Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 09 - Reflections IV

Reflections – IV

More often than not, upon graduating from high school, a Familiar is faced with two choices.

Giving up their Artifact or Fragment, or continuing to use it.

If they choose to continue mastering or unlocking their Fragment, they can proceed down a number of avenues.

One of those avenues leads to tertiary education, or employment by their affiliated Pride. Alternatively, they can attend tertiary studies while being employed by the Pride.

Another avenue leads to entering tertiary academies run by the military organization known as the Sanctum.

These academies are the equivalent of the navy or army colleges back on Earth dating as far back as the sixteenth century, and Familiars train under the supervision of the Sanctum’s elite instructors, and attend classes designed to see them take up postings throughout Pharos and the Hurakan Nebula.

Familiars who graduate from the Sanctum can either continue with the organization, or join the smaller alternative known as Public Security that is formally based in Pharos, and rarely conducts operations outside of the immense asteroid colony.

When compared to the Pharos Self-Defense Force, of which the Enforcer Division is the policing arm employed within the colony, there is one important distinction that arises.

The Sanctum and Public Security rely heavily on Familiars and their Artifacts.

The PSDF does not.

In fact, there are no Familiars in the employ of the PSDF and its Enforcer Division.

None whatsoever.

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