You're My Bitch Now part 3

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You’re My Bitch Now

Part 3

After walking unsteadily back to his room, Rick lay on his bed and tried
to sleep. His mind was spinning with the memories of what had just gone
on, but the image that kept coming back to him was of Kittie kissing him
and pushing his own cum into his mouth. He lay there, struggling to come
to terms with what had happened over the past 24 hours. There was no
doubt in his mind that he had been turned on by it all. He had never
experienced anything like the high he had felt tonight, and the thrill
of what had happened with Kittie was running through his veins like a
drug; the kind that kept you coming back for more, whatever the cost.

Rick had a feeling he was being played by Chris, but he didn't really
care. He had never been much of a leader; he was always happiest when he
followed someone else. He needed someone to give him direction, to show
him where they should go and he would be happy to follow. Tonight, Chris
had opened his eyes to a world that Rick had thought existed only
through his computer screen. He had experienced things that he could
never have even dreamt of before last night. His flatmate had kissed
him, given him a blowjob and pushed cum into his mouth. Rick should have
been repulsed by all those things; but he wasn't. He had loved it.

But what, he wondered, did Chris want from him? Rick knew instinctively
that there would be some kind of payback for what Chris, or Kittie had
done to him. He had already told Rick to wear Kittie's panties from the
night before. Rick wondered if he was prepared to do that? Somehow, he
knew it wouldn't stop there, Chris would keep pushing him further and
further. With that thought sending tingles down his spine Rick finally
fell asleep.

He woke late the next morning, waking up slowly, thinking he would have
a quiet lay-in when he remembered what Chris wanted him to do this
morning. He felt his face redden as he remembered about wearing the
panties, but as he thought about them, his cock started to grow and the
more he thought about wearing them the harder he grew. It's just morning
wood again, he told himself, but deep within him he knew that wasn't the
real reason he was getting aroused. He blushed again as he remembered
that Chris had called him Rikkie last night. He whispered the name out
loud, and he felt a thrill as he remembered how Chris had said it. His
hand dropped to his cock, and he began to stroke.

He jumped a mile as his phone rang. It was a call from his boss asking
if he could come in for a few hours even though he was rostered off.
Rick was the newest guy on the help desk team and had agreed as a
condition of getting the job that he would be willing to be on call,
even on his days off. Rick reluctantly agreed and swung his legs out of
bed. As he did so his eyes fell on the panties that Chris had asked him
to wear and he groaned, surely Chris wouldn't mind if he didn't wear
them to work? Rick pulled out a pair of his boxers and was about to pull
them on when he caught sight of the panties again. He hesitated,
thinking that it wouldn't do any harm just to try them on. Of course, he
wouldn't actually wear them to work, just slip them on for a moment to
see how they felt.

He picked them up and immediately noticed how delicate and soft they
felt in his fingers. They looked tiny, just a scrap of pink lace at the
front and what looked like a string at the back. Rick held them up
against himself and thought that they would never cover him up. He put a
foot tentatively through one leg and then the other. He slipped them up
his legs, and a shiver ran through him as the soft material slid over
his skin, making him feel as if he had been tickled with a feather all
the way up his legs. He pulled them up around his cock and balls and he
almost passed out as the lace settled softly around them. He looked down
and to his astonishment found that his package fitted perfectly into the
tiny panties. He felt the tug of the string at the back as it settled
into the crack of his bum and caused a tremor to run through his whole

He turned around to look in his mirror and was stunned to see how he
looked. The tiny front panel covered his cock, and it almost seemed he
didn't have anything there. He twisted so he could see the back and he
quivered a little as he saw the string disappear between his cheeks.
They felt a little awkward on him but he felt they made him feel, well,
sexy was the word that sprang to his mind.

He jumped as he heard a soft knock on his door, and Chris called out,
‘Are you awake? Can I come in?’

Shit, shit, shit, Rick thought. ‘Wait a minute, I'm just getting my
jeans on.’

Chris ignored him and opened the door anyway, just as Rick was pulling
his jeans over his knees. Rick froze and turned scarlet as Chris walked
in and saw him wearing the panties. Chris, who was wearing a short silk
robe that Rick had never seen before, smiled broadly and folded his arms
across his chest as he looked at Rick.

‘They look good on you, Rikkie. I'm glad you're doing what I asked. I
thought you might not want to wear them. Take your jeans off so I can
see them on you properly.’

‘But, I've got to go to work.’ Rick was almost whining.

‘It won't take a minute, come on, drop your jeans.’

Rick reluctantly pushed his jeans back down and stood in front of Chris,
naked except for the tiny panties. His put his hands down to cover his
groin. Chris grinned, ‘Bit late for that don't you think after last
night? You have to loosen up Rikkie.’ Chris moved towards Rick, took him
by the wrists and moved his arms away. Rick felt powerless to resist,
but felt his face redden again as Chris looked down at his panties.

‘You were made to wear those, Rikkie, they are so cute on you.’ He
looked at Rick with a wicked grin. ‘Are you sure you have to go to work?
We could have some fun this morning.’ As he said it, Chris ran his
fingers across the front of Rick's panties which were now feeling
tighter as his cock began to swell.

‘No. I have to go in.’ Rick was trembling.

‘Are you really sure?’ Chris lifted his fingers to caress Rick's nipple.
Rick closed his eyes, and he felt dizzy as Chris continued to stroke his
nipple. Summoning all his willpower, Rick shook his head. ‘No, I have to
go in, they need me.’

‘Don't you think I need you too?’ Chris whispered in Rick's ear.

‘I have to go to work, I have to.’ Rick was pleading with Chris now and
close to tears.

Chris pouted, ‘Oh well, there will always be tonight, I suppose. But
here's something for you to think about at work.’ Chris leaned forward
and kissed Rick. As he did so he let his robe fall open and pushed
Rick's hand inside and held it against his cock. ‘See you later,
Rikkie.’ he whispered and left the room.

Rick was left stunned; he didn't realise what Chris was intending to do
when he moved Rick's hand inside his robe and had pressed it against
Chris's cock. Rick sat down on the bed, feeling dizzy with the thought
of what he had done. It had merely been a slight touch, but it was
enough for Rick to know that everything had changed with that quick
brush of his fingers across Chris's cock.

He pulled himself together and without thinking, pulled on his jeans and
t-shirt, stuck his feet into his trainers and rushed out of the door. It
was only when he arrived at the bus stop that he realised he was still
wearing the panties. There was no time to go back now, he would just
have to wear them to the office. Maybe he could take them off when he
arrived and go commando. At some point on the bus ride into work, he got
used to the feeling of the string between his cheeks and the panties
felt so soft and light around his cock that he decided he would wear
them all day. After all, nobody would ever know.

It was manic as soon as he got into work. One of the servers had gone
down, and he spent the first three hours without a break dealing with
the problems this had created. Besides himself, there were two others on
shift; a useless temp called Steve, and Rhona, one of the supervisors.
Steve was hopeless and Rick had to spend half his time sorting out what
Steve had messed up. Eventually Rhona and Rick managed to grab a break
sitting in the office with pa coffee and doughnuts which Steve had been
sent to get. ‘That's the most useful he'll be all day.’ Rhona whispered
to Rick, who was slightly shocked as Rhona had never been known to say
anything remotely funny before. Steve was covering the phones where
Rhona thought he could do the least damage.

Rhona sipped her coffee, bit into a doughnut and licked the sugar off
her lips with her tongue. Rick was watched her do this with rapt
fascination. Rhona was tough, both with the help desk staff and the
executives. Nearly everyone was quietly terrified of her and did their
best not to annoy her. One of the other guys told him about his
predecessor who had screwed up, and how she had ‘ripped him a new one.’
Rick had been scared of her for the first few weeks, but she seemed to
have a soft spot for him, and he enjoyed being on her team.

If he told the truth, he was probably half in love with her and would do
anything she asked. She was in her early thirties, he guessed, tall,
slim and brunette, spoke with a cut-glass English accent, yet swore like
a trooper at times. If you annoyed her, she would fix you with a
basilisk stare, and most people would rather be anywhere else than in
her way in those moments. He watched as she licked more sugar from her
lip with her tongue and turned to face him. ‘I have to say, Rick, you
have done really well since you've been here. I know this is your first
job, but you picked up things really quickly. I'm happy with your
contribution, you've become a real team player.’

Rick went pink at the praise, ‘Thanks, I really enjoy it here.’

‘What do you get up to away from this madhouse?’

‘Oh well, the usual stuff. Play some World of Warcraft most nights.
Watch TV. Oh, I went to the football yesterday with my flatmate.’ He
chuckled to himself, thinking about the parts of yesterday he wouldn't
be telling her about.

‘What does he do? I assume it's a he?’

‘Yeah, he works for a bank, although I'm not entirely sure what he does
there.’ I do know he's a TG webcam model in his spare time. But Rick
said that in his head.

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’

‘No, why?’

‘Just curious, Rick. Now can you tell me something?’

Rick nodded, eager to please. ‘Sure, whatever.’

‘Do you wear panties all the time, or just at the weekends?’

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