Cresswell Industries -61-62-63-


Three more chapters in the erotic Cresswell Industries saga.


Chapter Sixty One


When Bradley awoke he felt strangely serene, as if all of his worries and troubles had disappeared. Lifting his hand he became mesmerised by his glossy French cut polished nails and as he inspected his other hand a shiver of excitement coursed his body.

“Oh my I’ve never felt like this before?” he whispered, his mouth appearing a little numb and out of place.

“Princess are you OK!” Suki suddenly entered his view.

“Oh yes… Oh?” he had to place a hand to his mouth as once again his lips seemed strange.

“The numbness will begin to lessen by the end of the day.

“Butts… Oh deash?” he found it hard to form the words he wanted to say properly.

“Right my dear lets get you finished and dressed… Madame cannot wait to see you!” Suki smiled down at him as she began to remove the hairdryer from his head. “Wayne can you help me with Miss Princess please!”

Bradley tried to get to his feet but even his legs felt strange.

“Oh! He’s gorgeous Mistress Suki!” the young boy remarked as she helped the transformed man to his feet.

“Don’t worry too much Miss Princess the pain you feel in your legs and hips will always appear after a long rest, for your body is rapidly changing so don’t worry your pretty little head about it too much!” Suki tried to explain as she sat him down at a dresser opposite that once again was void of any mirror.

Just then Carmine appeared.

“Right lets finish this properly,” she sighed, as her fingers suddenly began toying at something at the base of his neck.

Brad could not understand it, for everything felt different, especially the anxiety he had when he had awoke this morning.

This morning he had felt sure that what had happened to him and his family was very wrong, but now he felt quite assured that whatever it was had been for the best. Once again he brought his long nailed fingers up to his foreign feeling lips.

“Voila!” Carmine beamed as she finished styling. “Wayne please turn the mirror!”

Bradley’s eyes widened in absolute amazement as the young boy span the mirror around to reveal a familiar but strange looking image.

His hair was now coloured a shade of red and was permed to the base of his neck. But more surprising was his rouge coloured lips they where full and pouting and once again his long nails went straight to them.

“The swelling will reduce and they maybe a little sore for a few days, but no one said being beautiful was painless!” Carmine smiled as she fluffed out her latest creation.

Strange stirrings began to form in Bradley’s groin and new thoughts swept his mind and the more these thoughts swam around, his cock began to grow.

Instantly his hand went to his lap, he felt a little embarrassed that he was finding himself so turned on at what had happened to him.

“Wayne that will be all thank you!” Carmine waved the young assistant away. “Such a sweet boy… He goes to an all boy school you know?”

Bradley was not interested in the hairdresser’s comments on the fifteen-year-old boy, he was more concerned about the bulge in his lap and the more changes he found on his face the more aroused he became.

“Ooooh you lucky bitch!” Carmine pulled back his hair to reveal a row of three studs in his lobes. “I know what your feeling at the moment!”

Bradley looked up at the reflection of the smiling hairdresser behind him. Did she really know how he was now feeling.

“Don’t look surprised they all feel like that when they see themselves!” she smiled down at him. “We have even given your nose a small stud see!”

Bradley’s eyes centred in on his nose, his attention had been drawn so much to his hair makeup and full lips that he had not noticed a tiny little stud sparkling from his nose.

“Right come on lets get you dressed!” Carmine helped him to his feet.

The flowery apron he was wearing could not hide the problem he now had below, but before he time to think about it, the hairdresser had helped him to his feet and was walking him over to a door.

“Oh I simply love the way you newbies give into your new look!” she remarked as she saw the bobbing protrusion form beneath his pink flowered apron.

Brad wanted to explain, but his lips just would not respond to his words, so he had to endure the awkwardness of his walk back into the room where his transformation had first began.

“Right lets get this apron off!” Carmine smiled as she moved behind him and untied it.

Brad watched as the apron fell to the floor and his semi-erection was now in plain view.

Just then Suki walked in.

“Carmine get back to work please!” she ordered.

“Yes Mistress Suki!” she curtseyed and quickly clacked her high heels out of the door.

“Lucky I did come in when I did Madame would not be pleased if she knew that you had given head to that whore!”

Brad’s face was a picture of bewilderment as Suki began to inspect his body.

“Hmmm!” she mumbled as she ran her fingers over his nipples. “How does that feel?”

“I’m not sure, but it feels strange!” Brad replied as a very unusual sensation swept through his body.

“It took me six months to get that feeling!” Suki tapped his ever-erecting penis.

Brad felt embarrassed but there was nothing he could do about the way his body was now responding.

“Right let’s get you dressed sweetheart,” Suki moved over to a pile of clothes that had been set out across the table he had lay upon earlier that day. “Come here and I’ll help you dress!”

Brad looked totally amazed as Suki picked up a white satin waist cincher corset and wrapped it around him.

Instantly his cock reared as she laced him up.

“Oh I see we’re going to have a problem getting you back into your panties!”

“Panshies?” Brad replied holding his hand to his swollen lips.

“Oh sweetheart your gonna be wearing panties and skirts for the rest of your life!” Suki smiled heartily as she caressed his erect cock.

“Skkkkkishs?” he once again tried to reassert his voice with his fingers.

“Oh Princess… Your never going to wear male clothing again!”

Suki was ready as her words brought about the exact reaction, Brad’s conditioning was supposed to produce.

Suddenly Brad felt his cock erupt in Suki’s hand while his fading male voice bowed down to the immense feeling of being dressed in female clothing.

“Oh Deash!” he spluttered as his cock continued to empty on to the floor.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, Carmine will be more than pleased to clean up your little mishap!” Suki dried her hand on a towel and then wiped Brad’s flaccid penis dry too.

Brad’s new voice accepted his new change of clothes and although a little embarrassed at his mishap, Brad’s very confident new persona was now looking forward to wearing such feminine niceties.


Suki explained to him that he would have to wear the cincher for the next month as this would help shape his new gender.

Finally after yet another struggle with his growing penis she tucked it into his panties and under a pair of flesh toned pantyhose, then she handed him the other items he had worn into the salon.

Brad stood excitedly desperate to see his reflection as his ever-transforming mind shifted from the normal thinking male into an avid transvestite.

Yet as he slid on the lycra top his cock once again grew rigid in his pantied gusset, for Suki was handing him the item of clothing that would forever cement him femininity.

Suki could not refrain from giggling as she watched the reaction on his face as she handed him his first ever skirt.

Brad took the item with pride, his mind was awash with strange new sensations that all centred on how wonderful it was to be not only dressed as woman, but to actually look like one.

Suki helped him into his knee length pleated navy skirt and then she placed the matching open toed court shoes he had worn earlier before him.


Just like the story of Cinderella, when Bradley Schuler placed his stocking toes into the shoes a new and totally submissive feminine voice made sure that his old male one would never appear again.

‘Goodbye Bradley!’ Princess Schuler’s female voice waved her former adversary over the edge into the same void of darkness that all of Cresswell’s transformed male voices were pushed.

Never to question the new life they were to lead again.


Princess walked out of the room that had transformed her from the nervous and unconfident male she had once been into an extremely confident transvestite.

“Oh you look absolutely wonderful!” Wendy applauded the former male.

Princess wanted to reply but her lips were rather sore so she just acknowledged the compliment with a smile and made sure her white-laced jacket was in place around her waist.

Elegantly she stepped out into the salon, however just as she was ready to accept more praises, a rather loud girlish shrill echoed out from the far side of the salon.

Princess instantly recognised her eldest niece Rosalind.

Rosalind stepped out of her treatment room wearing a very pretty silk yellow and white laced dressed that was flared out into an arc above her knees by layers upon layers of petticoats. Twirling around she gave out another shrill of excitement as she caught sight of the big yellow bow behind her for it matched the yellow ribbons that adorned her very curly golden hair.

BradleyPrincess could not help but stand in amazement as her reconditioned mind took in the changes that had befallen what was once her eldest son.

“Oh Auntie!” Rosalind shrilled again as she girlishly grabbed a hold of one of her new long golden curls and wrapped it around her finger.

“Now remember Princess, wait at the girls meeting place in the mall, Rosalind knows where it is. Ivan will meet you there in half an hour!” Wendy held out a yellow and black coat for Rosalind to wear over her new dress, which matched her black Mary Jane’s and yellow-laced ribbon anklets

As Rosalind gleefully wrapped the coat around her skirts, another assistant finished of her ensemble by attaching a matching bonnet to her head.

“Now take your Auntie’s hand and take her to the girls meeting place Rosalind!” Wendy waved the two-feminised males out of her salon.

“Oh yes… Thank you!” Rosalind grabbed a hold of her Auntie Princess’s hand and dragged her out of the salon.

As the newly feminised father and son made their way out of the salon, Wendy moved on to her next client and began to arrange who would do what.


If either of Bradley or Ross Schuler’s male psyche had still been in place then the sight of a flat chested woman standing with a rather outrageously dressed young girl would have caused either of them to snigger and pass comment.

Several people stopped and stared at the two of them as they stood waiting for their chaperone, while many people treated the sight as an everyday occurrence, which happened at the strangely serene and mellow Rubies Shopping Mall.

With both of their psyches now totally and irreversibly changed, Bradley’s new feminine persona waved out to Ivan as he approached.


Once again Ivan enjoyed watching the reactions of his wife’s latest transformees’ in his rear view mirror as they drove back to the hive.

Unlike Rosalind, who just sat like any normal young girl looking out of the window, Princess sat perfectly still. New sensations were crossing her mind, for she was still a man with a very very strong transvestite mind and the realisation that she was; only added to her awkwardness.

Her cock was growing once again in her panties and as she clasped her legs tightly together the feel of her smooth legs encased in pantyhose only brought forward the full feeling of the excitement that only a transvestite dressed so femininely and out in public could get.

With gratification and excitement she deliberately rubbed her legs slowly up against one another, with each silky grasp causing her to further her enjoyment at being able to wear such feminine attire.


Arriving back at the Hive, Ivan opened the limo door and escorted the former father and son to the main estate’s door, where a rather anxious looking small crowd met them.

“Oh my goodness!” Jean clasped a hand to her chest as she saw her former son. “Rosalind you’re so pretty!”

“Thank you Mummy!” Rosalind tried to curtsey.

“And Princess… Well you look quite a dish!” Jean looked her husband up and down.

“Shanks… I’m?” Princess tried to talk but her lips where still rather numb, from her collagen injections.

“Kelly I think you should begin Rosalind’s lessons!” Gabrielle issued her daughter a command.

“Oh yes Mother, of course!” she curtseyed accurately.

Rosalind watched Kelly’s moves and instantly attempted another curtsey.

“Oh Rosy… Come on… I’ll show you how to curtsey like a proper little Madame!” Kelly smiled as she held out her hand.

Rosalind smiled back and took hold of her new friend’s hand.


“Joan!” Gabrielle motioned to the maid.

“Yes Madame Gabrielle!” Joan curtseyed.

“Take Princess up to her knew room and show her what Madame Grace now expects from her. Then prepare dinner, Madame will return from her office at six thirty!” Gabrielle ordered.

Joan curtseyed and took her owners new playmate up to her knew room.


“Oh Princess your going to love it here, trust me!” Joan excitedly ushered the former male up the stairs. “Now as you may have already seen the sweethearts rooms are over that side of Madame’s house!” she pointed to the hallway that veered of to the left of the winding stairs they had climbed, reminding her that all the adults always sleep in the rooms to the right.

Princess had obviously travelled the long hallway before, but as they approached the room she knew was Madame Grace’s her heart suddenly began to beat a little frantic and she felt her face redden slightly.

“Miss Princess, are you alright?”

“I err?” she tried to reply.

“Oh Miss Princess… I do believe you’ve just had what us girls call a hot flush!” Joan explained the strange sensation that had just swept over her. “I get like that every time my man puts his big strong arms around my waist!”


In truth it was a programmed response that Grace had placed in her mind along with some other new things she was experimenting with.


“Now then this is your wife’s room where I believe Master Ivan is now staying until the apartments are built!” Joan continued.

Princess’s cock reared instantly in her panties as the thought of Madame’s powerfully built husband’s manhood slamming into Jean’s gaping pussy suddenly flushed across her mind.

This was yet another reaction Grace had programmed into Princess’s subconscious.

“Come on Miss Princess I’ve got so much to show you!” Joan had to pull her owner’s latest catch away from what was once Bradley’s loyal wife’s room. “Here you go Miss Princess!”

Princess looked around her room, it was completely pink all over with white an adequately sized bathroom leading off of it.

“Oh yes I’ve got memories of this room!” Joan mused as she recalled the night Elizabeth, her former son, was deflowered by Ivan. She could evenly recall the happiness she felt as she cleaned up all of the used condoms the very next day.

Princess wanted to ask questions but her lips were still very numb, so instead she just smiled at the maid.

Joan then told her to undress, for what she had to show her was very important and she needed to be naked when she did.

Joan could not help feeling a little excitement in her own groin as she watched her owner’s latest feminised acquisition undress.

Princess stepped out of her skirt, shoes and top, but felt a little awkward at removing her pantyhose. Her cock was throbbing in the specially adapted gusset of her panties and the maid could see it too.

“Oh don’t mind me Miss Princess, I’m used to seeing girls like you… I’m one too!” she pointed at her own groin.

Princess felt a little at ease to know that the maid was also a girl like her so she promptly began to remove her pantyhose and her panties.

Instantly her cock sprang outwards as hard as it had ever been before, in fact her cock had never been so hard before.

“Oh it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re a special lady!” Joan could not take her eyes off Princess’s very erect penis. “Come on you’re gonna love this!”

Princess followed the maid into the bathroom her erection leading the way. She had so many questions to ask but her words would never surface properly through her collagen enhanced lips.

“Now this is important for you to remember!” she picked up the douche kit and moved around behind Princess. “You have to insert this into your little pussy and then proceed to fill up your bowels as such! Oh what a pretty tattoo… I’ve got a black rose on my bottom, my Jerry is Irish and he insisted on me having it!”

Princess felt the maid prize open her bottom and slip the tube into her, then as she continued to fill her bowels with warm water, she felt her abdomen swell.

“Now when you’ve filled your pussy, just give it a few minutes!” Joan patted her tummy.

The feeling was like nothing she had felt before, she wanted nothing more than to rush for the toilet and release it.

“You’ll get used to it… We all do… And besides you’ll even get to enjoy it!” she smiled as she looked at Princess’s very rampant hard on.

Princess did not know what to do, for despite wanting to go to the toilet her penis also wanted to erupt, then with a shiver her cock exploded.

“Oh Miss Princess… I told you you’d enjoy it… Quickly go and empty yourself.”

Princess had no time to consider the mess her cock had made on the tiled bathroom floor for after gently pulling the tube from her bottom, she had to sit on the toilet and let all the water fall from her bottom.

However as the water did she felt her cock begin to stiffen again.

Three more times Joan helped Princess through the procedure and every time it heralded a climax for the bewildered former male, especially with Joan having the perfect excuse to touch Princess’s cock as well.

“Now then Miss Princess, I’ll have to tell you a few more things before I leave you to dress for dinner!” Joan once again clasped her thighs together to feel the excitement in her own groin as she silkily cleaned her owner’s newly chosen concubine’s soft appendage. “Now this little thing will always be called either your clit stick or Madame’s favourite… Cockette! You are never to refer to it as anything else!”

Princess listened intently as the maid told her that she was now regarded as a shemale just like herself and eventually, just like her, she would in no doubt have to entertain men, however Joan left the subject of men there just as Madame Grace had told her to.


Dowsing her wrists and neck in the expensive perfume Princess scurried out into her bedroom where Joan now stood pointing to a few items of clothing.

Holding out a pair of red laced panties she motioned for her to step into them.

Delicately Princess stepped into them and watched her cockette rise as the maid slowly and enticingly moved them up her smooth legs.

Joan knew that this would cause the poor soon to be shemale to become erect and as she wound the red lace up over her bottom, she once again had the perfect excuse to wrap her own hands around the protrusion.

“Oh I really used to enjoy feeling like you do, but after awhile the excitement of being dressed as a woman goes!” Joan’s face saddened a little, but soon turned back to a smile as she felt the shemale’s precum in her hands as she wiped it.

For Princess it was another lesson in controlling her transvestite mind and after five or so minutes of trying to turn her thoughts to something else, Joan finally managed to get her red laced panties on and her cockette neatly tucked into place.

With her cockette tightly tucked between her legs the throbbing in her panties started to feel even more enjoyable especially as the maid let her put on her own pantyhose, which were once again flesh toned with a superb darkened shade of colour up around her buttocks and gusset.

Then Joan held out a pair of red six-inch high wrap around sandals which she then proceeded to show her how to put on, then as the next item of clothing was produced, a 32A red matching bra, Princess’s newly formed transvestite mind was completed.

Princess placed her hands through the straps that secured her fate and desperately wanted to tell Joan how she felt and ask if she was joking about loosing this feeling!”.

“Come on I’ve got to get your cincher on!” Joan had no time to enjoy the former male’s evident release into femininity.

With the cincher in place Joan then held out a very beautiful ‘crush velvet styled’ red dress that fell just above her knees.

Then Joan took hold of her hand and brought her over to a long mirror.

“Oh Joan!” Princess sighed placing her long nailed hand to her chest, for she could not help catching her breathe as she beheld the image of a dark red headed beauty in the reflection. “Am I really going to stay like this?”

“Oh yes Miss Princess you are!” Joan replied dusting down the dress behind her. “Madame Grace will make sure you do!”


With dinner set and in place Grace awaited the arrival of her new guests at the bottom of the winding stairs.

Gabby had the pleasure of leading a very excited Princess down to greet her Mistress.

“My dear Princess you look absolutely gorgeous! Come here!” Grace held out her hand.

“Thank you Madame!” Princess beamed as she reached the bottom and took hold of Grace’s hand and accepted the warm kiss upon her cheek she offered her.

“Gabrielle if you’d like to go through, I’ll take Princess from here… I’ve a few things I need to go through with her, ” Grace explained as she led Princess into her study.


“Now then my dear Princess,” Grace took hold of both of Princess’s hands and pulled her in close. “Do you understand what has happened to you?”

“Yesh’ Madame, shou’ have releash’ed me from the burdens of being a male!” her lips finally beginning to show signs of life.

“Yes I have… But do you understand what you are about to become?”

“Joan hash tried to explain a shmall’ part of it to me butsh?” she bit her swollen lips. “Well I sheem’ to have a problem remembering anyshing’ that doesh’ not concern me trying to look shexy’ and beautiful for you!”

“Yes that’s right… As I explained to you yesterday… You’ll never have to worry about anything that does not concern your flowering femininity,” Grace looked deep into Princess’s eyes and began to re-program her very first concubine.

Grace was not just making sure that all of which was Bradley was gone and forgotten, but she was replacing the void that once held his old male voice with a very strong and underlying feminine one.

Princess was going to have two voices driving her on from now. Of course her more prominent voice would be the ditzy, dumb and overtly feminine voice that Denise was given last year, but just below it now settled a very excited and extremely uncontrollable transvestite one.


Moving into the dinning room, Gabrielle was quick to notice the change in Princess, for the way she now walked so daintily with her hands now completely leading the way, where completely different from the soon to be shemale she had brought downstairs.

Grace watched with a broad grin as she watched Princess continually bringing her hands up to her chest and also touch Gabrielle’s arm to thank her as she pulled out her chair.

“Grace what have you done to her?” Gabby had to ask.

“Just wait until tomorrow, it will get better!” Grace winked back at her.

Just then Ivan appeared with Jean gliding proudly besides him on his arm, while behind her was Rosalind still dressed as she had been since returning from the salon.

“Ah Ivan I take it you’ve moved all your necessary items into Jean’s room?” Grace asked her husband`

“Yes Madame, I have!” he replied waiting for Gabrielle to offer Rosalind a chair.

“And Jean I hope you have settled in too?”

“Oh yes Madame, Ivan’s been helping me get things straight!” she looked up at her six foot six muscle-bound lover.

Grace smiled as she looked at how flirty and sexy Jean had dressed, she was wearing a tight white low cut top that revealed small breasts squashed tightly together in a very visible satin wonderbra.

Her black pleated skirt was short and revealed her thighs in great detail yet despite the fact her cellulite was fully on show, her reconditioned mind did not care for nothing more than to look sexy for her new man.


“Rosalind you look absolutely pretty!” Gabrielle remarked upon seeing the former boy’s rosy cheeks and long golden curls.

“Thank you Madame Gabrielle,” Rosalind gave a little curtsey as her chair was pulled out for her.

“Oh she’s so sweet isn’t she Princess?” Grace responded as they all watched Rosalind fluff out her petticoats beneath her as she sat down.

Ivan waited until Jean’s new daughter was sitting comfortable and then he ran his hand up the back of her short black skirt and cupped the cheek of her bottom and gave it a squeeze to gently move her on to her chair.

Jean could not wait for Ivan to take his seat next to her and when he did, her hand instantly moved onto his groin where it stayed all during their dinner.

Grace also kept up the show by continually running her hands across Princess’s pantyhosed knees, which caused the feminised male’s cock to throb.


As they all waited for Jean to bring out the food, Princess was completely amazed when she recognised the young boy helping her.

“Oh it’s that shweet’ young boy from the shalon!” she suddenly broke the silence.

“Yes Princess that’s right, that’s my son Wayne!” Gabrielle replied rather pleased.

“Wayne come and introduce yourself to Princess sweetheart!” Grace motioned to Wayne.

Wayne was absolutely delighted to be the centre of attention and did as he was told.

“Miss!” Wayne moved alongside Princess, who once again held her hand to her chest with a complete feminine sigh as she watched the young boy curtseying besides her.

“My name is Wayne and I help out Madame Grace’s maid Joan when I come back from the salon at weekends and from school.

“Oh how sweet!” Jean responded.

“Wayne tell our new guests what you intend to be when you grow up!” Gabrielle ordered her effeminate son.

“Well I’d like to be a beautician!” Wayne placed his own hand to his chest just in the same manner as Princess, who noted instantly the boys nails were shaped the same way as hers.

“I hear that you go to an all boys school?” Jean asked.

“That’s right Miss, I do!”

“Oh my dear, how do you get on with all those horrid boys being around you?” Princess asked, finally conquering the lisp her collagen-enhanced lips had given her.

“Wayne absolutely loves it… Don’t you Wayne sweetheart?” Gabrielle replied.

“Yes mother I can’t wait for the new term to start on Monday!”

“Thank you Wayne!” Grace motioned the fifteen-year old boy back to helping Joan serve up the remainder of the dinner. “Yes Joan has such a busy schedule, that we felt it was only right she should have some help… Especially now that she has a man to look after!”

“A man?” Jean asked somewhat surprised.

“Yes Jean, I know I informed you that all our feminised males are regarded as second class people, but after a while they all develop the need for a man in their lives at some stage!”

“Oh I can’t imagine Princess ever satisfying a man?” Jean replied bluntly as she smiled rather jealously at her former husband across the table to her.

“Now then Jean, that’s enough… If we can all eat!” Grace stopped the conversation dead.


The dinner only consisted of a light salad for everyone except Ivan, who had a huge steak and mountains of trimmings to go with it and as they all waited for Ivan to finish, Grace announced that they would all briefly retire to the lounge.

With everyone making their way to the lounge area Gabrielle took Rosalind back down to her room which was situated in the same quarter as her and her adopted children’s part of the very large house.

Then after some very idle chatter and several liqueur aperitifs Grace ordered Joan to take Princess up to her room and prepare her for her first night as a woman.


Joan was rather besides herself at being able to help Princess so much for her first day as a woman and this showed in her excitement as she hurriedly showed Princess the lovely peach silk night dress she had chosen for her tonight.

“Oh my Jerry loves me wearing things like this at night!” Joan held the soft cool fabric up against her face. “Now get undressed and I’m sure you know what you must do Miss Princess!” she pointed towards the bathroom door.

Princess began to undress while Joan sat on the bed watching her, especially her erect cockette, for her own one was just as hard in her own panty girdle.

Princess did not think twice of going into the bathroom and giving herself a very good douching and although her penis had become rock hard once again she embraced the feeling of standing naked before Joan..

“Oh sweetheart look at your cockette its soooooo excited!” Joan could not help take her eyes of the naked feminised man, for despite seeing lots of naked shemales at the Health Farm, today was the first time she had ever seen a shemale to be in the flesh.

“Thank you!” Princess smiled eager to get into her night wear.

“Well you’ll have to get rid of your erection before I can put these on you!” Joan approached Princess with a matching pair of peach panties.

“Oh… But I can’t stop feeling this way,” Princess stroked her cockette in an attempt to entice Joan in helping her to get rid of it.

Joan felt tempted to help Princess from her erection, but knew that Madame would punish her if she did.

“I’m sorry Miss Princess… But I’ve worked hard to achieve the respect I’ve now got amongst Madame and her friends, and as much as I would love to help you I really must insist that you get rid of it yourself!”

“Oh I’m so sorry Joan… I did not know?”

“That’s ok… Go to the bathroom and masturbate!” Joan smiled, “I don’t think Madame will mind me watching you though,” Joan smiled leading the naked feminised male back into the bathroom.

Princess loved the look of her long nails stroking her cockette and ran her fingers gently over her balls, however something strange began to happen upon her chest.

“Oh my!” she suddenly held a hand up to her nipple. “It’s tingling?”

Joan saw this as an excuse to actually help the poor erect shemale to be out of her problem.

“Here let me explain,” she moved behind her and instantly rubbed her nipples.

“Ohhhhh yesssss! My god what’s going on?”

“Your breasts are beginning to develop,” Joan grabbed a hold of both of Princess’s nipples. “They’ll start to get itchy too, and the only way you can get around the problem is to play with them!”

Princess closed her eyes as Joan’s fingers toyed and tweaked her nipples and this sensation caused her to erupt there and then.

“There you go now quickly wash yourself and get into your panties!”


Grace was pleased with Joan’s response as this was just as much a test for her as it was for Princess and as Joan finally got Princess into her peach and white silk nightie, she stood at her door awaiting Joan to escort her concubine to her boudoir.

Princess soon found her erection rearing again, and with the matching panties not having the same gusset as the ones she had earlier, she began to see her erection showing through her silk nightie.

Grace welcomed the sight of her concubine with a big smile, she could see how difficult it was for Princess to hide her disposition and the further she walked the more rigid it was becoming.

“Thank you Joan, I’m sure you would love to relieve yourself… So run along to Jerry now!” Grace ordered her shemale maid.

“Oh thank you very much Madame!” Joan curtseyed and scurried away, her thoughts now permanently centred on her lover’s cock and how she would ravish him as soon as she saw him.


Grace took hold of her concubine’s hand and led her into her boudoir.

Princess could smell her Mistress’s perfume and just like a drug, she wanted more of it.

Grace slipped out of her black negligee and revealed that she was wearing the same identical nightwear as Princess.

Except she had no erection poking through her silk.

Oh look at us we’re both wearing the same nighties… How sweet!” Grace pulled Princess to her and brushed her lips with hers.

“Oh Madame… I feel so strange?”

“Shhh my sweet… The night is long and I’m going to let you worship me… You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes Madame… I wooollds,” before she could finish her sentence Grace kissed her fully on the lips.

“Hmmm… You’re beginning to taste yummy!” Grace licked her lips as she pulled away. “Now get down on your knees and release me!”

Princess did as she was told and fell to her knees, whereupon she lifted the hem of Madame’s peach silk nightie and slipped her panties off of her hips.

Instantly her delicately smooth cockette and balls fell free.

Princess looked up at her Mistress and woman she would obey for the rest of her shemale life.

Grace looked down at her latest servant, her lips were so gorgeously full and unlike yesterday they would never look out of place wrapped around a cock.

“Eat me!” Grace ordered.

Princess sucked in her owner’s cockette gratefully.

“You may play with yourself while you suck me!”

Princess did as she was told and her hand was soon pawing away at her own cockette.

“Oh Princess I’m gonna turn you into one of the most gorgeous creatures ever, men are going to wet them selves just looking at you!” Grace ran both of her hands through her concubine’s hair as she sucked and nibbled on her now erect cock and pulled her in tightly to her groin.

Grace exploded into Princess’s mouth five times that night and was rather pleased that her programming had also controlled her own cock from climaxing too, for Grace wanted to have fun with her newly created shemale.

As she sent Princess back to her room, she eagerly pressed a button on her bedstead, which instantly unveiled a very large plasma screen on her wall. Taking hold of her remote she pressed for the desired channels and split screen, just in time to see Princess enter her room, while the other screen revealed the fun her husband Ivan was having with Princess’s former wife.

Grace rubbed her cockette as she began to envision her cockette finally laying siege to Princess’s virginal pussy and Princess’s entering her own love hole and the more she contemplated the actual fate of both the former Mr and Mrs Schuler the more excited she became.


That night was a very long night for Princess, for the sounds of sex reverberated into her room.

Her conditioning included the need to hear her ex-wife being pleased my a man’s masterful penis, while also revelling in the delights at being so lucky to be able to wear such pretty feminine night wear herself.

Princess soaked her panties pleasingly and to add to her pleasure she licked her own juices with glee, she loved the taste of semen and knew that she would be getting more and more of it as she developed into the fuck goddess her owner had promised she would be.

With this in mind she toyed happily with her nipples as she drifted off to sleep, a voice reminding her that the more she pulled on her nipples the larger they would become and she wanted big nipples to please Madame.


As Grace finally switched of her entertainment she could not wait for tomorrow to arrive.

It was a big day for one of her creations and as she thought about how voluptuous Annabelle had become and how different the Robinson family had become, she just could not take her mind off Princess and the surprise she had in store for her.

“Oh what a day tomorrow will be!” she smiled as she sank into her silky sheets.




Chapter Sixty Two





Princess woke once again to the nightmare of Warren Tyler threatening her with ‘EVALUTATIONS’, but this time the dream was different.

This time she was his secretary and when she finally shook the fear of under performing for him from her head, she was rather relieved that this horrid man, was just a dream.

Unlike before she wondered who this man was, she vaguely recognised him, but her altered mind just could not register him, instead she chose to forget all about the dream and get herself looking pretty and sexy for Madame.


Joan arrived not long after Princess had washed and dried her hair and had the pleasure of watching the newly formed shemale douching.

“Oh excuse Mistress!” Joan curtseyed as she glanced upon her owner’s new creation.

“Oh Joan that’s ok!” she sat herself down on the toilet and released all the water from her bowels.

Joan stood still as she looked at Princess’s chest and Princess felt her staring at her.

“What’s a matter Joan you look stunned?” she stood up and wiped herself and then applied the perfumed lubricants she had been taught to use.

“Oh I’m sorry Mistress Princess, but I think you’ve been playing with your nipples a trifle too much?”

Princess looked down. She had not realised it until the maid had mentioned it, but her nipples and aureoles had grown and had become a lot pinker than yesterday, whilst a very small amount of flesh had began to rise up beneath them.

“I’m really gonna grow titties!” Princess shrilled as she touched them and instantly brought her nipples to the fore. For unlike last night she could now actually hold her nipples between her finger and thumbs.

“You haven’t got time to play I’m afraid Mistress Princess, Madame has expressed for you to be ready before Master Ivan takes Mistress Jean to pick up her youngest!” Joan reminded the flowering shemale. “And today will be the last time I will be able to help you dress too… Oh and before I forget Madame told me to tell you where to find your panty pads and tampons, there in this cupboard here… When you’ve run out of them you must inform me so I can get you some more!”

Princess only watched the maid’s hand movements towards the cupboard, although she was desperate to look like a woman, she did not understand why she would need to wear such things, so instead she just dried herself and made her way out into the bedroom.


Once again Princess found it hard getting into her panties this time they were a white satin pair that were like all the panties she would wear, with a specially made gusset to hold her penis.

“Am I not going to wear a cincher today?” she asked looking at the absence of one upon the bed.

“No and you’ll not be wearing a bra either!” Joan replied handing her a pair of pantyhose.

With her pantyhose now on Joan revealed the outfit Madame wanted her to wear today, which consisted of a very tight fitting white lycra top that exposed her tiny budding breasts to their full and a very short black and white chequered pleated skirt.

Princess shivered as she slipped the tiny skirt into place.

Then to finish off her look Joan handed her a pair of black knee high, six-inch stiletto heeled boots.

While Joan helped her on with her boots, Princess could not wait to walk in them.

“Oh Joan they’re magnificent,” she tingled as she clasped her thighs tightly together to feel the pleasure of her throbbing cockette along with the sensation of her pantyhose clad legs brushing together.

“Yes you look so natural in them!” Joan replied enviously, for she had never worn clothes that were so trampish before.

“Sit down I will show you how to accentuate your eyes and lips with makeup!” Joan quickly hurried the excited shemale along.

Joan was instructed to make Princess look as transvestite as possible and with her tiny little breasts poking out of her top, she looked like a transvestite who was going through the transition.


Grace waited in the kitchen with Gabrielle, who desperately wanted to know what game she had in store for Princess today.

And when she did appear Gabby could not hide her delight.

“Oh Grace you’re so wicked! She looks so… He-She!”

“Yes I know!” Grace nodded. “Princess stand there for a moment, I have a gift for you.”

Joan disappeared into the utility room and when she appeared she was holding a small white poodle with pink ribbons attached to it.

Princess squealed with delight as her overtly feminine voice accepted the gift just as she had been programmed to do.

“Her name is ‘Tootsie’ and she is yours!” Grace smiled.

“Oh Tootsie wootsie… Mmmmmmm mwwaaa!” she picked the tiny dog up and kissed her.

“Oh Grace how wicked of you!” Gabby could not help from laughing at the sight of the two of them.

“Tootsie will need to be walked every morning and afternoon and walking around the Hive estate will be safe for both of you!” Grace was also finding it hard to stop laughing at the sight of Princess’s overpowering show of absolute femininity. “Oh and while you’re out walking your dog this morning, could you deliver this note to Mr Graves at the building site!”

Just then Jean appeared once again hugging onto Ivan, however today she was dressed in the clothes she normally wore when her life evolved around Bradley.

“Oh my!” Jean held her hand to her mouth to stop herself from laughing, “Bradley used to hate little dogs like that it always reminded him of gay people or transvestites!”

Suddenly Jean broke out into laughter.

“Grace you’re so wicked!” Gabby laughed along.

Princess did not care she was so enthralled at being dressed in female clothing and now that she had a small dog to finish off her look, in her new mind she was complete.

“Put on this coat and go walk your dog!” Grace ordered her concubine, giving her a black long leather coat that reached perfectly down to the ankles of her boots.

Everyone laughed as they watched Jean’s overtly and very effeminate ex-husband walk out of the house clacking on her high heels and wiggling her bottom frantically as she walked her poodle along the path that had brought her here.


Grace used the time to organise Ivan’s schedule for the day, which entailed him taking Jean to Mrs Ferris’s house to pick up Danny for the last time, and then taking both of them onto the salon.

While Joan had to prepare for Annabelle’s coming of age party, which Grace had been looking forward to since the New Year ball.


Princess loved the way she was dressed and her cockette was throbbing with every click of her stiletto heels.

Her free hand moved so femininely back and forth and as she felt the light cold breeze move up under her very short chequered skirt, she shivered with pleasure at knowing that she looked and felt so womanly.

Upon reaching the building site she bent down with her pantyhosed knees tightly together and picked Tootsie up.

Kissing the poor dog on its head she proceeded very unsteadily across the uneven surface of the building site.

Suddenly three very burly looking men appeared.

“Can we help you Miss?” the bald headed one in the middle asked.

Princess had to hold her breath as a huge shiver of excitement coursed her body, instantly ending in her groin.

“Oh yes… Please… I’ve,” she kept one fluttering eye on her steps. “Got a message for a Mr Graves!”

“That’ll be me then sweetheart!” the bald headed man replied.

“Eh Varn yer in there!” the dark haired man to his left nudged him.

“Yeah… She’s gotta be one o’er those perks you told us of!” the other one laughed.

“Yeah… Yeah laugh it up,” Mr Graves held out his hand to accept the letter.

Princess handed over the note and as she did she could feel the other men’s eyes all over her.

Shivering her mind was a wash with images of her body being ravished by all three of the men before her and as Mr Graves hummed and ahh’ed over the note, her mind constantly re-evaluated the way she was dressed.

Knee high black stiletto boots, exposed flesh toned coloured pantyhosed thighs fluttering short pleated skirt and although she was wearing a long black leathered ladies coat, her tiny budding breasts began to tease beneath her white top.

The other two men could see her nipples growing and one of them even asked her if she was wearing matching panties.

Desperately Princess wanted nothing more than for Mr Graves to dismiss her and as her dog shuffled in her arms, she tried to stop her concentration centring on being in the company of three men and being dressed so sexily.

Yet the more she thought about how her legs were encased in such feminine hosiery and that her little pleated skirt was only inches away from her panties, combined with the attention she was receiving from the other two men, her cockette was throbbing away constantly.

“So what’s your name sweet thing?” the taller of the two asked.

“It’s err… Err Princess!” she replied as her cock tried desperately to break free from it’s feminine entrapment.

“Princess… I bet you are one too!” the other one joked.

Suddenly Princess’s stance changed as she was forced to clench her thighs tightly, her cockette wanted nothing more than to explode and as her pantyhosed thighs clasped each other tightly, her cockette did just the very thing.

Princess shivered uncontrollably as her orgasm flowed in her panties.

The two men were more intrigued with Princess’s erect nipples to even notice the shudder she had just made, however Mr Graves looked up at her and winked.

“Let’s let the lady be now boys and get back to work!” he smiled at her, for the note that the budding shemale had given him had basically told him to wait until she had creamed her panties.

“Yeah… Whatever ya’say boss… See ya later sexy!” they both winked at Princess in unison as they turned to go back to work.

Once again the acknowledgement the two men gave her caused her to come again.


Princess took small steps to get back to the main house, her panties were absolutely soaked and her embarrassment was complete. Was she going to ejaculate every time a man just so much as looked at her? She wondered.

Grace waited with a broad smile, her programming had been perfect and with the success of Princess’s ‘coming’ she decided that it was only fair that all her girls experienced that burden once a month.

“Your so wicked to her!” Gabby laughed besides her, as they watched the distressed looking shemale to be.

“Yes… But I can’t help wondering what her face looked like when she started to ooze!”

Joan opened the door and curtseyed as she let Princess back in.

“Did we have an accident?” Grace smirked.

“Err… Yes!” Princess replied truthfully.

“Joan I take it you did show her where her panty pads and tampons are?”

“Oh yes Madame… I specifically informed her of there whereabouts this morning.

“Princess… You’ve got to learn that being a woman is not just about the clothes, you should know that women menstruate once a month and know that you’re becoming one you will too!”

“Joan it’s only fair that all my girls experience this once a month, so I will see you in my study when you’ve helped Princess dress!” Grace smiled.

Joan wanted to argue her case, after all she had already gone through the ‘wetting her panties stage’ but Madame was always right. “Yes Madame… I will see to it that I’ve got plenty of panty pads too!”


After cleaning herself up, Princess was still bemused as to what had happened and as the maid handed her a panty pad to put into the gusset of her panties, she became even more bemused.

Joan told her that whilst she was going through her monthly, she would also have to place a tampon up her pussy, for Madame had decided that all her girls should understand what its like for a real woman.

Bracing herself Princess inserted the tampon into the opening of her back passage and had to admit that it felt uncomfortable. Then she was shown what type of panties she should wear for the panty pad.

“How long will this go on for?” Princess enquired as she pulled up her pantyhose over her very tight fitting panties.

“Madame has informed me that us girls will experience a full five days of flow, so you will be able to go back to your more sexy panties on Friday!” she replied wondering when her own monthly would begin.




Chapter Sixty Three


Birthday Party


Annabelle awoke to the sound of her Aunt Hayley and her sister Michelle singing happy birthday and both of them had presents and cards for her to open.

“Thanks Hayley… Thanks Michelle!” Annabelle’s eyes lit up as she saw the present that Hayley had given her, although it was wrapped up, she knew what it would be. So leaving that present till last she opened Michelle’s.

Michelle waited patiently as her sister un-wrapped a gold bracelet and matching hoop earrings.

“Oh Michelle they’re wonderful!” she instantly held the earrings up to her ears and shifted over to her dresser to see them up against her ears. “And I love the bracelet… Thank you!”

“Oh I’m so glad you like them… I was going to buy you some clothes, but Mother told me that you’d be wearing more adult clothes from now on!”

Hayley remained sitting on the bed enjoying the sight of her two former sons behaving and looking so delicately feminine and the fact that she could only refer to them as her nieces, did not stop her from remembering that they were really her daughters too.


“Hurry up Annabelle, I can’t wait to see what Auntie Hayley has bought you!” Michelle replied excitingly.

Annabelle carefully undone the bows and proceeded to open the large box.

“It’s… Oh… Auntie Hayley… It’s absolutely gorgeous!” Annabelle caught her breath as she pulled out a sequinned black dress, a matching clutch bag and a pair of black six-inch Italian stiletto wrap around shoes.

Hayley smiled warmly as she watched her pull the dress up against her night-dress.

“Hurry up sweetheart Mother has a surprise for you at the salon!” Hayley reminded her.

“Oh yes Auntie I will,” she flicked her blonde hair behind her ear.

“And don’t forget… You’re not working today so dress in some ordinary clothes!” Hayley left the sisters to discuss the coming day as she went back to her daily chores, anticipation evident in her movement, for she could not wait to see just how grown up and pretty Annabelle would look tonight.


Although today was her daughter’s birthday, Wendy could not ignore the busiest day of the week in the salon. For as much as she would have loved watching her open her presents this morning, she knew that tonight would be just as special and besides she would be spending a great day at the salon with her.


Wayne was totally excited too, his life was getting better and better and when he arrived at the salon to help out that morning, Wendy informed him that he would be getting a complete makeover too.

It was Gabby, however who had told Wendy to give Wayne a full make over for she wanted Wayne looking as pretty as possible for tonight’s party and considering Joan was also under instructions to wean him into panties, Gabby thought it would help her along.


For Grace today’s preparations could not have gone better than she could have ever planned. For Ivan was kept busy all day taking people to and from the mall all the day, while Joan and Gabby prepared the decorations for Annabelle’s sixteenth birthday party.

It was late afternoon when Ivan revealed a new look Jean and her youngest son Danny, who was dressed in some very evident lilac tom boy clothing and being eight found the sudden change in his mother and her choice of clothing for him rather confusing.

Jean’s hair was now a platinum blonde and the extensions took it half way down her back, her sparkling long emerald dress was split at the back and revealed her silk black stockings as she walked in her six-inch black platform pumps.

With her small breasts pushed high up by the corset she wore underneath and the way she strode, the confidence of being so sexy now oozed from her every step.

Ivan felt proud that such a beautiful female would be draped upon his arm and he knew that she would be forever pushing out her chest to show off the flesh the low cut front of the dress revealed. In fact he could not wait to strip her of the dress, for as she had whispered to him in the limo, she was now completely shaven below, tattooed and had pretty little set of studs in her newly pierced labia.

Princess looked envious of her former wife, the way she was dressed was so glamorous that it made her feel so cheap, especially when she was wearing the same red dress she wore last night. Princess also found it hard to stop her jealous eye from glancing upon the flesh of her ex-wife’s breasts. She so much wanted breasts of her own and as she casually brought a polished nail up to her tingling erect nipple, her cockette oozed more juices into her panty pad.

Grace smiled as she watched Princess shiver slightly, knowing full well what was happening.

As Danny clung to his mother’s arm, he felt foolish wearing such pastel and girlie coloured clothing and as he anxiously looked for his father and his brother, he wondered what they would say about their mother’s sudden and glamorous change.

He was totally mesmerised by his mother’s transformation and although he had spent the afternoon with her at the salon, could not understand why all those women enjoyed being in such a boring place.

Suddenly several very audible girlish shrills echoed from the hallway and as Danny looked over to the entrance three giggling girls entered the lounge, chaperoned by the odd looking older boy he had seen being pampered over at the salon.

Danny felt embarrassed for the boy because he actually behaved like a girl.

Wayne of course did not care what people thought he looked like, he wanted to be as effeminate as possible and his make over thrilled him endlessly. The slightly highlighted curled brownish hair, which he had proudly grown to just below his neck, had been cut into a very short feminine style and was now completely auburn.

His nails were long as they had been all during the school break and French cut, while his ears now sported two sets of hoop earrings. He had purposefully selected some very pink knee length jeans and a crop pink T-Shirt so he could show of his newly pierced belly button, while on his feet he wore a pair of white trainers with white and pink frilled ankle socks.

Danny watched all three of the younger girls as the strange girlie looking boy ushered the three giggling girls into place as they all awaited the guest of honour.

Danny looked at the eldest one, who he assumed was the eldest from the way her chest stuck out more, despite the ruffles of her pink party dress obscuring the true shape of them. Then he looked at the next one who wore a peach coloured ensemble and began to wonder why all these young girls loved to dress so girlishly, after all none of the girls at his school ever wore clothing like that.

Yet as he looked upon the third and youngest of the group, he kind of felt that he recognised her.

Her hair was a shiny blonde and curled all the way down her yellow satin party dress and unlike the others, whom also had matching ribbons in their long curly hair, she had a matching bonnet on her head.

The girl in the yellow dress suddenly looked at Danny and smiled as she annoyingly played with her curls.

Danny looked away embarrassed, he did recognise her but from where?

Then all three girls in unison fluffed out their dresses and petticoats and curtsied to Madame Grace as she walked up to them.

“Good afternoon my angels!” Grace smiled at them.

“GOOD AFTERNOON MADAME!” they all returned.

“As you can see we have a new guest with us today!” Grace then pointed over to where Danny was standing with his mother. “Come here boy!”

Jean proudly pushed her youngest over towards Madame.

“Hello sweetheart, now I’ve been rather busy today… so you’ll have to excuse me for not introducing myself earlier,” she leant forward and kissed the petrified young boy on the forehead. “Now I gather your mother has told you that you will be staying with me in this marvellous house until your apartment is finished across the road!”

Jean once again had to prompt her son to reply.

“Err… Yes Mrs?” he replied very nervous.

“Oh how sweet!” Grace smoothed her hand over his cheek.

“Where’s my dad?” he suddenly asked.

“Oh my dear you’ll get to see him shortly!” she winked at Princess. “Now come and meet my angels!”

Grace took hold of the boy’s hand and led him to the tallest of the three girls.

“Hello Danny, I’m Michelle,” she curtseyed before him and smiled, “I’m Fourteen and absolutely adore being a girl!”

Danny responded with a very shy smile.

“Hello Danny,” it was Kelly’s turn to say the very same words.

Once again Danny smiled shyly back, however when the third girl announced herself to him, the familiarity of the girl suddenly sunk into.

“Hello Danny, I’m Rosalind,” she curtseyed, “I’m thirteen and absolutely love being a girl!”

“Rrrrrrrrosssss… Is that yoooooou?” Danny suddenly stammered.

“Come on sweetheart don’t crowd the girls!” Jean suddenly grabbed a hold of her youngest son and pulled him away from them.

Danny’s young mind was reeling with confusion, what had happened to his mum and was that really his elder brother dressed up as a girl?

He wanted to cry and call out for his dad.

Glancing rapidly amongst all these strange people and then back at the blonde headed girl called Rosalind, he could not figure out if the girl was his brother or not, his childish mind had not made the connection of Ross’s feminine mind only a resemblance in features.

Then his mother laughed and held his hand tightly and this soothed his fear as his mind shifted onto wondering whether this was one of those fancy dress parties his mother had always mentioned of going too.

Slowly his fear began to dwindle for he knew that his father would never attend such a thing and that was why he was not here. Once again his mum laughed joyously and this cemented the idea in his mind for he always remembered how dad would always end up making his mum cry, by refusing to let her go to one.


Just then Wendy arrived dressed in a chiffon black trouser suit to announce the guest of honour’s arrival and as soon as she had Hayley walked in with Annabelle.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” rang out around the room as a blushing Annabelle stood excitedly on show.

“Happy birthday sweetheart!” Grace walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you Madame!” Annabelle gave a little curtsey.

Ivan could not take his eyes of the wonder that had just walked in and instantly moved over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

Annabelle accepted the curtseys from her sister, Kelly and their new friend Rosalind as she teetered on her high heeled Italian stilettos, finally arriving back at Hayley she could not help feeling overwhelmed by the occasions.

“Oh Auntie… This is so wonderful,” she brought a long nailed index finger up to her mascara. “I love this dress!”

Annabelle ran her hand over her hips marvelling at the shiny black sequins.

“You look absolutely stunning my dear!” Grace moved over to the former father and son. “Let’s have a good look at you!”

Grace stood equally mesmerised as she glanced upon the former overweight young boy that only eight or so months ago had moved onto her estate. She marvelled at the work Cresswell’s specially formulated drugs had made use of all of his excess flab and had sculptured it into an envious and almost flawless feminine shape.

Yet more outstanding was the fact that the only thing on her body that was not natural was her died blonde hair, which this afternoon had been worked into a beautiful bouffant that had three long strands deliciously hanging down the side of her face.

Annabelle looked and felt beautiful, her breasts were full and natural and the short black sequinned dress she wore exposed them to their fullness. With only very thin spaghetti straps holding the dress to her shoulders she enjoyed the thought that her breasts were only two slight moves away from full exposure.

Although she was wearing a silk black bustier that Hayley had also brought her for the dress, which was paired with a delightful matching set of black silk thonged panties. The dress fell down to the top of her thighs, which glorified her sheer black nylon pantyhosed encased legs, and as she smoothed out her dress beneath her, everyone became mesmerised with her legs as she crossed them seductively.


Michelle was the first to prance over to her sister and curtsey and wish her a happy birthday followed by Kelly and then the new girl Rosalind. Then with a clap of her hand Grace dismissed all of the younger girls to the playroom.

“Michelle would you take young Daniel with you please!” Grace asked.

With her sister now being sixteen, Michelle knew that after today everyone would be talking about her flowering maturity.

Her fifteenth was only a couple of months away and although she was sad about not being able to wear such pretty dresses again, she was now looking forward to being able to join in conversations with the adults about makeup and clothes.

Holding out her hand and with her white pantyhosed knees bent slightly together she prompted the young boy to go with her.

Prompted by his mother, the petrified looking eight-year-old nervously took Michelle’s hand.

“Michelle, there’s also a glass of lemonade in the playroom for Danielle, be sure that the little treasure does not go thirsty!” Grace smiled down at the boy.

Danny looked up at the very beautiful woman and wondered if he had misheard her.

‘Did she say Danielle?’ he thought to himself.


Annabelle was served with her first glass of wine, although she had managed to drink alcohol before she had moved to the Hive, she had never drunk anything alcoholic since she had become a girl.

With a ‘hic’ she very femininely brought her hand up to her lips to excuse herself.

This brought about another round of applause.

Hayley sat down besides Wendy and held her hand as she watched Annabelle receive her gifts.

After unwrapping what seemed to her as the entire catalogue of this years Victoria Secrets lingerie collection, her mother approached her and handed her the last of her presents.

Unwrapping the pretty presentation package, she suddenly felt rather embarrassed.

“What is it?” Gabby enquired as Annabelle’s eyes flitted around the room.

“Yes come on girl show us!” Grace pressed her further.

“Mother?” she very timidly brought up the two gifts for everyone to see.

Jean clapped as she saw the objects.

“It’s a welcome to womanhood my dear!” Wendy smiled as her daughter held aloft two large silicone dildos.

“Oh Wendy… You’re so wicked… You’ve embarrassed the poor girl!” Gabby laughed.


With the party almost over, Grace informed Joan that she would like her to bring Jean and her family to her study after she had had a very womanly chat with Annabelle.


Annabelle’s head was lightly spinning in a haze of alcohol as she took her seat opposite Madame and next to Joan.

“Thank you ladies for being so prompt,” Grace began as she stood up and moved over to Joan. “Sleep Joan!”

Joan instantly went into a hypnotic sleep.

“Sleep Annabelle!” she placed Annabelle into a trance and then released their triggers.

Both of them woke ready to obey any commands their owner now asked of them without argument.

“I’ve decided that after my little experiment with Princess this morning that it was only fair to real women that all my transformed girls should go through a monthly cycle, just like they do… Joan you will begin yours on Wednesday and every fourth week from then on!” Grace stood before her maid. “And just like Princess you will be very heavy!”

“Thank you Madame!” Joan accepted her new conditioning.

“Annabelle I feel it’s only fair that yours will begin only when you have got yourself a boyfriend!” Grace then brought Annabelle out of hypnosis.

Annabelle came from her trance without any real idea as to what was going to happen.

“Annabelle,” Grace looked down at the very beautiful blonde headed sixteen year old shemale. “Her Ladyship also has a special birthday present for you and believe me it is a special present too… She has expressed that over the next year up and until your seventeenth birthday you will have the choice whether or not you’d like to become a full woman like Madame Gabrielle!”

Annabelle gasped as the thought about the question, for she had never really thought too much about her true gender. She knew that she was different from other girls, for she still had her old male appendage between her legs, but the thought of actually crossing completely into womanhood had never crossed her mind until now.

“I… Err have a whole year to decide?”

“Yes my dear, after that you will have to accept being like me!” Grace replied.

“You mean… You’re like me… Down below?” Annabelle looked over to a smiling Joan, who sat with her legs close together and her hands perfectly folded in her lap.

“Don’t worry about Joan sweetheart,” Grace smiled as she followed Annabelle’s eyes over to Joan. “But in answer to your question, yes I am!”

“Oh?” Annabelle replied really surprised.

“Yes I too have been given the option to cross over permanently like you have, but I like being a shemale, and besides it does have it advantages!” Grace laughed, for she was just about to explain that real women have to go through a pre-menstrual every month, but considering that Annabelle had been reprogrammed to go through her own shemale version she thought otherwise.

“A shemale?” Annabelle replied rather confused.

“Yes sweetheart I am a shemale just like Joan is and you are at the moment, as will be your sister, Kelly and Rosalind too… When they reach your age of course!”

“Then Ivan is the only real man here?”

“Yes dear he is!”

“Mother, always regarded me and Michelle as transsexuals and Aunt Hayley as a transvestite, is that what we are?” Annabelle asked still confused about her gender.

“Well in a way you and me are transsexuals, but that is the term given to… Well let’s take Gabby she was born a boy, but always wanted to be a girl and it’s when this happens that the term transsexuals is applied.”

“So what is a transvestite?”

“Unfortunately people like us do get stuck with that name, but a real transvestite is a man who loves to dress in women’s clothing… Just like Princess does at the moment and you did when you were at school… But when you start developing female characteristics,” Grace pointed to Annabelle’s very well developed chest. “This is when you days of being a transvestite are over and you become a shemale or transsexual!”

“So what defines a shemale from a transsexual?”

“Oh that’s the stage you’re at now sweetheart. If you decide to keep that thing in your panties then you will stay a shemale for the rest of your life, if you decide to become a full woman then a transsexual is what people outside of our organisation will label you as... To us though you’ll be a woman!”

“I’m sorry Madame, but it’s just very confusing, for I’ve never really considered being a woman down there!” Annabelle held her chest femininely as she considered the option of having her penis removed.

“Listen sweetheart… you have a whole year to decide and whatever choice you make will be the right one,” Grace finished her reprogramming session that had turned into a counselling session for Annabelle. “Now run along!”

“Oh yes thank you Madame!” Annabelle stood up curtseyed and skittled out on her stilettos.

“Now Joan go and fetch me the Schuler’s!” Grace turned her thoughts to her latest converts.


Danny followed his mother into the strange woman’s study and stood beside her a lot calmer than he had done earlier. However he could not take his eyes of the blonde curly headed girl who resembled his brother, as she walked into the room behind them with the red headed woman wearing a red dress.

“Ah Daniel I’m so pleased to finally meet you… Your mother has told me so much about you!” Grace began as she walked around the family placing them all in to a trance. “Now Daniel, your mother also informs me that you like to be competitive with your brother?”

“Yes Mrs I do!” Danny replied.

“Oh you must call me Madame Grace from now on!”

“Yes Madame, I do!” he replied, the specially formulated lemonade forcing the young boys mind open to Grace’s suggestions.

“Well I don’t see any harm in being competitive around here, in fact I welcome it… And I feel that you will strive to be like your sister as hard as you tried to when he was your brother… Now tomorrow morning I have arranged for you to go to the salon with your mother, on Monday you will be attending your new school, which I might add is the same school Rosalind your sister goes to… now how exciting is that?”

“Oh thank you Madame Grace!” Danny smiled with happiness.

Grace looked at the young boy and considered her next coarse of action.

She had never worked on such a young mind before and considering at that age impressions and the environment he was in would mean that his mind would adapt to his surroundings without the need to implant suggestions in his subconscious.

“Danielle you will find what’s happening to you and what’s happened to your family a little daunting at first, but I know you’ll grow to accept the fact that you are no longer thought of as a boy!”

“Yes Madame!”

“You will strive to impress your mother even more from now on, especially as you are her youngest daughter!”

“Oh yes Madame… I will!” Danielle smiled as she looked up at her mother.

“Now Rosalind take your sister to her new room please!” Grace ordered. “And show her all your pretty new clothes!”

“Oh yes Madame Grace!” Rosalind curtseyed.


With the Schuler’s two offspring now out of the study, Grace continued with her programming on the former husband and wife.

“Princess how do you like the idea that your youngest will be attending the same school as your other daughter?” Grace enquired.

“Oh I think it’s fabulous!” Princess replied.

“Good… Now then Jean have you told your ex-husband about your plans?”

“Oh not yet Madame, I’ve been waiting for the right occasion!” Jean replied ecstatically.

“Yes Princess, it appears that Jean wants to add to her family and I believe she has already stopped using contraception?”

“Oh yes I have…Ivan wants me to get pregnant as soon as possible, and I can’t wait to have another daughter for you to be able to look after when we move into our apartment.”

“Princess… What do you think of the news?” Grace prompted her concubine.

“Oh Madame that’s wonderful!” Princess replied with no remorse of the former Bradley whatsoever.

“Excellent! Now Jean I’m sure you would like to get on with your baby making, so me and Princess can continue with our little chat!”

“Yes Madame Grace… Thank you!” Jean stood up and hurriedly minced her way out of the study as her mind began to focus on Ivan’s massive cock impregnating her.


“Now then Princess follow me to my boudoir, the evening is still young and I have still so much to show you!”

Princess followed behind her Mistress holding her hand as she led her to the boudoir, whereupon she took her straight into the bathroom.

“Ok… Princess lets get undressed!” Grace indicated as she began to undo her blouse.

Within minutes Grace stood naked with her concubine, who was still wearing her tight fitting panties, looking nervous.

“Sweetheart I know you’re wearing a panty pad and I’d imagine it’s soaked?”

“Yes Madame it is!” she replied sheepishly.

Grace then moved over to Princess her own small breasts pointing the way as her nipples enlarged.

“Mmmm… Princess, you’re soaked right through!” Grace whispered into her ear as she ran one hand over Princess’s encased cock and the other over her engorging nipple. “Oh and look at your nipples. It took me two years of solid tweaking pulling and sucking to get mine the size they are now… Yours are gonna be so big when you’ve finished changing!”

Then before Princess could respond Grace leant down and took her left nipple into her mouth.

“Uhhhh… Oh…Ummmmmmmmm!” Princess sighed as strange sensations swept through her body and then with a short sigh her cock released more juices into her panty pad.

Grace then moved her hand down into Princess panties and delved deep into the sticky goo that had culminated in her pad, then she brought her hand out and licked her fingers.

“Mmmmm… Princess your already beginning to taste like a woman!” she sighed herself as her small cockette became erect. Then with expert precision she yanked Princess’s panties roughly from her groin.

Princess responded to her cock being released by oozing a little more white goo which dropped to the heated tiled floor along with her panties and cum soaked panty pad.

“Here I’ll run the shower!” Grace moved over to the shower and turned it on. “Turn round and bend over!”

Princess did as she was told.

“Oh how sweet!” Grace chuckled as she saw the tiny string of Princess’s tampon hanging from her virgin shemale pussy. “Now come here!”

Princess walked over to the shower and stepped in.

It was warm and made her nipples enlarge even more as did her cock.

“Here Madame will help you with your tampon!” Grace stepped into the shower behind her, “I think that it’s quite comforting for Jean to know that you now need to wear panty pads and tampons, especially when she’s not going to be using them for the next ten months!”

“Uggghhh… Errmmmm… Yessssss! Madame, It seems that my accidents are very frequent!” Princess agreed with a little discomfort on her face as owner’s hand tugged the tampon free.

“Hmmm you seem to be very dry up there!” Grace enquired as she slid her erect cock between the cracks of her bottom. “You know it’s a shame that Bradley is not inside you anymore, it would’ve made the shock of hearing his wife’s excitement at giving birth to another man’s baby more enjoyable!”

“Yes Madame!” Princess agreed with her owner, she obviously knew that Bradley was her former life before she came to the ‘Hive’ two days ago, but her programming had completely erased any intervention Bradley’s male voice would have made.

“Oh Princess I’m gonna enjoy turning you into a hottie!” Grace’s pupils dilated as her emotions brought her forward to kiss her concubine’s neck.

“Oh… Mmmmmmadame!” Princess sighed with ecstasy as she felt Grace’s arms wrap themselves around her body and as it did her cock released a glob of goo.

Grace nibbled on Princess’s earlobe as the shower beat down on the two lovers, her nipples were erect and her small cockette was positioned just right between her concubine’s bottom.

Princess shivered with excitement as she felt her owner’s fingers pull and tweak her nipples as every tug caused her semi-erect penis to release a little more cum.

Grace then moved a hand around onto her bottom and began to part the cheeks of Princess’s bottom.

Automatically Princess’s transsexual mind shifted into gear and she aptly stuck her bottom out more as a message for Grace to probe further. Grace did, for as she slowly worked her nailed finger into the crevice of her bottom, she began to rub her tiny passage, then with one hand on her nipple and still tugging and tweaking it, she slipped her finger into Princess’s virgin hole.

Instantly Princess moaned as her cock once again seeped. Her mind was a wash with feminine desires, her nipples ached and her cock wanted to feel more than just foreplay.

Grace slipped her finger all the way in and felt her own excitement build as the sexy groan of her concubine told her that she had her where she wanted her.

“I bet you would love me to finger fuck you?” Grace egged the new shemale on.

“Oh yes Madame please!”

Grace did as she was asked and began moving her finger in and out of her back passage while her other hand let go of her concubine’s nipples and went straight to her own erect cock.

Princess responded exactly as Grace wanted her to, for Princess quickly took over tugging and rubbing her own nipples while her other hand now caressed her tight ball sac.

Grace then slowed in her finger fucking and added another finger and brought the pace back again.

Princess shivered and shook as her owner’s fingers delved deep into her new love hole and as her cock released what was more like clear liquid, she began to buck on the fingers.

Grace could see Princess’s cum oozing out of her cockette and decided that she had had enough enjoyment for now.

“Turn round and get on your knees bitch!” Grace withdrew her fingers as the water cascaded down on both of them.

“Yes Madame!” Princess did as she was told.

“Suck my clit!” Grace offered her cockette to her chosen lover.

Princess took the small silky stem of shemale clit in her mouth and even encased her owner’s small testicles.

“Ohhhhhh… Yesssssssssss! You bitch… You’re gonna make a good cocksucker I can tell!” Grace’s own body tingled as she watched all of her shemale sex disappearing into Princess mouth. Then grabbing a hold of her red wet hair she bucked her groin back and forth fucking Princess’s collagen enhanced lips as if they were the lips of a woman.

With a very loud moan of pleasure Grace ejaculated deep into Princess’s throat.

Princess also came again as she felt the hot liquid hit her tonsils and flood down her throat into her belly.

“Oh Princess you’re gonna make one hell of bitch!” Grace caressed her head as she continued to lick and suck on her limp cockette, enjoying the mixture of Grace’s seed and the warm shower. “I haven’t cum like that in months!”

It was true Grace had not enjoyed sex for some time and although she did have regular sex with Ivan she had come to realise that she was not attracted to men at all.

Her affair with Trisha had been a very passionate one but she soon realised that women could not fulfil her either, but the thought of another shemale had always appealed to her and considering she was one herself it seemed the more natural path for her to choose.

Sending Princess off to her room she slipped into her silk nightie and warmed to the fact that she had at last found sexual pleasure in some one and the more she thought about how Princess was hers and hers alone, the more excited she became.

For the first time in years Grace brought her self to an orgasm as she imagined her concubine teasing other men only to shun them for her.


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