You're My Bitch Now part 6

You’re My Bitch Now

Part 6

Rick had fled from Chris’s room last night after the show and had locked
his door. He heard Chris knocking gently and asking him if he was OK,
but Rick did not answer. His mind was in turmoil. How had he allowed
Chris to talk him into doing what he did? His face burned with shame as
he remembered what he had done. He groaned as he recalled kissing and
licking Chris’s stockings before taking his toes into his mouth. He
covered his face with his hands at the memory of Chris sucking him off
on the webcam. How could he face Chris after this?

He eventually fell asleep and woke early the next day. He was on a late
shift, and he listened as Chris left the flat to go to work. He rolled
over in bed and tried to get back to sleep but it wouldn't come to him.
His mind kept going back to last night and replaying what had happened
to him. He suddenly became aware that the memories of last night were
getting him aroused and he felt his cock begin to swell. Rick felt
ashamed at the reaction but there was no denying it, his body was
telling him that he was excited by what he and Chris had done.

He closed his eyes and his fingers found their way beneath the sheets
and he began to stroke his hard little cock. In his mind's eye, he could
see a replay of Chris sucking his cock and just as he came in his
imagination, he felt his cock twitch and he spurted cum all over his
fingers. Rick leant back and forced his eyes open. What was happening to
him? He shook his head and swore to himself this had to stop. He had to
tell Chris that it had been a one off and wouldn't happen again. He
rolled out of bed and unlocked his door before heading to the bathroom.
He saw something hanging on the handle of the bathroom door and he
flushed as he recognised the panties he had been wearing last night.
Chris had obviously left them there before he went to work.

Rick took the flimsy piece of lace from the handle and was about to
throw it away when he remembered what Rhona had said to him. He had to
go to work wearing panties if he wanted to keep his job. Shit, shit,
shit he thought. What a mess I’ve got myself into. He was scared of
upsetting Rhona for sure. A small glimmer of hope flared as he thought
she wouldn't be on his shift today. At that moment his phone buzzed with
a text message and he felt his heart sink as it was from Rhona.

‘Hi sweetie. I've changed my shift so we’re both on late today. Don't
forget what you agreed to do XXX’

He had to lean against the door to steady himself. Maybe he should just
resign and find another job. The phone bleeped again with another text.
This time it was from Chris.

‘H Rikkie. How r u? I enjoyed last night, can't wait to do it again. I
left ur panties on the door handle. U forgot to take them last night.
Missing you already. XXX’

Rick threw himself under the shower, hoping that the hot water would
wash away all his problems. He finished and went back to his room and
sat on his bed. He didn't return the texts, he simply didn't know what
to reply. He sighed and picked up the panties and pulled them up his
legs. He knew that Rhona would want to know if he was wearing them when
he got to work. He shivered as the lace cupped his cock and balls. He
pulled on his jeans and t-shirt and headed out the door to work before
he could change his mind. He could feel the lace pulled tight around his
cock and it kept him in a state of excitement throughout his bus ride.
He kept looking around to see if someone was looking at him, but nobody

The late shift was always the quietest, and It was just the two of them
today. Rick arrived first and was on the phone in the helpdesk office
sorting out a couple of small problems when Rhona arrived. The first he
knew she was there was when a hand brushed his shoulder. He jumped and
turned around to see Rhona’s face grinning at him. She put her bag down
and came and sat next to him as he finished the calls. He was already
blushing as he turned to look at her.

‘Hello, Rick. By the look on your face I think you've done as I asked,
but I want to see for myself.’ She locked the door to the office and
made sure the blinds were down. ‘Now unzip your jeans and let me see.’

If it were possible, Rick went even redder than before, but he did as he
was told and squirmed in his chair and managed to open the front of his
jeans. Rhona grinned as she saw the black lace peeping through the front
of his jeans.

‘Oh, very pretty Rick. Where did you get those? Are they from your
boyfriend too? I hope you didn't lose another bet.’

‘He’s not my boyfriend.’ hissed Rick.

‘Oh, your girlfriend, then is he?’

‘No, he's neither, He’s just my flatmate.’ She grinned wickedly.

‘Where did you get the panties then? Are they yours? I mean, did you buy
them yourself?’

‘No, I mean yes. Oh…’ Rick felt overwhelmed and covered his face with
his hands, feeling as if he was about to cry.

‘Don't worry, Rick. I don’t care where you got them. It’s nice that you
did as I asked.’ Rhona rubbed his shoulder, and he felt a strange sense
of security from the touch of her hand.

‘Come on baby, let's get to work.’

They weren't too busy, but it was late evening by the time the calls
started to slow down. The late shift finished at 10 and by 9 o'clock
they were done for the day. Rick had some tidying up to do in the server
room and when he came out Rhona was sitting at his desk holding his

‘You've had a text from Chris. Is he your flatmate?’

‘Er, yes.’ She handed Rick the phone. He read the text and almost

‘Hi Rikkie. Everyone online is asking where u r. They loved our
performance last night. They want to see more of you’

He looked at Rhona in horror. ‘Did you read this?’

‘Couldn’t help it Rick. It was right there in front of me?’

‘You shouldn't have read that. It was private.’

‘Like I said, Rick. It was right there on the desk in front of me. Or
should I say Rikkie?’

Rick sat down and covered his face with his hands. He felt like his life
was imploding. How had he got himself into this? He felt Rhona’s hand on
his leg and she leant forward and said softly. ‘Like I told you Rick, I
don't care what you get up to in your private life, so long as your work
doesn't suffer.’

He sat there, his hands still over his face.

‘Do you want to tell me what's going on, Rick?’ he shook his head, he
didn't trust himself to say anything.

‘OK, Rick. Oh by the way, There are some problems up in the Manchester
office. I need to go up to sort them out and I need you to come too.
It's an overnight stop. We would need to go up day after tomorrow, back
the next day. I’ve made the travel and hotel bookings. Look, I’ll see
you tomorrow, you're on my shift pattern now.’

Rick heard what she was saying, but he really didn't take it in. His
mind was spinning too fast. She touched his shoulder and rubbed it
gently before she walked away, leaving Rick sitting there.


Rick made his way back to the flat and sat in the lounge with a beer.
There was no sign of Chris and he couldn't hear any music coming from
his room. He had another beer and decided he had to talk to Chris
tonight. This couldn't go any further. He had to tell him enough was
enough. Rick walked across to Rick’s door and knocked. He heard a
rustling from inside and then the door was unlocked and Chris stood
there in his robe blinking sleep out of his eyes.

‘Rikkie, what do you want? I was asleep.’

‘We need to talk.’

‘Can't this wait until the morning?’

‘No. I have to talk to you now.’

‘OK, you'd better come in.’ Chris stood aside and Rick walked into the
room. He sat down on Chris’s bed and covered his face with his hands.

‘What's up, Rikkie. Tell me.’ Chris sat down beside him and put his arm
around Rick’s shoulder. Chris felt Rick immediately tense, and moved his
arm away.

‘Tell me what's up, Rikkie. You're getting me worried.’

Rick let his hands drop but couldn't look at Chris directly.

‘I can't do this anymore,’ he said, waving his arm towards the bed. ‘It
has to stop.’

Chris didn't say anything for a moment. Frankly, he had expected Rick to
put up more of a fight earlier on, but he knew it would come at some
stage. He rubbed Rick’s shoulder for a minute or two and then gently
said, ‘I thought you were enjoying it, Rikkie. That's what it seemed
like last night, baby.’ Chris knew this was the moment of truth. He had
to go carefully here or Rick would lose it completely.

Rick shook, then nodded his head. ‘I did, but I’m so confused. I don't
know what I am anymore.’

Chris put his arm back around Rick’s shoulder and this time Rick didn't
tense, so Chris left it there.

‘Look, I'm sorry if I took it too fast Rick. But, you seemed to be so
turned on by what we were doing.’

Rick moaned, but let Chris pull him closer. ‘I was, I mean I am. Oh, I
don't know what I mean. I'm so mixed up. I don’t know if I'm gay or

Chris held Rick close, ‘Does it matter about labels, Rick? ‘

Rick finally looked at Chris. ‘What do you mean?’

Chris smiled at him and stroked Rick’s face with his fingers. ‘Gay,
straight, bi, non-binary, trans, genderfluid. They’re just labels we can
choose to have if we want. Does it really matter who you like?’

Rick stared at Chris. ‘But you don't want people to know about you, do

‘No, I value my privacy, so I don't want everyone to know what I do in
my private life. But it doesn't stop me.’

‘Are you gay?’ Rick’s voice was breaking as he said it. Chris shrugged,
‘I don't really know and I don't particularly care. I might be on
occasion, and I might not be on others. If you want to know, I like boys
and girls. Sometimes more boys, sometimes more girls.’

Rick looked away from Chris once more, struggling to come to terms with
his feelings.

‘Look, Rick, if you enjoyed what we did, what you did. Does it matter so
much what you call yourself? If you like having sex with me, so be it,
but if you really want to stop, then we’ll stop. I won't force you into
anything.’ Chris had his fingers crossed in his mind as he said that.
‘Tell me, did you enjoy what we did?’

Rick nodded his head. He knew he shouldn't, but sitting there with
Chris’s arm around him, holding him close, he felt such a desire for
Chris, he couldn't resist. Whatever resistance Rick felt was ebbing away
so quickly, there would be none left in a few seconds. He took a deep
breath, let it out slowly then turned quickly to look at Chris.
Something broke inside him, and he leaned forward and kissed Chris,
putting his hands behind Chris’s head and pulling him into the kiss. He
was kissing him so hard Chris fell back onto the bed.

Chris wrapped his arms around Rick and held him tight. Rick broke the
kiss and pulled back, looking down on Chris. He smiled up at Rick, ‘I’ll
take that as a sign you want to carry on.’

Rick blushed crimson and Chris reached up to him and pulled him down
into another passionate kiss. Chris put his hands beneath Rick’s t-shirt
and yanked it over his head. He kissed Rick’s nipples and tweaked then
with his fingers. Rick winced and moaned somewhere in his throat. Rick
loved the sharp pain which blazed through him as his nipples were
pinched. It was a sign of his submission to Chris and he wanted it to go
on and on. Chris did it once more and Rick arched his back as the stab
of pain flicked through him again.

Chris undid his robe and shrugged it off his shoulders. He was naked
underneath it, and Rick looked down at the body beneath him with its
erect cock and he knew at that moment that Chris owned him. There was
nothing he would not do for Chris, and there was no going back.

‘Take off your jeans.’ ordered Chris and Rick fumbled with his zip as he
tried to comply. He pushed down the jeans to reveal the panties that he
had been wearing all day. Chris grinned as he saw them.

‘Good girl,’ he whispered. ‘You did wear them after all.’

Rick heard what Chris called him, but he didn't care anymore. Chris
could call him whatever he wanted. He bent forward and nuzzled one of
Chris’s nipples and licked and kissed the hard little nub. Chris put his
hands around Rick’s head and began to push downwards. Rick felt the
pressure on his head and he knew what Chris wanted him to do. He
resisted for a second and then allowed Chris to push him further down.
Rick kissed Chris’s tummy as he was pushed down, and then he felt
something bump against his chin. He was startled to realise it was
Chris’s cock. He raised his head a fraction and then it was brushing
against his lips. It felt hard and soft at the same time. Rick shivered
and then poked his tongue out to lick the tip. He jumped as he felt the
cock twitch and heard Chris giggle from somewhere above him.

‘Good girl, Rikkie, now just take it into your mouth.’

This was it, thought Rick. This isn't Chris doing this to me, it's me
doing it. Once he did this, he knew he would be taking a step he could
not come back from. He moaned quietly, then slid open his lips and
slipped them over the top of Chris’s cock. His tongue swirled around the
head and it felt spongy, and warm and hard. Not what he had thought at
all. It felt good he thought, and then Chris’s hands pushed him further
onto the cock. Rick closed his eyes as he took more and more into his
mouth. He heard a sigh from Chris and he guessed he was doing OK so far.
Chris began to rock his hips up and down and Rick felt the cock begin to
move in his mouth.

Chris had kept his hands on the back of Rick’s head to keep him there,
but after that little attempt at resistance he knew that Rick had now
given in and would do exactly as he wanted. He slid his cock in and out
faster and faster, until, inevitably it popped out of Rick’s mouth. He
felt Rick gag a little then slip the cock back into his warm mouth.

‘Use your hand too,’ he told Rick, who started to stroke the cock as
Chris moved it in and out. Rick felt Chris’s cock get harder, and he
guessed that he was close to cumming. Rick panicked and as Chris groaned
and came to his climax, Rick let the cock slip out, just as cum erupted
from the tip. Rick closed his eyes as cum splashed all over his face. He
didn't see Chris stroke his cock, but Rick felt more and more cum hit
his face. He couldn't stop his tongue from sliding through his lips to
lick the cum that had landed on his mouth. He opened his eyes to see
Chris smiling down at him. ‘That was lovely Rikkie, are you sure you
haven't done this before?’

Rick shook his head. His tongue seemed to be stuck to the top of his
mouth and he couldn't say anything. Chris bent down and began to lick
the cum from Rick’s face just as a cat might have done. Rick lay there,
totally spent, but the confusion had gone. He knew what he wanted, and
that was Chris.

There was something that he had to say to Chris. ‘There's something I
have to tell you, Chris.’

'What's that sweetie?’

Rick gulped. 'My boss knows about us.’

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