The Crush: The Baldy

At least it was a lunch break some change in the flow of the class after class boredom. Will and I headed to school’s cafeteria. It’s a pity no one of friends already standing in the line so we moved to it’s end waited for our turn.

Here I saw her. I didn’t see her before ever. I was starring at her a couple of minutes and only then understood why she was looking so special – she was bald. I mean completely bald, not short cut or buzz cut but completely bald to the skin of her head. What else? She was wearing no makeup. I’m not so observant to say what makeup a girl is wearing but enough to notice there was no makeup at all. And no jewelry. Just black leather necklace with a strange way hooked silver rings. She was wearing olive tee and khaki cargo pants. I could say it was a pure beauty as pure beauty of a concept car – just perfect form and color and nothing redundant – every boy’s dream.

I didn’t know why was she so special. Her head without a single hair except from eyebrows and eyelashes was perfect. I’m not an artist to define why it was perfect but it was perfect at least for me. Ears and nose, cheekbones and chin and those big sparkling eyes and those ‘mmmmm…’ kissable lips. And there was a smile and she was giggling. Not a grin and not a guffaw but the smile and the snicker. I turned to Will and whispered “Who’s she?” and he said “Which one?” While I said “The bald one.”

“Oh, baldy! Girls call her Monica.”

“How could I didn’t notice her before?” I wondered.

“It’s a first day at school she’s bald, she’s donated her hair.”

Monica… It was the first time I’d heard such a name. Though the girl too was I’d never seen before. A perfect exclusive name for a perfect girl.

“Earth to Lucas,” Will was shaking my shoulder while I was daydreaming.


“I say before Monica she’s been called Kurt. He’s my buddy since kindergarten.”

Unbelievable! It could not be true… Or?.. So maybe she’s not absolutely perfect but who’s perfect in our world?

“Uh, Will, does he know he’s a girl? I mean Kurt.”

“He’s called Monica so sure he does. Why such silly question?”

“You both are since kindergarten together so you are how it to say…”

“I’m not her boyfriend and as I know there isn’t any,” Will said not waiting for me to formulate my question properly.

That’s good, that’s very good really. “Will, I, er…, how about to introduce me to her?”


I was standing in the line in cafeteria at lunch break with few girls. We were chatting giggling and chatting again as usually while waiting in line. Actually it was the first day at school after I’d donated my hair on Friday. That wasn’t the first time experience and I was discussing it with the girls. They tried to distract my attention from my baldness and I’d to say they succeeded.

I saw Will coming to the cafeteria and standing in line together with another boy. The special one. I mean handsome one or even rather perfect. How could it happen I didn’t notice him before? It makes sense to be a girl when there is such boy.

Oh my God! They are approaching. Oh my God! I’m bald and I’m without makeup and I’m not a girl…Here they are…

“Hi Monica.”

Why Monica? Will’s calling me Kurt usually.

“Allow me to introduce Lucas.”

Lucas… A special name for the most special boy. Oh my… What a kissable lips…

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