Boy crossdressing

Guts and Lingerie 2

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Chapter 2
Jenny woke up in the morning at the same time he woke up the last day. He got up and took a

picture of himself in the nighgown and struck it in the nightgown section. He was hungry and

hence had his breakfast of toast. He then went to Marge's bathroom and had his feminine

bath. He again wore the dressing robe and checked the list. Today it was formal clothes. He

Guts and Lingerie

Guts And Lingerie

This is my first post and i hope that you all enjoy it

Chapter 1

Tomorrow was Monday, the day teens hate the most. Jenny wasn't an exception. Jenny was a 14 year old boy who went to high school. He was intelligent but he wasn't athletic. Though he played Football(soccer) very well and was quite strong, he wasn't well built. He was undergoing puberty and undesirably was attracted to the feminine life.

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