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From the author of the "Gun Princess Royale" series, comes the story of a young man gifted with great power, great responsibility, coerced by his primitive impulses, and cornered by his inability to say, No, to the beautiful girls that manipulate him for their own devious desires.

A shamelessly perverse high-school battle adventure, set in a galactic society where the Aventis – humans enhanced by the Symbiote – rule over Regular humans incompatible with the organism. A high-school sophomore with an unabashed appreciation for girls, boobs, and sexy lingerie discovers he belongs to a publicly derided yet secretly valued third class of humans, Familiars, and is later thrust into a skirmish between rival powers all while struggling to survive at a prestigious academy dominated by Aventis students who care little for his kind...or his shameless passions.

Reflections – 0.
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To this day, nobody knows what triggered the Cataclysm.

That’s what it came to be known, a word synonymous with both the massive trans-space shockwave, and the wholesale destruction that it caused.

That shockwave hit the mass shadows of planets, stars, and a host of other celestial bodies.

Anything with a substantial mass shadow that dimpled into the realm of trans-space was smashed to pieces.

If you were on a planet, there was nowhere to run.

The shockwave would shatter the world like a ball made of soft earth.

Even large starships weren’t spared.

Many of the super-liners and super-sized military fortresses perished when the trans-light shockwave struck their presence within trans-space.

Racing out from an epicenter near the center of humanity’s galactic civilization, the shockwave wiped out billions in the span of a day. Millions more died in the days that followed, as the intersystem civilization was brought to an end.

The Cataclysm brought a finale to humanity’s First Golden Age.

It set the stage for the survivors to lay the foundations for the Second Golden Age, and the remains of those scores of shattered worlds, moons and stars became the material that fueled the expansion of the Hurakan Nebula.

Nobody noticed when the Aventis appeared.

By the time they did, it was already too late.

They were everywhere and anywhere.

From the very beginning they had infiltrated the newly founded United Systems Alliance and the neighboring Coalition of System States.

The problem was that the Aventis looked just like us…because they were us.

That is to say, they were human but they were also something more.

They were hosts to the Symbiote, and it was the Symbiote that made the Aventis strong, fast, and hard to fight. Thus, despite their lack of numbers, they quickly overwhelmed humanity, or should I say, the Regulars.

So after a few years of struggling against the Aventis – categorized by the strain of their Symbiote into eight distinct clans known as Prides – humanity gave up and raised the white flag.

At least, that’s what history tells us. That’s what we’re taught in school. That’s what dramatic holovid re-enactments portray.

The truth is a little different.

The War of Supremacy wasn’t over in a flash. It lasted a decade and took place over hundreds of thousands of cubic light-years.

It was fought inch by inch, light-year by light-year, and the tide of battle only turned in favor of the Aventis late in the war with the aid of the Familiars and the vaunted Artifacts.

As the war progressed, the Alliance and Coalition united to form the Human Territories that subsequently became the Human Empire ruled by an empress with a heart of ice.

The Aventis fought under a single banner, preferring not to make claims of territory as the war dragged on.

That was two centuries ago.

It’s a history that’s a little different from what people know today.

I guess it can’t be helped. As the saying goes, history is decided by the victors, and they were Aventis.

Why they chose to rewrite history is a mystery to me. Even knowing what I know today, I can’t fathom their reasons. But in saying that, I still have a long road of discovery ahead of me, and my journey is far from complete.

However, more than two centuries after the Cataclysm, people had all but forgotten the point of going to war against these superior humans. And the truth was, the Prides only went to war to ensure their own survival, but afterwards they managed – dare I say ruled – humanity pretty well.
No wars. No conflicts. On the whole, a fairly stable economic and political environment, with humanity standing on a two rung ladder with the Aventis at the top, and the Regulars on the bottom.

Yet it wasn’t all bad for the Regulars.

It just wasn’t as good as it was for those that belonged to a Pride, with the Aventis having preferential treatment in business, education, sports, and pretty much everything else society had to offer.

However, the door to joining a Pride – to becoming an Aventis – wasn’t closed.

During their teenage years, a Regular human was tested for compatibility with one of the eight strains of Symbiote that uniquely characterized the eight Prides. Students were examined twice a year, and if they were found sufficiently compatible they would then become hosts to a Symbiote. They would join one of the Prides, and take their place in society as an Aventis.

Without giving away too much, my childhood friend, Haruka, became an Aventis halfway through our first year in high school.

Her body was found to be high compatibility with the Avenir Pride.
At that time, I was tested too but my results showed negative – I’m talking less than zero – compatibility with all of the eight strains of the Symbiote.

It’s like the damn things hated me as much as I hated them.

I had my reasons for hating them. Maybe I should say they were reasons for resenting them, and looking back I realize that I didn’t hate them, as much as deeply resent them. But I certainly blamed them for what happened to my family, and because of this I was happy to be left out of the Prides.

I just never figured I would fall into a third camp of the human species.

You see, one day I found out I wasn’t as Regular as I thought I was.

I was actually more like an aberration, but one of great value to the Prides, and I wasn’t the only anomaly around.

There were thousands like me in the colony alone, and hundreds more living in the Hurakan Nebula, and until I became one of them, I had no idea how important we anomalies were.

That is to say, I didn’t know how special we were.

And because we were special, I found myself in a grim situation – a nightmare – I had never dreamt possible.

Before I get roasted, there are some things I need to say.

First. This is not TG, so it'll probably get banned or tossed out.

Secondly, some readers may recognize this series under its different, published, title.

Because of this, I need to explain that after a long hiatus, and an extended period of deep introspection, I decided not to abandon that series.
Instead, I've decided to re-release it under a new banner, with some minor yet very significant changes that I believe will make the story read better, as well as plug up more than a few plot holes that were big enough to drive a train through.

Why do this? Because this series is one of the first that I wrote three years ago, and it has a special, nostalgic place in my heart.
It's a fun series that doesn't try to take itself too seriously. Actually, it tries and fails. That's just the way it is. So it's the kind of story that can't be taken seriously.

I intend to release it on Amazon Kindle.
However, at this stage it will be free. Why? Well, because it's such a bizarre, crazy story of perverted teenage desires, and high schoolers without a clue, that who in there right mind would ever buy it?

And if you don't believe me, well, you'll soon understand what I mean.

Adios, Muchachos and Muchachas.

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