You're My Bitch Now part 2

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You’re My Bitch Now

Part Two

Rick dragged himself off to his room and sat on the floor with his back against the bed and his arms wrapped around his knees. He felt so confused he almost couldn't function properly. He knew that one part of him wanted to go, and another was terrified about what might happen. He was frightened by the strength of his own feelings, and the fear of embarrassment, or even worse, humiliation, was never far away from him. He looked at his watch, 25 minutes had passed and he needed to make a decision.

Desire overcame fear, as it always does, and Rick felt his pulse racing as he stood up. Chris had said something about wearing something comfortable. What did that mean? Rick looked around desperately before grabbing his sleep shorts and a t-shirt. He changed as fast as he could, nearly falling over in his haste. He took a deep breath and opened his bedroom door and walked over to Chris's room. He knocked softly on the door, half hoping Chris wouldn't hear him. The door opened and Rick sucked in his breath as Chris stood there wearing only a babydoll nightie and a pair of panties. A shoulder-length blonde wig framed his perfectly made-up face; dark eyeshadow, mascara on his eyelashes, blusher, and pink lipstick. Rick thought he looked beautiful.

‘Hello Rikkie baby,’ said Chris, with a lightness in his voice which made him sound distinctly feminine. ‘Don't stand there gawping, come in.’ Chris leant forward and kissed Rick on the cheek, making him blush like a red traffic light. He took Rikkie's hand and pulled him inside the room.

‘You're shaking, Rikkie. Don't be nervous, I promise you nothing bad is going to happen. You might even enjoy it.’ He giggled as he said this, making him sound even more like a girl to Rick.

‘Sit over there on the chair where you can see everything.’ Chris pointed to a chair and Rick sat down, still dazed by what was going on.

‘A few rules first Rikkie, the emergency doors are here, here and here.’ Chris acted out the gestures a stewardess would make for the safety briefing on a plane. That is, Rick thought, if they all wore tiny babydoll nighties which kept riding up to show their panties. He laughed and Chris said, ‘That's better. Now, in here my name is Kittie. Oh, but you know that already, don't you?’ He grinned and blew a kiss at Rick, who went red again. ‘You can watch, but no noise, my clients want to think I am here just for them.’ Kittie smiled and added, ‘You can do what you want as well, but don't make a sound doing it.’ He winked at Rick, who was squirming in his seat.

Rick looked around and it was a pretty simple setup. Facing Chris's bed was a table with a laptop and a web camera. There were a couple of floor lamps to give some lighting and that was it. Chris would be able to watch himself on the laptop from his bed and to see the messages coming in from the clients. Rick was positioned behind and to one side of the camera, so he was looking at a scene familiar to him from his laptop screen, but this time he was in the same room and it would all be live. Chris lay on the bed and he winked at Rick as his show went live.

Rick tried to sit as still as he could as Chris began to interact with the clients who were messaging him with their requests. Rick had seen Chris and many other models on webcams but he was transfixed by what was happening a few feet away from him. The screen was a barrier, making everything distant and impersonal. This was happening up close and personal, in front of his eyes, and within touching distance. Chris was teasing the clients, trying to get them to buy more tokens before he would agree to their requests. He took his time taking off his nightdress, giving them a show that would encourage them to spend more. He left his panties for a while before they too were removed and tossed away.

Chris could see Rick sitting in the chair just to the side of the screen and he found it exciting to have someone to perform for. The clients on the other side of the screen were anonymous, and he had to imagine what they looked like. With Rick in the room. It was more direct, more alive, and he found it turned him on so much to have him there watching him. Chris had always known himself to be an exhibitionist, and the webcam gave him the opportunity to indulge himself as much as he wanted.

Rick had to stifle a little moan as Chris's cock popped into view, already half erect and standing out from his groin. Rick's own cock was now getting hard, and he had to rearrange himself on the chair more than once as Chris began to play with his cock on the bed. Rick's pulse began to race as Chris stroked his cock harder and harder, taking himself to the edge and then pulling back to get the clients to spend more to see him cum. Chris was now laying back on the bed, his cock straight up in the air and his fingers were stroking it faster and faster. Rick moaned out loud at the sight, and his hands were rubbing his own cock which was now rock hard inside his shorts. Chris suddenly arched his back, groaned and his cock twitched two or three times, spurting cum in long strings to pool on his belly. He looked over directly at Rick, put his finger into one of the pools, and with a wink at the camera he put his finger into his mouth and sucked the cum from it.

Chris closed down the show and lay on the bed for a moment, getting his breath back and giving himself a moment to recover his thoughts. He sat up and saw Rick watching him, his eyes giving away the desire he felt inside. Chris had seen Rick rubbing himself through his shorts during the show and was surprised he hadn't taken his cock out. Chris smiled to himself, swung his legs over the bed, found his panties and pulled them on. He walked over to Rick who was watching him with something approaching panic on his face. He stood in front of Rick, bent over and whispered to him, ‘Have you ever had a lap dance, Rikkie?’ Rick shook his head, his eyes wide with fear and desire. Chris smiled wickedly and said. ‘You can look but don't touch.’

Rick could hardly breathe as Chris began his lap dance in front of him. He so badly wanted to reach out and touch Chris's lithe body as he gyrated and danced in front of him, but somehow, he kept his hands still. Rick had to shut his eyes at times as Chris thrust his bum and then his groin so close to his face that he thought Chris could feel his breath on his skin. Rick's mind was reeling; to be so close to Chris dressed like this, doing these things to him, and for him to feel like this, did it mean he was gay? Rick moaned when Chris skimmed his cock with his bum, making him wriggle in his chair.

Chris knew the effect he was having on Rick. He could see on his face and in the tension in his body that Rick was fixated on him. He pushed his chest close to Rick's face and pushed his small breasts up with his hands, making the nipples stand out. He could see the effort that Rick was making not to touch him, even though he so desperately wanted to. Chris straddled Rick and sat on his lap, feeling his hard cock pushing up through his shorts. Putting his arms around Rick's neck, Chris moved his bum around as Rick moaned and squirmed in the chair. Finally, when he thought Rick could take no more, Chris stood in front of Rick and whispered in his ear, ‘You can touch now, if you want, Rikkie.’

Rick heard the words but didn't know if he dare touch Chris. He so wanted to feel Chris's smooth skin under his fingertips, and to slide his hands over the body that was just a few inches away, but he was so nervous he couldn't make himself move. Rick twitched, and with trembling fingers he reached out to caress Chris. They both jumped as Rick's fingers finally brushed the skin, and Chris giggled as Rick stroked up and down his tummy. The first touch of his fingers on Chris almost sent Rick into orbit. The skin felt so soft and warm to his touch and Rick knew he wanted to touch Chris everywhere, to rub his hands over every inch of the beautiful body that was on display for him. Rick's inhibitions were melting away in the heat from the fire which Chris had lit within him. Chris bent forward so that Rick's fingers brushed his nipples, and Chris moaned as he felt a jolt run through him. Chris moved forward to press a nipple against Rick's lips, which opened and sucked it inside his mouth, like a baby would suckle a mother's breast.

Rick almost passed out when Chris pushed his nipple against his lips, and all he could do was close his eyes and suck the hard nub. He heard Chris draw in his breath as he lapped and licked the nipple, then he moved on to the other nipple, gathering confidence in what he was doing. Chris stood up again and moved forwards, pushing his cock close to Rick's face. Rick could clearly see the outline of the cock through the thin material and he wondered if he could ever bring himself to touch it. Unsure of what to do next he looked up at Chris who said, ‘Take my panties down.’

It wasn't so much an invitation as an order from Chris, one which Rick was now powerless to resist. With shaking fingers, his newfound confidence banished by Chris's order, Rick hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the panties and he began to ease them down. Rick paused and his eyes flicked up to Chris to make sure he was doing the right thing, and a nod from Chris was all he needed. Dropping his eyes back to the panties just in front of his nose, he slid them further down Chris's thighs and slowly began to reveal the cock beneath. Rick stopped breathing as the head poked above the waistband to be followed by the length of the shaft. As he pulled the panties right down, Chris's cock flicked out hard and straight, making Rick pull back his head in surprise.

Of course, he had seen it before, but only on his laptop screen, and that was no preparation to see it so close. He felt dizzy and shivered with excitement as it glistened and pulsed in front of him. He couldn't help licking his lips, which brought a giggle from Chris, who was pretty sure that Rick would do whatever he was told right now. Chris didn't want to frighten him off by rushing things, so he decided to wait a little longer before getting Rick to go much further on the journey he was planning.

Chris pulled Rick's t-shirt over his head and then dropped to his knees. He saw the look of astonishment on Rick's face as he tugged down the loose shorts he was wearing until Rick's cock sprang free. Chris was surprised to see how small It was, but it was very hard and the pre-cum shone on the head. Chris didn't mind about the size; he had never been a cock snob and anyway, nice things came in small packages. Bending forward he kissed the tip, making Rick twitch as he felt Chris's lips brush lightly against the head. His cock had been almost painfully hard ever since the show, and Rick already felt close to the edge.

Chris licked and kissed the head and Rick closed his eyes and his head went back from what he was feeling. No-one had ever touched his cock before, let along kissed it. Rick was in a state of euphoria as Chris licked along the length of his cock and flicked the underside with his tongue and he almost levitated off the chair as Chris enveloped Rick's cock in his warm, wet and eager mouth.

Chris could easily take the whole cock into his mouth until his nose touched Rick's groin. He began to bob his head up and down, drawing moans from Rick. Circling his tongue around the head, Chris squeezed first one and then the other small testicle, making Rick writhe on the chair. Chris felt Rick tense as his climax was close, and just as he took the cock back into his mouth, Rick groaned and gasped, ‘I'm cumming.’

Chris held Rick in his mouth, but he wasn't prepared for the amount of cum that erupted into his mouth. He could not believe such a small set of balls could produce so much and he swallowed what he could, but there was too much. He spluttered and gagged and some of it splashed out onto his face. Chris slipped Rick's cock out of his mouth, quickly sat on Rick's lap once more, pulled him into a kiss and pushed the cum into Rick's mouth.

When Chris had taken Rick's cock into his mouth, Rick looked down and shook his head as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He closed his eyes and then opened them to check if this was all a dream. It wasn't, and he watched as Chris's head bobbed up and down on his cock, the soft warm mouth and tongue sending him into ecstasy. Rick closed his eyes again, this time to better experience what was happening to him. He had been edging several times already, and he knew it would not be long.

Chris tormented Rick, sliding his tongue along the shaft and swirling it beneath the head, sending Rick into delirium. He felt Chris take his balls in his fingers and squeeze them, finally flipping Rick over the edge. He exploded into Chris's mouth, his eyes closed in his ecstasy. It was as if an earthquake had happened inside Rick and he shook as he kept cumming and cumming into Chris's mouth. Rick barely had time to open his eyes before he felt Chris sit on his lap, and then Chris's tongue pushing something into his mouth. With a start, he realised it was his own cum, and he instinctively swallowed, the raw salty taste familiar from his first taste a few nights ago.

He kissed Rick back, their tongues wrestling with each other, their lips slipping and sliding over each other's. A small voice was telling Rick that he was kissing a man. At that moment, he couldn't have cared less. The cocktail of endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline released by his climax spun him into a high he had never experienced before. His inhibitions were scattered on the winds and he was now only interested in the pleasure he was receiving.

Chris finally broke their kiss and stood up, his cock still hard. Looking down at Rick it was obvious he was wondering if Chris wanted him to do what he had done to him. Not wanting to push Rick too far too soon, Chris whispered, ‘That's enough for tonight. There's plenty of time for more. You can come back here tomorrow evening, but only if you wear these for me all day tomorrow.’ He picked up the panties he had been wearing and handed them to Rick, kissing him before saying, ‘Will you do that for me, Rikkie?’

Rick nodded his head, his eyes fixed on the flimsy scrap of material. Taking them in his trembling fingers, he wondered why Chris wanted him to wear them. But he knew if he could have more of what had just happened, he would walk on glass if Chris asked him to.

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