good sissy boy. Hehehehe”

I see Rick and Sandy staring at me as they see me dressed up like a girl wearing a tiny white mini skirt and a little girl hairstyle with pigtails. “Well hello girls.” I hear Rick say as I look at them both smiling at us but staring at my long smooth legs and the extremely girly hairstyle I have now. “I was going to ask Rob if you wanted to take the dogs for a walk or I guess I should call you Robbie or Robin dressed like that. I hear Sandy start giggling.

“Hahahaha you’re just a freaking riot Rick.” I see Sandy smiling as she stares at my long smooth legs going up to the white little mini skirt I am wearing. “No I’m just going to get changed and have a beer.” I see Cindy shaking her head when I say I want to get changed. “Well I am going to have a beer and chill.” as I walk into the house followed by everyone else.

I sat down and put my knees together after I notice Sandy and Rick staring at me when I sat down. “Little Robbie lost a bet with me now he has to dress and act like a little girl till the bet is over”. I shake my head as I hear Cindy tell them about why I am dressed and look like a little girl now. I see Rick and Sandy smiling at me as they sat down at the table with me.

“I like his hair I mean I like her hair better like this. She looks good with bangs and pigtails, plus her new eyebrows, and those pierced earring are the best”. As I see sandy smiling at me. I shake my head-seeing rick smiling at me too. “But that outfit of hers looks to grown up for her a mini skirt and top. She should be wearing something that matches her new look. I have something at the house that is perfect”. I look over at Sandy as she stands up.

“Go with her Princess and will wait for you to come back in your new outfit”. I look over at Cindy for her to change her mind as Sandy giggles and takes my hand pulling me out the door”.

We walk over to Rick and Sandy’s house as we both walk in. “Okay Robbie go in the bathroom and strip and hand me your cloths out and I'll hand you what you need to be wearing. What has Cindy been calling you since you are dressed like a little girl?”

“Carrie she has been calling me, but don’t tease me I know I look like a girl now”. I walk into their bathroom as I start to strip naked as I look down at my puffy chest and limp bulge between my legs.

I hear a knock on the door. “Okay are you naked yet sweetie? Hand me out your cloths Carrie sweetie”. I open the door and see Sandy hand me a pair of panties. “Okay put the panties on and the training bra and I'll find your outfit its somewhere in this box”. I look at the panties and there not the sexy black silky panties I have been wearing all day. The panties are cotton pink Barbie bikini panties. I slide them on feeling that there a little tight as I push my lil bulge to the back as I slide the matching Barbie training bra on.

“Okay hurry Sandy I don’t want to be just wearing this. Maybe I should get some of Rick’s cloths even though he is twice my size”. I hear giggling out in the living room when Sandy hears me.

“You’re so funny those are men’s cloths they would make you look silly Carrie now come out here and try this on. I open the bathroom door sticking my head out the doorway to make sure no-one else is out there. I walk over to Sandy her seeing me only wearing the little girls Barbie panties and train bra as I see myself in the mirror and notice I really look like a lil girl in panties with no bulge in them as I feel Sandy tug on my pigtail watching me staring into the mirror.

I see Sandy staring at the Barbie panties I am wearing as she notices I have no bulge in the panties. “Okay Carrie this outfit will look perfect on you”. I see her holding up the little dress or little girl’s costumes as I cannot speak seeing it.

“But this is a costume for a little girl why do you want me to wear that? I will look like a little school girl”. I see the pink mini skirt with matching blouse. The matching pink striped school tie and matching hair ties.

I lift my feet up as I feel Sandy slide the long white socks up both my legs and she picks up some black Mary Jane shoes with a small heel but has a buckle on each one as she buckles the little school girl shoes on my feet. I look down at little school girl shoes on my feet. I look down at my feet as my pigtails fall in my face as she ties the matching schoolgirl hair ties one in each of my ponytails.

“Okay now stand up like a big girl”. As I listen to her as I see the little pink skirt as I lift my feet as Sandy slides it up my smooth legs past the long socks. “Now lift your little arms up sweetie so I can slide this blouse over your head feeling how tight it is as she pulls it down to the top of the skirt.

I feel Sandy putting the pink striped tie around my blouse until it fits me perfectly. Pulling down the collar over the tie. “There ya go sweetie you look perfect now. Let us head back and show your mommy I mean Cindy as I see her laughing as she holds my hand while we leave her house.

I look both ways once we walk outside seeing if anyone I know is passing by as I see Sandy looking down at me because she is taller than me. “Don’t worry sweetie if anyone see’s you they will just think you’re getting home from catholic school”.

“Were back everyone”. We both see Cindy and rick watching TV on the couch as we walk in both of them stand and walk over to us both of them staring at my little schoolgirl uniform.

“I feel so silly Cindy. Do I look as silly as I feel?” I see Rick and Cindy staring at my smooth legs and how perfect the little schoolgirl uniform fits me.
Cindy comes over and walks around me and lifts the back of the skirt up seeing my Barbie panties and smiling at Sandy. “Nice touch the panties do make him I mean her look younger wearing Barbie panties and this is your old school uniform Sandy. It fits her perfect as she giggles”.

Hey we should play that drink-card game we played last year it was called’ Lick the ankles’. Do you both remember it? Lil Robbie started it”. I stare at Sandy after she brought up playing the game again, and smiling at me.

The game is like strip poker until everyone is naked. Once everyone is naked, you split up in teams and one of the team members ‘the girl’ starts licking the other person’s ankles. You take your team member into one of the bedrooms first. He is naked too and she works her way up his leg until she feels like stopping but always ends in sex or a good blowjob. I stare at sandy who was my teammate last time and we had lots of fun.

“Yea that sounds fun to me”. I say smiling. I return Sandy’s smile back. Cindy see’s me smiling as she also agrees that would be fun as I start chugging my beer till it’s empty remembering the last time we played and how buzzed we all got. How much Sandy and I enjoyed each other especially her sucking me until I cummed in her mouth.

I see sandy staring at my mini skirt and my long legs as I smile back at her. “How are we going to split the teams up since we had two couples last time and now we have three girls and only one guy?” as she stares at Rick. I look over at Cindy and Sandy smiling at each other. Cindy how about you are on my team and its Rick and little Carrie against us as they will be team two?” I look at the girls than at Rick with my mouth open not being able to say anything.

We start playing strip poker, looks like everyone is being buzzed, and then Rick is the first one totally naked. I watch as Sandy looses next as I stare at her boobs bounce as she talks. I lose another round and I am just wearing a training bra and school girl mini skirt with panties only. “Okay team two loses so you two have to go in the other room and ‘lick the ankles”.

I hear both a girl giggling as Sandy says as Rick and I stand up. “Make sure little Carrie plays the girl especially because the way SHE is dressed and licks your ummmmm ankles or whatever she wants to lick”. As both girls, start giggling again. Than both girls giggle together.

“Hahah you both are just a freaking riot”. As soon as I finish my comment, Rick smacks my pantied ass in front of the girls. I turn and see both Cindy and Sandy rolling on the couch laughing there asses off. “Thanks Rick you’re a big help I see him smiling at me as he closes the bedroom door locking it behind us.

I stare at Rick as he walks naked over to the bed as he stares at me just wearing a bra and schoolgirl mini skirt with panties as he looks at me up and down as he seats on the edge of the bed smiling at me. “Okay sweeties come over and start with my right ankle fist girly. Hahaha”.

I hear Rick treating me like a girl as I go along with it and kneel down next to him. I bend over to lean down to lick his ankle as I feel him lift my hand that is on the bed to between his legs on his hard cock. I look up at him smiling.

“Just rub it a little bit”. I look into his eyes smiling at me. He starts moving my hand up and down on his penis as I feel it start getting very hard as I stare at it growing and Rick smiling at me. “Just give the tip of it a little kiss”. He whispers to me as I feel his other hand push down on my head a lil bit.

I look around as I see him let go of my hand as my hand is just rubbing his penis slowly as I kiss the tip of his penis. I feel myself start to lick the shaft of his penis as he whispers “that feels so good don’t stop”. I continue until I am lifting his penis up as I lick and suckle his balls a lil bit than I slide his penis in my mouth as I close my lips around it.

Before I notice what I'm doing I have his penis filling my mouth up as I bob my head up and down on my best buddy’s cock as he moans softly as I continue bouncing my head up and down on his hard cock sucking it. I start to massage his large balls with my free hand. I lick and slide his warm balls in my mouth seeing Rick smiling with his eyes closed.

I feel him start to tense up as I open my eyes as my best buddy stares down at me between his legs with my mouth full of his cock as he explodes deep in my throat filling my mouth up with his hot cum. I don’t notice but I swallow it all down as I feel his hard cock get soft and limp as I feel it slide out of my mouth. I watch as Rick lays back down smiling with his eyes closed.

I stand up and fix my bra not noticing my bra is actually filling out not as a punishment to be wearing it, but needing to wear it as I see them bounce as I leave Rick on the bed snoring away. Looking around I see the girls naked laying on the couch smiling up at me wearing only a bra and schoolgirl mini skirt and panties. “Where is Rick did you ware him out?” hehehehe hearing Sandy giggling.

“Hahahaha Sandy funny. No he fell asleep while we were ummmmm talking so I came out here to see what you two are doing”. I see the both staring at me as Cindy comes out of our bedroom-holding one of her pink baby doll nighties, and handing it too me. “What is this for Cindy?”

I see Cindy look at Sandy than back at me. “That is your nightie lil panty boy. Sandy and I are going to get ours on and when you get yours on come into the bedroom with us”. I turn and go in the bathroom thinking of the two of them buzzed and wearing sexy nighties. I slide my panties and bra off sliding my mini skirt down and hanging them up on the back of the bathroom door.

I hear the girls giggling in the bedroom as I slide up the pink nylons up my right leg than my left. I slide the matching pink panties up my smooth legs pushing my sleeping penis to the back so it does not stretch Cindy's panties. I look at it for a moment wondering why it is not getting hard thinking about seeing two naked girls I should be hard as a rock. I ignore it not being hard as I slide the pink teddy over my head as I clip the nylons to the garter belts.

I look in the mirror and notice my nipples are getting larger and the lil puffy skin around it is swollen up looking like small breasts. I shake my head looking at my little breasts that are starting to not look so small anymore so I take two more vitamins. Not knowing that my vitamins are really estrogen. A powerful female hormone that Cindy has been giving me instead of my vitamins.

I open the bathroom door and stick my head out making sure Rick does not see me dressed like this as I hear him still snoring in the spare bedroom. I walk out and towards the master bedroom as I open the door seeing both the girls smiling at me.
Cindy is wearing a black nightie and Sandy is wearing a baby blue one as they both stare at me in the pink nightie.

“See look at him or I should say look at her Sandy you can’t see any male parts in her. Even her breast bounce when she walks as I see Cindy come up and smack my pantied butt with her hand. I hear both girls giggling. “I think I will keep her as a girl always”.

“Ha-ha Cindy you’re a riot”. I walk closer feeling Cindy push me on my back on the bed. I see them both staring at me as they each seat one on each side of me.
“I want you to lick me like a good girl little Carrie”. I feel Sandy reach for my lil breasts and start rubbing them and squeezing my hard nipples as I feel her push my head between Cindy's legs. I start to smell how pretty she is as I start licking and tasting her.

*** THE END ***
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