Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 15--the lessons go on

Vantier a Whateley Tale.....Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to find her place in it.

He is saved from the death of his race and start all over again....but can she survive?
A human high school and being a teenager? Will she remember what was? And grow in power?

The week...lessons? Helping others to fly, learning to what ends Homestake wants her to work, and how this school works!

Yep and we learn if that 'flier' from the Mercy stories--flew or not!

We take a break for the madness of Rohanna and join Vantier in her first week at school!

I have to tell you this, switching from writing a crazy Drow to a level headed older GOO is not easy!---lol

BIG NOTE for my readers!
In this chapter I am trying something new to show Kyley's learning of English and her missing words.

When she skips a word like this...."I hope ___ see you?" She is leaving out the 'to' by accident and sometimes I will use this as a plot point but not all the time. So remember that when reading that this new way to show her learning the language, it will show up time to time?




Tuesday September 4, 6:40 am
Poe cottage

When Downpour's alarm sounded out, she woke up to still see me kneeling there with my eyes closed...I had stayed the whole night even though she had not asked me too.

"Kyley...wake up?" she asked me, as she gave me a gentle shake to the shoulder.

"I am here, just thinking is all?"

"About what at this time of the morning?" Downpour just had to ask the rather strange Mythos kid in her room.

I gave into her request. "Well I was going over a few Multi-Dimensional Gate formulas, improving my english, my plan for the week, what to wear today and what I want to eat this morning for breakfast? That is the short list...."

"You did not have to stay up the whole night and here for me?"

"OHHHHH yes I did, because you needed it most and I am right down the hallway. So if you feel badly again, come find me...please? This is why I am here in life, to help others." I state to her, as I rock back up to standing on to my feet.

"I will try to?" she gives me the small victory I wanted from her, as I wave that silence spell off the other bed back into nothing.

"Just down the hallway, remember?" I say as I close her door and she goes to wake her roomie, who is still sound asleep in her bed.


When I slid back into my rooms door as quietly as I could, I found a now fully awake 'KK' staring at me, "Where were you all night?" she asked me, as she pulls out her school bag from her closet for the coming day.

"I was in Downpour's room all night, she needed me?" I explained to her, as I grabbed my things for a quick shower. I did not really need them, as my body did not sweat or get really dirty during the day. But the water felt so good, as a start to each day!

"When I saw your empty bed, I got a little worried? Till I spotted Night, preening herself on the foot of your bed and since she was here watching me, I knew you were here too, in that strange way of yours?" she admitted to me.

"It's okay to be a bit mad at me 'KK'...but I will always be here for you. She just needed me more last night is all?"

"I get that, I am not that worried and I was just surprised is all?" she fretted about the subject and gathered up her needed books for the day.

"Are you good now?" I had to ask before I left the room to get showered up.

"Yep I am, now go get a shower quick and make the breakfast meeting!"

"On my way!" I almost shout as I open the door, "And please give Night a Snickers bar from my stash...she wants one of them right now?"

"She does?"

"Yep, she really loves the way they are gooey, chewy and pull apart slowly." and I am gone.

After I am gone from the room, she fishes a large bar of that candy from my stash of them in my desk, "So I bet you want this unwrapped?"

'KK' gets a quick nod from the bird in agreement, then tears off the plastic wrapper and tosses the large bar in the birds direction. Night snatches it easily from the air and lands back on the beds foot board. Then starts tearing into the sweet treat in her talons.

"One day I guess, Kyley will teach me or show me how to talk to you?" she questions the bird, then gets the sudden feeling of 'Soon' off the bird, as she goes back to collecting her books. She smiles warmly at the thoughts of doing just that.


Tuesday September 4, 9:40 am
Kane hall

Since this the was the very first day of my mathematics class session. All the professors, instructors and research team leaders. They had decided years ago, that this day was set aside for all the mathematical science classes to meet together and have one large group lecture to get the 'ball' rolling.

As we all entered the room, each of us was given one of those stick-on name tags and a pen to write a name on it. All I put on mine was 'Kyley' and left the pen on the table for others to use. While the room full of new and old students mixed about, I knew none of them just yet? So I drifted off looking at all the displays of class projects lining the walls and along the huge writing boards.

Most of the other students in the lecture hall seemed to be more interested in the math puzzles on display or some of the other things on display. Some gave off emotions in waves to me of confusion, like they did not know what to make of me or do with me?

Most of that feeling came from several boys in class and some girls too? I am sure some were that 'nerdy' type and felt socially awkward in most cases, so seeing a new kid looking like me. That was a bit of a shock for them, as 'cute' in most cases with girls, it really did not match with brains too? So said the stereotype of school life.

I was nearer to the back of the room studying a few of the dimensional gate equations on display and finding the issues they might be having or a way to improve them. When a lady dressed very much like an old style nurse with squared off shaped glasses, she took to the podium and smacked a gavel onto it.

"Well students lets start shall we?" the head of the mathematics department began, as she took her place at the podium and looked down at her pocket watch hanging off her older styled dress.

With her loud urging the whole room quickly fell silent. When I noticed the rest of the group taking their chairs, I quickly grabbed a chair at the back and pulled a small note pad out of my bag incase I needed to write a note for later.

"Well students, this is a introductory meeting of all of you and the reason why we do this each year is this. The others around you might be in a separate team or class, working on or in a totally different subject or need. But all of them are dealing with very advanced mathematics in someway? So if your team is suck on a problem, it might be a great idea to run that past the people around you... because they are not trapped in the box of thought you made for yourselves." she stated to all of us.

After she passed her eyes over the group of us, surely looking for all of us paying attention to her. She began again, "For you new students this year, the displays around you are of last terms projects. Please look them over and see if you can help with them in any small way?" she smiled looking over all of us yet again.

Then she added next, "The displayed ones for coding and encryption class. Each hold a prize for you if answered. You may take copies of each with you, to try and break them. This one nearest me, is from a grad student here today and is his code work for a government agency. Your solving this one, garners you a five thousand dollar reward and I am sure a job when you graduate...if you already don't have one lined up I am sure!" she points to it, plus the student standing next to his pride and joy I am sure of and then she chuckles a little.

"Yes it is ma'am!" the grad student began, "That prize has not been awarded yet in the last eight months since I created that encryption right here at Whateley." he boasted a bit more than smugly to us.

"Well lets hope none of the new students in this years crop, ruin that track record of yours. But while we are on the subject of new students. Would Miss Kyley Barron stand up please?"

I gulped a little at being pointed out on the very first day of school and stood up quickly, "Yes ma'am?"

"Students this is the only time we are going to warn you. Miss Barron is a Mythos, just like Miss Waite was a year ago and with that there are some cautions. Do not read her notes, unless she tells you they are safe, do not open or read any of her books...ever! If you value your sanity. Her job at Whateley here besides being a student? She is researching the Class 'X' sections of the library here and other assorted tasks as needed. So any books she has with her, are not to be read by any of you, I must say that again! Do not read her papers or books unless she tells you it is good to do so...never assume it is safe."

Right then most of the students, turned or twisted around to study me and the waves of emotion I feel flowing off them right now. They make my shields drop in to place! After I take a second to collect myself, I wave back to them all "Hiya all, I hope___ working with you will___ fun!"

"Ohh that too students while the subject is at hand. Kyley's command of english is improving, but she has gaps in it still. So please give her the benefit of that when talking with her? Her place in this department is working with the dimensional gate team and their internal issues. But I am sure she can help you out with many other subjects?"

When she nods to me, I sit back down and the lecture of all the classes projects continues on. She went over major goals for the department and team goals. Then finished up on what contests that were currently going on for companies looking for input from students like us.

After she dismissed the group of us, the students milled about and most were studying the coding encryption puzzles on display eager to garner a prize from them. Most students took the copies of the single sheet or multi sheet puzzles to work on later.

I glanced over one that was prepared by a student that was junior this year and noticed a student standing there near it, "___ This yours?" I asked him, as his name tag of 'Dan' matched the name on the display.

"Yep that one is mine and no one has solved it yet!" he boasted to me.

"You mind___ I try?" I asked him hesitating, not sure if I was allowed too?

"Sure, give it a go!" he grinned at me, then turned back to a friend he was chatting with.

After I studied it top to bottom quickly, I tugged at his jacket to get his attention, "The answer is...Pepperoni large, with cheese sticks and BBQ wings on Fridays for at least two, after say six?"

The look of utter shock covering his face now was almost funny, he was speechless now. His buddy glared at him and asked, "Hey Dan is she right?"

"Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh Yes she is!" he stuttered out as best he could to us.

"Well what was the answer then," the other boy asked.

"The code asked who ever read it, to give me their order for a pizza order that I would buy each week for the coming term and the day they wanted it!" he shouted in defeat.

"Hey, Don't feel bad Don? I am too smart is all and I am sure no other human could break that fine code of yours so fast?" I had to comfort him, "Remember I am Mythos and a bit more knowledgeable in math than nearly everyone?" I had to laugh to him and hope he felt better.

Someone behind us was laughing at poor Don's expense, then spoke up after their bout of laughter was over, "Sorry Donny, but that code of yours is not that good and I told ya that when I left last year!" the new kid laughed at him.

"Well if you feel your code is so GREAT Paul, then let Kyley tear into it then!" Don dared the other student.

This new student 'Paul' was the one that the mathematics department head had told us was a graduate student, he waved at his encryption puzzle on display, "Well there it is, good luck 'kid'!" he played with me.

"Hummm...kid...ya right!" I almost corrected him, then quickly studied his puzzle and started to laugh back at him.

"What's so funny...'kid'?" he played with me yet again.

"You are funny and so is that puzzle...the answer is forty two!"

"What!" he demanded of me.

"The hidden message is a famous line from 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'...What is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything? And that is from the movie and the Book...forty two!"

As Paul seemed to be boiling mad at me and ready to do something very stupid by the waves of emotional rage I was feeling come off him. One of the instructors walked over to our small group and asked Paul about my answer, "Well Paul was she correct or what?" she asked.

"Yes she is correct Miss Mason." he grimaced my way.

"Well then, please pull out the check, sign off on it and hand it over to her...she beat the test."

"BUT Ecila...she is a Mythos? This was not a fair test of my code!" he fought back to her.

"That does not matter, this code, encryption of yours was for government work protecting communications and that means the enemy might someday use or ask favors of a mythos to solve I correct or not?" she questioned him with a slight tilt of her head.

"You are Ecila."

"That is Miss Mason while I am at Whateley...Paul." she warns him.

"Yes ma'am." he gives in and starts to fish a wallet out of his pocket, then retrieves a piece of paper from it and begins to sign it.

"Ohh no need of that!" I insisted to them, "I just solved the puzzle was all, no need to pay me for it?"

"Paul's company made the contest, without a rule to cover Mythos and since you are here. And you solved it, you win and that is my verdict. Besides Kyley, from what I hear you can use the money for something?" she grinned at me.

"Yes ma'am I can always use___ for something?"

"Use it...I think is the word you were looking for?" she corrected me.

"Yes...use it...Ma'am?"

She smiled at me genuinely as she told me, "I used to work for a few Mythos in my day. I even helped birth a few of them and I am sure you really know that answer... Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Is not really...forty two?" she grinned evilly at me.

"No it is not, but telling all of you, that would be cheating and you have to learn that answer for yourselves?" I grinned back to her.


Tuesday September 4, 12:40 pm
Eastman annex

Just after lunch was my very first flight class and I had high hopes to get past it with high enough scores to help teach it. After got dressed in a nice tight top that had room for my wings and a set of workout shorts that kept me decent, I pulled a set of fingerless gloves on my hands for just incase?

Most of the class was already there, from what I could make out of them. The better part of the class was made up of flyers that had the power via something that stopped gravity or they used a machine of some sort and only a few of us actually had wings of any type.

The two that caught my eye the most, was a very timid or confused girl with butterfly wings and a girl fairy or pixie about the size of a Barbie doll.

I watched Angel talk at length with the instructor, as she pointed at me a few times. Then the teacher nodded once and lead the class outside, where Angel handed out small brass balls to each of us the size of a ping pong ball.

"Class that is a snitch, the red button activates it. Once done, you have one minute to catch it, to pass this part of the first exam." the teacher instructed us.

"Now spread apart a little, about fifty feet and lets start this small exam to see how well you all fly today?" she nodded to us and changed into a winged serpent.

When we all separated the distance she wanted, she yelled out with a hiss, "Turn them on and begin!"

My ball shot off up thirty feet and I was right after it! That darn thing twisted all over and through the large outdoor obstacle course for fliers. It dove through or around all the rings with me beating hot on my wings right behind it!

The instructor counted off "THRITY SECOUNDS!" and I was right behind it as it soared up to three hundred feet and right back down to one foot off the ground. Out of my sight, Angel cringed at me moving that fast toward the ground and she was thinking for sure I would smash into it!

When the instructor started to shout out "Forty five seconds!" my fingers 'just' wrapped around the small brass ball and I shouted out a small victory, "GOTTACHA!"

As I flew back to the line up, some of the other students finished up as the instructor hissed out, "One minute and done!"

A few of the other students were still chasing the darn things, a couple had got a little banged up even trying. The one girl with the butterfly wings, all she could do was cry. I could tell she did not even try to fly, she just let the ball fall to her feet, not activated and fell apart crying all this time I was off chasing my ball.

"Hey what's the matter pretty one?" I asked the crying girl.

"I failed the exam, I don't know how to fly yet!" she wailed at me.

"There was not failure here on your part, we should have tried harder to learn what you could do and tried from there?" I comforted her as best I could.

"I Failed!" she shouted back at me, as she balled up her fists and was shaking in anger at herself for failing.

"No...but lets start this way then? Have you even flown at all...ever?

She stops crying for now and snivels out an answer to me, "Yeeess...yes I did three times since I changed last month."

"Okay so you can fly! Let's start there then, how or why did you fly on those times?" I encouraged her to go to those thoughts, hoping that they were good ones?

"I fell once, off my roof and POOF wings and flew to the ground. Then...then I got scared...some bad guy shot at me, after he saw my wings and I flew right up to a window!" she started to cower at the thoughts and remembering the obvious horror of them.

"Hey we are safe here, he is not even close to here and all the students going to school here will protect you! So please what was the next time then?"

"The bad MCO man pushed me off a ledge and made me!" she shouted at me in anger.

"Yep, I have heard those tests can be evil at times. But that was then, but now we are here and safe. So lets start small then...should we?" I asked her.

"With what, I don't know how to fly?" she questioned my logic.

"Yes you do, you just told me three times that you did and we just have to train you how to do it better?"

"Ohhhhh your right!" she grinned at me, suddenly realizing I was right.

Angel tapped my shoulder right then and whispered to me, "You just got hired, the teacher saw that and she loves how you handle students!"

"Thanks Mary, but do you have a training harness for flying?" I ask her.

"Training harness?"

"Yep, something you wear all over your body with handles to grab on, instead of your wings or arms?"

"Ohh ya, we call that a safety harness, you need one?"

"Yes please Mary, for...." I looked at the girl again, "What is your name, sorry I never asked for it?"

"I am Flutter or Josie!" she sings out.

"Nice to meet you then, I am Kyley or some just say Ky to me?" she nods back to me the short introduction.

"Mary, Flutter here, she needs one for the class today and we will go from there!"

Shortly we had her all set up dressed in one and this style had far more handles than one I even used with kids from home or those who never learned to fly right before I met them!

"Well now that you are set, the next question I need strong are your wings? I know real butterfly wings tear with the slightest touch, how are yours?"

"Ohh mine are bullet proof! That nasty MCO guy tested me in Texas, till he hurt me and the last size of gun he used was a millimeter I think he said? But most handgun shots don't even hurt me, as long as I bundle up like this!" she shouted at me and quickly wraps her wings around her like a blanket.

"Hey I like that, you look very cute doing that!" I laughed at her and Mary joined me.

For a few hours I tried very hard to coax Flutter into flying, we tried hovering with my help and a little hopping upward to float down slowly. But soon enough class ended for the day.

But before Flutter left the building, I pulled her aside and went over my schedule for the next few days with her, with Mary joining in. She had time tomorrow for more lessons and so did I, up till I had to go to the Medawihla tribal village at five.

So that little tutoring class was set for those hours, I SO wanted this girl to fly as soon as possible. It might save her life or someone else's!


Wednesday September 5, 1:10 pm
Eastman annex

Well all this morning was my first english class and even reading the books were hard for me! I hope this gets better soon, I know Becky says I am improving, but it just takes so long to actually 'see' it?

But for now I am happy, Mary and I are trying real hard to help out Flutter and get her flying like a champ today. As we wait for her to come. I study the floor of the flying pavilion and training ground.

"Mary, this floor is stone? That is a bad idea, I know I can catch her if she fell? But this floor is real hard...why?"

"Watch this!" she grins at me and leaps to the air. After getting up about ten feet, Mary lets herself drop like a rock and I make a leap for her!

I miss because she is so far off from me, but she hits the floor, sinks into it like a very soft pillow or sponge and laughs at me falling on my face to have the same thing happen to me, as I bounce into the now soft floor too?

"See it's a devisor floor, hard under foot. But hit it with more force than a normal foot step and this happens!"

As I lay there on the smooth, now hard surface. My hand slaps at it and that slap is heard echoing in the building. Then I ball up a fist to hit, when I do. It pushes into the now soft floor.

"I like this stuff, why is this not in use all over the world by now?" I question her.

"It has some issues. One it's very flammable! They have to spray a sealer on it monthly to stop that and the other is...this stuff is expensive as all get out!" Mary informs me with a grin as she stands back up.

Both of us are sitting on the small set of class bleachers, discussing class schedules this coming week when Flutter finally shows up and by looking her over quickly I can guess why she is late...heck I feel it flowing off of her! She is scared silly and timid about doing this!

"Awww Flutter come over here girl!" I hug her close, "there is no reason to be scared of this. Both of us are watching out for you...and heck I will even add my bird 'Night' help us."

"What bird?' she is about to say more when Night 'pops' out and sits on a rail on the short set of bleachers.

"That there is Night and she is my bird! She can help too?"

"What can she do?" Flutter asks while squinting at her.

I take a step back from Flutter, ~"Night float the girl a few feet please?"~

"She can do this!" I boast and right then, Flutter finds herself floating a few feet slowly off the floor, to be then very gently lowered back to it.

Mary grins to her now, "See you can't fall, with all three of us here to watch over you?"

"I don't know?" she cowers in fear yet again.

"Well let me show this then?" I say and grab two of the large five hundred pound training weights of the rack of them and fly through part of the obstacle course, then back.

"Wow you are strong!" Mary gasps at me.

"See Flutter, if I can carry that much dead weight around. I can catch you before you fall?"

"Okay...I'll try?" she almost cries to me.

"That is all I ever ask of to try?"

After I checked Flutter's harness once more, I had Mary prove that she could hold up Flutters weight too. With Mary doing a short in place hover while holding that harness of her's in one hand.

The next step was lifting Flutter up on one of the many platforms of the practice area that raised out of it's floor mechanically and once she was up at about thirty feet. Angel, plus I had taken to wing to hover in place watching out for her.

"Okay Flutter, I know you can do this part. Just take one step and glide down to the floor."

"That is real far!"

"You did this yesterday, I know that one was five or so feet up? But this is exactly the same...just longer for that nice glide!" I encouraged her.

"But I can get hurt this time!" she shouted at me.

"We went over this, Angel has you or I do or finally Night does? There is no danger to this...please try for me?"

"I can't Immmm scared!" she whined to me.

"Okay lets try this then...wait a second for me?" I asked and she nodded back to me.

After a second of searching around for what I needed just now, I spotted it Instantly and flew off over to the bleachers. I hovered above a boy just finishing up a bottle of coke, "Can I have that bottle when you're done?" I asked.

"Sure!" he said then gulped down the rest of it and tossed it my way.

"Thanks!" I grinned his way and flew over to the platform Flutter was hesitantly standing on.

As I landed next to her, she grabbed me in a scared hug, "I want down now!"

"I can do that, but can you watch this first for me?" I asked her at a whisper.

"Yesssss," she almost cried again.

"This bottle is glass and certainly more breakable than you...right?"

"Yes?" she surly must have been wondering what I was after now.

"Watch the bottle for me..." and I tossed it to the floor in the middle of the practice room in hope I was right about my mental calculations of how soft the floor was!

It hit what should have been a hard surface and sponged right into it unbroken, then rolled around a little making funny sounds spinning to a stop while doing it.

"See even the floor here is safe for ya! You have more going for your first flight here, than I had when I did...ohhh so long ago!"

"You learned to fly here?" she asked confused.

"Ohhhh no!" I laughed at her, "I learned a very long time ago...very, very, very long time ago indeed!"

"Okay if you think I can make it?" she asked me.

"I would never ask you to do anything that is not safe...unless you wanted to start getting crazy!" I said to her and started to roll my eyeballs to her in a zany way at the end.

"I'll do it once then!" she said laughing at my antics and stepped away from me.

I took to wing instantly and hovered just in front of her, "Ready when you are Flutter, just glide...wings open and gllllide for me!"

Flutter took that hesitant step, leapt off and glided down to the floor with Angel on one side, me on the other and she landed with a slight hop!

"You did it!" I quickly gave her a hug and Angel followed up with one of her own.

"I did it!" she shouted in joy to us.

"Yep, can we try the next part and you aim for a spot farther out?" I had encourage her to add to her victory while it was fresh in her mind.

"YES!" and she was running over to the lift to try again!

That was the start to a fun day, Flutter glided a few dozen more times for me and each time with a new target farther out or around something she had to steer around. Then we moved into her trying hovering a bit, with time challenges added in.

The last part of the day, was spent with her trying to fly level across the whole pavilion in a straight line, then I added a twist or two for good measure. But now came the hard part for me and her...I had to be sure of this...I crossed my fingers for this to work!

"Flutter come over here," I asked her as she glided by the platform I stood on.

"I'm coming give me a second!" her speed was improving and her control was good so far.

Flutter landed next to me on the small platform and stood there for me, "What now Kyley?"

"Close your eyes and trust me?"

I hated this next part, but I knew it had to be done. Why, some would ask? Experience said so, one must know these things about a flier to be sure they are safe.

"Eyes all shut?" I asked again...."Yep!" she said trusting me...then I shoved her backwards off the platform...the hardest thing you ever did to a flier as a teacher!

She spun falling, then flipped over and flew, just as I had hoped she would. She then flew right up into my face, screaming at the top of her lungs to me, "Why, WHY, WHY, did you do that to me!" she shouted louder.

I let her vent, just as I had done at this time of my life and let her be as angry at me as she could ever be!...then I asked her , "Flutter...Flutter...please?" I had to ask several times, till she calmed down enough for me to speak over her shouts.

"WHAT traitor!" she barked at me.

"Look at your feet Flutter...please?" I asked and grinned knowingly at her.

She looked down and found her feet very much off the floor, as she hovered angrily in my face over thirty foot up, almost 'leaning' over to meet my face!

"See you are flying, I had to see if you would fly by instinct or thinking about it...your flying right now like this? It proves to me that you have flying 'IN' your brain!" I said slowly to her, as I tapped the side of her head gently.

"But why like this, I trusted you!" she shouted at me again.

"I had to find out and so did you? This was best done right here in a safe place and not by accident outside where you could get hurt?" I asked her.

"I understand..." she gave into me.

"Forgive me, we all had to know and I know this is hard for you. Even I had to learn this way?" I asked for that forgiveness from her and hope she had it in her to give.

"I forgive you Kyley!" she grinned back at me.

"Well that is good MY NEW 'FLIER!'" I boasted her new title to her, "You earned your wings today and tomorrow we start on the hard stuff! Now please give me a hug!" I demanded from her and got one.


Wednesday September 5, 5:00 pm
Quad bus stop area

'Well it's five and my ride is not here on time!' I think, then grimace at the time shown on my cell phone. Just as I am about to 'text' ARC on where this ride was, a black SUV rolls up and the thick armored window rolls down to me.

"Miss Baron?" the person in the passenger seat asks me.

I tilt my head to the side and stare at him like he must be some kind of moron or something even stupider? "You don't know what she or me looks like do you? AND how secure is that?" I question his lack of knowledge.

He quickly looks at his phone, swipes it a few times, then looks back to me..."Sorry Miss, this is my first pick-up here?"

"Strange...wait then." I order him, pull out my cell phone, then call ARC and ask for a picture of the personal that are showing up for me. Once it shows up on my cell phone, I verify it with a short glance his way.

"Is everything good Miss?" he asks just now stepping out of the SUV.

Just as he goes to open the door for me and I am about to say 'nothing'...A boy 'pops' into sight and opens the door for me, "If I may Kyley?" him grins at me.

"I was wondering when you would show up?" I ask him as I slide into the seat in the back.

"I rather teleport there to the village, but if you don't mind we can chat on the way there?" he asks me.

"Fine with me, just get in here!" I groan at him.

"Ahh Miss Baron. We had authorization to take one only?" the guard states to me.

"This boy...named?" I glare at him.

"Ohh, I am Jay Blue Lake!" he smiles evilly at me and gives me a knowing, yet playful wink.

"Well he is coming with us today and is a representative of the Medawihla tribe...So he has to come with us?"

"Fine Miss, understood." and he closes the door. Then we are off.

Once we are out of the main schools gates and on our way...uninterrupted till we get to the village at least. I study Jay sitting in the seat across from me. I find him a bit older, by maybe a year...a junior at Whateley I am sure. He's native American by the hard, yet soft looks of his face and skin color. Lean, but very fit and in shape...then tall.

"So why jump___ ride with me?" I question his motives.

"Well Kyley, we need to chat a bit and this is the best way?" he states and fishes out a small stone on a simple string from his shirt pocket, then hangs it on the coat hook next him. The stone gives off a magical glow and I know it's a privacy ward now.

I give him a slight smug chuckle then, "That might keep humans away, but anyone else will blast right by it...including that Drow__ my cottage! Let me show you what __real ward looks like?"

One of my hands waves open a small glowing door to my storage and pulls out just only the handle end of my Axe, I twist off the gem and let the Axe slide back into the dark tear in reality I just made.

A little energy from me, I set it to burn a ward onto the ceiling of the SUV's smooth cloth roof, "That should do for now, it will fade in an hour or so?"

"Nice!" he grins at me, "very nice," his other worldly voice says now. Most likely coming from his spirit.

"So why the chat Jay?" I question the boy and the spirit within him.

"We just wanted to meet you for ourselves and give you the grand tour of the records cavern. Besides, I am the Lore master for the training?" he grins to me.

"Anything else, I can feel you want something far more than that from me?"

"Not much, just wanted to chat awhile on the drive out is all? But now that you ask me, I was falling for Sara before she did a poof and I loved that I could not tell what she was thinking!" he states and gives me that trademark grin again.

"If you're Forget it, I have someone right now and no real time to add another at this time?"

"I was just thinking is all?" he grins again.

"Don't, because somehow I just got here and have no idea why? Adding you to the mix...along with that spirit of yours is not in my plans for now." then I look out the window away from him and out into the now growing dark woods passing beyond the SUV's glass window.

"So later then...maybe?"

"Later...unless you want to surrender yourself to me fully with a pledge?" I grin back to him, like the hungry dark predator I can be at times.

"Nope, that trade would give me the short end of the deal right now?" he gulps, knowing exactly what I meant just now.

"But you get to live forever, via me and those that follow in my line?" I make a try at persuading him.

"No thanks again, but what are you after at the tribal hall and in the lore cavern?"

"For right now, everyone wants a very short and fast catalog of what is in all the libraries near here. Whateley's, ARC's and yours. Then I might get back to Homestake's some day and finish that one off?"

"Did they give you a wish list of first wants?"

"Yes, they want all information___ Elvin military, royals, the war, Drows and alike. Then anything like personal journals or histories of the said same?"

"Ahhh I see! Someone wants the info on Miss choppy-chop...stabby-stab and make hamburger out of you, then blast you to bits Drow twins!" he laughs.

"That I am sure of...the humans asking for that information? They have no idea what they__ dealing with in her and that twin of her's."

"So you know about them...then?" he asks and slides a bit off his seat, now very interested in the new subject.

"Of course I do, they are Sidhe and do you really think the whole race started here on this world do you?"

"Ohhhh never thought of that?" the new thoughts surly dawned on him of what I implied just now.

"Then some gone mad group of mages, at the direction of a Elvin royal. They messed with the most rare of Sidhe...dark Sidhe at that and made what those twins are. That was a mistake at best and then chained all that up under several layers binding stupid!" I warned him.

"So what is, or are the twins?" he asked next.

"Ask them, but don't wait for an answer too long?"

"I don't think I will even ask her or them, as the rumor is that she added to the dead count in the Grove by more than a few this last year. That is what I heard?"

"I am sure, you threaten one of the Sidhe around her or threaten the Grove...your death follows quickly behind it."


Medawihla tribal village

The SUV just finished dropping us off and Jay lead me over to the head of the tribes home... Eloise Donner. "Well here is the leader's place, I am sure she is in!" he grins and knocks at the door.

A huge man answers the door quickly, "Hey Jay, I was not expecting you kid?"

"I brought gifts, this young maiden was wondering around the woods in a red cloak and I thought she need to find a wolf's house as fast as she could?" he laughed and waved at me.

"Well you must be Miss Baron then?" he asks and shoves a meaty hand at me.

"Yes that is me and Kyley is fine sir?" I take his offered hand and he pulls me inside the nice house.

"Just Ben and the Misses over there cooking, she is Eloise or Eli for friends and you are one now."

The large man offers me a seat, but I choose to remain standing till the lady finishes up enough with her cooking to come over to me and offer a quick hand of friendship, "Hi Kyley, we were told you would be here today. You hungry and want some of my fine casserole?"

"No thanks, I ate at school and will have snack later. Besides, I only eat food for the taste and not because I need it?"

"Ohh that is right, the person from ARC said you were just like Sara Waite in many ways?" she questions me.

"I am in most ways, but I don't eat the living to survive like she does."

"Good to hear, but since you just eat for the must at least try some of my home cooked food?" she smiles to me, then quickly spoons out a small portion of each dish she has cooking on the stove and drops it on the counter before me.

"I will try anything once?" I give in to her hospitality and take a seat on a stool there.

"So Why are you here Kyley? The ARC personal told me it was to organize our huge class 'X' section for us and give the tribe an idea of what we had to offer the world?"

"That is the basics Eli," say as I quickly eat several bites of that great tasting casserole of hers, "But I will give your tribe the list first, then ARC gets the edited version that you want them to see."

"I was going to ask you about that next?" she admitted to me.

"Surely you were, I know there must be a great number of pre-sundering tomes down in that collection with you being a direct descendant of Garrand."

"So someone told you that?"

"Nope, I felt it when we shook hands just now. Your soul was touched by part of his recently...maybe a personal possession you used...last year or so?"

"How can you tell that?"

"I just can, do you ask how or why Sara does some of the things she does? Or just worship her?" I added in noticing the display of her church on one wall.

"How?" she almost shrieks at me.

"I know when I am in the home of someone who is watched or guarded by one of my own kind...not being able to do that would be silly?"

"Is there going to be any issue with you and her?" she had to ask.

"No, I don't start trouble or fights. I only react to them and that is all. Sara and I got along fine, when she helped me learn english and communicating with you humans this past April at Homestake."

"Good Kyley, but I have to ask...have to know this? You said you felt Garrand in me, did you ever meet him?"

"Yes I did, once. He came to my world to guard Aunghadhail on her way back here to Gaea's world. He was a most kind being, one that should have lived a better life in my opinion."

"Can you tell us more?" she asked and handed me a small slice of cake.

"What is in the far past is done and gone. Best to leave it there and forget that nightmare." I warn her, as I take a bite of the offered cake.


A short time later

Jay was leading me over to the main tribal administration building, after leading me down stairs to a 'dead end' hallway. He opens a hidden door, via cleverly hidden switch just behind a festive mask, "Please ask an tribal elder to come into here?"

"Your rules, I only work here?" I grin back at Jay.

In the first large cavern is mostly modern books and records. Jay shows me a large table to work at and half of it is warded for working with Class 'X' objects of low-thru-mid level. There are a few good short term storage boxes of engraved marble on the vast table top to use while researching.

After Jay opens a few large locks on a warded door, he places a necklace around his neck for protection, "This section has the Garrand tomes in it and a large part of Elvin books, plus their items. So I am told?" he says as the door swings open to us.

"First time in here?"

"Yes, for me it is and since you are here now? I have to watch over you once and a while." he gives me that trademark grin of his again.

"We are not dating, this is work and very dangerous work. So please keep your head on straight or lose that nice mind of yours 'Avatar' or not!" I warn Jay.

"That bad?" he asks me.

"Jay, there are, was or IS! A whole lot of Elves or Sidhe or Fae creatures that hated humans and I am sure some even blame them for the sundering. Remember that when you walk in here." I very sternly warn him of the facts.

Jay opens the door fully and guides me into it, we walk down the narrow spaced shelves and I note the books as we pass them. I grab a few of them from the glass door covered shelves as we go along and place them back on the warded table for later.

"Looks like you found something to read tonight?"

"Yes, most of this is Elvin military histories and one book is a great personal diary of a general of the time before the sundering. That should keep Mrs. Blackwood up at ARC entertained for a few months translating that huge book!"

"Great! Now Kyley, the next cavern section? I can not go into at all, Eli gave me the key for the lock and this box to hand to over to you too?"

I open the small gold box Jay hands me and I find a large key inside it, "She said that is yours to keep and only you! After I open this lock for you, that key goes in next and then you don't need one of us tribal members in the room with you ever again..." he gulps at me, "for safely?"

"I understand Jay, that is a good idea to do it this way and thanks for your trust."

"All she asked me to do before opening the lock, was ask for a oath on keeping the tribes interests before all others?"

"I understand what she means, she wants me to keep what is in there private and the tribe decides on what the world gets to know about...if that world is ready to learn it?"

"So?" Jay finally asks me again.

"You have my sworn oath on my true name. That I will only let the tribe know what is behind that door or keep that knowledge among those who can safely guard that very knowledge."...I left myself an out, just in case there was something far too dangerous to keep even in there!

Jay unlocks the door for me, waves a few wards into the 'off' position magically and steps back from the door, just behind a very bright blue line etched into the very stone of the floor and it is covered with Mithril engravings that now glow in strange patterns.

"Well I am safe now or as can be when that door opens. Try your key now and go in quickly, if you don't come out in eight hours. ARC gets a call and they come to seal that door up for fifty got that Kyley?" Jay warns me and I feel waves of concern for my well being waft off him.

"Humm only fifty and I did not bring a soda or a snack?" I laugh back at him.

Then I slide the key into the lock to marry it into it and pull it out. Now the door swings open a slight bit to me and I slide into the door. Once in, the door closes slowly and I note the three sets of lock on the door's inner frame.

One is a safety lock for when someone is in here and that one is easy to open from the inside or out. Number two, is the main lock that Jay and I just used with the keys. The third one is a large timer lock, that bypasses all the rest and locks the door for is decades at the least, is my guess!

What I see in the room lit by magical lamps that seem to self activate as go into the room deeper, is a very well organized room. With a research table to examine what is found in here I am sure. Then several twenty foot tall shelves, with books on the bottom levels up to eye level and each level is covered up by glass doors. Then enclosed cases of various sizes are stored up on the upper levels from there to the top.

The cavern beyond the soft glow of the lamps nearest me is huge, well over fifty foot tall, a hundred feet across and who know how many hundreds of feet deep?

As I walk farther in, I ponder the simple thought. 'This section seems to be very free of dust that should normally be here, maybe this room is sealed or has something in it that does the dusting?'

As I walk past several sets of shelves, there are cargo boxes all laid across the floor in a squared off pattern of neat rows and that is followed by stacks of boxes in open containers next to empty shelves.

Right next to that first large set of glass doored shelves, I find the first of soon to be many bodies. This first one is Elvin by the shape of the skull I can tell...seen many a one over my long life and this one has been here for what seems centuries at least?

The next three are human, then clothed in something that reminds me of what the history books of America show as the late 1700's or so? The next one I find was dressed from far earlier, he obviously was a tribal shaman by the clothes he wore.

All seem to be standing next to open boxes and have a book laying next to them or a small item that for now I leave till later to find out what did it. I am sure they found something that their mind could not handle at all, to drop them in their tracks like this. Or the magical item almost in their hands killed them?

As I walk into the cavern deeper, I see a definite pattern now. The open and shelved books or items, they are at the front and the rest goes. From somewhat displayed or organized. Over to at the far end, the not even opened boxes.

"Cleaning all this up, is going to take me years by myself!" I huff out in defeat.

Towards the rear most of the cavern, I find two very large boxes. Eight foot long, by four foot wide, by four foot tall. Both covered in a dusty cloth, when I flip that cloth off the nearest box. I find a very ornate rune covered, Bronze almost golden colored box.

As my hand waves over the smooth surface, the runes glow back at my hands passing and I know what they are saying to me!

"Ohhh elder Gods, this is one thing I do not even talk or write...let alone think about! While I am around that set of twin Drows in my least for now!" I sigh out slowly at what mess I had just found, it could be very bad or very good?

When I look under the dusty cloth, I find out why it's still on them. The one clean side I can now read, is rune covered and must be keeping the magic flowing off the boxes down, thus keeping anyone from looking for them!

Now knowing that, I flip the cloth back over the large box and smooth it all out to be sure it's still working! "Best to leave this undisturbed for now?"

I find now, just past those two boxes. That I can not go back into the cavern any farther, as the boxes are stacked floor to ceiling in this section and it will take many months to get back here to clean up this mess! It reminds me of that last scene from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' when the solitary man, pushes that last box into the huge warehouse.

"Well that is going to take a few decades at least? Well a steady job is all mine for now!" I grin at the dust covered room.


Back out in the cavern that Jay was waiting for me in, I left the door closes behind me and rotate the key in the lock to reseal the door again.

"Did you find anything neat or what?" Jay almost begs me the question.

"Well nothing in there wanted to try and kill me outright? But I have to ask this?"

"WHAT...What!" he almost shouts at me in his curiosity.

"Does the tribe have a few missing persons that went in there over the last few hundred years?" I raise an eyebrow to him.

"Well Eli did not tell me, but I am sure it's in a record somewhere?" he shrugs to me.


"OKAY WHAT!" Jay shouts again.

"There are a few very, very dead humans in there and one elf?"

"Ohhh, should I get someone to help you get them out...somehow?"

"Not a good idea, maybe a nice casket to place them all in later would be nice? But the bodies STAY in that vault, no matter who wants to bury them for what ever rituals. Who knows what has 'soaked' into them over the centuries?"

Along the way back to Whateley, I sat in the SUV very silently. Jay seemed to want to chat with me, but I was too busy contemplating what was laid out before me and what that meant to long term plans I have.

We had told Eli, their tribal leader that her vault was a little 'occupied' and I needed something to place those bodies into. She tried to hold firm in her opinion against me, that they should go into the vault and retrieve them. But when I flatly stated...that if they did, I am not staying around to watch the deaths happen or fix the mess they make!...she finally gave into my reason.

She wanted me to try and see if the poor 'souls or spirits' of the dead could be saved? I agreed to trying, but the odds where very high and the best thing to hope for? Was that I could contain them inside the vault and maybe bring them some peace in that way?

After the SUV stopped back at Whateley, I hopped out and started to walk off slowly still thinking of what to do?

"Kyley?" Jay asked me.

"Yes Jay?" I almost mumbled from my thinking of the day, as I twisted back to look at him.

"You have lots to think on I am sure, we can chat anytime?"

"Yes Jay...Thanks" and I kept walking off, still thinking of all that vault had in it. Up at ARC, they thought they had the bumper crop of the strangest stuff or Homestake the most dangerous...baloney...the Medawihla tribal vault had both them up at ARC and Homestake beat by leaps and bounds!





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