Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 13

Vantier a Whateley Tale.....Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to find her place in it.

He is saved from the death of his race and start all over again....but can she survive?
A human high school and being a teenager? Will she remember what was? And grow in power?

We take a break for the madness of Rohanna and join Vantier in her first week at school!

I have to tell you this, switching from writing a crazy Drow to a level headed older GOO is not easy!---lol

BIG NOTE for my readers!

In this chapter I am trying something new to show Kyley's learning of English and her missing words.

When she skips a word like this...."I hope ___ see you?" She is leaving out the 'to' by accident and sometimes I will use this as a plot point but not all the time. So remember that when reading that this new way to show her learning the language, it will show up time to time?




Night flies off knowing what her job is tonight 'to explore more of the forest beyond the school and have fun hunting!' She has always done her part in life. She would go off like this for short times, to see what was in the surrounding area, while Kyley was doing her part and interacting with the populace or what was needed in their dealings in life.

She winged over the vast forest area to the south of the school tonight, to see what laid beyond the campus, along the way she noticed the 'Grove' she had spotted last night and its Fae inhabitants. Tonight she was going a bit father out to make note of what was beyond that and then tomorrow? Maybe go up to the north?

As she flew, a small village or grouping of homes appeared below her. This interested her, as it might be the Medawihla tribes home that she had been told of and would have to come here soon to work on their huge library.

Night spotted a branch in a large tree, near the villages center and sailed down to quietly perch on it. She then watched the coming and goings on of the village for several hours until dark started to fall.

Over those hours she noted the tribe was made mostly of Weres and of those several different types? Strange for all of them to be in one spot together, But who knows? She did note at least one 'breed' seemed to be divided into one home and not mixed, for the most part.

Then as the night came. She also listened to the songs and sounds of the local birds and gathered information via what was being said by them. It was best to do this at night, as the owls of any place she had ever been to, were always out and boy did they chat at night...Nothing like a group of owls to gossip all night! Gods they never shut-up!

But at least she could stand listening to them all night, far better than the constant chatter of sparrows or finches of the day....sheesh they were always like high strung kids all day! yak, yak, yak! And still say nearly nothing!

At one point in the early night, she noticed a human boy....a teen boy. He walks out of one of the larger lodge buildings in the village center. This lodge building may have been the tribal leadership one, as only older persons of the tribe seems to use it? As he exited the larger building, she noticed that he was a mutant by the tell-tale glow of one surrounding his body, that she could only see.

Then not even a second after he exited the lodge, he looked up RIGHT AT HER perched in the tree! Then he, tilted his head to her and a small evil grin covered his face. HE HAD SPOTTED HER! How can that be?

She may have been large for a hawk...okay? VERY large! But her more than black plumage and feathers (that she gained via the deal, Kyley had with Uthor, had done that....that old worm be damned!) This inky black color, should of hidden her from his sight? But no, it did not?

Her eyes never left him, as he walked off and talked to a large older woman. Night felt that this one...was the tribal leader. As she looked the part of one and she acted like it! As they spoke, the boy pointed vaguely at her direction and tree? That was not good! But they did no other acts to raise her alarm farther.

After a few minutes of talking, the older woman walks off and leaves the boy alone. He then walks back to the lodge and retrieves a back-pack. As he puts it on, he walks back out and toward the village's center. He stands there for awhile near a flagpole and seems to be thinking, pondering some great question in his mind or talking to someone?

Then he stares at Night once again and smiles out to her, "I will be seeing you soon and then we can talk?" at his words end, he vanishes and Night can tell why....his mutant power is warping, as they call it here...But most of all, he is a conduit of a sprit or Avatar as they call them!

Night slowly shakes her head 'ohh Kyley, things are getting complicated!' she thinks to herself.

Night, after the boy has left takes to wing again. Then gains a good height and glides on the winds over the forest silently. She is now hunting, looking for tonight's prey and tonight's fun!

She has to keep in practice this way...via her hunting. She may no longer need the prey for food. But she must continually practice her skills, less they become dull. And her skills are, finding small prey and diving on the small target, to kill it in one fast strike!

As the night grows darker over time, she spots a small squirrel and dives at it. Its dead on her first hit, as it should be! Night eats most of the dead squirrel and tosses the rest of it into a small gully in the forest, so that nature can reclaim it.

As the darkness falls, so falls several more small creatures of the forest to Night's sharp talons. Some of those targets Night lets live, to be hunted another day! By the time midnight comes. Night is perched in a large tree, when she spots a large rabbit jumping into the clearing below her. A challenge, it's small fast and young!

Night leans off the branch, straightens her aim, readies her wings...with a cant in that direction. Her tail goes up! And she dives on the large rabbit. Her sharp talons come to the shred the prey, upon her hitting it!

THEN! a small blur shoots out of the bush, that the rabbit came from and grabs her prey from her sight. Night hits hard on her wings, gains her height back and perches in that same tree to see what that was?

As she settles into her perch. she can see what grabbed her prey! A long necked lizard the size of a house cat, with wings and a equally long tail. A Dragon hatchling and a VERY fresh hatchling at that. Night can tell by the smell coming off the small dragon. It then tosses the prey IT stole, into the air and roasts it with a jet of hot flame from it's mouth.

The dragon gets ready to eat it when....~"You silly worm! You roasted my dinner!....Just like a overgrown lizard, to eat another's dinner!"~ Night screams at the hatchling...via her mental voice.

Night watches on, as her mental voice startles the small dragon so much! It springs into the air with the rabbit still in its mouth, does a crazy summersault and ends up landing with the rabbits body on top if it!

Then the dragon's heads sways on its long neck, looking all about the clearing and uses the rabbits carcass as a impromptu shield.

Night then sends out a mental belly laugh of hers ~"Yep your a hatchling alright! You can't even tell where I am at....can't you?"~

Night then hears a mental yelp ~"Who are you?"~ from the small dragon.

Night can now tell that the dragon...for now, thinks its a female. Via the voices tone and the way it 'sounds'

~"Haaa...Well since you cooked it. Eat it! As I can't you silly lizard! Then we can talk after you burp!"~ she chuckled at the dragon.

Then the small dragon moves out from under the rabbit, grabs the roasted rabbit, pulling it behind her, while she slowly turns around to check the clearing and slides into the dead rabbits near-by den to hide.

After a few minutes, Night can hear the hatchling eating the rabbit. She shakes her head at the sounds 'Darn kids and their empty stomachs!' she thinks silently.

Then a few minutes later a head pops out of the hole and looks all about ~"It was my prey! I did hunt it! I wouldn't have shared it, even if you still would have wanted it"~ it bellows out mentally at the world ~"It is your fault that you are still hungry, can't see a reason to help a slow poke like you."~ it finally adds.

~"Haa Young one....I don't hunt for food all the time. I hunt for sport...The hunt is the meat!"~ Night tells the young one. She will learn this one point in its life, it will no longer hunt for food ...but sport like her. That may take One hundred thousand years...but time does fly!

Night just sits, perched on her branch, safe....Knowing that the hatchling, is far too young to know where she is!

Then the dragon's head pops out once more and spits its small fierce flame into the air to brighten the clearing ~"Show yourself, or is hiding all you can do!"~ it yelps out.

Night waits for some more.... Then the small head pops out once more and spits even more flame, as it looks all about and then pops back into the rabbit hole.

~"I am not the one using a dead rabbits hole for a new home! Did you find gold in there or what hatchling?"~ she asks the timid little one.

~"Stop insulting me all the time and calling me hatchling you stalker! You said? You wanted to talk and still you hide yourself? I don't know your intentions, why should I be the only one visible!"~

~"Ha I am not hiding! You're not looking?"~ Night eggs the dragon on.

The small dragons head scans all around the clearing. Night is SURE, she looked right at her and did not note her! It then shrieks out ~" You are lying!"~ Then the dragon looks around even more ~"You are hiding"~ it finally adds.

Now Night watches as the hatchling slowly comes out of the hole part way and stares right at her.....then is building up the tension in her rear legs. She shoots out of the hole with her wings, close to her body. Opening them a bit, as she flies, she corrects her flight path.

Night stares at the flying dragon coming at her....fully not impressed by it at all. She knows that 'one' this young dragon, is no threat at all. All she does, is tighten her grip on the branch a little. Just in case the hatchling actually hits her.

Night tilts her head, bending her head to one side, studying the dragon's path toward her and mentally shouts as loud as she can ~"BOOOO!"~ at it.

~"WHAT!"~ it screams out in shock, as it flies on it's path towards Night.

Night watches in slight horror, as the hatchling tries in vain to correct its path. Night cringes, slightly closes her eyes, rises her right wing to block the sight of what is to come and tries not to watch the young dragon make a fool of itself.

She watches on, as the dragon misses her, then crashes through several small branches and smacks into the tree's side. Where it tries desperately to hold onto, both the tree and a branch to keep from falling.

~"That's what you get for calling me a liar. Karma!...young hurts!"~ Night sasses the young one

Next the dragon tries to keep on the tree's side and not fall. Then gets to climbing onto that branch.

All the while, Night tells it ~"You missed, now hold on to the tree, use those claws and hop onto the branch! There ya go!...NOW! Sit and rest...then you should have!"~

Night shakes her head at the hatchling, as it gathers itself up and sits ~"Well now that you have crashed into the branches! All the game is gone...child!"~ she chides it.


Saturday September 1, 2:10 am
Poe cottage

Hours ago, I had left Mary, Hank and his girl Lily. In the girls room and left to get back to mine for the night. Shortly I was undressed, then laid out with a book from my bag and set for the night reading it.

I made a few short notes on what the chapter said and yet one more chapter finished in this tome of mathematical formulas for making gates, that was written by what seemed to me? Was a lower God that visited the planet sometime in the dark ages and needed one made for use to get home again, but left the tome behind strangely?

Then as I turned the next page to start the next chapter and made a short note of the date, plus time I started on that. I had to keep track of hours spent on this task, as ARC or Homestake was paying me for my time!

That is when Night landed in my window and gazed at me with a smile on her beak. "So what makes you so happy right now?" I asked her verbally in the old language.

~"Well I just found that village of Were's we need to go to this week and it looks like someone from there. Who happens to be a student going here I am sure? He spotted me?"~ she squawked a bit at the end, I am sure mad at herself for slipping up and getting spotted.

"Well so, how did the happen?"

~"He is gifted by a spirit I am sure?"~

"You can't hide from them, not as we are now and is that a bad thing?" I ask her getting more than interested in this one.

~"I think not, this one seemed to be a member of the tribe and was in and out of the main lodge like he belonged to it. Besides he said to me...'I will be seeing you soon and then we can talk?' That seemed to be a greeting to me?"~

"We shall find out later this week then?"

~"We will, but I have a small surprise for you. That dragon hatchling from across the hallway?"~
she told me and hopped over to my beds foot board, to peer at me over my book I had yet to put down.

"Yes Night, please tell me you did not eat it?" I jested at her, knowing she did not.

~"HummF! Always joking when we need to be serious!"~

"Well get serious you darn bird?"

~"Well I brought her along with me, after we chatted for a few hours."~

"So?" I grin up at her and put the book aside on the bed.

Just then a small dragon flies into my room via my still open window and lands on the floor, ~"Hi again Kyley was it?"~

~"Yes and I remember you're Lille?"~
I question the dragon mentally.

~"Why yes and I was so very surprised that someone in this school thought that having a dragon in the room across the hallway was normal to them?"~

~"It is to me, you are not the first hatchling to seek shelter under my roof."~

~"You look like human teen Kyley, but I am very, very sure that you are not one?"~

~"We should not talk about that in the open for now, just know that I am fine with you knowing is all and I trust dragons to keep silent?"~
I grinned down at her.

~"We do keep secrets well and I will yours. Should I change my form now, so we can chat better?"~ Lille asked me hopping onto my chair now.

~"No young one, that is not needed and I am sure that you prefer being yourself. So please stay as you are and hop over here, rest yourself on top of me while we talk more face to face?"~

Lille took the invite quickly, leaped onto my chest and made herself very comfortable there. She had curled up there, with her long neck cradled in between my breasts and was laying her head only inches from my face now.

~"Better now?"~ I asked her.

she said and breathed out a whiff of smoke at me, ~"You are very comfortable and so very warm!"~

~"Well I should be and my girl says that all the time"~ I laughed mentally at her.

~"You said, that you are used to dragons under your roof?"~

~"Why yes, several over the years and with that I do know how they work or live? And I can tell that Night must have helped you hunt some before coming to my room just now. As you sound and feel so very full!"~ I joked at her, as her small stomach rumbled as she laid on me.

~"Yes she did and that was appreciated!"~

~"You keep listening to Night, my bird knows how to hunt and you can learn a great deal from her over time."~

~"I shall."~ Lille almost yawned at me mentally.

I went to scratch her just so under the chin, then on her face and I added a few strokes to her long neck...then she was out, "Good night young one, that always works on hatchlings!" I say remembering doing it so many times, to calm the ones I knew and stayed at my home.


Saturday September 1, 5:10 am
Poe cottage

~"Hey Lille, I need to get going and get over Doyle to see my roommate now?"~ I say to her mentally and scratch her head a little to wake her up.

'phsuuush' she blows out smoke at me, then her head comes up to take a huge yawn, ~"You are so soft and feel just like a huge stack of gold under warm!"~

~"Know, but please. I have to get up, showered up and get 'KK' out of Doyle this morning. Not to mention my long list of chores, that all must be done by Monday?"~

Lille hops off me to the floor, stretches out and then starts to open the door mentally just like Night does, ~"HEY don't do that, change first or you will spook the other kids here!"~ I shout at her.

~"OHHHH ya!"~ her eyes go wide, then she changes to the small girl I saw from the other night wearing a bathrobe, "Thanks for reminding me! I just got so comfortable being around you, I forgot!" she says in her sweet voice this time.

"I will see you soon, I hope?"

"Yes, soon...very soon!" and she speeds from my room, as the door closes behind her.


Saturday September 1, 6:10 am
Poe cottage

My bag of books was slung on my shoulder, mainly because I need my ID's it contained for the day to come and what little else it held for me. After I checked the 'flag' light to find it green now, my window flew open and I leapt out into the morning air. A short fall and I was off flying again!

I was flying off towards Doyle med center and meeting up with 'KK' this morning, in the hopes they let her out today! A short hop, when I landed at the main doors and I was there.

A few short sprints down the halls and I sped into her room, "Hey___ morning!" I sang to her, as I noted that she was already up and fully dressed! A very good sign that she was indeed leaving with me today.

"That might be 'good morning?'..." she corrected me with a smile.

"So it is, Good Morning?" I began again.

"Great!" she laughed at me, "So they are letting me out today!"

"Good__ hear that, but do you feel any better?"

"I am over it, I think and you left out the 'to' again? Just like yesterday a few times?"

"Ohh please keep on me or I will never get this language right, but we are off then?"

"What no breakfast in bed for me like yesterday?" she laughs at me.

"I could go get you some, but you might have to stay even longer?" I grin evilly back at her.

"NO, NO! Lets just get going then!" and she grabs my arm, as she quickly goes out the door of her room.

A short time later, all her paperwork is done and we both walk back towards Poe at a slow pace. So she can get to know the campus better. Then I am making my own mental notes along the way too, as I get lost at times!

"You sure you want to got to Poe first___ not__ eat?" I ask her.

"And not go eat,...No I want fresh clothes. Besides you have to let me into the room door the first time. So we can get the door lock set up for me?"

"Ohh? I set mine with a math puzzle, because my prints no work?"

"Your finger prints, you mean don't work? Why is that?"

"Smooth hands and fingers." I say and show her one of my hands.

"Humm I would say strange, but then it is you?" she cracks a smile at seeing my hands.

Shortly we are back at my room and now her room's door too. This is the only door with a large keypad on the whole floor, so it sticks out as mine! My fingers touch a short key set of numbers, then three sets long strings of numbers flash on the small panel. I think for nearly nothing, my fingers fly fast on the keypad with well over one hundred keystrokes and the door pops open to me.

"What was that?" she asked me.

"The math puzzle changes by the nanosecond, three numbers with different ways to combine them. I know the way to combine them and the answer is keyed in?"

"So the plus, negative and the times, or division of the number changes all the time? And you have to remember what one is happening right now, then times all that at least three more times, plus the numbers that are shown on the pad?"

"Yes," I nod back to her.

"You are 'SO' doing my math this semester!"

"No, I will not or you will not learn it?"

'KK' shakes her head to me and gets out a set of instructions for the lock. She hits a button while it's open, does something with her keycard and finger, now the lock is set to her or me.

"Well here___ home now!" I sing and let her in.

"..'Is home', but nice room and who made-up my bed?" she says to me, then bounces on the new bed for fun.

"Ohh I did."

"Then who got the sheets for me, I know I did not have any when I got here?"

"I bought them for you, so you would have the bed ready___ second you got in?"

"Great, thanks and I love the color! I owe you some cash then and how much?" she asks me, as she pulls a wallet from her backpack.

"The sheets were__ under forty dollars?"

"Just under you mean? But here is forty, because you washed them for me too!" she hands me the two twenties and I place them in my dresser drawer for safe keeping, as I don't carry any cash because Becky asked me not too.

"Well let me jump into some fresh clothes and we can go eat?" she asks me.

"Okay, I will give you the room and walk around a bit then?"

After I walked out I could make out that she was looking for what to wear now, so I let 'KK' be and walked out into the main sitting area. For the most part, Poe on this floor was full up and one side being mine. It was all freshmen, the other side of the building was mostly sophomores.

As I rounded the corner into the main room, I heard lots of girls talking it up and laughing at one another, "Molly glad you made it!" one shouted.

"Yep and I brought Lindsay with me!"

As I saw who was talking, I found a small Asian girl hugging a set of brown haired girls near the same age. One had a small dragon on her shoulder that spotted me. But I could tell it was a projection of some sort and not a real one.

Then a small cat leaped onto the couch and stared right at me for a second. Then leapt to the floor and grew to a huge size before me. Not a cat, but a Shadowcat!

It bowed it's huge head to me slowly, "Empress Vantier, why are you here and it is I, Ambassador Rythax."

"Rythax? It___ you, the last time I saw you was during the queens visit__ my home?"

"Yes empress, but what are you doing here? I was trapped in a dimensional bubble during the fall of the world...till Molly freed me."

"I was at home, fighting the dark ones. Till they killed us all and then instead of my being dead with them too, I ended up here and I don't even know why yet?"

"Your people then?" he questioned me, but he knew the sad answer already.

"All gone, but save me." I almost started to cry right there, but I held it all in check for now.

"That is why none came to help us, in our fight here against the dark ones?"

"Yes, none left to help and did any of the others make it?"

"In spirits, Kodiak, his wife and a few others. Then the last part of the Queen Aunghadhail's soul, she passed from us six months ago?" Rythax told me with his head indeed hanging low from even thinking of it.

I was about to say more to him, when I noticed that redheaded teen come up the stairs from the building entrance below us one level and she stared right at me with her mouth wide open in shock.

Just behind her stood Hank, the boy that had warned me not to say anything about Aunghadhail just yesterday. He angrily glared 'daggers right at me, I am sure he was very mad with me.

Standing near 'Nikki' I had just remembered her name was. There were six other students, who looked at me like I had Aunghadhail's very severed head in my hand!

"You know Aunghadhail, you found her for me!" the redhead started to cry to me.

"I knew her yes,__ very long time ago and long before she died. But finding her spirit__ you, sadly no?" I started to look down at the floor and I feed off her growing sadness. And that sadness, pulled me right down with my own into a fast growing pool of blackness.

"But you knew her long ago?" she asked me again.

"Yes, ask Rythax please. He was the ambassador that exchanged between our Empires." I waved a hand a the large cat like being.

Nikki turned to the large cat, as she nearly yelled at him, "Rythax is this true?"

"Yes Nikki, I was ambassador to both Queen Aunghadhail and Empress Vantier here. I traveled between them for several millennia doing my many duties and I am sure she has not found our Aunghadhail or part of her?"

"Empress?" Nikki stared at me next, not understanding the title being used on me.

"Empress of nothing, my people, my world is gone with the winds of time and fires of war." I said flatly.

"Ohh, but you knew Aunghadhail?" she questioned me again, searching for something from me about her lost spirit.

"I knew her fairly well, she was a sworn child of Empress Ember of my world."

"What does that mean?"

"Ember, Swore to her like a adopted child? I think that___ how you put it?"

"So you really knew her then?"

"Aunghadhail, why yes. I first saw her, on the date of her first birthday! Surely you know that is the most important one to the Sidhe, the very first birthday?"

"I have been told that?"

"She was such a cute, beautiful child then. As she became a 'teen' she visited my Empire for just under a decade of time to learn of us. Not much older than you are now, I think?"

Nikki laughed at me then, "You knew Aung as a teen, what was she like?"

"She was a most rambunctious and precocious teen, she got into lots__ trouble during her stay__ my home."

"She what?...She did!" Nikki smiled thinking of the Aunghadhail she knew, so prim and proper doing something like that.

"Aunghadhail was a handful at times, I had to punish her a few times to get her under control."

"You are talking about Aunghadhail? The Aung we all knew did things that got her in trouble!" the small Asian girl asked me.

"Yes, she was__ trouble several times. Even Rythax knows that?" I smile at him and he stares back at me shaking his great head, "Well?" I ask him next, "Tell them?"

"Empress?" he questioned me and my reason for his coming embarrassment.

"Well old friend, tell them please?"

"Ahhhemm, well Queen Aunghadhail thought I was really sweet and added to my sweetness via pouring honey all over me, while I slept one day in the garden's warm sunlight." Rythax smiled to me.

"It was such a sight, to see him getting cleaned up for hours of the mess!" I laughed out.

"Too bad there are no photos of that or a way to share all of that?" Nikki droned out slowly, as even more sadness gripped her yet again.

"Ohh there is a way to do that! Since she is you and she is within you. Nikki here should be able to mentally share her memories and mine with her friends. We just hold hands, all ___us and we concentrate__ then__ rest of you see them as I saw them?"

"I think I got that, sharing memories via touching and you can do that?" she asks me again.

"With those who were close at the time?"

"Ohh I get it, the more personal, the easier it is!"

Once Nikki and I grasp hands, a few others there join in the ring of friends and stand closer. "Now empty your thoughts to us both, Nikki and I please...let them drift?" I ask them all softly.

As the other kids hold hands with us, I feed what I saw in the past as memories into Nikki's mind and used her as a filter. What the group of them started to see in those slowly forming visions of old

Was a large man in smooth black armor, with black wings and carrying a huge Axe Seeing himself, shone by his wavy refection in a wall of the Sidhe castle of a large throne room and he was following behind a short redheaded Elf Queen who smiled back at him.

"I am glad you made it old friend!" said the older elf, dressed in royal robes with a huge very ornate crown resting on her head.

"I would never miss you gaining a addition to your kin Ember." he said, then watched on as she walked to a Mithril gilded crib and the older elf...Ember her was name , she leaned down into it.

To place a gentle hand on the most cute Elvin baby the kids around us had ever seen. The baby smiled up at her and the kids knew instantly this was Aunghadhail as a she was in her first year of life.

"I take you as one of my own kin Aunghadhail, to protect and cherish as mine own blood" the older elf Queen swore to the small bundle of life smiling up at her.

The larger man in black armor, obviously a warrior stepped up next in line and now you could see the baby that was Aung better now. Cute as can be, beautiful enough to take your very breath away. Red hair showing even now, the bright violet eyes and the grin showing her liking of the huge being standing over her crib now.

"Aunghadhail, my protection be to you and I gift to you the learning of languages, Magic of the Fae and dragons kind. Then best of all, a safe place to call home." he swore down to the child.

The next series of visions showed a very teen Aunghadhail visiting a huge silver palace, so tall it passed the clouds in it's height and winged beings flew all over it's huge area that must have covered dozens of miles!

They showed a very, very mischievous teen girl acting out her growing humor on the others living in the palace. Her own kind, that must have been traveling mates or her fellow sisters? Each fell in turn to her tricks, or jests. Then others like Rythax and the ones who lived in the palace, they fell to other jokes she pulled. But once, more than once, she pranked someone who does not take well to jests in public and paid a price for them via very simple chores that only servants usually do! dishes or clothes!

Seeing Aunghadhail so teen like, not prim and proper, demanding of high standards or regal! Brought many to smile at her antics as a teenager...So the royal Queen was a person after all! Just like them at one time and she was a funny one indeed.

Those visions also showed that same huge man, giving lessons to Aunghadhail in languages and magic. Magic so powerful, that she was practicing with him on leveling mountains the size of Everest as a test of them. After each mountain fell to dust via her magic spell, he waved his hand and it rose anew to be used again.

As the images faded in their shared mind, the kids laughed at them and blinked their eyes back open to the real world.

"That man was you?" Nikki was the first to ask.

"In a old long dead life, I started anew here and have much to learn?" I said to her.

"Can you do what I saw in that vision too?" She asked and just had to know!"

"Not anymore, I was reborn and lost most__ that power along with it. Most of what I have now is knowledge."

"Gee seeing Aung like that was so fun!" the small Asian girl laughed at me.

"Yaaaa she was a kid just like us, so what made her so...?" Hank asked me.

"Proper or mean in your eyes?" I asked.

"Ya that is what I was after."

"A long life of ruling others is hard and being at war during it harder. It changes you, if you do not watch it. Aunghadhail___ not have one thing I had that kept me stable."

"What is that!" Nikki asked.

"Children__ your own...she had none."

Nikki stood there, now understanding her spirit a little better and why Rohanna said Aung was harsh at times. Aung never had something to look forward too in life.

I got down to my knees, looked at Rythax in the eyes close and leaned to meet his huge head with mine. "Come to my room old friend, some night that Molly does not need you___ we will talk more?"

"We will talk soon my empress."

"Just Kyley for now friend."

"Yes Kyley." he purred back to me, as 'KK' entered the open room with a chirp "You ready girl?" she asked me, then stopped suddenly in her tacks at seeing the huge Rythax.

"What is that thing?" she gasped at all of us.

"This is Rythax a very old friend of mine, come talk Hi to him?"

"It's say hi...but okay?" she said timidly.

"Hello friend of Kyley and you are?" Rythax asked her.

"..'KK' or Kumiko Kaneda."

"Well 'KK' I will see you soon enough when I get time to visit her?"

"Ahhh yess?" 'KK' stalls a bit thinking of having a huge cat in her room the size of at least three lions. But she is calmed down immensely when Rythax shrinks down to the size of a house cat and curls up on Molly's lap again.

"Ahh 'KK' time to go eat?" I ask her as she stares at Rythax now curled up and seeming to sleep.

"Yep!" 'KK' says back to me, as I regain her attention once more.

A short time later, both of us are standing just outside of Crystal hall and 'KK' is stretching out a bit as she asks me, "Well what are your plans for the day, my class consular dropped off my class list yesterday and I have nothing set for today?"

"Well, I have__ go__ the library to see Miss Henderson about getting access down to the lower levels to work in and then maybe go to security__ an ID I think?"

"That should be 'have to go to' then 'security to get an'...But your day sounds real boring to me?"

"Well it must__ done?"

"Be done..." she laughs at me, "Maybe I should go with you to translate for the natives!" she laughs again.

"Yes,__ if you want?" I correct myself mid sentence.

"Better, getting better!" she nods to me.


Saturday September 1, 10:40 am
Beck Library

Just outside the library both of us stood and I looked around to be sure this was the right building. "Well I have to go in, but you can come with or have___ fun?"

"You mean have other fun? Nawww I will see what you're up too! I am bored anyway?"

As I walked in the library an older woman in a long black dress, standing behind the main desk glared at me over her glasses and whispered at me, "What can I do for you two young ladies?"

"Miss Henderson?" I questioned her.

"Yes that is me, I run this library and what can I do for you again?"

"I am here to work,___ sent by Homestake and ARC for the Class 'X' section reorganization?"

"That Kyley should be...'I was sent by'.." 'KK' corrected me with a giggle.

"Ahhhumm Miss?"

"KK..." she says, then she gets glared at by the older woman and corrects it quickly to, "Kumiko Kaneda?".

"I was told that you were coming this week Miss Barron, glad you finally showed up before Monday?" she glared at me again.

"I had some things to get set first, Miss. Henderson."

"Well let me call Miss. Everhart over and we can get on down to sub-level ten. Then get you added into the security locks for that section of the library."

"I was told that I was to work in sub-level fifteen first and work down from there?"

"There are no levels below ten?" she added to me more than surprised at what I just said to her.

"Humm, I will have to call Homestake or ARC about that?"

As we waited for this other person to show up, 'KK' asked about something bothering her, "Miss. Henderson, there are ten levels below us here?"

"Yes beside the library being several stories tall, we have several sub-levels for the more valuable books and works. Then the farther you go down in them, the more dangerous our collection is. Most students after year one, only see sub-three to maybe five and the lower levels below that need pre-authorization to get access into. Six and below contain the most dangerous books and works we have, most can kill on sight and reading any will make a normal person go mad in a few hours or days at best?" she lectured 'KK'

"So Kyley is working down there?" she gulped a little and glanced my way more than a little worried for me.

"That is what I am told she is doing, they say she can handle it and even I don't go that far down past the entrance doors myself. Even though I run this library, there are places even I can not enter?"

Shortly a blond girl walked into the library, she was wearing a security uniform and it was one that showed she was a leader of that department too? Very strange for someone so young looking, then I studied her and found out why. She was nearly one hundred percent machine and some kind of high tech one at that!

"Came over here as fast as I could Marion" the new girl said, as I waved to 'KK' to get comfortable, as this task might take awhile.

"Okay Sam, this is Miss Baron and she is the one we were told about. You have the other half to the key with you?"

"Yep I do, never let the thing out of my sight or my locked safe!" she says, then holds up a leather shoulder bag for us to see, "It's in here."

"Well lets get this over with then," Miss Henderson almost glares my way.

"I am ready and I have my third key ready too!"

"Third key, there is no third key in the lock down there?" she questions me.

"They gave me one back at Homestake and I brought it with me to secure the new locks with, the new one I designed?" I questioned her.

"Marion, I have to tell you this. There are three parts to the key down there now and there always have been three. The third unlocks the lower section below sub-level ten, going down to who knows how low and even I don't know that answer?" Everheart then looks at me for the answer to her hanging question.

"Don't ask me, I was told not to say after I read the files on this building and then had to burn it in front of someone from some 'UN' paranormal department? That strangely I never got the name of?" I shook my head to both and what I was sure a coming question.

"Off we go then?" Sam the guard grins at both of us.

A long walk to the center of the building, winding though all the shelves of books in different 'stacks'...over three floors of them that I can see. We all get to a high security elevator and Henderson puts in a ID card and a small engraved bass key from her necklace.

After she places the key back around her neck, she notices me looking at it too long not to say something, "Magic engravings on it, just for me."

"Yes and Sidhe magic too by the looks and very old?"

"I was given it by the last librarian, when I started here."


"Yes, why?"

"The engraving is magic and Sidhe, she was an elf for sure."

"And how do you know?" she asks somewhat upset at me and places both hands on her hips angrily after taking her place in the newly arrived elevator.

"I learned lots of magic from them and please don't ask me when or from who?"

Miss Henderson stares at me for most of the slow trip down, then steps back from me very suddenly when she finally feels something, "You are a Mythos creature!"

"Yes why, did not anyone tell you I was one?" I asked her, as I was going to work here and Homestake not telling the person could be called my boss, was a bad idea at best!

"Marion, they told me and she is cleared for this place or we both would not be here."

"So you are GOO?"

"Never GOO...the dark ones kill...I do not!" I insist to her.

"Good to hear then." she says back and remains quiet from there on.

After we drop down to level five, we have to walk down a long hallway though a well magically warded and shield section of books to yet another elevator. Where Henderson pulls out yet another key she kept on her neck 'very tightly'...she looks at Sam for something.

Sam opens her bag and pulls out a box with a very similar key inside it. Then Henderson slides her key into a slot at the elevator and Sam slides her key in next to it.

The door opens instantly and we go down yet again, "This is the lowest I have ever been in here?" Everheart states.

"I only bring others to this level myself, I am not allowed past the elevator doors." Henderson adds in next.

As the elevator doors open, Miss Henderson steps back from them suddenly, "This is as far as I go without major protection."

"Well Marion, I have too and I need your key too?" Everheart asks her and extends her hand for it.


"To open the next door?"

"Ohh this is when I have to give you my key too!" I sing and pull out my key wrapped in rune covered silk from my bag. Then hand it to Everheart.

She takes mine, then her's and finally Henderson's key. Then works them together like a puzzle into a whole new key.

"I am told that we have one hour, then that is useless and we have to wait a month to get a new one." I tell Everheart.

"That was in my notes also and we get only one shot at using it in the next lock." she adds to what I know.

I walk out the elevator and past the warding strip at the elevator's doors like it's nothing to me. Everheart pauses, pulls out a small silk bag and tears open it's sealed flap. Pulls out a magic charm necklace, then places it around her neck before slowly walking my way.

"What was that?" I ask.

"Magic ward contained in a necklace, I maybe mostly machine now. But I still need this to go in there with you?" she gulps a little to me.

I had to laugh at her right now, "If something in this room wants to attack's me it will want first, then you. While that happens, you can very safely runaway while it tries to eat me and while I 'try' to explain to it, why eating me is not a good idea?" I keep laughing at her.

"Thanks, that makes me feel SO much better!" Everheart chuckles a little at me, more gallows humor than anything.

After yet one more long walk and Everheart not daring to venture off of the very heavily warded path going down the center of the huge room. We get to yet one more elevator and I spot my newly designed lock pad!

"Great they put it in already!" I sing and pull a large gem stone from my bag.

"So that is why Stan and Morrie from the maintenance crew have been jittery all week! They have been down here installing this thing for you?"

"Yep a very custom lock, it is keyed by this gems internal facets and my light power."

"Your light power?" she questions me.

"Well lets open the schools lock first and I can show you then?"

Everheart nods to me, then places the key into the lock slowly and one small twist later. The main locks falls open and the elevator door opens. I lean into the elevator...key the new lock panels power 'on' like I was told to and now it's ready.

"All done on my part, take the key out please?" I ask her.

Everheart takes the key out, takes it apart and snaps the third key in half. She drops it to the floor, where it vanishes to less than dust within a second.

I hit the lock button and the elevator closes up, "Let's see if this works or we have to wait a month?" I say and key the lock to reset.

Once the lock resets and lights up 'green' again. I place my gem into a slot that 'just' fits it and press it in a little. That small 'press' on the gem, keys the lock and a series of symbols flashes on the screen...five in all. I spin the gem five different ways and press it five times after each stop in a new place. Now a finger full of my 'light' power is sent thought the gem and the door unlocks again.

"GREAT, it works!" I celebrate!

"What was all that for?" Everheart questions me.

"Ohh this lock has three levels of safety in it. One is the gem itself, one is the light power that uses the facets and the last is a math problem that flashes on the screen, eight hundred plus symbols entered in random sequence to a math puzzle in no less than three parts, to as many as ten parts."

"Ohh heck with that, I knew the last Mythos that was attending here and you bunch always seem to amaze me."

"You knew Sara?" I had to ask.

"So you know her too?"

"She met me and figured out how to talk to me. She was the first from here to do so and she introduced me to girl! In a way?"

"Well lets be get out of here, this place gives me the creeps...bad!"

As we walk out of the section and back to the elevator. I spot a shelf that is marked 'math of the Mythos' A rather simple term, but maybe the only one any human could figure out before going mad?

"Miss Everheart? I am stopping to go examine that self, you can wait if you want to? Or keep going?"

"I'll wait." she says back to me and I feel that it's her pride talking by a little taste of fear leaking off her.

"Okay then, that is your choice?" and I step off the warded pathway and over the vast shelves of books. After a short time of searching over the shelf, I find a few that interest me and place them into my bag for later!

When I walk back to her, she asks me something and sounds very confused by even asking? "Did that last book you placed in you bag...hiss in anger at you?"

"Yep, it did. That book is a little mad at me, it does not like being read too much?"

"Ohh bother, smart books!" she groans to me and she walks back to the waiting elevator. But before she steps in, she turns back to me, "Can you take that book out of here?"

"What!..." she nearly shouts out, "take a book from the collection, that is not safe at all!" Henderson warns me.

"It is just fine, my book bag is fully warded and I can control any book in here completely. I am sure they put that in my permit to enter here?"

Everheart shakes her head, "Yes they did, but that book better not hurt another student? Or I will burn that thing!" She warns me.

"I have it fully under my control ma'am."

After all three of us arrive back on the first level, Miss Henderson seems a little put-back about me being a Mythos and leaves us in a hurry once she regains her key from Everheart.

"Well Miss Barron, if you could please come over with me or come real soon to the Security department. We have to make some changes to your ID so you can access the library at any hours that you need to?"

"I will be there shortly to meet you, after I tell 'KK' what's up?"

"See you then?" and she is gone.

Out in the library proper it takes sometime for me to find 'KK' who is looking over the magazine racks for something to read, "Hey 'KK' I have__ go over to security, did you want to come? Or go eat at crystal and I will catch up with you there?"

"I will walk with you part way to Crystal, then meet back with you later on there? And that should have been...have 'to' go...Kyley? But you are getting better!" she praised me.


Saturday September 1, 12:20 pm
Near Kane hall

I waved back to 'KK' as I walked off toward the security building, Once I entered it's doors and showed the man at the main desk my ID badge. He lead me down one floor level to a computer station to read over the new limits and grants of authorization to enter the library unescorted.

The next part, he told me. Was to confirm it all and be issued a new ID tag that had the correct 'chip's' imbedded into it to let me pass the locked doors of Beck Library.


Quickdraw or Edward Rutherford is taken with restraints on both his hands and feet, since he is a speedster. He is then placed into a cell at the end of the small cell block of Whateley security. The reason why Ed was brought here today, was to have more testimony done for his appeals on his charge of murder.

Once he is confined inside the cell, the two guards take off his restraints, while four others including Sam Everheart watch on. Once they done freeing him, they close the door and leave him alone.


Just outside the cell block, I am being shown where to go over for my new ID's for the library that I will soon work in and to be sure they are all correct to work with the newly installed systems. The desk sergeant shows me to the workstation and starts up the system for me.

Back in the cell block, Ed can see that the information he bought was correct and the bribes he made to the ones in the security department that could be bought. Had done their job and Vantier the new 'GOO' kid of the school was brought in at the same time he was in his cell. Then they left the door to the cell block open, with him and her alone.

Ed starts to whisper to the "GOO' kid to get her to come over to him...he really needs to do in his mind, he truly believes its his only option for survival. "Hey Vantier come over here I have something to ask you?" as he does this, he readies a small hidden razor blade concealed in the palm of his hand.

As I work on the ID system getting updated. I hear a voice calling me from the cell block, it's asking, almost pleading me to come over to them. After hearing that voice for several minutes...and it grows in its insistence.

I finally give in to it and get up to see who is bugging me. So I walk into the cell block and down its long hallway to its end. At the end, I find a boy is standing there in the last cell, with his face right up against the bars and he is just staring at me. But what most grabs me most about him, is that he is just dripping with FEAR...and very deep fear of me strangely?

"So who are you and what do you want?" I ask the frightened kid in my softer voice.

"Are you Vantier....Kyley Barron?" he asks me.

"Yes___ would be me? But why___ you ask?" I say back to him, while I study him even closer now, as he has more than peaked my growing interest. He knows my name, yet I have never met him?

I watch on closely as he steps back a little from the bars, then pulls out a very small razor he must have taken off a shaving razor. Then he cuts his hand quickly, with the sharp small blade across the palm of his hand.

His slightly quaking voice echoes out in the small cell block, "I make this sacrifice of my blood to you, of my own freewill..."

I hurl myself at the bars and yell at him as loud as I can, "STOP! NO DON'T....YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!" I can feel the binding of him to me...happening as he speaks in that shaking voice of his.

As I struggle at the bars, desperately trying to reach him and stop him from doing this...he keeps on going, his words pulling us closer together, "I pledge all of myself to you Vantier...mind, body and soul!...Forever!" then he flings, 'just' a little of his blood at me and it splatters on the a few drops hit my arm and they get sucked quickly into my skin.

As he says the last word and flings that blood at me, that binding is done and we are 'locked' together...he is 'bound' to me. I sag against the bars in defeat, "You have no idea what you have done!" is all I can say to him right now.

As I turn from looking at him, as I can't bear looking at him anymore! I see that Everheart the officer in-charge of the security department is standing there, with two men along side her "What was that?" she demands of me.

"That?" I say, as I turn back and point at the boy "That was him making a big mistake and making...ohh so much trouble for me!"

"Was that a pledge of his very soul to you?" she asks me, while the other two guards just stand there in some shock at watching what just happened.

"Yes...." is all I can say, as I shrug back to her in defeat.

"Your not a GOO, you said so back in the Library?....Are you?"

"No...but in a simple way to explain it...yes I am?"

"Why did he?...what is this?" she asks me more than confused at his actions.

"Heck if I know?" I admit to her, "But I know a way to find out!" and I spin quickly back to the boy and ask him...."So why did you do that?" I question him slowly.

He just shakes his head to me and all I feel is a whole bunch of fear leaking off him.

"Ohhh my boy..." I hiss now at him, "you really don't have a choice now!...SO TELL ME!" I finally yell at him, as my anger with him grows to new levels.

"I...I don't know?" is all he stutters to me deep in his very sudden and newly growing fear of me.

"FINE THEN!...Lets do this the easy way for me,__ not so easy for you!"

I then extend my arm toward the kid, make a grab at the air with my hand and ball up a fist. Suddenly he goes stiff, floats off the floor at my will and a dark smokey tendrils float off me over to him. I then tap his into mind and all he is, ever was or will be, it flows into me.

Everheart screams at me from her end of the cell block, "STOP THAT!"

I do as she asks instantly...since I am now done with him and know all he does...from his rather short life. I sigh out to all "Well now I know...." I then fling him with a flex of my extended arm into his far cell wall, to bounce off and fall onto his bunk with a thud. As I am more than angry at him for what he has done to get here!

He murdered an innocent girl in a most vial manner....then add to that crime of taking a life, he helped to trap Sara in a summoning circle...that caused a whole lot of pain to Becky. That act may have shoved her to me....but it still caused one of mine, a love of mine...pain! Then lastly, he nearly killed one more student here, then helped to cause her pain and anguish for his crimes!

"Was that really necessary?" Everheart asks me, with a more than harsh gaze of her eyes.

" now I have an idea of what he has done to get here!"

Everheart waves her hand at me in a very angry gesture, "Get in here and explain this to me!" she orders me in a very short tempered voice

"Fine" I sigh out at her command and move to the open cell block door.

At her guiding hand, I go into her office and she offers me, a rather nice chair there. That I fall into it with a plop, that says I am very angry all over it. Then lean down and put my face in my hands and run my fingers into my hair, as I sit and think.

This running fingers through my hair seems to be a habit of mine of late and here it is again!

Everheart closes her door and goes to sit at her desk as she starts to question me "So tell me what all that was about?"

I sit there thinking over, what the kid or Ed had in his mind and go over the issue. Then quickly get to the 'meat' of it all and leave the rest of his thoughts to go over later. Everheart finally gets inpatient at me and I feel it flowing from her.

"Well?" she finally asks me, as waves of that growing impatience wash over me.

My hands are still rubbing through my hair as I think on what to do...this darn child has put me on the spot! This might not end well for him?

"Well" I sigh out "he thought that giving himself over to me, would save him from an eternity of pain at the hands of Sara or her father Gothmog or Thunderbird?"

"Ohhh ya I almost forgot!....That he angered some hard hitting players here last year."

"Yes he did__ and you even suggested that might happen to Rohanna, when she had him by the throat! Now he has brought me into this mess___ his with this pledge of him to me." I spit out in my growing anger at him.

"Let me guess that is bad...very bad?"

"Yes__ I don't barter for souls like some of them might do? And then add, I am bound in ways to protect him. As its my way in life. BUT since his crimes are so.....DAMNED vial and heinous! I can punish him myself or let one of the others have his crime is just tooo....evil?"

"Hummm" she sighs back at me, trying to understand my plight, "I have no ideas for some of you kids? You all play in a league beyond me and my understanding."

"I know.....I know" I sigh yet again "But Miss. Everheart? Can I go and talk to him?"

"I don't know if that's a good idea just now?"

"I promise...for at least. Not to harm him....permanently that is!" I snarl at the thoughts of what he did, via my now clenched teeth.

"Ohhkay I can see your really mad at him! As I am reviewing your notes on your admission to being schooled here and it says anger very slowly and are very level headed."

Ohhh yes, I am mad at have no idea! The game he is playing is way beyond him. So can I or if you say no? I will still talk with him anyway? As he is very much MINE now and I can 'talk' to him via our new link? If you understand me?"

"Yes I understand I might as well let it happen now and not later?"

I nod to her, "Thanks, this makes it easier on him."

She gets up from her desk and leads me back to his cell. Once in the block, she nods to me and closes the main door, so we can have a private talk.

"Well Edward?" I whisper out, as I stalk slowly down the long hall toward his cell "You have been a very bad boy....I can see that in your mind!"

I hear and feel him spring up from his bunk to jump across his cell and stand as far from the bars as he can. My slow walk ends at his cell bars and I stare at him "So you thought that bringing me into this, would save you?"

All he can do is nod to me, as he shakes in fear.

"SPEAK DAMN IT! I want to hear this from you!" I growl at him.

I can see him fight it a little...then he squeaks out, "Yesssss" and a look of pure shock now covers his face, at the fact he even spoke and he had no desire too!

"Yep that's right....humannnn" I hiss at him, "I ordered you and you did what I said! That is what you asked for, as you have given all of yourself to me! ALL OF YOU.....FOREVER!" I should laugh like a manic....but all I can do is giggle at him and that seems to unhinge him even more!.

"Ohhh shit!" is all he says to me form his growing fear and realization that he might have made an even bigger mistake just now.

" come here."

All he does is stand there....and that makes me even madder at him. 'does this kid even know who or what he is dealing with?' I think to myself.

~"Take it easy on the child Kyley..."~ Night tells me.

~"No he asked for this....this can become a real threat to us all. This little spat he started can get all of us killed...even Becky!"~

I now feel Night is mad too, as she now realizes I am right. This small act can flow into a giant mess for all of us!

"I said, come over here and face me?" I order him yet again.

He slowly shakes his head at me.

"All right! We can do this one of three ways? One you walk over here...on your own choice. AND that choice, you have not done! OR two...this!" I mentally link with him and MAKE him walk forward. He tries hard to fight each small step...but I crush that...ohh so small, feeble will of his and keep him going along towards me. At the half way mark I stop him.

"Then lastly number three!" I wave my arm, he floats off the ground and flies at the bars and hits them rather hard.

With his face buried deeply in the bars and Ed staring at me. I hiss at him only an inch from his face "See its far better to listen to me and OBEY ME!" I then let him drop to the floor with a thud.

He quickly gets up to face me, all I do is stare at him...unblinking all the time to show him JUST how inhuman I really am. As I look him over, my head tilts a little forward at him and give him a harsh stare just under my eye brow "Well what was your little plan?"

"I hoped.....I hoped that you could save me?" he stutters out.

"Really and why would I just not give you to one of them, who seeks your end or punishment as Or as future bargaining chip?" I ask him.

"I thought you were a good GOO? One that helped others?"

"I do...but you're a criminal. You killed a innocent girl and hurt others nearly as bad, as death would!"

"But he made me do it!"

"BULLSHIT!" I scream at him and my right hand balls up in a fist! Then he suddenly floats up from the floor, then gasps for air and I can hear his bones crushing, creaking from the sudden crushing pressure that I am placing on him.

~"Kyley CALM down. He is only a made mistakes too at this age...not this bad? But still, mistakes?"~ Night reasoned to me within my head.

At her urging, I let him go and he falls to the floor with a thud. Ed tries to stand up, but is rather shaky with pain and he is gasping for air, after I crushed it out of his lungs. I lean over to him and send some of my healing energy into help him out.

"That should help you out" I say as I do it, "But don't lie to me, ever again! I now know EVERYTHING you ever did....said or thought of....during your rather short life! So you can't hide a single thought from me ever again!"

"You know everything?" and now I can feel the waves of embarrassment flow off him.

"Yes everything...I know what...ahhunmmm books you like...Who or what 'gets you off sexually?' Or that you were thinking of how to have sex with me, when I walked up to your cell just now?"

The look of shock on him is just priceless!

After a few minutes of him dealing with that...he mumbles out slowly to me, "I am sorry...but can you help me?" he begs me, as he shakes in fear of what he just he now knows, he made a real mistake in doing this binding with me.

"Edward?...I really don't know? I am a rather new player on this field and YOU have angered some rather nasty beings. I have to go over the mess you have made and see, I may or may not help you? But in any case...your butt is mine and I can...literally sell you to the highest bidder If I want!...But I am leaving for now."

Edward's head hangs down to the floor in combined shame and defeat as I start to walk away. "I hoped you could help? But it sounds like I am....done?"

" just might be...done?" is all I say to him over my shoulder, as I go out the cell block and close the door slowly behind me.

As I leave the cell block, Everheart waves for me to come into her office again. I sit down in her guest chair at her invite and she slides a soda over to me.

"So...What are you going to do?" she asks me, as she takes a few sips of a soda of her own.

I shake my head slowly to her "I have no idea__ yet. This kid has made too many angry at him___ ones that don't forget!"

"Ohh I bet he has! Sara will want him dead or worse."

"Sara I am not really worried about for that summoning circle part. As in our lifespans, that act he helped in trapping like you being interrupted, on a walk to the store by someone asking for directions."

Sam ponders that way of thinking, that being trapped in a "thing" for a few decades is nothing to this kid in front of her or Sara.

"But his killing Heyoka? That act was bad...really bad, as Sara more than liked her and Thunderbird was in her as an avatar. Then add he tried to kill Kayda, then tried to frame her for the crime. That act angered far more....Then lets not even add the Drow equation to this!" I sigh slowly as I ponder that question and then take some small sips of that soda.





Shadowsblade here.

This is my newest story in a joint venture with a group of fan fic authors, so far this group is made up of Nuuan, then Branek and finally myself. We all got together and after a jumpy start decided to make a group of stories that all take place within the Whateley fanfic universe. This one here is my second one and hopefully its a good one.

But remember all. I am not leaving Shadowsblade behind! I will start writing her soon!

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Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with deamons within and the

Vantier a Whateley Tale :Written by Shadowsblade
Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to
find her place in it.

You might ask yourself what is the Whateley Universe? To make it short,
here is a abstract straight out off the wiki.

Whateley is a Prep School for different teens. VERY different ones. Where else could a kid go to a school that has a resident demon living in the furnace? Or meet magic users, mutants of every imaginable kind, get trained in how to handle some rather odd abilities, and worry about
flunking Freshman English? Come visit Whateley Academy, nestled in the
lovely hills of New Hampshire. Just down the road from a town named
Dunwich... (Mythos jokes purely intentional).
This is the Whateley Academy Universe, a shared universe with over a dozen authors and more than a hundred stories (and counting). The stories range in size from vignettes to novels. It's a Mutant High scenario with both a strong transgender theme and a slightly watered down Cthulhu Mythos theme.

It's also very much a work in progress.'
If you want further information you will find them on.


But I have to thank, Both Branek and Nuuan for their vast input and the ability they both have to 'bounce' off ideas and improve them!

To all my readers who have e-mailed me and given support--THANKS!

Please feel free, to add a review to this story and others. As those kind words are 'cookies' that keeps that muse well fed on the 'sometimes' long breaks between stories!

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