first kiss

A Girl for Halloween Part 8: The Dance and Romance

Jason (Jacie) is at his first dance dressed fully as a girl, so how will navigating a popular high school scene be different, as the date of a handsome, popular boy?

Spring Break Gender Break! (Part 3)

Spring Break Gender Break!
Part 3 - Owning It!
By Drew Miller
Andy thought he was going to be able to go back into boy mode after assuming the identity of his fraternal twin sister,
but when he and Alana's friend Christina arrive in Miami, Spring Break truly turns into a gender break for him because
of circumstances beyond his control...
very attractive circumstances that is!

Charlotte's Tale part 6.

I was dancing with Simon and one of the other girls walked up behind me and pulled down the zipper on my dress. Of course my boobs were displayed which was embarrassing enough, but then the glue came unstuck and they fell on the floor, exposing me as a fake. Astley was furious, and hit me across the face.

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