Mommy I don't want to try out for the baseball team again Part 2

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Part 2

Mommy I don’t want to try out for baseball again!!!
By Princess Pantyboy

Me, Kelly, Kellie 9-year-old boy
Miley 5-year-old sister
Mommy 42-years-old looks 21-years-old
Grandmother 77-years-old acts like 100-years-old

I added a few paragraph’s from Part 1 so my story would be easier to read. I hope you enjoy my story, I am sure I missed a few spelling an especially grammar so please forgive. Hugs Princess

I walk in the house and follow grandmother, up the stairs. We walk into a bedroom that is totally set up for a girl, and a little girl at that with everything being pink. The walls are all painted a light pink, and the furniture is white but very girly looking. The bed has a pink canopy over it with a pink Barbie comforter. I even see a changing table in the corner, which is white with lace all over it.

“Okay sweetie this is your room until your mommy comes back so I put your suitcase here on your bed.” I watch grandmother open it up and I see all of Miley's old clothes in there. “Okay sweetie get undressed, I will find you some pajamas.” I just stand there not moving only staring into my suitcase filled with Miley's old clothes seeing only dresses, skirts, panties and every possible girly type of clothes you can imagine.

I just do not know how to react, or what to say I am in total shock. “I said get undressed sweetie, it is too late to go swimming so we will all get a good night’s sleep than start the summer tomorrow in the pool if it is nice now hurry.” I still stand there in shock. Grandmother walks over to me, and she pulls the girly top over my head and tosses it in the laundry basket by my door. “Okay sweeties lift your foot.” I do as I am told and she pulls my girly short shorts down, I stand only wearing the pink panties.

“But grandmother I am not a baby I can undress myself.” I cover myself when I noticed I am almost naked putting my hands between my legs. “Oh stop being silly little one and lift your arms up.” I feel grandmother pulling a pajama top over my head, she pulls it down I stick my arms through the puffy short sleeves. I turn and see my reflection in the mirror that is on the wall. I am standing there not in pajamas but wearing a pink Barbie nightgown. “There you go sweetie you look so pretty and your nightgown even matches your pretty panties.”

“Oh yes I agree you look so pretty MILEY.” I turn hearing the real Miley saying, while she is standing in my doorway smiling at me. I notice her staring at me up and down, me wearing the super girly nightgown, which barely covers my panties because it is so short. “Yes make sure you go potty before you go to bed we don’t want any more accidents MILEY.” Again, she calls me Miley saying the name louder.

Grandmother puts her hands on her hips. “Yes sweetie, no accidents please go potty now before you hop in bed.” I want to cry not believing how messed up this is. I turn ready to rip into the real Miley smiling at me from ear to ear. I notice she is wearing my new spider-man pajamas that are way too big for me and fit her perfectly. “Now sweetie” I feel grandmother take my hand with my back to her staring at Miley, she pulls me into the bathroom.

“Now I will give you some privacy but make sure you go potty okay sweetie?” I hear grandmother saying but she does not wait for me to respond closing the door. I stand only in the bathroom, which of course is pink also. “Kelly give me a kiss and get in bed and tomorrow you will have baseball tryouts and you need a good night’s sleep okay?”

Oh my god grandma, I mean grandmother is totally losing her mind she is treating me like I was Miley and Miley like she is me. I hear her talking to Miley through my bathroom door. I sit on the toilet and try to go potty looking around at the girly bathroom. I always wanted my own bathroom but darn this is so girly. I walk out of the bathroom after flushing the toilet; I stand in front of the big mirror in my new girly room, which the mirror is so large it goes almost from the floor to the ceiling. “Oh I think you look so pretty wearing your new nightgown hehehe.” The real Miley says. Before I can respond, she is gone and grandmother walks into my new room.

“Time for bed sweetie, did you go potty like a big girl?” I hear grandmother say as she watches me standing in front of the mirror.

I do not know what to say seeing me dressed again like a little girl. “Yes grandmother I went potty.” I say but I cannot figure how to word, and tell grandmother she has lost her mind treating me like I was Miley. “Good girl now get in bed, and sweet dreams.” The light goes out as I pull the covers over me. Oh, my god my life is so screwed up.


Oh man, this is so crazy; I guess it is not a nightmare, I am still in this supper girly room. I rub my eyes seeing the sun coming through my windows. I pull the sheet away from me, and yes, I am still wearing little Miley's old Barbie nightgown and panties. I sure hope mommy comes home soon. I know it has not even been a whole day that she is gone, and she probably is not even to Japan yet since that is so far away.

“You are just getting up little one?” I hear grandmother say while she walks into my new room. “Kelly is already up and having breakfast, we need to get you ready too. Now hop overhear to your vanity and I will brush your hair out sweetie.”

I slowly crawl out of bed listening to grandmother; I continue to rub my eyes while I yawn. “Okay grandmother, I am just so tired.” I sit on the bench in front of the vanity with my back to the mirror. “That feels nice you brushing my hair grandmother.”

“I am glad you like how that feels having your long pretty hair brushed. Does your mommy have you brush your long hair every night before you go to bed sweetie?” I push my long hair out of my eyes as we talk. “Does your hair get in your eyes a lot sweetie? You want me to fix that for you?”

I rub my eyes some more getting relaxed feeling grandmother brushing my hair. “Umm yes grandmother it does get in my eyes a lot, yes please fix it. Umm mommy doesn’t have me do it every night but she does tell me to brush my hair more since I want long hair.”

“Okay sweetie sit up and you are going to have to brush your hair a hundred strokes every night before bed if you want to continue to have long pretty hair okay sweetie?” I sit up and hear grandmother and how does she have so much energy this early in the morning.

I continue to yawn and rub my eyes. “Okay I will fix your hair so it stays out of your eyes sweetie. Do not move, and close your eyes sweetie. I don’t want to poke you in the eye by accident.”

“Okay whatever grandmother.” I close my eyes and get more relaxed feeling her brushing and brushing my long hair. My nose is tickling me, I feel grandmother brushing the hair over my face, and my hair hangs down about 6 inches below my chin. “Wow grandmother my hair is getting so long look how far it goes past my chin.”

I can hear in grandmother’s voice, she is not happy because I opened my eyes. “I told you sweetie to keep your eyes closed if I poke you in your pretty eye we will both be truly sad. Now keep your eyes closed so I can make them straight.” I close my eyes wondering what she is making straight when I hear the opening and closing of scissors. I open my eyes watching the last of my long hair blocking my eyes falling into my lap.

“Grandmother what are you doing cutting my long hair?” I can see the large pile of foot long clumps of hair in my lap.

I watch as grandmother leans down making eye contact with me. “You asked me to get your hair out of your eyes. I am not cutting your long pretty hair I am just trimming your bangs sweetie.”

“I don’t have bangs grandmother.” I say feeling tears slowly sliding down my face.

Grandmother leans back down looking into my eyes again. “Well you do now sweetie, and you look very pretty. Now don’t move so I can make them straight sweetie.” I feel little clumps of hair only a half of inch long falling now. “There ya go sweetie all done your long pretty hair won't fall in your eyes again.” I watch as she puts the scissors down. “Now let me finish brushing your hair and we can get you dressed sweetie.”

“Grandmother I want to see my hair. I did not want my hair cut. I just wanted my hair in a ponytail.” I try to turn around to look into the mirror of the vanity, but grandmother stops me.

Grandmother stops when she hears me. “Oh that will be easy sweetie now turn your head and I will get your hair finished up.” I feel grandmother turn me again on the other side and it feels so tight now.

“Okay sweetie your hair is all done now, lift your arms up and let me take your pretty nightgown off.” Finally, she is done with my hair, I feel grandmother pull my nightgown off, I mean Miley’s old nightgown that I am wearing. I guess it is my nightgown since Miley outgrew it and I am wearing it. What the hell am I thinking! I am even starting to think like a girl now; I had better get a grip before it is too late.

I stand up feeling the nightgown pulled off me very quickly, I turn and see my new hairstyle. “Oh my god I have baby girl bangs now, and my hair is in pigtails.” I stare at my reflection in the mirror, I realize no matter what I am wearing I am going to have the most girly hairstyle on the planet. I notice I am almost naked standing only in Barbie panties. “Oh know, I am so sorry grandmother this has never happened to me before.” I say while looking down, I am staring at the pee dripping down both my legs as I stand in a small puddle of pee. I look up and grandmother is shaking her head with her hands on her hips.

“Oh my sweetheart you wet your pretty panties.” I start crying in mild shock I am sure staring at my reflection then seeing I wet my new panties.

I look down so embarrassed. “Oh looks like my little baby sister wet her panties again hahaha.” I hear the real Miley saying. I look up to yell at Miley, and say I have never peed my panties before. I mean peed my underwear. When I see her she is dressed in my baseball clothes looking just like I did when I was trying out for the team back home. Miley's long hair is up and under her baseball hat like I did when I was playing baseball.

“Well it is just an accident sweetie and don’t worry it will be okay just stop your crying.” I hear grandmother saying, she is wiping my legs clean with diaper wipes. “Okay go in the bathroom real quick and get your soaked panties off and go potty while I get you some new panties sweetie now go fast we are in a rush.”

I walk fast into the bathroom taking my wet panties off, I drop them on the floor and sit on the toilet and I can't go potty, I just can't believe I wet my panties like I was a baby. “Grandmother walks in the bathroom and stares at me naked sitting on the toilet. “Sweetie I am afraid you are going to have to wear some protection instead of wearing big girl panties like before. We cannot have you have another accident while we are out at the baseball fields today. I will give you a choice, you can either wear a diaper that I will put on you, or you can try to be a big girl and wear a pull up now which one do you want?”

“But grandmother I don’t want a diaper or a pull up, I am not a baby.” I start to cry and I must look like such a little baby girl sitting on the toilet totally naked, with my legs together, with short baby girl bangs and my hair in pigtails.

I look up and see grandmother staring at me waiting for me to respond. Oh man I cannot believe I wet myself, I guess if I have to pick between a diaper and a pull up, I would pick a pull up because only little baby's wear diapers. At least wearing pull-ups are like being potty trained. “Come on sweetie tell me which one you want to wear, we are in a rush.”

“Okay grandmother can I wear a pull-up, in case I have another accident?” I say to grandmother. I turn and hear the real Miley laughing hearing only me asking to wear a pull-up.

Miley is standing next to grandmother. “Oh is that so special the little baby asking to wear a pull-up in case SHE has another accident hehehe.”

“Oh Kelly stop teasing baby Miley she just had an accident.” I want to die hearing Miley teasing me but then hearing grandmother referring to me, as I am Miley is just crazy. “Now here try on this pull up for size after you finish going potty, or do you need me to help you sweetie?”

I am not a baby and I am not Miley I want to scream but see the real Miley smiling and I will get in trouble. “No grandmother I can put it on myself. I know I had an accident and wet my panties, I mean my underwear, but I am not a baby.”

Grandmother does not respond putting the pull-up on the sink counter and she closes the bathroom door. I cannot go potty and we are in a rush so I might as well get this over with. I get up off the toilet and take the pull-up from the sink counter and there is plastic panties under them. Of course there pink too. Man this is so messed up, I put the small pull-up on and see how tiny it is, I stare at the pink plastic panties not sure if I should put them on but I guess no one will see them under my clothes. I mean the diaper is pink anyway, or the pull-up is pink like there is a big difference. I slide the pink plastic panties up my legs and it fits unfortunately. “Hurry up sweetie; we are going to be late for his try-outs. I have your clothes ready when you get out of the bathroom.”

“Okay grandmother I am ready.” I walk out of the bathroom only wearing the pink plastic panties covering my pull-up. I walk out next to grandmother and stop; I see my reflection in the mirror.

Before I can say how girly I look wearing these panties I hear grandmother. “Sweetie let me fix your panties. You have to pull the plastic panties all the way around your diaper okay? Once your diaper is completely covered you don’t have to worry about your diaper leaking sweetie.” I feel grandmother pulling the plastic panties up more and totally covering the diaper. Hey, wait she keeps calling it a diaper but it is really a pull-up. I had better not correct her or she might get angry with me. I look over into the mirror again in my new girly room and oh my god this cannot get any worse the plastic panties have pitchers of little Barbie's all over them. “Oh you look so pretty in your plastic panties and your baby diaper hehehe.” The real Miley says walking into my room.

“Stop teasing me you big Meany.” I say sticking my tongue at the real Miley as she shakes her head giggling at me again. “Grandmother can I have my clothes you found so I don’t have to stand here half naked wearing these panties, and diaper, I mean pull-up?”

The real Miley looks at the clothes in grandmother’s hands and smiles at me. “Yes sweetie but I will help you since we are in such a rush now lift your arms over your head sweetie.” I lift my hands over my head so I do not stand here wearing the girly plastic panties and the pink diaper. Wait I am even thinking of myself wearing a diaper instead of the pull-up it really is. Oh, well at least no one will see them under my clothes. “Kelly carry the diaper bag for me please.” I watch grandmother hands the diaper bag to the real Miley referring to her as Kelly my name.

“Grandmother can you tell Kelly to get out while I am getting dressed?” What the heck, I just called the real Miley, Kelly. I am so messed up. I feel the tee shirt being pulled over my head. My small arms pop through the tiny puffy short sleeves. I look at the color and it is light pink or light red with large white circles all over it.

I open my mouth to complain about wearing such a girly pink tee shirt. “Now pull the hem down sweetie like this okay? I will put your socks and shoes on while you do that.” I feel grandmother take my hands and put my fingers on the bottom of the girly shirt to pull down. Grandmother quickly puts socks and shoes on me then grandmother stands up.

“Come on sweetie we are going to be late.” Grandmother takes my hand and we wall quickly out of my new bedroom and downstairs. We stop while grandmother takes her purse off the counter and puts it over her shoulder. I turn and see the reflection of all of us in the mirror that is almost from the floor to the ceiling. I see the real Miley start to smile from ear to ear when she notices that I just seen what I am wearing.

My mouth drops open seeing our reflection in the mirror with the real Miley carrying the diaper bag over her shoulder with me holding grandmothers hand with my hair in pigtails. I am not wearing a girly tee shirt like I thought. I am wearing a little girl's dress that is so short you can almost see my plastic panties. I have matching light pink ankle socks with the lace ruffles folded over and matching Mary Jane shoes. “Come on sweetie you look very pretty wearing that dress, you don’t have to stare at your pretty dress so much we have to go.”

Grandmother pulls me outside locking the front door, I feel myself start to pee my diaper when I realize I am wearing a dress and being outside now going to the baseball tryouts. “You know you look so pretty in that dress little sis, you should always wear dresses.” You remember saying that to me when mom asked how I looked wearing that dress for your baseball tryouts. I told you I would get you back LITTLE sissy hehehe.” The real Miley whispers to me so grandmother cannot hear us.

“Well that was very nice of you to say Kelly; I agree Miley looks very pretty in her dress and should always wear dresses. I noticed in your suitcase you only had pretty dresses and little skirts no pants at all so that will be easy to do for you little baby Miley. I want to cry feeling my diaper getting soaked.

The End of Part 2?

I hope you have enjoyed my story. Please leave a comment here on this web site and send me an email or chat we me on yahoo messenger. Let me know your thoughts, and if I should continue this story.
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Thanks again Hugs,
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