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They make us human,

There are so many emotions,

Happiness, joy, excitement,

They can pull us up,

But, for me they only seem to drag me down,

I feel no joy,

I feel no happiness,

I feel no excitement,

I feel pain,

I feel sorrow,

I feel empty,

I feel hollow,

I feel guilty for the emotions I do feel,

I feel as though I have no right to feel down,

If I appeared on the outside as I do on the inside,

This poem would be a mirror image,

I would feel happiness,

I would feel joy,

I would feel excitement,

But, for me to wake up in the right body,

Would require a miracle,

It is easiest to train myself,

To feel no emotion,

Because emotion is the root of my pain,

If I can eradicate emotion,

I can eradicate pain,

I can eradicate me,

I can die, but leave a living body,

If only I could leave behind,





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