Cresswell Industries Chapters 73-74-75

As Celeste begins to stir up her own claim to the Cresswell throne she enlists the help of Grace in getting what she wants, however Grace soon finds out that you can’t always believe a deceiver and as she becomes embroiled in Lady Melissa’s wayward adopted daughter’s plans, she also has to embark on the dangerous mission that places her in the sights of a cold bloodied killer, but does she have the character and skill to outwit such a dangerous and seasoned professional dealer in death.

Chapter Seventy Three


Lydia opened her eyes and wondered if all that she had been through had been just one long nightmare and as the sun filtered in through the blinds she shifted from the position she was lying in and as she did swells of soreness and bruising came from her chest and her bottom and as she glanced down at her chest, the reality of that nightmare she thought she had dreamt came back to her in a flash.

Tears fell from her eyes and as she tried to wipe them she realised that her face was heavily bandaged too.

Just then a door in the bright white room opened and in walked a very attractive dark haired woman dressed in a white lab technician’s coat.

“Good afternoon Miss Lay!” the woman smiled looking up from the clip board she was carrying. “I see everything has gone according to plan!”

“Whaffff?” Lydia replied but her mouth was very swollen.

“Your face will become less swollen in the next few days Miss Lay, we only finished your facial surgery yesterday I’m afraid!” the woman spoke rather sternly.

Lydia shifted her position on the bed again.

“But apart from your face it is time we got you on your feet and explained what changes we made to your body,” the woman ordered her.

Lydia wanted to disobey the woman, but something inside her made her do what the woman asked.

“Now come here!” the woman called her over.

Lydia stood on her feet and felt completely alien as her huge chest wobbled beneath her white hospital gown. Then as she stepped across the cold floor she felt another strange feeling in her bottom, as this seemed to wobble along with her chest.

“Good your balance is perfect and it looks as though you’ll adjust to your knew body better than we imagined!” the woman smiled as she clicked her fingers and motioned for her to stand in front of the mirror.

Then coming up behind her she untied the back of her gown.

Lydia stood in front of the mirror hypnotised by the image of what was now her body as the gown slipped from it.

Gone was the slender middle aged small-breasted woman she had grown so used to seeing in the mirror, for now she was staring at the figure of a very voluptuous woman.

Take your breasts in your hands Miss Lay!” the woman ordered her. “Do you still feel any pain in them?”

“Yeshhh Ish do!” Lydia replied lifting the two huge globes of flesh up with her hands, as twinges of pain ran through both breasts.

“Move closer to the mirror my dear!”

Lydia did and a tear fell from her eye as she looked upon her massive breasts, which were now topped by two very large brown aureoles.

“The pain will soon subside Miss Lay!” the woman smiled besides her. “Let them go and run your fingers over your nipples please!”

Lydia once again did what she was told and as she did two large brown nipples suddenly shot out and an unusual twinge shot down through her abdomen and into her groin.
“Oshh mysh vaginash?” she sighed, with a mix of horror and pleasure not only from the response she felt in her vagina, but from the heavy snake tattoo that covered her pubic region.

For where the snakes mouth finished a very rigid and prominent clitoris now protruded. “Whash havsh yoush donsh to me?” she began to sob.

“Lydia you are a walking fuck machine, if you’ll excuse my term. We’ve heightened your bodies sexual response!” the woman began to tick certain areas of her clipboard.

Lydia’s emotions were stuck between wanting to hide in shame and to plunge her hand into her vagina.

Just then the woman brought out a small tape-recorder and began to talk into it.

“Subject’s sexual urge is highly responsive when her nipples are touched!” the woman spoke into the machine. “Miss Lay, please touch your clitoris!”

Lydia did as she was told and as she did waves of pleasure shot through her and the twinge of pain she felt in her breasts heightened even more, especially in her nipples.

“Ooooshhhh pleashhhe Misshhh… Mysh nippleshhh they’re shhho shhhhhhore!” Lydia could not bring her hand away from her penis like clitoris as she rubbed it.

“Subject’s nipples are still very tender!” the woman spoke into her machine again. “Miss Lay if you would like to lay on the bed!”

Lydia did as she was told and could not believe the sensations sweeping through her body as she walked and played with her clitoris, her huge and very rounded arse wobbled as she tip toed over to the bed and her nipples felt like they were going to explode as her breasts swung from side to side.

“How do you feel?” the woman asked.

“I feelsh sooooosh shhhhtange!” Lydia replied in a burst of tears and sexual ecstasy.

“Subject is fully aroused and ready for next test!”

Suddenly the woman produced two dildos one was the size of a normal penis and the other was four times as big and wide.

Then without a thought to Lydia’s dignity, the woman rammed the normal shaped silicone cock into her anal passage and the larger one into her vagina.

Screams of pleasure erupted from her bandaged face as the woman expertly worked the phalluses in unison, then as quick as she had begun she pulled them from her, leaving Lydia on the edge of her sexual frustration.

“Subject’s sex holes are highly responsive and from the look in subject’s eyes I believe she wants more!”

As much as Lydia tried to fight the urges coursing through her body, she just could not help feeling so sexually charged.

The woman then placed her hand on her very large nipples and squeezed them.

“Subject’s lactation is now fully developed!” the woman spoke very excitedly into her machine as to the horror of Lydia, the woman squeezed a stream of white milk from her nipples, which in turn caused her clitoris to throb with excitement.

“Well Miss Lay it appears our work is a success,” the woman put away her tape machine and put a sample of the milk into a tube, as she showed Lydia the results of her weeping nipples. “You’re body chemistry has been adapted to heighten and stimulate every sexual need you could think of… Your vagina can easily accommodate two or probably three cocks at the same time and your anal passage will always need to be filled with something too.

However more importantly Miss Lay apart from you now being the complete nymphomaniac in body as well as mind, I must stress the importance of this milk that I eased from your nipples!”

Lydia sank back into her bed her body feeling completely alien to her every touch and as much as she wanted to fight the urges she felt, the woman was right, her mind was completely centred upon sexual fulfilment, yet despite feeling the need to be fucked long and hard, the words concerning her nipples echoed through her mind.

“I have hopefully adapted your body to become a kind of carrier for us, or to put it in more simplistic words… I’m turning you into a walking drug… The aim is that whenever your milk comes into contact with a man or a woman they will become dependant on you… They will crave you…Just as you will crave them!”

Lydia McKinley now Lydia Lay, wallowed in her new found sexuality, she knew who she had been and she would always remember her past life as Mrs McKinley, but as the woman had told her she was a virtual prisoner to her own body.

Her body would crave sex all the time and any kind of sex would suit her, she was a slut and a prostitute and despite her hating what she had become she would love what she had become.

A walking sex machine with the body to match her drive, men would leer at her and want her and she would also want them, but she would also lust for women too.

Yet as the horror of what she now was sank in and her fingers played and toyed with herself, she knew that she had no choice than to submit to her bodies requirements.

Celeste smiled with content as she witnessed her latest subject wallowing in complete sexual abandonment, both dildos were now back in place and the subject was moaning and writhing with pleasure.

Though more importantly would be the success of Lydia’s lactation, if her breasts, as she had designed them to, was producing the drug naturally, this would mean she had achieved her Ladyship’s ultimate dream.

So making her way hastily to her lab she quickly went about setting up her equipment.

Two hours passed by as she hummed several tunes, her fingers continuing to twist and turn different devices and move different test tubes around.

Suddenly Celeste clenched her fist as she brought her eye from the microscope and with a loud burst she yelled “YES!”

“The Robinson family had been her greatest success and with the discovery of Hayley’s metamorphism Celeste had found a different approach to creating the ultimate mind control drug.

She cursed herself at having missed the vital component required to control her subjects needs for replenishment, but with Hayley’s very unusual chromosomes and pheromone release, her advancement in this field had increased tenfold.

Instantly Celeste called her Ladyship to the laboratory.

“Celeste I can see you have discovered something vitally important?” Melissa enquired as soon as she saw her protégé.

“Oh your Ladyship… I’ve discovered much more than that… Come here look into the microscope!”

Melissa had been around her pharmaceutical operations for long enough to know what she was looking at when asked to look through a microscope and as she did her smile widened.

“This can not be?”

“Yes your Ladyship it is!”

“And this came from Lydia’s tits?”

“Yes your Ladyship… Her body secreted it… But more importantly her body produces it naturally!” Celeste smiled emphatically.

“Celeste do you know this brings my plans forward?”

“Yes your Ladyship… But first we will have to send Lydia out into the field and test the water as such,” Celeste enthused. “Ideally we’ll have to send her home and put her under complete surveillance, we can’t afford her infecting people we don’t know!”

“Yes I think that young man Justin will become of some use to us there!” Melissa chuckled. “I was wondering what to do with the poor boy!”

“We could set him up as a kind of pimp for her!” Celeste responded.

“No… I can see him more as her Personal Assistant… He is already devoted to her through lust and love!” Melissa continued. “So what are your next plans concerning your discovery?”

“I’ll have to reassess our other avenue of dispatch… I believe I can integrate it into Julia’s final change, but I will have to recall Wendy Robinson… My last experiment with her was not successful… So with your permission?”

“Celeste my dear get her here this instant… If Lydia can produce this drug naturally then it is only right that my new females should too!”

“It might be a bit more tricky with our new female species… Because we need them to also produce our re-gendering drug too?”

“Celeste… You’ve broken the barriers of medical biology so many times I have no doubt you’ll do it again!” Melissa wrapped her arm around Celeste and gave her a motherly hug.

As the night drew in Celeste continued to work away on her discovery, however the brilliant geneticist thoughts were not just on pleasing her mother, for she also had an agenda of her own and as she twiddled away in her laboratory she could feel another Eureka moment coming.

“YES!” she shouted out to herself as she looked into the microscope, “Perfect… I can now rewrite anyone’s structure!”

Celeste spent the entire night rereading her notes and going over all potential problems and just as she had thought she had at last created the ultimate DNA restructuring serum, but she needed to have her own experimental grounds to work on and with the acquisition of Feethams High School, she knew she had the ideal place.

Punishing males were of course part of her own agenda, but she needed people loyal and obedient to her and what better way was there than to create your own followers.

Sure her adopted mother’s plans of teaching mankind a lesson were still central to the ultimate goals set out by her, but Celeste had spent enough time around power hungry men to understand the greed that drives them and like them she too had developed that same attribute.

Celeste‘s views of her mother‘s new world were slightly different than hers and she could not understand why you should share responsibility of governing your own organisation, when you could just as easily control it all.

Locking away her notes Celeste yawned and made her way out of the laboratory, turning the lights out as she went, however unbeknown to her another figure shifted in between the shadows of the fluorescents as they flickered out and as Celeste left her work and her secrets behind a slender hand keyed in the security password that held all those secrets and without a sound began to scour her work, taking micro pictures of all of the formulas and algorithms that had brought Celeste to where she was now.

Further away in the subterranean catacombs that had become the dungeons of the farm a cell door unlocked and the click of that lock was noted by its occupant.

“She is proceeding with her plans as you said she would,” a soft feminine voice whispered out as the cell door closed quietly, “and I’ve a microfilm of all of her data!”

“Vereez goodz my childz!” an Eastern European sounding manly voice replied.

“When do we bring Grace into play?” the soft feminine voice whispered out eagerly.

“Soon my childz soon… She vill callz upon me soon… Ve haz already gizen her der McKinley boyz an she haz zer boyz fazer under her control!”

“Yes she does!”

“Then soonz she vill call upon me!”

“Yes of course… So err… Is there anything else I can get you mother?”

“No I’m inz no needz of anything tonight my dearz!” the face of a plump looking woman appeared in the dim solitary light. “An bezides youz had best getz back to your post!”

“Yes of course mother I will!” the angelic outline of a young woman opened the door and as quietly as she entered the catacombs she left, the frequency emitter she wore delaying the security cameras above her as they monitored nothing but a ghostly echo of what was recorded 2 seconds before.

Chapter Seventy Four


It had been a tense nervous twenty minutes waiting in the unmarked black limousine and the importance of the meeting was etched on Grace’s face as she once again shifted in her seat.

Princess sat in between the wonderfully feminised former killers of Gabby’s husband, feeling the fear her Mistress felt with equal nervousness.

Ivan was dressed in his chauffeurs uniform and as much as he hated carrying a gun, felt relieved that he did have the comfort of a weapon to fall back on.

Looking into the rear view mirror he could not help staring at the two twins, they were so perfect in every detail, form their blonde pigtails down to their knee high white socks and matching black Mary Jane’s.

Suddenly his attention was averted to a black range rover with mirrored windows pulling up at the opposite end of the chosen motel’s parking lot. The lights flashed twice indicating their meeting with Bernard Falconer’s right hand man was going to take place.

“Well Princess… It looks as though the time has come for us to enter new territory!” Grace sighed as she leant forward and squeezed her concubines tan hosed knee.

“Yes Mistress!” Princess felt her own stomach begin knot.

“OK girls now stay here with Princess I will send Ivan back and drive you up to the room, that’s if our meeting goes according to plan of course!” Grace tensed herself for the dangerous meeting.

Ivan opened the limousine door and helped his wife out onto the parking lot, while across the parking lot a similar scene was unfolding.

A six-foot tall overweight black man stepped out of the range rover followed by a white bald man who was equal to the black man in height and weight, then they were followed by a tall slim thirty something man carrying a suitcase.

Grace steadied herself as she and Ivan approached the three men.

“It’s good to see you again Miss Acton!” the black man smiled as they all met outside the designated motel room.

“It’s good to see you again Mr Jinx!” Grace nodded her reply, for Mr Jinx was after all one of her Ladyship’s key contacts within the dangerous underworld of organised crime.

“I trust you have the goods?” Mr Jinx continued the conversation as the bald headed henchman opened the motel room door.

“Yes!” Grace looked at the dark haired and very good looking young man who was negotiating on behalf of Bernard Falconer.

With the door open he offered Grace to enter with his hand.

“Thank you!” Grace looked into his dark brown eyes and walked in.

The room was nothing special with a twin bed and the usual things you would expect to find in a cheap motel room, however there was two chairs arranged opposite one another at a medium sized table.

The bald headed man closed the door and stood guard outside, while Mr Jinx pulled out the two chairs and offered Grace and the young man a seat.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Miss Acton!” the man spoke very suavely. “Grace I believe your name is…Yes?”

“Yes and yours?” Grace crossed her legs and knelt sideways onto the table.

“You can call me Xavier!” he smiled, as he looked Grace square in the eyes. “Now I believe you have an offer for Mr Falconer to consider.

“Xavier… That’s a strange and mysterious name?” Grace replied caressing the edge of the table, her confidence growing with every second.

“Yes it is… Now the offer Miss Acton?” he looked concerned at Mr Jinx, the man who had arranged the meeting between the two of them.

“Xavier… I deal in a very dangerous and demanding market… A market that your boss, Mr Falconer… Would love to get back into!” Grace kept eye contact with Xavier.

“Grace… I am a very dangerous and demanding myself … So I ask you once again what is this offer?” Xavier huffed deliberately moving his jacket to one side to reveal his holstered gun wrapped around his polo-necked sweater.

“Jinx why have you wasted my valuable time with this… I’m sure you’ve already fed this rabble the info… Or do they always send a dumb jock who knows nothing?” Grace countered Xavier’s reminder of who he was.

“Please Miss Acton… Xavier is fully aware…” Mr Jinx was about to reply when Xavier interrupted him.

“Enough of this game!” Xavier held up his hand to silence Mr Jinx. “Now we have determined why we are here… I propose we begin our negotiation!”

Grace looked Xavier straight in the eyes yet again a little smile breaking her pink glossy lips apart.

“Mr Falconer is very interested in your proposal, but of course he would like to see something more concrete!” Xavier finally began to talk business.

“Of course he does!”

“So I take it you have a sample?”

“Do you have the down payment?” Grace countered once again.

Xavier instantly picked up his suitcase opened it and turned it around.

“One gold bar as agreed!” Xavier ran his hand over the brick of gold.

“May I?” Grace picked the bar up and felt the weight of it.

“I must admit you are very wise to deal this way… Money can so easily be traced!” Xavier took the case away and closed it. “Now the merchandise!”

“Ivan would you do the honours sweetie!”

“Yes Madame!” Ivan left Grace to face Falconer’s right hand man alone.

“My chauffeur will fetch the limo… I would rather that we concluded our business inside the limo… We don’t want any unneeded interference from a passer by do we?”

Xavier looked at the beautiful blonde haired woman and smiled.

A smile that Grace knew had the young man where she wanted him.

“Tell me Xavier why do you smile?”

“I have never done business with such a pretty face before!” he smiled once again.

“Is there a Mrs Xavier?”

“That is for me to know and you to find out Grace!” he smiled once again, however as he leaned forward his smile dropped and his face became more serious. “Tell me Grace… Who do you belong too?”

“That is for…”

“You to know and me to find out!” he sat back in his chair chuckling to himself. “Very good Grace… Very good!”

Just then the limousine pulled up by the veranda of the room.

“After you Xavier!” Grace offered sarcastically.

Xavier wagged his finger at her smiled and stood up grabbing a firm hold of the suitcase, “Ladies first!”

Grace stood up and beamed a smile back at him and then proceeded towards the limousine parked right outside the room, whereupon Ivan was quick to open the rear the door.

Grace stepped into her territory and right on cue Xavier followed behind her, leaving his henchman, Mr Jinx and Ivan outside and as Bernard Falconer’s right hand man stepped in behind her, he came face to face with a beautiful pair of crossed legs.

“Xavier this is my personal secretary!” Grace introduced her concubine to him.

“Hello Mr Xavier!” Princess held out a beautifully French cut and polished hand.

“Hello to you to my dear!” he replied taking his seat next to Grace. Then his eyes turned to the two identical young girls seated either side of the red headed woman.

“Xavier these two gorgeous little twins are my gifts to Mr Falconer!” Grace introduced the twins. “Jane and Charlotte!”

Xavier looked at both of the girls and their schoolgirl outfits and had to admit they both looked very tempting.

“Say hello to Xavier darlings!” Grace ordered the twins.

“Hello Mr Xavier!” they repeated in unison.

Xavier looked at the demurely seated twins once again, rather surprised at their calmness, looking them over once again he had to admit that Mr Falconer had slightly under estimated Miss Acton’s promise.

“And… What is so special about these two?” he played down his obvious delight for his boss’s new acquisitions.

“They do everything together… Literally!” Grace replied, knowing that the sight of the twins dressed in school uniform would go straight to Xavier’s brain between his legs.

“Hmmm… They do look clean!” he began to play his not too interested act on Grace.

“All my girls are clean!” Grace replied a little insulted by Xavier’s choice of words.

Then Xavier pulled out his mobile phone and called a number.

Grace knew who the person was on the other end.

“Yes sir, the merchandise is in pristine condition… As you can see!” Xavier took pictures of both girls with the phones built in camera and sent them to his boss and then cut the call.

“You’ll have Mr Falconer’s decision in several minutes!” Xavier smiled at Grace, however the red headed woman caught his attention’s when she deliberately re-crossed her legs.

“So are you for sale too?” he looked the red headed beauty in the eyes.

“No she is not!” Grace replied.

“I’d like to hear from her own mouth thank you Miss Acton!” he countered.

“No Mr Xavier… I am not… I am Miss Acton’s Personal Assistant!” Princess gave the handsome looking criminal a pearl white smile.

“But… She could become your very Personal Assistant… At a small price!” Grace, finally got the man in the position she wanted him in.

Xavier smiled warmly at the PA, as he looked her up and down, for she was attired as any female secretary or personal assistant would be.

Her choice of shoes were 3 and half inch high black crocodile style court shoes that slipped elegantly onto her tan panty hosed legs, which ran up to meet a four button upper hip length tapered skirt and jacket. Beneath the jacket her front open silk satin blouse showed just enough of her cleavage to indicate that her satin white bra was holding them together tightly.

Just then his cell rang.

“Yes… Certainly Mr Falconer!” Xavier acknowledged his boss’s wishes.

Terminating the call, he then handed Grace the suitcase.

“It appears that you have a deal!” he smiled back at Grace.

“Good, if you’d like to transfer the twins into your car, then we can discuss the terms of our deal!” Grace replied calmly as ever.

Xavier looked at Grace square in the eyes again and she knew that this dangerous man could tell if anything was awry from the way he interrogated people with his stare, which considering her own ability with her own eyes, she found rather interesting.

Opening the limo door he called to his henchman to fetch their car and when he did he ordered him to escort the two twins over.

“Now then Grace I will explain the deal!” Xavier closed the door and sat down besides her.

“Very well… I’ll listen to what you’ve got to say!” Grace smiled back at him keeping her own vision locked on his eyes.

“Mr Falconer will give you his decision on whether he will do business with you after he has tried those two little cutie pies out and believe me he’ll put them through very stringent tests!” Xavier explained as his eyes wandered from Grace’s eyes and onto to her body exploring her further.

Grace knew how to dress and had chosen to wear a rather elegantly grey sporty suit with a two button patch pocket jacket with matching low waist plain cuffed flare legged pants made from the finest English virgin wool. While her choice of shoes was a pair of grey and white court two inch heels.

“Well if that is the case you’d better take the gold bar back with you!” Grace countered.

Xavier’s eyes shifted back to hers.

“Mr Falconer can have the twins as a gift from me, but I can assure you they will do everything and anything for their owner!” Grace then proceeded to her next plan, which was not on her Ladyship’s list. Slipping her hand into her jacket pocket she pulled out a small bottle which was small enough for her to conceal in her hand.

She knew her last comment would draw his attention straight back to her eyes and as they both locked vision again, she waited for her moment to strike.

“I don’t think Mr Falconer would appr..” Xavier was about reply with his wry smile, when Grace sprayed something into his face. “Whaaaaa… The FUC… Shit what did?” he tried to wipe whatever it was from his face while drawing his gun.

“Do not fret Xavier it was only a relaxant!” Grace smiled as she watched him un-holster his gun. “Now put that dangerous toy away and look me straight in the eye!”

Xavier’s instincts were to place the gun right at her head and call the deal and the woman off permanently, however the drug in the spray was fast acting and as much as he fought it, his mind began to relax.

“Place your gun back in your holster please Xavier!” Grace asked him once again.

Xavier did as she asked.

“Good!” she took a hold of his broad chin and turned his face to meet with her eyes, “Whenever you hear my voice and I say the words ‘Perfect Hostess’… You will be completely under my control and when I release you… You will also remember nothing of this incident, however you will over the period of Mr Falconer’s trial run with the twins develop a growing desire to be with Princess do you understand?”

“Yes!” he replied docilely.

“Eventually your need for her will grow and your hidden obsession with her will surface and when this happens you will phone this number,” Grace slipped a small white card into his hand. “Now place the card in your jacket and forget all about it until the time calls for you Xavier!”


“Good… Now where was I oh yes…” Grace clicked her fingers and brought Bernard Falconer’s henchman from her control. “I have no qualms about loosing the twins… As has already been explained to you… We create the perfect hostess in all of our girls!”

Xavier shook his head wandering what had just happened, for the last thing he recalled he was going for his gun, yet now he was holding a white card.

“I’m sure my Personal Secretary will help you if you require anymore assistance!” Grace smiled.

“What?” he replied only half listening to what this woman was saying to him.

“My secretary’s phone number!” Grace indicated to the card he was holding.

“Oh yeah!” he shrugged his shoulders and placed the card into his jacket pocket.

Grace gave him a little smile and a look to say that their meeting was over.

“Yes I will contact Mr Jinx with Mr Falconer’s reply when he feels ready to!” Xavier took back control of the meeting and got up and opened the door.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Grace enquired with her own wry smile.


“Your suitcase!” Grace moved the case containing the gold bar back to him with her foot.

“Oh yes… A very wise move Miss Acton… I’m sure Mr Falconer will look upon your gesture a lot more favourably!”

With Princess back in the safety of the limousine and Ivan back at the steering wheel, Grace felt pleased with her achievement, Xavier would soon be hers to control and through Princess she would soon find out every deal and move Bernard Falconer was making herself.

‘Melissa,’ she thought to herself warmly, ‘You can have your little robots to record everything that goes on in his house, but I’m gonna get the best informant of all!’

“Mistress!” Princess bit her lip as she crossed her legs seductively in front of Grace.


“Is that man going to my first male lover?” she asked hoping that Xavier was going to be what she thought.

“Yes… He is… And isn’t he a hunk?”

“Oh yes Mistress he is!” Princess began to think dreamily about the gangster.

“I have a feeling that in a few weeks time he will be asking to see you!” Grace smiled as she saw how turned on her concubine was, at the thought of entertaining her first male lover.

“Oh thank you Mistress!” Princess giggled slightly as she felt her penis tug at her panties.

“Don’t go getting yourself too excited about him yet… Because I might get jealous of him… I mean you are mine!” Grace smiled at Princess, knowing full well what she was feeling in her groin.

“Oh no Mistress… A man could never replace you!” Princess fluttered her eyes at her mistress.

Many miles away and far from the parking lot of the motel a large cheer went around the communication room of Gorgon Technological and Electronics.

Visual contact was now made and although the twins had been on line through the communications mast that was now attached to the partly built apartment block inside the Hive’s estate, the long range scanners had not been able to receive their signals.

Gorgon T & E as it was known had been acquired by Cresswell Industries over two years ago and were now committed to any projects Celeste felt needed their expertise.

A joint project with the European space agency had also helped put a satellite that was controlled by Gorgon into orbit and it was this technology that had finally helped establish the link with the twins.

Celeste sipped her glass of champagne as she watched her main project now coming to life in front of her eyes. Everything the twins saw Cresswell’s would see and everything they heard Cresswell’s would hear.

“Celeste… Once again I must congratulate you!” Melissa placed her hand on her future beneficiary’s shoulder.

“Oh it should be me congratulating you your Ladyship!” Celeste replied warmly.

“Celeste… With all this technology and stuff I’ve acquired and put to use, I’ll still never be able to ward of the spectre of death!” Melissa sat down besides her.

“Your Ladyship please… I’ve been working on a new formula that will bring youth back to you… I have used a small dose of the serum on one of the teachers at that school you acquired… I’m sure it will suc…”

“Celeste!” she placed her finger over her mouth, her face turning to one of concern, “We can’t all live forever… And besides I’ll be seventy-three years old next fall!”

“But I’ve managed to manipulate the skins elasticity and the bodies chronological timer… It’s only a matter of time before we can turn a ninety year old woman into a teenager once again!”

“Celeste my revenge is near to hand and after that I will not care about my age… I will have done everything I set out to do all those years ago!” Melissa turned Celeste’s face around to face her. “Now promise me you’ll not squander what you’ve help build here with me!”


“Celeste if you go in search of rejuvenation and immortality it will attract the very people we are trying to destroy and the very same people I saved you from!”

“I don’t follow?”

“Governments and more worryingly men of evil!” Melissa tried to make Celeste see her reasoning.

“But we’ll own the governments… You are going to have Julia Stroud in such a powerful position?”

“Yes but we must progress slowly and unnoticed, if we start making old women young again, they will pull you down with them!”


“Celeste how old are you?”

“Thirty two!”

“How old is test subject of yours?”

“Well she‘s err,” Celeste’s face contorted with confusion. “She’s in her sixties?”

“Well when this woman was your age, her feelings and beliefs were different to what they are now… She made mistakes, mistakes in love and things like that!” Melissa began. “My point is this… If you give a woman back her youth… You will make her stronger in mind and more determined to have what she never had when she was that young before and… In her haste to have what she never had before, she will grow more dominant in her own mind!”

“But we control her through selected programming, so there’s no danger of her thinking anything more than what we want her to think!”

“Precisely my point, we control her to use her, but what justifies our right to do that to her, after all what purpose is this woman becoming young going to do for us… There are plenty of young prostitutes and fallen young girls on the street who could do that job… And more so there are a lot of men, young and old who are more deserving of that fate… So why would you want to make a sixty year old woman young again?”

Celeste pulled her face away from Melissa and looked up at the monitors of the twins, with the question of ‘why would she want to make an old woman young again’ rolling about in her mind.

She had to be honest she had no reason other than advancing her ability to do such a thing.

“Celeste… Promise me that you will not make this woman young again!” Melissa asked heartily.

“The drug as it is now will only tone her muscles, elasticise her skin and strengthen her bones, it will not make her internal organs young, I had not got that far!” Celeste replied down heartened.

“And what DNA marker is this serum used from?”

“An Eighteen year old girl!” Celeste replied rather nervously.

“So we are going to have a sixty something woman with the body of a teenager walking about Feethams school?”

“Yes your Ladyship,” Celeste looked sorrowfully up at the monitors again.

“I want you to monitor this woman’s change carefully… And make sure she does not impose the change in her body on anyone outside of the circle of people we put her in… Do you understand?”

“Yes your Ladyship!” Celeste replied rather tearfully. “I’m so sorry I never thought about the reality of it… I only wanted to progress our DNA capabilities that is all!”

“Yes I know you did… But you must remember we cannot play god so thoughtlessly... I would like to be young again… But where would it leave you Celeste?” Melissa stood up and placed her hand back on Celeste’s shoulder. “To put it more mildly… If I was young again how would you stand to inherit Cresswell Industries?”

Celeste looked up at Melissa her last sentence finally summing up the whole subject concerning rejuvenation.

The journey back from Gorgon T&E had been a tiring one so before she went to bed, Melissa poured out her favourite tipple and slumped down on her burgundy red leathered sofa, her thoughts lost in concern for her choice of predecessor.

Today had confirmed two things about Celeste, one positive and the other negative, the positive being her outstanding brilliance, but the worst and most negative was her growing disregard for the people she was testing her ideas out on.

Melissa knew that she would have to clamp down on her, before she turned into the very thing she had saved her from becoming when she was working for the military, a crazed rogue science genius.

True the idea of being young again was tempting, but her ethics of not doing so were stronger.

Melissa wanted to hand over a very powerful and female orientated organisation that would give rise to female dominance and rid the world of all those macho masculine ideologies that had caused so many wars.

Picking up her phone she called her lawyer.

“Melissa how are you?” the voice responded.

“Jonathan I wish to make certain amendments to my will!” Melissa sighed.

“Oh I see… You had better come see me tomorrow morning!”

“Yes… Thank you … Jonathan!” Melissa returned her voice sounding rather perturbed.

“Are you ok… Melissa?” Jonathan Mills her long time lawyer and legal brief enquired a little concerned.

“Yes… I am… It’s just that I think I may have placed far too much on young Celeste’s shoulders!”

“I see… Well I’ll see you tomorrow then!” Jonathan responded as Melissa put the phone down.

“Well?” a female voice turned to Jonathan Mills as he replaced the receiver.

“You was right she is thinking of changing her will… What the fuck did you do?”

“Fucking… Bitch… After all I’ve done for her!” Celeste shot up out of Jonathan Mills’s bed. “I offer her, her youth back and what does she do… Fucking castrate me like one of those fucking he bitches she loves so much!”

“Relax Celeste… you might be jumping at the wrong conclusions… I mean who would she give Cresswell Industries to… You are her adopted daughter I have the papers that say you are!” the silver haired sixty seven year old American lawyer tried to ease his young lover’s anxiety down.

“You’ll find out tomorrow and make sure you tell me who gets it… Or I’ll play Melissa that little tape of you fucking your son’s wife!”

“Hey sweetbritches easy… I’m on your side gal!” his Texan accent finally surfaced, despite the fact that he had not resided in that part of the world for thirty odd years, for it always seemed to raise itself when Jonathan was threatened.

Celeste could feel Jonathan Mills’s semen leaking from her vagina and decided that it was time she cleaned herself up so ignoring her ‘Sugar Daddy’ as he liked all of his young lovers to call him, she went into the bathroom.

Turning on the shower Celeste threw herself into it.

She hated having sex with men, but she knew that keeping her hands firmly on all of Melissa’s empire meant that she would have to endure it for as long as it took and if that meant doing it with her lawyer, then so she would.

Desperate to evict every bit of Jonathan Mills’s body from her, she scrubbed and scrubbed herself, her mind caught between her hatred for men and her growing resentment of all the other people who may jeopardise her future of owning Cresswell Industries lock stock and barrel.

The bathroom door opened after about fifteen minutes and Celeste could see the outline of Jonathan’s well toned body in the haze of the misty shower door.

“Hey ya’all right in there sweetbritches!” he toyed with her, knowing that calling her that would annoy her.

“Yes… Hand me a towel Sugar Daddy!” she replied sliding the shower door back and revealing her water soaked naked body for him to see.

“Sure sweetcakes!” he handed a towel over admiring his raven haired lover’s beautifully sculptured body.

Celeste gave him a short grin and took the towel and thought about how much she wanted to tell him where he could get off, yet she would have to wait until he had outgrown his usefulness, although she would have to find a way of getting rid of him first, so until then she knew she would have to put up with all of his lecherous advances.

Jonathan Mills was no dumb sucker either, he knew exactly what he was dealing with when she approached him with the tapes of him and his son’s wife enjoying an afternoon of sordid sex.

The fact that his son’s wife was nothing but a gold digger who was having affairs left right and centre, always eased his conscience anyway, but it amused him considerably that this woman was using the same blackmail tactic he used on his son’s wife to get to him.

However Jonathan Mills was one step ahead of Celeste and showed her the evidence he had of who she used to be before Celeste changed her into the beautiful and sexy woman she was today.

So with both of them in a stalemate, he suggested that their agreement should be worked out another way.

If Celeste wanted any information from him she would have to sleep with him.

“Celeste I’m well aware of what goes on up at Melissa’s estate!” he grabbed a hold of her by the waist. “So I will let that little tantrum you had back in there go… But just in case you’ve forgotten… It only needs one call to a specified government agency and you and your future empire will come crashing down around you!”

Celeste looked into his grey and very calculating eyes, how she wished she had control of Dr Van Getz for his or as she had originally been and was once again, her, hypnotic and mind controlling abilities could have put paid to this jerk and he could now be eating out of her hand, however Celeste had deviously managed to persuade her mother that the he-she doctor was an imminent threat to her organisation and had managed to get Dr Van Getz removed from his-her position.

In short Celeste had already made an enemy of the Doctor.

“Yes… I know… I was just angry with my so called Mother!” Celeste replied hiding her true feelings away from him. “All I want to know is who will be written into that will!”

“Well considering your sexy body is still at my disposal, I suppose I’ll have to!” he pulled of the towel and thrust his tongue into Celeste’s mouth and his hands on to her peach shaped bottom.

As Jonathan Mills’s cock thrust in and out her soaking vagina once again, Celeste’s mind was far away from the enjoyment of sex.

She needed to grab control from this man once and for all and as his sperm filled the insides of her body a certain person came to mind, an adversary who did have the ability to hypnotise and from the evidence of her work so far, was very good at it too, a certain Grace Gerhart.

As the morning arrived Grace woke up with the sound of the phone continually ringing, a slight moan to her left reminded her that Princess had also been woken by the continually ringing phone.

Grace knew the calls were for her, but she only wanted to talk to them on her own terms, however a knock at the door and the familiar voice of Joan told her that it was time to get up.

Sliding from the bed Princess’s arms slumped lazily back onto the bed and as she cutely groaned and turned over, the sight of her concubines rounded bottom and ‘Princess’ tattoo reminded her of the wild marathon sex they both had last night.

Although every night spent with Princess always ended in a lustful sex fuelled marathon, it was the added thought for both of them that the very good-looking Xavier would soon be part of their relationship.

“I’m sorry Madame,” Joan curtseyed as she met her owner at the bedroom door.

“Yes Joan I’m aware the calls have been for me!” she yawned.

“I’m sorry Madame, but it’s Madame Celeste and she is on her way over here and she was not very happy that you would not answer her call!” Joan sounded rather concerned about Lady Melissa’s adopter daughter.

“Thank you Joan keep her waiting when she gets here will you… I’m not frightened of her and you have nothing to worry about either, you are my housekeeper not hers!”

“Yes Madame!” Joan curtseyed relieved that her owner had no fear of her.

Grace dismissed Joan and turned to face the sight of Princess getting out of bed.

“Mistress?” she enquired although she did not know who Celeste was, the urgency in Joan’s voice gave rise for concern.

“It’s ok Princess, just an unusual guest who’s decided to pay me a visit… That’s all!”

Grace wondered why Celeste would ever want to pay her a visit, she had after all successfully passed on her two creations to Bernard Falconer and besides Gabby would have told her if anything had gone wrong from the Farms’ end.

Still her questions would be answered soon.

An hour later a silver BMW pulled up onto the drive announcing her arrival.

Joan was quick to open the door and curtsey before her as she entered the house.

“You can tell your Mistress that I’ll go looking for her if she intends on keeping me waiting!” Celeste growled at Grace’s maid, who stood rather anxiously before her curtseying, “Go on… Don’t just stand there… Go and get her NOW!”

“Yes Madame Celeste,” Joan quavered before the woman and quickly scurried off to inform her mistress.

“Grace… I must say your little Hive is bigger than I thought!” Celeste walked straight in behind the curtseyed Joan as she had followed her to the study where Grace was hoping to delay her for some time.

“So what is it that brings you to this part of the world?” Grace replied rather nonchalantly. “I shouldn’t think it’s to view the building works?”

“Well I suppose not… But I would appreciate some?” Celeste nodded towards Joan who was still standing in her curtsey position waiting for Grace to dismiss her.

“Certainly!” Grace acknowledged Celeste’s wish for privacy. “Joan it’s ok… I’ll let you know if I need anything!”

“Yes Madame!” Joan re-curtseyed and scuttled off.

“You’ve got your privacy Celeste, so what do you want?” Grace got straight to the point as Joan closed the door behind her.

“Well I’m sure you are aware that I’ll be inheriting all of this one day Grace!” Celeste began.


“Well I like what you’ve done here Grace and I need to know that when I do inherit Cresswell that you will be on my side?”

“And?” Grace once again prompted her future queen as she saw her for the real reason behind her visit.

“I have underestimated you in the past Grace and I’ve realised that was a mistake and I can see that you are very loyal to my mother!”

“And why shouldn’t I be?”

“Well… You know?”

“No… I don’t… Tell me, I’m intrigued?” Grace sat down behind her desk and leant forward resting her chin on her hand.

“Oh come on Grace… You don’t need me to spell it out do you… The difference between you and me hmmmm?” Celeste’s eyes moved down towards her groin.

“Oh you’re talking about my cock and balls?” Grace acted surprised as she deliberately began to whey up Celeste’s normal intelligence, it was after all quite obvious she was intellectual in a scientific way, but when it came to reality, Grace had figured that Celeste was rather clueless.

“Yes sweetie… I mean my mother made you into a Cocksister… Because you deserved it!”

“So we’ve determined I’ve got balls between my legs!” Grace ignored the jibe that was growing amongst the more natural females of Cresswell’s indoctrinated concerning the shemales within the organisation and just smiled and nodded along with Celeste, knowing that her own estimations were correct, “So what do you want?”

Grace sat back in her chair as she listened to Celeste’s tale of how she believes that one of Lady Melissa’s lawyers and confidants was blackmailing her into sleeping with him.

“So why don’t you tell her Ladyship?” Grace could not understand why Celeste had told her about Jonathan Mills’s hold over her.

“It would make her angry and considering her age, the thought of one her most trusted advisors doing to me what… Well you know?” Celeste’s eyes began to wander around the room.

“You mean, you’re too embarrassed?” Grace found the appropriate words.

“Yes,” Celeste looked sheepishly down to her lap.

“And where do I fit into all of this?”

“I want you to invite him over here and erase his mind of me!”

“And what is my reward?”

“I’ll see to it that you keep your place here!” Celeste replied arrogantly.

“Gee thanks!” Grace replied sarcastically.

Celeste looked back at Grace and could see that her attitude towards her was not very warm, she knew the threat of removing her from what was now her home would not work, but considering she hardly knew Grace at all, it was a way for her to judge her intelligence.

“I can see why my mother holds you high in her schemes around here, “ Celeste paused.

“If you want me to help you Celeste… You will have to grant me a wish!” Grace smiled back across the desk.

“Hmmm… That depends what it is?”

“You can find my wife for me and tell me where she is!”


“Don’t look so surprised Celeste I’m not some dumb Cocksister!”

“Well… I err… I suppose that is a strange request coming from one my mother’s transformed males!” Celeste sounded rather perplexed.

“Tell me where she is and show me actual evidence and I will help you out!”

“But what will you do with this information?”

“Celeste she was my wife and a part of me still loves her… I just want to know where she is!”

Celeste breathed in deeply as she considered the deal, true she knew nothing about Grace’s story and was not really interested in it either, all she wanted was complete control over Cresswell Industries and at this precise moment in time this shemale called Grace was the only person who could do this for her.

“Well?” Grace tapped the table.

“I will find out everything you need to know,” Celeste replied with a wry smile.

“I want to know everything… I want to know where she is, what she’s done or doing and I want photographic proof that she is happy in what it is she is doing!”


“When you fall in love Celeste, you’ll understand!” Grace replied bluntly.

“But I don’t understand?”

“I want to see a photo of her smiling… Not from a pole dancers rostrum if you get my meaning!”

“Oh… I understand now!” Celeste smiled back a little more intrigued with Grace’s former life. “I will get all of this proof for you and when I have you will wipe Mr Mills’s mind of me permanently.

“Of course Madame Celeste!” Grace replied with a hint of sarcasm on her voice.

Grace saw her visitor off and as she went back to her study, Princess was sitting on the edge of the desk.


“It appears that my services are required by her Ladyship’s prize bitch,” Grace mused over her surprise offer.

“Does this mean that our plan will have to wait?” Princess replied moving up to her Mistress and putting her hands around her waste.

“Of course not my little concubine… Xavier will be yours as planned, but Celeste has given me an idea!” Grace pulled Princess right into her and began to kiss her.

Chapter Seventy Five

Behind Closed Doors

Bernard Falconer sat upon his favourite balcony, which was situated overlooking his swimming pool. Four naked blonde women frolicked below with two of his guards as a maid flitted about him making sure he was comfortable and just as she expected his hand slid up her fluffy satin skirt and probed her pussy.

Just then the door at the far end of the room opened.

“Ah Xavier at last!” Bernard slapped the maid’s thigh and motioned for her to disappear.

“Mr Falconer!” Xavier nodded his head, “I think you’ll find this supplier has potential!”

“I bloody well hope so… That last contact that idiot Soames put us in touch with was a waste of a bullet!” Bernard laughed as he stood up and greeted his personal assassin.

“I retrieved that bullet as I always do!” Xavier briskly sat himself down on a couch, placing his briefcase by his side.

“So tell me more of this meeting and this gift they gave me?”

“She is a very shrewd woman!”


“Yes… A woman… She’s blonde but she’s definitely not dumb!”

“If I was not mistaken I’d say you were attracted to this female… Hmmm?” Bernard walked up to Xavier letting his rotund belly stick out of dressing gown.

“You know I prefer red heads!”

“Yes… Yes!” Bernard broke out into a deep laugh. “How could I forget… Now tell me more of this operation this woman runs?”

“She appears to be of the old school Mr Falconer!”

“Old school eh?” the bald headed former crime lord began to recall the people who he regarded as ‘Old School’.

“I’ve run several checks on this woman and she does not show up anywhere… She seems to be a ghost!”

“A Ghost… You say?”

“Yes a ghost Mr Falconer,” Xavier opened his case and pulled out a whole stash of photographs.

“Hmmm… Very old school,” Bernard considered the information as he looked at the host of photos taken of her. “She does appear familiar in a way!”

“The Russia houses used to work this way I believe Sir?”

“Yes they did… But an Adriatic group wiped them out ten years ago… Are you sure she’s not government or Interpol?”

“Sir… When you see your gift, that will be evidence to dismiss those people!”

“Yes… Yes I can’t wait to see this gift, but the way this woman works has intrigued me… I want you to pay her another visit!”

“You mean get to know her?”

“Yes Xavier… Get to know her intimately… She’s bound to reveal who backs her!”

“Yes Sir… I did get the feeling that she was not head of her organisation… But from the feelers I’ve put out and the rumours that’ve been whispered, it is not any of the organisations that we know of?”

“Strange… But anyway let’s see this gift!” Bernard threw Grace’s pictures onto a coffee table and put his hands on his hips.

With that Xavier closed his briefcase and went over to the door and opened it.

“Girls!” he gestured for them to enter his boss’s room.

Bernard Falconer’s mouth dropped open as two cute small pig tailed blondes wearing school type uniforms walked in and curtseyed to him.

“Fuck they’re even better in real life!” he gasped motioning for the two twins to come over to him “Well now what do we have here?”

“Well Mr Falconer I will leave you with Miss Acton’s gift!” Xavier closed the door behind him and as he did his mind recalled the card he had placed in his top pocket and instantly his mind began to wander onto Grace Acton’s personal assistant and as he did he could feel his groin begin to twitch.

Celeste stood next to her adopted mother as they watched the video of Bernard Falconer’s very sordid and closely guarded world unfold before them, it had been two days since the twins had arrived safely and as expected they had both been subjected to the most disgusting sexual acts imaginable.

Bernard’s face was a picture when he discovered the secret Jane had in her cotton panties and just as Melissa had guessed Falconer would make her the centre of his attention.

“Are the other girls ready?” Melissa asked her daughter.

“Yes, they are!” Celeste replied with a wry smile as she watched Charlotte’s well-positioned point of view of her mother’s hated adversary’s fat naked body ramming his very ugly cock deep into Jane’s very tight shemale pussy.

“Good he will require quick evidence that Grace can deliver!”

“Mother would you mind if I delivered the new girls to Grace?”

“Why of course you can dear, in fact I think it’s time you started get out of the labs and explore my empire further!” Melissa smiled as she switched off the video.

“Yes… I agree with you mother… I’ve spent far too long in a lab coat and besides I could overlook the building work going on there too!”

“I’ll inform Grace to expect you next weekend!” Melissa smiled at her adopted daughter.

“Oh and before I forget, you had better tell her to expect me and a guest!”

“A guest?”

“Yes a guest!” Celeste smiled.

“Do I know this guest?”

“Well I don’t want to say too much mother, it’s early days yet and I’ll see how we get on that weekend!”

Grace replaced the receiver her face full of concern, Celeste had been busy and was ready to uphold her part of the offer. Suddenly a smile surfaced on her face as she looked at a photo on her study wall of Michelle Robinson.

“Yes sweetheart you are quite right!” she moved over to the wall and looked at Michelle’s smiling face. “I believe you should become more like me… And the bitch will never expect me to teach you either!”

Turning out her study light Grace knew she would have to accept the deal and guessed that Celeste would also be prepared for any tricks Grace might try to get her under her control at the same time as wiping her lawyer friends mind of Celeste.

However Michelle’s picture reminded Grace of their conversation concerning Michelle’s little escapade with young Rosalind.

Michelle would become her pupil and although it will take a few months to get Celeste and Michelle in the same place, Grace knew when and where that would be.

“Celeste I have a feeling you will be at the Hive’s next wedding!” Grace calmly ascended the stairs to her boudoir, where she knew a very playful Princess would be waiting for her.

“Jonathan it’s such a pleasure to meet you!” Grace curtseyed and offered her slender hand to her Ladyship’s trusted lawyer and advisor.

“It’s nice to meet one of Melissa’s changed one’s who she’s left with a sense of dignity!” Jonathan chuckled as he shook her hand.

“Oh yes!” Grace forced herself to laugh along with him.

“So I take it you two have her Ladyship’s blessings?” Grace countered caustically.

“Perhaps Ivan could show you the building works, while I reveal my mother’s new instructions Jonathan!” Celeste narrowed her eyes as a warning for Grace not to exceed her place.

“Yes I guess I should see how our investment is going!” Jonathan smiled and squeezed Celeste’s bottom as Grace called for Joan to introduce Mr Mills to her husband.

“So have you determined how you’re going to rearrange Jonathan’s mind?” Celeste enquired as Ivan took him on a tour of the Hive.

“Joan will serve him a drink that will make him putty in my hands!” Grace smiled nonchalantly. “So where is my part of the bargain?”

“Oh Jonathan has all that stuff, so you’ll have to get it from him when you’ve got inside his mind!” Celeste replied with an equal measured tone.

“Very clever!”

“Yes… It is… But don’t get any idea of drugging me, because I have taken careful precautions in the event that you do!” Celeste exclaimed.

Although she had no idea whether Celeste had devised some ingenious plan or not to cover the possibility of Grace hypnotising her today, Grace acknowledged the remark caustically as she glanced momentarily up at the picture of Michelle.

Celeste witnessed Grace’s skills first hand and realised just how powerful an ally she could be and considering that her mother had taken away her former male self’s beloved wife, she began to consider just how loyal she was to her mother.

Jonathan Mills was the perfect chaperone that weekend and as he escorted Celeste back to her own home his hands were kept permanently away from her.

His mind had no recollection of his relationship with Lady Melissa’s daughter and to Celeste’s pleasure Grace had given her a set of trigger commands that would put him completely under her control.

Celeste flicked through her mother’s changed will and cursed her as she saw whose names had been added to her will.

“Fucking bitch!” she tossed the will away. “How could she give power of attorney to that thing?”

The will had been changed completely removing Celeste’s original inheritance from owning Cresswell Industries outright into a meagre twenty percent share in all of the companies involved with her mother.

Although Melissa’s estate would be hers completely all the assets that involved Cresswell Industries would be shared between four people.

Gabby would own 40 percent, Governess Lady Agatha would own 30 percent, Julia Stroud would have 10 percent, leaving Celeste with a 20 percent stake in all interests concerning Cresswell Industries, which meant that any decisions concerning financial or future developments would now be down to the Transsexual Gabrielle and head of the organisations ridiculous religious wing, the lesbian Governess Lady Agatha.

“Damn her!” Celeste threw the will to the floor, “I’ll show that bitch… This organisation would be nowhere… And I mean NOWHERE… Without me!”

Turning around to face her angered reflection in the mirror her face contorted and as she looked at herself a very simple plan began to form in her head.

“Yeah why should we waste resources on this stupid feud with Falconer, shit the guy’s done me no wrong!” she began to consider the growing embers of an idea that would essentially see her forming some kind of a coalition with Falconer, “Yeah that’ll certainly knock the stuffing out of the bitch… And perhaps… No I couldn’t… I must not even… Oh shit yes… Falconer could also rid me of that craggy old sex change freak Gabrielle and my mother’s obtuse thinking lesbian sidekick Agatha… Yeah that’ll definitely teach her to deceive me out of what‘s rightfully mine!”

Celeste’s mind was made up and as she slung herself onto her bed, she began to laugh raucously, as she began to picture the look of her mother’s face when she introduces her nice new business partner to her.

“Oh yes that’ll be soooooooooooo funny!” she continued to laugh.

Grace received all the information she required concerning Sarah and as she slowly deciphered all the pictures and notes, her eyes welled up.

Sarah had been transformed, just as she had believed she had, but as the pictures and information continued to unravel Sarah’s life, Grace’s fears were confirmed.

Melissa had lied for Sarah had been sold to lap dance club owner in New York.

As her tears fell onto the pictures of Sarah performing her anger began to build, what secret did Bernard Falconer have that meant that Grace and Sarah had to be split apart on their wedding night and why did they both have to be transformed.

Yet as she turned the pages Grace soon found out that like her own, Sarah’s life turned for the better, for she found love in the arms of a policeman called Kes Ryman.

Further reading also told Grace that this Kes lost his position as a police officer through helping Sarah escape the clutches of the owner of the club who had bought Sarah from Lady Melissa.

Further reading then revealed that the owner of the club was also arrested through the efforts of her Ladyship.

As Grace pulled back the last few pages she came across several wedding photos of Sarah and Kes and then of Sarah’s two daughters.

Sarah was happily married and enjoying life and as much as Grace despised Melissa for what she had done to both of them, she had to admit that she too was equally happy with how both their strange lives had turned out.

Yet the happiness portrayed in those pictures also revealed another story to Grace, for as much as Melissa had lied to her about Sarah’s transformation, she began to see how closely it mirrored her own life.

Leaving her wondering whether Melissa had told Sarah all about her father and her then husband Graham’s secret yearning to become the woman she had since become.

However more questions floated around her head concerning her own transformation and as Grace began to reflect on her childhood she began to realise that all of the serenity her mother always showed had not just been just for her.

It was a fact that Melissa had harboured her revenge faultlessly and was now beginning to see that it was her who had pushed her mother into surrounding her male childhood in so much femininity.

Yet the burning question now eating away at her was why?

Why had she purposefully transformed both of them?

Closing the folder Grace sighed wiping her face from tears, her heart pounded heavily as she digested the information Celeste had given her, but as the very name of Melissa’s adopted daughter came to her thoughts, Grace knew something was also amiss with what had just happened.

Something just did not add up.

Especially when she began to consider Jonathan Mill’s standing within Melissa’s eyes, he was a lawyer who obviously knew all about her secret world and the story Celeste had spun about him not being as honest as her mother thought he was, was beginning to look a little shaky.

The tears made way for a smile as it broke calmly across Grace’s chin.

She was now slowly beginning to piece the jigsaw that was Celeste Cresswell’s intentions and ambitions together.

Melissa Cresswell was in danger and from her own protégé.

Turning out her night light Grace wrestled with her pillow and mulled over everything Celeste had told her, Jonathan Mills was a danger to Cresswell’s, but only for Celeste.

“Damn that bitch!” Grace hurriedly turned on her light again. “I played right into her god damn hands!”

Picking up the folder once more she began to sift through the photos scrutinising every detail of the ones that peaked her curiosity.

Princess made her way into the ‘White room’ as the huge lounge had now been called, the lights were out but the figure of her Mistress was standing in the glow of the fire.

“Mistress?” Princess called politely.

“It’s ok sweetheart, I’ve just woken up!” Grace grinned as she watched the last dying embers of the folder containing Sarah disappear.

Is there anything I can do Mistress?” Princess yawned as she approached, recognising the remnants of the folder that her Mistress had thrown into the fire.

“She played me for a fool!” Grace wiped a falling tear from her eye. “The photos were fake and the whole story is as well!”


“Yes I was so delirious with finally seeing Sarah pictures… I didn’t think for one second that it’s what they wanted me to see.” Grace then sat herself down and crossed her legs beckoning Princess to come and sit with her.

“How did?” Princess obeyed her Mistress and sat down beside her.

“The picture of their family living in happily ever after mode… Well according to the info that Celeste had got to go along with it, Sarah is living with her family in California!” she began to reveal her findings. “Well the house in the background pictures was not a house in San Francisco… It was a garden and house from this country!”

“I don’t understand?” Princess huddled up to her rather sad looking Mistress.

“That’s ok Princess… You only need to worry about looking pretty for me!” Grace kissed her forehead.

“Would you like me to warm your bed for you tonight?”

“Not tonight my dear… I’ve got to re-evaluate my plans!”

Although Grace had never been to the States, she knew enough about buildings to know that the type of house, it’s layout and landscape were typical of a property in England.

She felt foolish in aiding Celeste in her plans to wipe the only evidence of betrayal from the Lawyers mind, yet what had come to light had not been all bad news, for despite all of Celeste’s work in trying to appease her wish for information concerning Sarah’s whereabouts, the one thing that did ascertain her thoughts on her Ladyship was, that there were either certain areas of Cresswell’s that Celeste could not touch or gaining such information would seriously jeopardise her own plans, whatever they might be?

to be continued................

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