My dreams coming true

I'm finally getting my own place. I've been waiting for this moment it feels like forever. Since i made the decision to finally live my life as a woman. I will be taking my hormones and getting my huge breast implants what is gonna take a while longer is getting srs. I'm tired of looking at my small cock., i want a beautiful tight wet pussy i can play with all day and night. I cant wait to have my first cock fuck my pussy, everywhere i go im gonna fuck everyone. Always wearing short dresses and skirts with no panties for easy access. Ib want to have sex everywhere, the train, supermarket, while shopping, public bathrooms basically everywhere i can find a cock to fuck me. I'll post on craigslist and not charge anyone. Free sex. I'm sure there are many men that will respond to that. I want to fuck at least 10 men a day, maybe more. I'm so horny all the time. I crave cock like an addict. I need it all the time. Hell i need it right now so bad. I'm glad i have my 12 inch dildo stuffed up there right now. My boipussy is always filled 24/7 I'm either wearing a butt plug when im out or a huge dildo or vibrator is up there when im home , but nothing beats the real thing. I'm gonna try and hey some cock today. Wish me luck. ...

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